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Bend, Bend, Break

Published September 15, 2020 by tindertender

It takes a lot to love a thing, a life, in any of its forms …. and it takes very little to destroy it. Usually, it is destroyed simply because the one they long to hurt has become unaffected by them … so they harm what, and who, they love, trying to get them to bend to their will.

So the one who has refused to bend, to submit to the destroyer must also stand firm in the face of the torment of that which they love … for to fight it is in a way, bending to it. The task then, is to shed the responsibilities one might feel toward the harm … blaming self for the actions of another …. questions arise, “if I had agreed to bend, to submit, perhaps lives would be spared, harm not perpetrated on the innocent.”

We all know … or at least I hope so by now, this is a lie. No amount of bending to an aggressor will end aggression …. no amount of shrinking will stop a power tripping entity from doing harm …. no …. they will demand more, and more, until there is no thing left but rivers of pain and suffering.

So the warrior must continue to stand strong and firm … daring the destroyer to simply destroy it all … they will anyway. Why allow them to strip a soul of their sovereignty in the process? Breaking the Will that we all hold so dear.

They will destroy everything anyway … despite contracts, or treaties, or handshakes …. they will destroy it all … if not now, later.

It is too bad that so many are blinded by this truth. They cower, and they call it being a “savior” for simply delaying the inevitable. They keep in mind the promises made to them by said destroyer … Utopia.

They have already relinquished their soul … their sovereignty…. they settle for less because this keeps them ‘safe’ … all they need do is fulfill their obligations stated in the contract … feed the beast.

Their collective soul will rot … and rightly so …. unless of course they are experts at throwing off the guilt of their chosen actions and betrayals to innocence, perfectly okay with being traitor to life.

In that case, they have become the aggressor … no better, no worse.

The tears, the sobbing, the torment of the innocent is music to their ears …. it sings out in everyone’s ears these days … and people are so distracted by the manipulated chaos, the virus, the riots, the fires, the elections … that they cannot hear what is plainly occurring, and they deny its existence.

Soon tho, they will not be able to deny it any longer. Even the most fervent denier will no longer be able to refuse its truth.

A New Quilt of Humanity

Published August 29, 2020 by tindertender

The old threads are unraveling,
Get your needles ready.
We are stitching a new quilt
of Humanity.

Bring your old t-shirts,
worn out jeans, scarves,
antique gowns, aprons,
old pockets of plenty
who have held Earth’s treasures,
stones, feathers, leaves,
love notes on paper.

Each stitch
A mindful meditation.
Each piece of material
A story.

The more colour the better,
so call in the Tribes.
Threads of browns, whites,
reds, oranges
Women from all nations
start stitching.

Let’s recycle the hate, the abuse,
the fear, the judgment.
Turn it over, wash it clean,
ring it out to dry.
It’s a revolution
of recycled wears.

Threads of greens, blues, purples
Colourful threads
of peace, kindness,
respect, compassion
are being stitched
from one continent to the next
over forests, oceans, mountains.

The work is hard
Your fingers may bleed.
But each cloth stitched together
Brings together a community.
A world, our future world
Under one colourful quilt.
The new quilt of humanity.

~ Julia Myers

Artist: Paula Nicho Cumez

Oracle Reading 8-24-2020 a.m.

Published August 24, 2020 by tindertender

It is time for a fresh start. One cycle ends, and a new one begins. Rejoice: a new you emerges! You are blossoming.

It is wonderful to be alone and to be able to do as one pleases. Independence is a gift. It is time to create your own life. Run your own race. The time has come for focus.

A relationship of some kind is spotlighted. Re-examine your loyalties or commitments and see if they are still warranted. Petty jealousies must be put aside for the greater good.

Change is welcome. Allow the storm to pass, as it is necessary to clear the way. You are protected in your search for equality. Do not misuse your power.

Allow what you no longer need to be destroyed or reduced. Love your emotional authenticity. You are protected when expressing your true emotions in appropriate ways.

Think clearly about your next steps. It is time to uncover your purpose. Create something new. Take action; do not hide or hesitate. Balance your emotional extremes.

Reading from the deck “Goddesses and Sirens” created by Stacey Demarco

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@dsmacinnes

Precious Loves!

Published August 21, 2020 by tindertender

Shared by: https://twitter.com/Kabamur_Taygeta?s=21

You Have Become Beloved Children Of The Multiverses! You Matter Here And Now!

You Are Sacred Love Since The Creation Of All Life! You Have Come Forth Into This Density Of Oppression To Reveal The Very Light That You Are!

You Are Here To Shine Your Light And Expand In Consciousness!

You Are Perfect As You Are And Anything Or Anyone That Tells You That You Must Follow A Path That Your Soul Tells You Is Darkness, Is Your Notice To Back Away!

To Those That Plan To Destroy Your Sacred Dwelling In Any Part Of The Planet, To Those Who Make Evil Plans To Destroy A Fetus Or Newborn For Convenience Is A Murderer! 

To Those That Call Darkness ‘Light’ And LIGHT, ‘Darkness’, BEWARE!

The Planet Is Facing Biblical Destruction Without Leaders That Are Real People, Not Witches, Clones And Liars!

They Will Take Your Money And Sense Of Well Being, Your Protection Of Homes And Property And Say They Are Helping You!

Beloved Ones! This Is Not Even Political. These Are The End Times! No matter What Happens, You Are Safe And A Sacred Soul! But You Have A Choice To Bring The Silent Majority Forth And Declare Your Rights,

And Live With Your Children And Families In Safety With POTUS As Your Leader. We Address This From A Spiritual Standpoint. He Is Of The Light! Other Countries Will Face The Same Choice Of Thriving Or Downfall If They Fail To Understand, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Is Their Soul Life Also!

Wake Up Beloved Ones And Take Care Of This Before You Lose Your Rights!

I Will Remind You Of Something You Might Have Forgotten! As You Arrived Into This Density, It Was Not At All What You Were Accustomed To Living!

You Came From High Densities Of Love And Peace. To Survive Here, The Memory Of Past Lives Were Lost In The Layers Of Consciousness, To Be Remembered When You Awakened.

The False Self, Or Identity You Chose, Entered The Matrix, And From This Point You Adapted And Became Brainwashed. Even The False Identity Began To Learn Defense Mechanisms To Survive.

You Knew There Was More But You Pulled In And Tried To Be Accepted And Lost Parts Of Yourself Along The Way, Just To Survive.

NOW Is The Time To Be Brave, Strong And Free!

Bring The True Self Forward! Throw Away Doubt And Disbelief! Know That You Are A Multidimensional Being Of Sacred Light!

This Is Your Moment! This Is Why You Are Here!

Become The Light NOW And Save Your Land Before The Darkness Plays More Tricks!

Beware Of The Promises Made By Clones And Witches. They Only Seek Power To Destroy!

Remember Who You Are And Let’s Do This!


I Love You So!


The Challenge

Published August 19, 2020 by tindertender

We are in the midst of a hidden, yet hostile takeover of our planet. The domineering galactics, That portion who overlooks the human factor and sees all life as a commodity, have been at work, diligently.

The Illuminati, the real ones, have been activated and are working to destroy the unsuspecting … they’ve been given the order and the go-ahead to fuck over minds, to ensnare spirit and soul of mankind.

That toilet paper shortage, or the desire to horde it? This was a demonstration as to the effectiveness of their incantations, their hypnotism of the populace.

They are working magic to cause men and women to go to war with each other, and with their governments. When all they need do is not participate in the bullshit. Taking back their power as creators and instead of warring against the machine, using their valuable energies to create that which they want. Fuck off the “leaders” and do what thou wilt. In a constructive and valued measure.

I saw them during astral travel working their spells, they are quite vigorous in their methods to ensnare and cause chaos amid minds.

The question is … Is My Will Stronger Than Their Magic?

Not if we aren’t aware, or accepting of this manipulative truth.

They want war among the people … they want war among the people and their governments … they want this chaos, indeed, they have created it … and people are falling right in line.

Stop being a puppet to the oldest system in this world.

Stop being led to do harm, to think shitty thoughts, and to rebel.

Start creating that which you desire … fuck off the rule makers, the spell casters …

Turn off the TV. Ignore the pop-up alerts on the computers. They are broadcasting gossip, infecting minds with the truest virus of the mind, gossip. Using the rote technique via the messages on the digital highway signs, they are infecting minds with a fear virus. Cover your eyes when you drive by these signs, it’s getting into your mind via the retinal nerve.

You must strengthen your mind warriors. It begins with comprehension of the reality behind scenes.

Yes, there are atrocious things happening to the children and to the people by very bad entities that like to masquerade as human beings.

Take the protection of them into your own hands. The government will never protect you or your family. They will steal, abuse and murder the young ones and demand the older ones fight in wars and die there. They will instigate an insurrection so more will die in that process.

This manipulation must be left at the wayside.

Gather in community.

Set up your neighborhood watch.

Grow communal gardens.

Share food with each other.

Stop the blaming, the finger pointing at each other, the enemy is not your neighbor … they are being manipulated, just as you are … and many are hypnotized into believing this truth is false … so they continue to cast guilt and shame onto those they encounter.

Step back for a few days and simply observe … you will see it plain should you open your mind the the possibility of these facts I’ve shared with you.

Create the world you wish to live in without the use of hired, corrupted officials and politicians.

Create peace with each other, rather than the programming of war, of rebellion.

You all have the power to generate peace on earth … and your power is being manipulated so that you participate in the destruction instead.

Have you ever heard the motto, Just do it ….

This is our world.

Show that you care.

Stop warring. This energy is being harnessed and utilized by the Illuminati against you … against we.

I have not read this book, however I’m certain it could be a great place to start for many.

Take back your mind.

Oracle Reading 8-17-2020 p.m.

Published August 17, 2020 by tindertender

Love and Let Yourself Be Loved

Welcome with open arms opportunities to give and receive love.

You are love, lovable and loving. The energy of love is surrounding your whole world at this time. Angels are swirling around you, encouraging you to open your heart and reveal the blessings that you have to offer. They want you to know that you are a highly loving being who deserves to give and receive love. If you are finding it challenging to feel love at this time, it’s important for you to give yourself credit where it’s due. You are also encouraged to welcome support from others. Learn to receive – don’t try and do everything on your own. If you are working on a relationship or are in a new relationship, energies are there which can allow you to forge a powerful connection with your partner. Love is in the air!

Feel Loved and Comforted

Allow yourself to be cherished. Mother Earth is protecting you with a shield of love and light.

You may have felt overwhelmed or out of control emotionally recently, but you are now moving back to your natural center and that will bring you to a place of clarity and openness. If you have felt u grounded, know that Mother Earth is here to root you and help you regain your sense of strength. You may not feel like a child, but in the eyes of the divine you are a child of light and it’s important you know that and feel loved.

If you have had challenges with your mother or with being a mother yourself, know that the energies of mother healing are with you to help clear any ancestral blockages that are preventing you from making this sacred love connection. You are being guided to make choices that are based on love.

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” aged by Kyle Gray

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@ninjason

Oracle Reading 8-17-2020 a.m.

Published August 17, 2020 by tindertender

Embrace the Energy of Peace

Let go of the need to defend yourself and prepare to offer peace. You are safe.

If you have been exposed to a situation in which you have felt the need to protect yourself or defend what you feel is right, know that this is now coming to an end. You are being guided to know that the energies of light are entering to wash away all the darkness. You can drop your shields and protection. You are now in a situation that will honor you and honor your needs. Arguments are ending and disagreements are being resolved. Prepare to talk things through and offer the peace that you would like to enjoy. In order to move forward in a more fearless way, it’s important for you to let go of the idea that you can be hurt by this situation or the people involved, because this will only work against you. Know that your angelic guides and ancestors are standing around you, protecting you and taking you lovingly forward.

Honor Your Inner Knowing

Take action. Do what you need to do.

There is an old pattern rising up in you now and it’s time to deal with it and release it for good. You’re being encouraged to love and respect yourself enough to take the steps you know you need to take to move closer to where you’d like to be. You already know the answers. You know what you need to do. You may have been using delaying tactics or holding back, but now you are being guided to take action. Action requires courage and your angels and guides are bringing you the courage to move forward. Take just one step. When you do, the next one will be presented to you.

Wee Hour Realization

Published August 13, 2020 by tindertender

They who constantly dish out pain or suffering are showing plain what resides in their own being. They will implode, their creation will expire, for they lack the skill or desire to transform their own bullshit, they simply offload it onto the unsuspecting, the innocent, and call it power.

They never create that which is good for it does not reside in them … it will always feed on the light and love of another. It is incapable of generating for its own needs, it will always be a feeder … never an actual producer of that which is good. It is insufficient in and of itself. It will fade without light, it will never be equal to benevolence. It will implode and become no-thing.

It is capable of taking love, like the thief it prefers to be, utterly incapable of seeing this truth.

On the one hand, the light is using life to threaten darkness. On the other, darkness steals what light is given. No respect is shown by either side of this warring nature. I’m stuck, indeed we all are, between two factions who refuse to cede to each other.

It is a Power Play.

All will be destroyed by this arrogant abuse of Will. On all sides.

If light truly does feed the dark, perhaps the dark is what it is because that is what it is feeding on, this is what the light gives it, or more likely … this is what the dark incites from the light. What does the dark feed the light? The same, the only thing it has available to itself … it is a reciprocation … a never ending reciprocation.

Why should those of the light use anyone to threaten the dark, knowing the dark has the power to put them in a hell?

Both factions are erring egregiously, and no one can see it, except the middle (wo)man being played against itself.

Neutrality seems to be the only solution. A non-exchange.

Let everyone stand still for a moment, for some time in their own space and being, and understand this war between light and dark is within them, being projected outward into the world.

Rest with it.

Come to terms with it.

This is the path of ascension.

Or perhaps this, too, is an illusion.

Rune Reading 8-10-2020

Published August 10, 2020 by tindertender

This is my second attempt at Rune Reading. Please bare with me as I train myself, and if anyone has a different idea of what this particular layout is saying, please share in the comments section. Here is the layout:

The problem: The first pair is NIED and JERA. NIED suggests patience is needed, no amount of rushing something will make it work out any faster. This could be a difficult learning situation. This time is known as crossing the abyss by many occult writers and is often a time of extreme emotional travail. However, meeting this emotional challenge head-on and conquering your fear of it can be the catalyst that drives you to overcome whatever obstacles appear in your path later. Paired with JERA (the rune of justice and legalities) in this position implies events must come to fruit in their own good time, and a positive outcome to the dilemma at hand, often utilizing legal help. It could be a warning not to speak ill of others before all the relevant facts are known.

Factors in the past: Next we have BEORC paired with HAGALL. BEORC is a fertility rune, a rune of birth and of family. It always presages a birth, whether it is an actual birth or the formation of an idea. It suggests that any schemes in the works should be implemented right away. HAGALL represents all forces outside your control. It will turn up when you are thinking of taking a risk of some sort. Sometimes this rune will appear to show that your future at this time is in the hands of another. Usually this other has no personal interest in you whatsoever. You may receive notice of this control second-hand, as through an official letter. Trying to fight against fate or circumstance at this time will only bring you grief.

Advice: Next we have FEHU paired with SIGEL. FEHU is a symbol of earned income, something which has to be worked for but will produce an expected source of revenue. Indicates prosperity coming to you in some form. It is a rune of fulfillment – something which you have been striving toward will finally be within your grasp. Signifies overcoming opposition, whether personal, or impersonal. Suggests you have what it takes to win out over the opposing forces through diligence and hard work. Paired with SIGEL it hints at victory. SIGEL is a rune of great power, and much power will be available to you at this time to effect changes in your life. You may be working too hard and sorely in need of a little rest and relaxation.

Result: WUNJO in this position means joy and happiness coming into your life. The shift that was due has arrived, the Wheel of Karma has turned in your favor, and you are about to “come to yourself” in some way. Be happy!

Runes read with the aid of “A Practical Guide to The Runes” by Lisa Peschel

Oracle Reading 8-9-2020

Published August 9, 2020 by tindertender

Journey inwards to uncover insights and information that will be important for your path. Then follow the guidance. You are very connected to the other worlds at this time. The wisdom and intelligence of the Earth and her magic surrounds you. Mother Earths heartbeat has cleared the cobwebs and dust from your inner vision. What you have seen in your dreams and inner vision is not imagination but guidance, particularly if it has bee coming to you repeatedly, and has the potential to become reality. Dreams come true – know it and live it.

Stay alert, as change is in the air. The energies around you are changing at this time, and although it may not always be comfortable, you are equipped with all you need to survive this shift. You are being presented with opportunities to reach spaces you’ve never encountered before, and this can make you feel on edge, but be open to the shifts occurring, because they really are the answers to your prayers. The experience of being hunted or threatened is now behind you and you are being invited to come out from your den and reveal your glory and talents. Trust in your talents in order to be the best you can be in these changing times.

Look at things from a different angle. Fly higher and see new possibilities. Eagle medicine swirls around you, encouraging you to recognize that your views or vision may be limited at this time. Is there a chance that your own desperation, needs or ego could be blocking you from seeing the potential in your current situation? If there are other people involved, you are being guided to see things from everyone’s perspective. If you are feeling the need for something to change, how can you take the higher road? Know that if you have intentions that aren’t for the highest good, it will only hold you back. Eagle medicine can help you change this. The Eagle brings the energy of healing and love directly from the heart of Father Sky and invites you to do all things from a place of love.

Take the higher road and choose the light. Remove yourself from lower-energy experiences. No matter what is happening to you or around you, you have a choice. Choose not to be pulled into dramas, bickering or energies that are just going to limit your joy. If you are surrounded by people who are hostile towards you or someone else, or you are in a negative situation, you are being invited to be the light. You are an incredible person who can really bring light. So how can you change the energy? How can you redirect the conversation to love? How can you protect yourself? How can you help the person that is being picked on? Or are you the one who is guilty of causing a drama? You will know the answers. Know also that you are being encouraged to shine the light you were born to share.

Connect with your desires. The sparks could lead to something beautiful. You are being guided by your angels to connect with powerful energy of desire at this time. If you have recently set an intention to explore your sexual side or become more sexually open, the fire of desire can burn away any old setbacks that are preventing you from expressing that part of your nature. If you are in a relationship, this can indicate a great spiritual and sexual connection.

Take time to rest and recuperate in order to continue your growth. Benefit from the information that will come directly from your heart space. You have been working hard and giving your all to your current situation and it may become draining and detrimental to your development unless you retreat and recharge your energies. So you are being guided to take a step back at this time. If you are working on bringing something together, your over-involvement could impeded the process, so retreat and breathe. If you have something to say or do that could have a larger impact on your life, spend some time in deep thought – even contemplation – before moving forward. Often when we rush in, we don’t see how destructive our actions can be. So meditate and listen to your souls wisdom before proceeding further.

Trust in your angels, guides and ancestors. If you have given your power away, claim it back. There are spiritual allies working in your favor and their miracles will unfold much more easily when you move into a state of trust. So call back your power and stop allowing external forces to divert you from the miracles you deserve. Hand over all of your concerns to your spiritual allies. When you do so, you allow them to send you intuitive guidance and messages that will allow you to correct this situation and come out on top. You have shamanic potential to move between the realms and connect with your guides in an extremely personal way.

Artwork by Lily Moses

Reading from the deck “Angels and Ancestors” Oracle Cards created by Kyle Gray

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