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Truth In The ‘Game’

Published October 10, 2019 by tindertender

You chose to be who you now are, you came here to thrive, the odds always seem steep, still, the game is rigged in your favor, you knew what you were doing, your demons aren’t real, fear was part of the deal, love is all you need, you’re never alone, thoughts become things… and you still look absolutely amazing in jeans.


~ The Universe

Our Journey

Published September 24, 2019 by tindertender

It is the union of individual uniqueness which will create the “whole” … the impenetrable, unbeatable whole.

Tired of struggling? Clear your mind and life of that which drags you down. Others who are on your level will show up, and you will rise to the next together, or at varying paces.

Continue, and you will find the more inner and outer work you do, the greater company you will attract.

Before we know it, we’ll all be on the highest point, looking down, and we will be loving each other for our efforts in the journey.

Thank you, family.


Calling All Warriors

Published September 24, 2019 by tindertender

People have been taught of the “war in heaven” yet seem unable to grasp the harsh reality of it. It isn’t what you’ve been told … the enemy is very real and seeking to take over our home.

I was just visited audibly by a lizard person who said, “You lost”. Woke up with this one telling me this.

These are those who have been manipulating the dna of humanity for eons, the lizard people of our past.

They’re terraforming the planet, and we’ve got maybe 2 years left. The lizard people are trying to kill the humans and take over completely. Not lying, or delusional, I traveled deep tonight. So deep I got a visit, but not just me, those who are with me.

The animals are us … and we eat them.

Please work on this battle, we are nearing a close. We either win or fail. Do or die forever in an eternity ruled by lizard people. No kidding. They are using distractions to keep us separated.

There are many races of them here now, and apparently we haven’t been doing very well in the fight. The suffering of humans gives them strength. They kill the warriors …….. want to help them? I do, but it’s a HUGE job, and I’m not at 100%.

If any of this resonates with you …

We ‘could’ swing it if we get enough people to work on this.

Think “HIVE mind”. It’s actually our secret weapon, we humans, and our warrior brothers and sisters in the unseen.

You have much stability.

We need you to step up (and ‘link up’) … now.

If this is just a little much to place inside your current reality, it is absolutely not an issue …. the important thing is, that you are aware.

Ready To Go

Published September 20, 2019 by tindertender

As the youth get ready to strike for a better future for the planet and themselves, I ready my sign and look to the sky.

I will support them every way I can, for it is indeed a very dire situation.

If you do not wish to look up all of these (and more) patents, I encourage you to at least investigate the last two, which I have highlighted. (Links attached for your convenience).

We would have a clear blue, sunny sky if it weren’t for these chemicals being sprayed nearly every day.

Do you honestly believe this “RFID” patented technology is purely for blocking the rays of the sun?


How about the “charged seed cloud” patented technology? Do you think the system will not become weaponized once blasted with 5G, or be utilized to make people conform to a specific agenda?


One rarely gets a chance to see the stars at night any more due to the interference.

What exactly is this “calm before the storm” anyway?

You must have an idea by now.



As you know, for those already within time and space, their lives are so often all about finding love and making money.

Yet not so long ago, while awaiting their first turn, breathing would have been enough.

So much air, so little time

– The Universe



Published September 13, 2019 by tindertender


Q) “How the hell do we break out of this “Time Loop”??? How can we even begin to fight if we are just playing out a pre-recording?”

A) I have already shown how it is the human reptilian brain is under hypnosis. In the model this reality is supposed to mimic, you married Kim, had two kids, worked that job and then died a mind-controlled slave. Your handlers see to it you follow the same path you did in the model. I am showing you how to break that model right now. That comes from manifesting the reality that you want to see by reclaiming your authentic powers of Prime Creator god.

Your thoughts are commands, not just silly notions popping into your noodle. The aether sees and hears what it is you want to see and then goes about assembling it. That is the only thing the aether is here to do; cast manifest realities expected by manifest gods. If you do everything within your power to make your reality come true, the aether fills in the rest. It will not assist sloths who are not truly creators.

The only time you have control over your reality is when you are dictating what it is you expect to see by your creative (outside the box) thought waves (known as creative conscious awareness). And the only time you are in creative conscious awareness is when you are deliberately moving on a solid path of your own choosing. If you are following anyone and not carefully educating yourself and then making your own specific and informed plans, then you are allowing someone else to be your Prime Creator for you. This is a counterfeit life and will not be rewarded with even more powers and abilities in higher dimension. You already have more powers than you can handle in this one if this is the case.

IN ORDER TO BECOME THE PRIME CREATOR AGAIN you must bring your “wishes” into reality. In our minds, the only things that are “real” are the things we can see with our eyes. Right now. This minute. Anything else is considered illusion. If you “want” an Escalade but you earn $7.35 an hour, you haven’t yet set down the foundations of how it is the aether can give you what you want. This is a team effort. That means you must start somewhere (take that FIRST STEP) toward your reality in physical form.

As soon as you PHYSICALLY WRITE DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER what it is you want to see, you now begin bringing your aetheric thoughts across the veils (from your actual awareness in the Deity Planes) and into “physical” manifestation.

The aether cannot ignore it, pass it off to another aether particle or dismiss it because you are their ONLY commander and you have set the wheels in motion to begin manifesting (creating) that reality, making it perfectly clear this is what you want.

This is the KEY to every successful person alive. You will never find a self-made millionaire or someone successful at anything who didn’t take this first step. It will not happen. It is known as “The Secret” in success training. They don’t know why this works; they only know that it does. I am telling you now why it works in these writings.

The aether exist at your pleasure in court parlance; meaning they only exist because you allow them to. They are your servants and at the same time are the outer cells (plasma field) of your own body. You are the aether itself, with one piece of your awareness now standing there in a holographic Avatar. You made the Avatar, you made the landscape, you hung the moon and painted the clouds into the sky. And if you wish to manifest the 4th dimension, then you will simply go about making that a reality in the physical world.

That starts by using the same tools that your captors used when they set out to create a Chimera Reality around you; they WROTE IT DOWN. Once that command was entered into the manifest side of the 3rd dimension, that now becomes the seed that your goal will grow out of (see vol 1 chapter 8 Visible Reality Field). This is the big secret behind seeds we plant in the ground; they are capsules of WRITTEN DOWN commands in physical form that states once water surrounds this seed, it will:(YOUR COMMAND HERE). It is a cellular CODE to the spacetime fabric.

And you can make your own seeds just by using a piece of paper (physical, real) and a pencil (carbon or the foundation of material manifestation) and program those words into the Time Matrix. Now all you have to do is water that seed with your intent. If you can’t envision that seed growing into the tree you want it to from where you are standing (in your job where you are exchanging your honor for a few pieces of silver let’s say, pumping poison gasoline that will wind up killing both the planet and your fellow fractals of god), then change your landscape.

In the end, being a creator god comes from standing in authenticity at all times. You say what is your truth, you earn your own way through honesty and you educate yourself on every single element involving that goal. If you want to see a world filled with organic food, you will plant and water organic trees. If you want to live in a community that isn’t under the subjugation of a madman, you will go somewhere where there isn’t a madman claiming that geographic location and you will live there. If you don’t want to see your child die from poisoning, you will raise them where there are no mass murderers insisting on injecting them.

Even though this is all logical, we still cannot “see” that because we weren’t programmed to see it. The 96% who never accomplish anything in this world and are buried alone with one or two friends or family members standing next to their grave site never bother looking up and thinking for themselves because of fear. Fear divides the chaff from the gods. By not having the courage to face whatever may come on your way to your goals, the also-rans perish. Only those who set out to change the world (their world) to hell with consequences ever actually manifest anything. I can promise you now, we’re not here to bring forward those who refuse to take control of their lives.

By the time you have staked out your commands and chosen which hill you are now willing to die on to protect it, the aether will see your integrity, your virtue, your authenticity and because you are willing to accept personal responsibility for every single element in your life, it will hand to you what it is you have chosen as the world in which you absolutely, as a matter of fact, will live and will not take no for an answer. Period.

When the babble says the meek shall inherit the earth, what it really means is Antiparticle Tara. Creator gods will inherit the other one.

mission guide




Published September 7, 2019 by tindertender

mission guide | 9/5/19

The war on the reproductive system of humans has already been won. These are just more rivets in the coffin. Until now this has been an invisible battle, where the real-life invaders to your world have moved silently behind the scenes to slowly eradicate your species because you can breed all on your own without assistance. This is incompatible to enslavement agendas where precise control is paramount. But now the war is getting blatant and right in-your-face.

I spend a lot of time in the human handbook series explaining how human enslavement has taken place using scientific processes that are ciphered not only to the public, but to the wider scientific community itself. The symbols and codes, equations and principles within the sciences are ciphered so that even the most clever and astute technician will be unable to piece together the larger fabric of the devices they are inventing that are the tools used down through time to destroy your DNA that at once appeals to the masses and at the same time registers to innovators as benevolent causes, but with each advancement the human race sinks deeper and deeper into a cellular dungeon of their very own making.

There are thousands of corporations now around the world that are operating under cover stories whose true agendas go undisclosed to the general population even where they have everyday employees arriving in average cars to show up for work in regular jobs, but no one has any idea of how their whatsit will actually work with the gizmo their fellow employees are making just on the other side of their department walls, yet both go inside the very same appliance. This is called compartmentalization. The absolute isolation of each critical component of a larger product no one can know exactly how to go about copying. Something they conveniently label proprietary code security in order to satisfy inquiries as to why not even the president of the company knows how to duplicate the end product.

This ultra-top secrecy was brought into mainstream corporate models from places like S4 at Area 51, where such covert R&D research and production of highly classified weapons and technologies were being developed under such intense secrecy that it was forbidden to even discuss your job with your very own coworkers that were involved in not only related products that would fit onto the gadget you were making, but even with the guy standing right next to you on the assembly line or lab station working on the exact same element of the exact same gadget. If a virus were to spread across that operation removing all but one employee, there would literally not be one person who could ever put that facility back into operation again.

It wouldn’t matter if you had 34 levels of clearance above the president of the United States; if you spoke one word about your device with anyone other than your immediate supervisor, you wouldn’t just be fired, you and your entire family would be erased from ever having been alive on this planet and that would take place in such short order no one would ever be able to tell what had happened. Dental, medical, scholastic and community involvement records and even close family friends would simply disappear overnight. Yes, they’re strict like that.

Now those operations that used to be contained within ultra-secret deep underground bases have moved into sleepy little towns around the world right out in the open because they have a real address and telephone number and are listed on the NY stock exchange so they must be legit. Sure you can’t even walk into that building without signing an NDC non-disclosure agreement, but surely that’s just another big company making a better floor mop, right?

Not really. Floor mops are made by third-world kids and families for $3-4 a day. What these sleek high-tech gleaming smoked-glass buildings are producing are things that are being inserted into every single product around you that includes more than just some plastic and cotton string that are designed from their very foundations as invisible bullets that deliberately maim and kill that you simply cannot see with the naked eye.

And we as a society go about making our cheeses and wines utterly oblivious to the fact that the very small town you live in not only has at least one of these “unacknowledged black operations” in it, but sometimes a half-dozen –or more– and what they are actually doing is very much in real-terms, making covert weapons that will silently eliminate the very people making or purchasing that new device. And since the chemicals and processes in that gadget are already in use in hundreds of thousands of products world-wide, when someone dies from that melting-ice bullet there is no way to go back to any one source to point the finger at. Plausible deniability.

Immediately one would ask how anything, even remotely about what I am saying could be true. That literally doesn’t make any sense because who would knowingly kill their own friends and neighbors –especially by the millions or billions–? Where is the upside to that? No rational human being would ever come up with that plan.

The problem is, these are not human beings you’re dealing with; they’re from other planets and wearing skin suits that look just like yours. And their agenda is to silently, and without fanfare, remove from this soil everyone that doesn’t share their same agenda. It really is just that simple.

So like the military black operations of old once cordoned off with razor wire with military check-points that have now brazenly moved right out into the open in skyscrapers on 5Th Avenue or on Industrial Parkway 3 blocks from your local K-through-8, the products that are now flooding every inch of the fabric of “civilization” are equally now placed right before your eyes, masquerading as modern convenience. And because Suzy has that gadget (and Suzy’s husband works for one of Google’s thousands of companies) that is a must-have for your family to be sure.

And silently companies like Google move into your lives with the stealth of a leopard, acquiring (assimilating) more than 200 start ups and full-blown companies just since 2016 alone, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, media, politicians, singers, movie and tv celebrities (Youtube) and down into the very genetic cells of your body across the blood-brain barrier directly into your subconscious mind in every possible way, molding your every thought, the jobs you work and of course everything you own.

Without looking down underneath the skin and into the DNA of your abductors, there is no way you would ever know that the CEOs of the Fortune 500 were not “just like you”, so there would be no way to ever imagine that a company would ever deliberately invent new products they knew were going to kill humans. It simply would never even cross your mind.

That’s why I’m here, to tell you what has been happening around you all along up to this point in your timeline where the human reproductive system has been so thoroughly compromised that today it now costs $50,000.00 for the average couple to conceive a child. And of course you don’t hear about this on the evening news, because the shame associated with infertility is off the charts. But in truth, the average couple in a 1st world country can no longer have a child without medical help:

“I think one of the few areas that I would use a word like ‘crisis’ is in reference to what’s going on with fertility rates, not just in the U.S. but in the world.” –Piraye Beim, Celmatix Corp.

I was informed not long ago by my contact whose job it is to continuously monitor all life on this planet to measure Tara’s health (that’s literally why the IAFW is even here to begin with) that “humankind is now in their final generation”. The hundreds of thousands of destructive chemicals we have included into our everyday convenience devices and foods have now rendered our genome so damaged we can’t even conceive. These include the mercury, arsenic, cadmium and beryllium radiating right through your laptop and into where again? Directly into your reproductive organs on your lap? Really?

And now, for the sake of convenience, we are going to place onto our infinitely fragile baby a diaper fitted with a micro cavity magnetron that emits square waves that cooks meat in seconds an inch away from their developing ovaries and testes? Of course we’ll do this at the same time we deliberately inject them with dozens of vaccines at once, each filled with thousands of times the allowable mercury for a full-sized adult and then when they die, we’ll just call that “SIDS”, something no one can really “put their finger on” why otherwise healthy babies simply drop dead:

CDC 5/28/2015: Deaths Reported Vaccine Adverse Event;
“For child death reports, 79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day. Inactivated influenza vaccine given alone was most commonly associated with death reports in adults (51.4%).”

Let’s go over that again:

In the study it was concluded that 79.4% of babies that died from SIDS had at least one vaccine injection on the same day.

So if your baby even makes it out of the cradle at all, it will be a certainty that when they mature, they will not be able to reproduce. And to make absolutely certain of this, their eggs will be hard fried immediately upon birth at the same time they’re going to be fed water and formula with fluoride –a known cancer-causing carcinogen made from nuclear waste– while being handed a smartphone to play with to replace the wooden spoon your mother gave you when you were a child.

If time weren’t being deliberately cut short for the human race, you would have personally witnessed the end of this evolution. But it is being cut short and you will live to see the transition coming very soon. You can learn more about the invasion and the science that was used against you across the entire series, with particular attention to the attack of your genome Template in vol 2 of the human handbook series under Hippocratic Genocide.

The Angelic Human war was fought and lost and we’re here to bring out the survivors.

mission guide
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