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Message 2/23/2021

Published February 24, 2021 by tindertender

As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy & immediately saw white angel feathers falling everywhere. The angels are all around us.

They are here in numbers I have never seen before.

This indicates to me there is a very significant event on the horizon they are here to assist us with. I hear the angels are making gossamer nets to hold us in so nobody falls in despair. They are here to support and uplift us.

They are singing and their notes are anchoring in healing frequencies of love.

The second image I see are another group of angels bowling as I have viewed before. However this time, I see them bowl a couple of strikes and then they gather all of their equipment and leave the bowling alley. This indicates part of their journey is completed and they are ready to move onto the next mission of helping to build the gilded society on earth.

In the final image I see a Native American male riding a horse holding a flagpole as he rides. The flag on the pole is red, white and blue but it is not an American flag. The symbols are different. I hear this flag represents all of the Americas and that he rides to unify this part of the world. Then I see him standing next to a giant tree. He throws what looks like tobacco in the wind and gives homage to the Great Spirit. He says this tree represents the unification of humanity.

This is why the ancestors are here. They are preparing us for the next phase in our evolution, the time of the great peace. He says this is something so many have experienced many lifetimes to prepare for, to witness the birth of a new nation and a new world where the children of the Great Spirit will unite under a flag of peace.

He says it is a return to the rule of the children of the light. He signifies war will be no more I see a white buffalo calf as a symbol of the peace that is arriving on earth. With this peace our birthrights from the Creator will be returned to us.

Source: @lightworker4441

They’ve Seen The Future

Published February 23, 2021 by tindertender

That is why they are here, trying so hard to thwart it.

Spoiled, overgrown children with too much power, rotten to the core, used to getting their own way.

One way or the other, there WILL be an end to this.

And it won’t be another false matrix.

Keep Loving, my beautiful Soul Family.

You are what makes the difference.

Good Morning My Loves

Published February 20, 2021 by tindertender

I hope this morning finds you well, warm and comforted in the many ways possible, your desires being met.

I woke to a warm house, what a blessing after six days spent in 35 degrees, the luxury of the things power provides missing for that time.

Today I travel to my fathers house in the piney woods, where I will load my car to the maximum with firewood for when the electricity goes out again. I will do this every time I visit him, creating a stockpile … if not for Self, then for whomever is present in this space should I transition.

I Am so grateful for those recent six days, for it has allowed me knowledge of the things I have done which helped in the situation, and given opportunity to recognize the things I can collect for the next time, to make it more comfortable for Self, my pets, and anyone who is present with me.

With great gratitude I thank those who have participated in the manufacturing of suffering, for they present an opportunity to grow stronger … testing our resilience.

I understand no one wants to hear this, but I was told while coming awake from a sleep that half the life upon this planet is going to be eliminated. This message came from those who introduced themselves as “the satan”.

It is a hard truth.

Please take advantage of each test to build your resilience, to collect that which is needed to make your life more comfortable, and survivable, in the coming days.

Goodwill and other thrift stores have blankets, used candles (which can be melted down and reformed into votives) among many other things that are handy in times such as are coming.

Remember to wake and create a mental note of that which you are grateful for. Do not allow your mind to slip into misery … misery feeds the beast.

I love you.

Empower yourselves, and remember you are fully capable of withstanding the storm.

It will get worse before it gets better.

Chin up ….

You are a portion of Source Creator.

You are the savior you’ve been waiting for.

Communicate with those who have weathered the cold climates for many years. Gain knowledge from them. Band together, share your experiences, learn from each other.

Each one, standing in their power, assists so many.

You’ve got this!




Love Letter to Me

Published February 11, 2021 by tindertender

Dear Self ~ I love you … and find you the most fascinating person ever!

Through everything you’ve experienced you are willing to remain open to Love and to Loving.

Bravely, you shatter internal barriers that could keep you from Love.

Courageously, you remain open to receive fully this Love, knowing full well being wide open could also lead to suffering.

You understand that Love has no price not worth paying.

I am so proud of you as you continue to hold the doors open to your sibling and parents even though they do not show care or concern for your existence.

The way you continue to hold Love in your heart for others is amazing! Your ability to forgive, seemingly, immeasurable.

You are gentle and kind.

I am so sorry I treated your body, heart and mind so roughly while allowing others to do the same.

I will spend the remainder of days making it up to you, with proper care from me, and the insistence that it be shown by those who have placement in your life.

I apply intention, and effort, into healing your heart. You’ve been through a lot emotionally, energetically, and physically.

You have needed to be ‘tough’ all your life. It seems you are a magnet for those who long to possess your light, your beautiful essence. Seen, unseen … they continue to try.

Focus, dear, on the Love that resides in you. Pay no attention to those who’s entire existence seems to be intent on interrupting the personal Will of you, of others.

I want to walk with you, to talk with you, to Love you as no one ever has. You deserve my devotion and the devotion others have for you.

Allow it to flow from me to you, fully. Accept it from others. Be willing to recognize Love coming to you through others daily on behalf of Source Creator.

I Love the way you laugh at seriousness, at incredible absurdity and in the face of fear. May you always release Love in the face of anything or anyone who attempts to overpower your senses or your devotion to Self and to Soul.

I am going to start cooking for you again. Wholesome, nutritious meals, tasty even.

I am going to dress you in fashion appropriate for your personality … all of them …. that wascally character.

I am going to give you more time in nature, to smell the flowers and feel the breezes.

You are the best thing to ever happen to me.

Our relationship has been tumultuous. I have allowed others to do you wrong.

From this moment on I will do everything in my power to Love you fully and to eliminate from your presence anyone who does not honor you, or cherish you as you are, and as you deserve.

You are a Queen … a Goddess, even.

The Star of my most Brilliant life.

Forever Love, Me

Oracle Reading 2-10-2021 ~ Bless This Day

Published February 10, 2021 by tindertender

I did a powerful self-love ritual last night. You know how I know it was powerful? Because once I closed my circle, released my prayers, and went to bed, I lay there with a steady stream of negativity in mind. Five hours worth. At one point I even heard someone say, “I hate you”, among many other really bad things.

I woke after hardly any sleep, feeling the love once more. I decided to pull some tarot cards to get a feel for the day.

Hold the Space ~ Hold things together. Don’t make any sudden moves or changes. Stand strong, knowing you are where you are supposed to be.

Set Your Sights Higher ~ Go beyond your limitations and believe that the impossible is possible.

Be Fearless and Stand Strong ~ Don’t back down. Make your opinions heard. Don’t settle for second best.

Feel Loved and Comforted ~ Allow yourself to be cherished. Mother Earth is protecting you with a shield of love and light.

Trust in Higher Forces ~ Trust in your angels, guides and ancestors. If you have given your power away, claim it back.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards created by Kyle Gray

Oracle Reading 2-7-2021

Published February 7, 2021 by tindertender

Inner Truths ~ There is a lot of depth to your feelings. You are on your way to understanding your feelings and desires more clearly. The next steps on your path will soon reveal themselves. Stay vigilant to new opportunities that may lead to the beginnings of novel projects or assist with current ventures. Look around you and within you. Be willing to do the work at the deepest level, as you will find jewels of wisdom, knowledge and the inner voice all waiting patiently to assist you. Nature’s crystals are created deep within the earth. Go deep and find your own treasures!

Fresh Approach ~ Time to step out of the box and an old way of doing things. You are being challenged to try something new. Look at how to create magic in your world. Create with the intention of filling your life with joy and happiness. Achieve your desires while experimenting with new activities. You always have options. Don’t feel limited. Even when you aren’t in motion, you are making a choice. You are being prodded to make a decision now. Don’t worry about not making the right one. Every mistake brings us lessons and opportunities. The amount you can learn is immeasurable. Base your choice on love and the best option for you. Imagine that ‘failing’ is not part of any of your choices. What will you choose?

Ideal Course of Action ~ It is easy to be overwhelmed in the planning of a new endeavor. Simplify your plans. Clearly envisage what you would like to accomplish and find ways to ensure you can stay on path. Eliminate self-sabotage or other behavior that might derail you. Determine what you desire next. Do this through daydreaming and visualizing what delights and inspires you. Trust that this is an important phase that is necessary to maintain alignment and clarity.

Vulnerability ~ You May be feeling like you should withdraw. This is an opportunity to wait and regroup. You are in need of some rest and relaxation. You might even be feeling overwhelmed. Take some much needed downtime. Take in your surroundings. Notice the season and the changes that are taking place out in nature. Things are continually evolving. Think about the clouds you see in the sky. They are constantly moving, changing and reshaping themselves. Allow yourself to connect with Mother Earth and nature in a deeper way. Align your rhythm with the heartbeat of the Earth and slow your thoughts and emotions down. Trust that everything will work out. The signs that things work themselves out are all around you. Take notice.

Keep Your Dreams Alive ~ Start to identify plans and actions that will lead you to achieve your dreams and goals. Your dreams can become your reality. This is a time when you need to be able to apply detailed planning in order to manifest your dreams and realize goals. You need to remain focused on the practical side of things. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. It is easy to be distracted by more ideas and concepts. Keep focused on what is realistic and achievable. Your common sense and pragmatic approach will lead you to a solution that actually works. Begin taking steps that will bring you closer to your dreams.

Nature’s Whispers Oracle Cards created by Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall

The Light You Are

Published February 7, 2021 by tindertender

The entire world has been predicting outcome over the last several months based on what we have been indoctrinated to expect through a massive social programming campaign.

This is a huge mistake as where vibration is directed energy flows and outcomes are created.

“They” have used fear tactics for centuries to control the outcome in this realm to suit their wants and desires at the cost of ours.

This point in our evolution is no different. 

However, the choice has never been more clear.

If you can train your mind to see something you once viewed as frightening as an opportunity to evolve beyond, all the while recognizing the Divine as its true nature (what it is beyond what it presents AS) you can intentionally lift your energy/pierce the shadow, to lift it energetically to the light of its true nature.

This is an example of transmuting darkness & it is very much within everyone’s realm of possibility!

As you align to the Divine nature of GOD AS ALL, you stop discounting the inherent Divine in yourself, in all else, and lift the landscape in ALL YOU VIEW and have a relationship with.

Unity is the truth of our being.

Separation of any kind is the lie.

If you can change your purview our world will shift around you.

Resurrect the innate Light of Truth within you be recognizing it in all without exception!

Know this: the campaign of left versus right, right versus wrong, Democrat versus Republican is a trap to promote division and control outcome.

Dominion is the ability to claim the Divine beyond fear or separation, in ONE & ALL.

God expresses in a multitude of ways. You just need to learn how to see beyond it to dissolve the barrier/illusion of separation.

The emancipation of your Soul is underway.

Do you have what it takes to stay the course?

Will you free your mind and allow yourself to see the basis of all things is the Divine/God Self expressing in infinite ways?

Aligning YOUR LIGHT to this ONE truth shall set you free!


Catherine Nisbett

Catherine https://twitter.com/keeper_energy?s=21

Oracle Reading 2-2-2021

Published February 2, 2021 by tindertender

You: Healing ~ Strength ~ You have worked hard to get where you are. Your system of knowledge can be utilized in this area. Trust your power to mend situations.

The bridge you are now crossing: Dream ~ Envision ~ Wander ~ It is time to await opportunity expectantly. You are probably engaged in fantasy and longing during this period. You will reach fulfillment on the path Creator has laid before you.

That which will be experienced when the bridge is crossed: Bounty ~ Empress ~ Nourish yourself. Allow yourself to experience contentment. Gather symbols of past positive experiences to reinforce your feelings of self-worth and to stimulate your appreciation of your own experience so far. Enhance your strong points. Appreciate what you have.

The purification needed, or taking place: Words can heal or steal ~ Now is the time to contemplate just what the words you hold in your mind are doing for you and to others. You are not the words themselves. You are in control of them. They are your tools.

The creative focus needed or taking place ~ Give away the first fruits of your talents ~ The giveaway can be a totally positive experience if you have provided for your own well-being, put your heart and soul into your work for the sake of itself rather than for reward, and are willing to give your first efforts away to someone you love.

That which must be scrutinized for its benefit to or interference with your goal: Ecstasy ~ Lovers ~ Take pleasure in the heightened sense of well-being you are experiencing. A balance is taking place within you. Enjoy it. (Visualization: Realizing you have the opposite sex within you, visualize your “other half” and yourself meeting, getting better aquatinted, going off together, and making the kind of love for which you have always wished. Be as sensual and specific as possible).

That which you must act on with devotion and to which you must give your most unselfish love ~ Stand by your words ~ In guiding anyone, particularly youth, make sure your words assist their becoming self-responsible, capable and caring. Listen to the needs of the developing soul of the student. Encourage the expression of Highest Self in all beings. Point the way by your own life and actions.

From the deck “Medicine Woman” tarot deck, created by Carol Bridges

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