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What Are You Curious About?

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

It has been said that there are two ways this can turn out.

1) The planet becomes a slave planet, where everything we’ve known is flipped into its opposite.

2) People of the planet come together in harmony for the benefit of all life, and peace ensues.

The “Soul” IS creation, just as much as the planets, stars and waters are. As creators, we have seriously abused creation.

We have shown the universe that we care not for creation, as belittlement, beating, shootings, rape and murder occur in massive quantities the world over.

If you wish to remain free, if you wish to remain here at all, you best take a good long look at not only the way you treat each other, but the way you treat yourself.

I’m not speaking of nice clothes, or possessions. I’m not speaking of baths, or saunas, or massages. I’m speaking of the abuses to the physical temple … smoking, drinking, drugs, porn, foul language and junk foods.

Sure, this is given to us as choice, it’s legal.

It’s your ‘temptation’.

Is your love for your vessel greater than your addiction? Is your love for life greater than your slow suicide?

Will you bless creation, life, with your presence, or will you bring harm?

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What Am I In The Middle Of?

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

Have you ever discovered yourself to be ‘in the middle’, trying to play mediator, or most likely, simply keep from going crazy amidst the chaos?

I am in one of these predicaments.

People to the left, right, inner circle, outer circle, and the rest who reside beyond.

When did you discover for the first time that the way you were treating yourself was important to someone? I’m referring to something other than belittling behaviors. I am this years old, and it’s over 50.

A separation is occurring.

It is unfortunate that it is made so easy to be mean to ones self. Cigarettes, booze, drugs, many of which are legal now. An abundance of any kind pollutes the mind, the energy, the spirit and the soul.

Did you hear of the story where the devil was ousted, right here with us, and given permission to tempt the human family into treating themselves poorly? Pleasures for the senses … the kind that pollute the sacredness of being. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, porn … they dull the mind, dirty the energy, and make benevolent creator powers null and void.

The unfortunate thing is that young people are exposed by adults who are behaving badly toward themselves, not respecting their sacred lives, not honoring their ‘temple’.

Has anyone ever said to you: “Stop treating yourself like garbage!”

Well I just did. So if you are, please stop. Your presence, your full, unadulterated presence is required at this time.

I’m not preaching. I was one of those youths (and adults). Cycling round and round, never seeming to escape the loop.

This is because one does not simply exit the loop. A concerted effort is needed to perform alchemy in the psyche. Concentrated focus is needed to create a new way of being, new habits, new activities.

Leaving behind the ‘old’ is not easy. Habits are difficult to interrupt and reformat. Especially when the environment contains temptation.

How strong is your will? Are you determined to foul your lungs and liver just to gain a false sense of happiness? You know by now this is an illusion, and that it only feeds the monsters.

Leave the party buddies behind and start building your inner fortitude, your spiritual stamina, your soul strength.

I read from a rabbi that the soul is a pillar upon which creation rests. Just recently from the unseen I was told, “The soul is not a pillar upon which creation rests. It IS creation.”

Since the soul IS creation, we ought to tend it better than we’ve been. It is no wonder the earth is so sick.

Look around you, look inside you, are you spiritually healthy? Are you blaming others, not taking responsibility for your personal actions and behaviors? Do you feel justified in causing harm?

If so, you are destroying creation. Every time you hurt a soul, you harm creation.

We are Creators! We are the glue that holds this together!

And yet, so many people would rather tear it down, burn it to the ground, and everyone and everything with it.

THIS is why the planet is being harvested of life right now.

The Creators in this world decided to destroy each other rather than beautify each other.

I suppose we’ll get what we deserve.

If you’d like to live rather than be destroyed, you’d better take your Creatorship seriously. We’d all better start being serious caretakers of our world, and each other.

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Oracle Reading 5-24-2020 #2

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

In this reading, you can read just the italicized portions for a more earthy meaning, or the non-italic portion for a more spiritual meaning. Read both together for a grand picture.

Know what you want and do what works. Refine your abilities. Transfer a skill set from one environment to another. Do not underplay what you are capable of. Give up the idea that you must be good at everything. Narrow your interests and build on your existing strengths to conserve output and increase your value. A creative response to change will see you flourish.

There is a higher purpose to everything, but currently it is not clear. Something in your life is changing, and it is unsettling. Soon, the pieces of the puzzle will start falling into place, and you will begin to find meaning in it. For now, trust in the refinement process, hone your ability for love and develop your capacity for compassion. As taints fall away, the truth becomes clearer.

A feeling that history is repeating. The pattens in your past – in your childhood, in your relationships, in your career – are escapable. Stop and learn the lesson so you can move forward. There is no need to mindlessly (endlessly) hit repeat. Look outside of what you know and break a cycle. Someone, perhaps the universe, is trying to tell you something. A unique response to a repeat problem is needed.

From the flawless patterns of your spirit, a great light shines upon the world. You are a leader, a healer, an inspiration, a free spirit … unrestricted by traditional thinking. A desire to be all you can be, and a vision for positive transformation, draws you into deep exploration and clarity. Break free, reshape your destiny and follow the spiraling, intertwining pathways of peace, love and wisdom.

You are you, in your own right, not as a reflection of circumstance, expectation or assumption. Define and trust yourself. A clear and simple answer betrays the true complexity of an issue. Resist the temptation to take someone or something at face value. A pattern of behavior reveals more than a single gesture. Go deeper, broader and higher to get a fuller perspective.

From the calm, neutral perspective of love, and free from the fear, guilt and judgement of this your higher self looks through the conflict and drama of the physical world and sees hidden meaning and purpose. From a distance, present chaos looks perfectly ordered. Seek greater awareness. Tune into the depths of your heart to find heavenly peace.

Find yourself by losing yourself in a conversation, a story or someone’s eyes. Be vulnerable, be emotional and be moved to deeper understanding. Empathy is required. Let the pain, suffering, love and joy of others find a home in your heart. Accepting another without reservation means accepting yourself, as well.

Focus on the subtle divine force inside you. Recognize this force in all things, for it is in all things and it is everywhere. Separation from the energy, beauty, grace and power of the Divine Mother is an illusion. Feel her fertility and everlasting peace inside you. Through her love, life unfolds with endless blessings. Through you, her love flows out upon the world.

A past or hidden event influences a current situation. Trust issues due to secrecy or deception. A childhood ordeal is brought into the light. Reflect on and draw your own meaning from it. Hold your broken self (or another) in a loving orbit until it is strong and beautiful once more. There are parts of yourself you are yet to realize. Take your time getting to know someone.

Beyond your thoughts there is the mirror of infinity. It is a clear space through which you will see your true reflection. Here you can see your whole self – your shadows and your light. See that you are beautiful. You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide; you are blessed and held in the loving field of the Divine Mother.

Sudden clarity amid adversity. Acute awareness of yourself and your circumstances. Finding unexpected strength and wisdom in a crisis. Realizing the limits of a situation … pressure cannot make diamonds from coal. Challenging a misconception or calling out a false promise. Isolate and develop an idea, talent or goal to excellence, without external influence. Trusting you will have what it takes when it matters.

All soon clears, heals and is resolved. Peace ascends within you like a glorious bud opening to the surface. Realization comes in a dazzling flash, and you will see the world and your soul as blessed as they truly are. Follow love to the peaceful space inside your heart, your power center, from which all is possible and all is available.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@goian

Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” created by Toni Carmine & Leela J. Williams

The Rainbow Bridge Pt. 2

Published May 24, 2020 by tindertender

Written by: https://twitter.com/NickHintonn

In part 1 we discussed how CERN seems to have pushed us into a new reality, or over the rainbow bridge, as we approach the Age of Aquarius. I believe we will have fully transitioned into the next age once CERN succeeds in finding what they call a “rainbow universe.”

Ironically, in 2015, an April Fools’ day article was released saying CERN had accidentally created one. I only find this interesting because of all the synchronicities surrounding the article. Plus, this wouldn’t be the first time truth was disguised as entertainment.

I should also add that there’s an occult significance to April Fools’ Day. The holiday is a celebration of Loki the trickster god. Is it possible to trick people with the truth? If you read part one, you’ll remember Loki has synchronistic ties to the tesseract and rainbow bridge.

But anyways, the fake article said CERN scientists found an artifact in their data that resembled a dolphin. Their April Fools’ Day article the year before that was also about dolphins. It said scientists discovered a dolphins’ sonar could turn a laser beam into a rainbow.

The article from 2015 ends with a scientist saying he wants to create a particle accelerator in the space station next to a dolphin tank. So what’s the big deal about rainbow shooting space dolphins? It’s just a weird joke considering the dolphin is a symbol of the Aquarian Age.

Aleister Crowley said he had a vision of Babalon returning riding on the back of a dolphin. If you read part one, you’ll remember Jack Parsons completed the Babalon Working rituals right before he died and did them with the goal of bringing the world into the new aeon.

I believe CERN is performing rituals as well and their particle accelerator is an altar to Saturn. If you’ve read my Saturn Time Cube threads, you’ll remember the Saturnian symbolism decorating the facility and the myth of Kronos, the personification of Saturn.

In Greek mythology, Kronos was the god of gods, but one day, he was told a prophecy that one of his children would usurp him as king. To prevent this, Saturn ate his children. To this day, people who practice the Saturnian religion, or true Satanism, sacrifice children.

However, I think the Cult of Saturn has taken it a step further with CERN by offering up our entire planet as a sacrifice, perhaps more than once. Is it possible that we are now living in the belly of the beast? Are we not god’s children?

If you’ve read my previous threads, you’ll also remember Saturn’s hexagon. Dennis McKenna, brother of Terrance McKenna, researcher, and ethnopharmacologist, has said he believes the hexagon might be a sign that there’s a gravitationally stabilized wormhole inside the planet.

So how does this imply we are in the belly of Kronos? What if the black hole CERN dragged us into is connected to the one theoretically inside Saturn? Remember that a black hole can be one end of a wormhole. In Independence Day, a wormhole forms right next to Saturn.

In part 1 we also talked about how some physicists say black holes act like quantum computers. Perhaps this universe is inside a black hole inside another universe’s Saturn. The planet, possibly a failed star, has been called the black hole sun …

Kronos was also the god of time. Remember from part one that there is a synchronistic connection between the tesseract, or four dimensional cube, and black holes. Remember that the fourth dimension is said to be time. Are we inside what I call the Saturn time cube simulation?

There are also synchronistic connections between Saturn and rainbows. NASA has taken pictures of them reflecting off Saturn’s rings. The rings are also all different colors when viewed with an infrared camera, making them look like a rainbow.

The fake article also said they observed the rainbow universe for 2.6 seconds. This number is synchronistic as well. Saturn’s tilt is 26 degrees, it’s core is made of iron, the 26th element, a Rubik’s cube has 26 pieces, and 26 is the only number “between a square and a cube.”

Some people say people who practice chaos magic are destroying Saturn’s rings, either unknowingly or intentionally. Ironically, in the past few years, Saturn’s rings have started to disappear. Remember the scene from Independence Day?

I think CERN is also doing chaos magic. In another thread, I theorized CERN creates chaos every time they make antimatter. But if Saturn’s rings represent the rainbow bridge, what happens when they are gone? Remember Ragnarök reaches its climax once the bridge is destroyed.

However, I don’t think the rings are literally being destroyed. I think each time we enter a parallel universe, we enter one thats a bit younger. Antimatter is matter that moves backward in time. Eventually we will arrive in a universe that existed before Saturn’s rings formed.

Saturn’s rings represent constriction. After Zeus usurped Kronos’ throne, he imprisoned him in Tartarus. What will happen after his chains are broken? Is CERN using time travel to retrocausally resurrect the time god? This makes sense because the Aquarian Age is ruled by Saturn.

Is this such a bad thing? What does it mean for time to be unrestricted? Perhaps a more multidimensional existence, as I described in part one? Supposedly, before Saturn heard the prophecy that one of his children would usurp him, he wasn’t so pissed off and ruled the Golden Age.

It’s ironic that Aquarius’ symbol is a wave. It makes sense that we live in an age where reality acts more like waves of energy rather than particles. This is what quantum physicists are discovering. Quantum theory is how physicists came up with the theory of the multiverse.

So while all this sounds dark compared to the last post, it’s not. We are still left with the same result, the end of the old world and the beginning of new one. The process requires destruction and chaos. Strange gods, cultists, mad scientists, they all have a role to fulfill.


Published May 22, 2020 by tindertender

If you truly believe your fate is dependent on anothers grace, or harsh judgement, then you have not yet embraced your Power.

Love yourself.

Be your best friend.

This is the time to write your future.

For you to write your future.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@drew_beamer

History Repeating?

Published May 22, 2020 by tindertender

A sense that history is somehow repeating. A chance to do things differently, and, perhaps, secure a better outcome. To work with or break a cycle, you need to recognize it. Release stress, tension or anger before it builds to a storm. It may be necessary to walk away from a challenging personality. Difficulty breaking a habit or pattern of thinking. Establish a positive routine.

Through infinite cycles of life, death and rebirth, our souls stretch into timeless repetition. All the whole, your thoughts and actions draw from the past and feed into your future. The journey repeats as often as needed. There is no rushing through to the end. The cycle can be broken through wisdom, through detachment, through memory of the sacred, through a return to life oneness.

Listen, observe and better your chances. Rely on your direct experience. Do not be swayed reputation, gossip or a third party account. Trust your perception and interpretation of a situation. Be wary of gaslighting or of someone who undermines your sense of self and the world around you. Develop and hone your sensitivities.

Your senses are clouded by thoughts and emotions. Try to distance yourself from what others say, detach emotionally, quiet your judgements and clear your thoughts. Find a quiet place, preferably in nature, where you can relax and refresh your perception. Let your instinct guide you to the clear, unmistakable voice that comes not from your thoughts, but from your soul.

Withdrawal to the security of loved ones. Stumbling on or triggering a memory. Stories told in safety. Creative space. A message from the past, for the future. Your body remembers; listen to its story. Deep pain is transformed into wisdom and understanding. An inheritance, legacy or heirloom. Having access to the tools and knowledge you need. Be gentle with who you were and strong about who you will become.

If you are feeling lost, confused or are asking what life is all about, then it may be the perfect time to consult your original self. The one you keep hidden while you grow up and supposedly wiser around it. The sweet, loving, innocent you is not lost. Deep down, you still are that person. The original you exists outside of time, safe and awaiting rediscovery.

Oracle reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle”

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