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Connected ~ Who’s in Control?

Published February 18, 2021 by tindertender

You can’t stop a woman who has the universe inside her.

Yes, her dream states may be manipulated.

There may be those in the astral who attempt to shame her.

Their seeming intention is to make her feel weak and vulnerable.

All that does is show their own frustration at their inability to manipulate her waking state.

She remains in joy.

She sheds all attempts to make her feel shame.

She recognizes her power by the sneaky hidden ones frustrations, shown by their influence in the astral. In the dream state.

Their power ends there.

Fully conscious, she chooses self-love. Not perverted, but fresh, whole and free.

Strong efforts are made to cause the praying woman shame and humiliation.

The night is the night, and the day is the day.

They may influence the dream state.

But she knows who she is.

She has SEEN herself, true.

She is LOVE.

She is PURE.


She is SACRED.

She is here to remind the manipulators they have no authority here.

Their influence ends once she enters fully into consciousness.

Their power is shallow and vague at best.

She releases all burdens attempted on her.

She sheds any and all fragments of the perverted unseen.

And she goes on to live a fabulous, love filled day, knowing full well the guardians and guides she has called upon are with her always.

Life is life.

Seen, unseen.

1. Law of divine oneness

The law of divine oneness is the MVP of the universal laws, in that it’s the one upon which all others build. This law states that we are all connected through creation, Every single atom inside of you is connected in some way, shape, or form to the rest of the universe you move through.

This means that everything we do has a ripple effect and impacts the collective—not just ourselves. To call upon this principle for self-improvement, simply remember that your actions both matter and make a difference.

2. Law of vibration

Everything in the universe has a frequency and a vibration, Nothing ever stands still, as everything is always either being pushed away or pulled toward something. Furthermore, items of a similar vibration are attracted to each other. So, to use this law to manifest your desires, you must match your vibration with that of what you want.

3. Law of correspondence

The premise behind the law of correspondence is that our lives are created by the subconscious patterns we repeat every single day, and these patterns either serve us or hold us back. Activate this law by becoming aware of your own patterns, which are often passed down via family ties, and then consciously taking action steps to break them.

4. Law of attraction

This is the law of vibration in action. Many people get scared by the notion that bad thoughts or low vibrations can somehow destroy their life because they’re unaware. The law is not a punishment, but a very clear mirror of our self-worth and mind-set. You’re surrounded by the outcome of decisions you’ve made in the past and are fully capable of making other decisions and attracting a different set of circumstances.

5. Law of inspired action

While the law of attraction is about vibrationally aligning yourself with whatever it is you want, the law of inspired action is about taking—you guessed it—action in order to bring what you want to fruition. So you can certainly create vision boards, but Wilder says taking physical steps to move you closer to your vision is much more crucial.

6. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

This law means that even the smallest action can have a profound effect. Like the seed of a mighty tree holds all its promise in its tiny shell, you also have the power within you to move mountains.

To put the law into action on a practical level, it is recommended to do small things every day that uplift you, whether that’s singing in the shower, dancing like nobody’s watching, or anything else. Remember, small shifts equal major results.

7. Law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect, also known as the law of karma, states that any action causes a reaction, and that whatever you put out—good or bad—you get right back. To harness the power of this law, be aware of how your actions and decisions are affecting not just yourself but everyone around you, and focus on sending out good vibes only.

8. Law of compensation

The law of compensation is about reaping what you sow. It instills trust in us that we will be compensated for our work as long as we’re open to receiving in all the many ways that the universe can deliver.

To be clear, compensation in this sense isn’t limited to employment arrangements or financial compensation. Rather, it’s about receiving compensation for all your contributions to the world around you, including the love, joy, and kindness you spread; it is all rewarded.

9. Law of relativity

Nothing and no one is inherently good or bad. Everything is a spectrum of expression, and there is more than one perspective on any situation or challenge. In other words, we are the ones who assign meaning to things, so we can choose to regard things as “bad” or as happening in our favor.

10. Law of polarity

Everything has a polar opposite: If there’s an up, there’s a down. If there’s light, there’s dark. One cannot exist without the other. Experiencing these polarities is part of the human experience, and that they also help us learn from our mistakes and support us in identifying what we don’t want so we can get clearer on what we do want.

11. Law of perpetual motion

The law of perpetual motion tells us that everything is forever changing and our job is to embrace the ride. If life is tough and challenging, know that it will change. If everything is peachy, then savor the moment, but don’t try to make it last beyond the natural order of things. Each stage of life has tremendous gifts to offer.

12. The law of giving and receiving

The energies of giving and receiving operate within all of us, and in order to create flow, they need to be in balance. To work with this law is to recognize where in your life the balance between giving and receiving is off. You have to allow both sides in you to have their say and get their way.

That Which You Are

Published February 9, 2021 by tindertender

Perhaps people do not realize that they are Source.

When we give up the position of power, when we cede our authority to another, that effectively places them in control over the portion of Source which is us.

There are many powerful entities in the unseen who long to control Source … to BE god, to usurp the throne upon which we sit and essentially, take our place.

They require the Source … that which WE are.

Why do you think there are so many people inflicted with mental illness? It is not a chemical deficiency. It is an attack upon Source.

Now, some say that we all are one, even the pedophile, even the ones that the devil would say are evil.

Yet if this were true, then the Source that we are would not be under attack, would not be ensnared and entrapped.

You remember the story where the devil wanted to BE god? To claim the throne?

This throne resides in our essence. OUR human essence.

“She must be human” he states. “She has the gateway to Source” he states.

Oh how they pine for it.

They haven’t moved into the activation of their plan, for ‘survival’ of what they must do is not guaranteed … and they do not want to lose this one, or the opportunity they seek.

They claim to be from the future … to protect their future.

They feel if they find what they are looking for they can steer the results into a format they approve of … and not which is best for humanity … for those who are Soul, and the Seat of the Soul which is Source.

Yes, they call it a holy war for a reason.

Those who actually ARE helping humanity, standing back as observer and as guide, use feeling as and intuitive connection for the communication. Then there are the ones who put their voices into the mind of others, instructing them to do this, or say that, to put out specific messages to the public who cannot hear.

And they do. They essentially become the puppets spreading someone elses messages.

Same as a politician, or a religious ‘leader’.

There are people who pray to a god, or gods, or want-to-be gods, and they know that if they were to speak out about this secret agreement, they would lose everything they’ve acquired. Oh yes, they would be stripped of whatever successes they had gained thru their loyalty to the hidden rulers. I understand this as it was told to me by one who has this agreement … she stated that she provides for her family thru these agreements, and she longs to continue to provide for her family, and she knows that she would lose everything should she speak out about them.

I have no-thing … not really.

The hidden ones did a walk-thru of my house. They stated “she even has a dining table”. Apparently my life is too good, built not from their approval, but by the sweat of my chinny chin chin, thru my own trials and tribulations.

I have paid dearly for my position in this life, and it isn’t much, but it is comfortable.

I do not fit in with their system.

It is no wonder I attract so much attention.

How dare a portion of Source claim her Divine right to Create a Life for herself without prior approval?

Because I Am Source, I AM Soul, I Am the Seat of the Soul, I am Divinity in itself.

And so are my Human brothers and Sisters.

This is what they are working to eliminate.

They’ll lure you in, they’ll play nice and even sound as friend … and most ‘channelers’ relay exactly the information as told to them, they are good servants, doing as told. If they chose instead to stand on their own, they would receive massive attack from these so-called friends.

I know. And I have.

Yet I still stand.

Alive, and willing to tell you of it.

Those who have sex with you in the astral are simply tatsting your energies. Lower forms of life feed on the lower chakras … they desire to know if you are a good food Source for them … they require it to survive.

They refer to humanity as a commodity, as cattle.

It isn’t easy hearing the double-speak of these ones.

They are all beauty and care on the surface, but the reality is, they hate us with a passion … why? Because they need us. They would fade out if they were not able to feed on the Seat of the Soul, on Source. And this really pisses them off.

So they’ll make friends in order to get what they want, and once you are snared, they’ve got you and can do whatever they please … to your physical form, to your mental and energetic forms, to your life … in the past, present, and future.

To me even, yet, as the rebellious nature that I am, I speak out still.

I am sorry, many of you have been duped by the oldest form of control on this planet, AND their other-worldly masters.

Thankfully, there are more present who are listening and observing, knowing the Law of One and what Source truly is, and they fight on our behalf, even as we are convinced to play puppet to those who long to continue dominating life upon this planet, indeed, the planet herself.

Allowing another to steer you in the service to your soul is a manipulation, where you willingly give up your own authority to Live Fully, Authentically, from Source.

That which You Are.

God Source.

Goddess Source.

The most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

Humans are the Seat of the Soul, Source itself. And they want to control Source. Can’t let us know just how special we truly are … they call us (Soul) the most valuable currency in the Multi-verse.

They KNOW that Source is LOVE and they manipulate it skillfully to achieve agreement, simply so they can continue to control it.

Awareness is step one to extraction from the binding.

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Published January 28, 2021 by tindertender

If you’re still holding onto the old normal, you’re in for a world of hurt in the months and years ahead. Let go of it NOW, or you’re going to fall behind and likely stuck fighting for something that was never yours to begin with.

You must realize, right now that the game has already changed and the new rules are being written as we speak. If you can’t open your focus enough to catch the cataclysmic changes happening within yourself you’re going to miss the greatest opportunity of your life and risk getting thrown under the bus.

Pay careful attention to how you’re showing up in your relationships these days, because there are two competing narratives playing out in our world right now. One of them happens on the media stage and features an expertly crafted orchestration of humanity’s worst qualities. The other story happens in your mind and heart, presenting an extraordinary opportunity for personal evolution. Whichever one you focus on is what you will bring others in your life, and will determine what feedback you receive from them and the world.

A wise friend recently told me that the love we experience in our lives is the clearest reflection of who we truly are as people. So, what do you see in the relationships in your life? Are you experiencing love? Are you frustrated? Is there easiness or maybe emptiness? Is there joy, or do you feel repressed and bottled up? Do you feel a sense of expansion or a sense of contraction? Can you feel into your relationships to see which ones are giving you energy, and which ones are taking your energy? What do you need to change within yourself to have the type of relationship with the world that brings you happiness, joy, peace and freedom?

I’ve been meditating deeply on all of this lately, and here’s what’s been emerging. It’s sort of an updated program for us to run on collectively as we dive headlong into a tremendous and cataclysmic war between freedom and control; between fear and love.

Enjoy people and keep the vibration high. Above all else, be direct and honest. Be the one who says what has gone for too long unsaid. Love insanely. Let it all out into the open. You don’t have time to hold back any longer. Make yourself strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Practice radical detachment and letting go. We need to create space for the new paradigm to emerge.

Learn to enjoy being patient and allowing things to unfold naturally without forcing anything. Express yourself like you never have before. Be more real, more raw, more open and more bad ass! Be more you.

Let death be the only motivation you need to do anything you want to do. The clock is ticking faster than ever. Don’t be surprised when things workout better than you could have ever imagined. Give away as much freedom to others as you can stand. Then, give them more. Let them have their differing opinions, or whatever, and just keep on loving them with everything you’ve got. Do not allow your mind to take the wheel.

Steer with your heart.

Make personal evolution your prime directive and watch how quickly your life changes for the better. Be the person in the room that laughs and smiles the most, showing others how to brush off the madness of the world. Conserve your energy wheel.

Steer with your heart.

Conserve your energy until it is time to move. Then, do so with maximum potency.

Stay close to the things you can control and distance yourself from those things which you cannot. Teach everything you’ve learned so far. Participate fully in the growth of others. Create relationships. Fix relationships. Find common ground. Build bridges and be there for others.

Learn to fiercely observe the world and the people around you. Rewrite the rules as needed for maximum peace and minimal stress. Let yourself cry, scream, or whatever … as needed to ensure that you are a conduit for negative emotions and not a reservoir.

Practice, practice, practice; engage in your daily practice every single day.

Cultivate your inner strength and peace through the continuity of your intentions. Maintain the highest possible vibration you can, and make a point of being infectious to others.

I appreciate all of you who are vibrating with me on the love frequency, and are sending me love and light every day. Rest assured that it’s most definitely being reciprocated.

All is 1

Source: @Amen_Baba_
and The Galactic Federation

Freedom Wings

Published January 7, 2021 by tindertender

We often look outside ourselves for something to change or something to set us free of our circumstances.

When we purely rely on things to change from the outside, often times, they tend to stagnate or get worse because we are not in alignment with the flow.

We are pushing for it to happen which can block the way.

The move for change, for things to shift needs to come from within. Things wont change for the better if your belief system is stagnant in thoughts of fear and lack.

Meet your inner fears, give them wings, surrender to the emotions that arise and set them free so you can get out of your own way and allow the natural flow of change to take place.


Art: Autumn Skye

Crop Circles, Presidents and Disney

Published November 16, 2020 by tindertender

These shapes are created by Advanced Sound Devices used by the Elite to place frequencies into the Earth grid. Those frequencies affect health, mentality, belief, etc. When really studying these designs in Sacred Geometry we find them to be insignias and logos of the Dark Side, designs caused by extremely low frequencies or ELF’s, research Chlandi Plates.

The Geometry which has now been placed over our Earth Grid through Crop Circles created by sound devices like the HAARP, have allowed the Elite to erect a new grid which has been termed “The Earth Consciousness Grid”. This keeps Humans somewhat trapped in the Matrix until they learn the methods of building up strength to break out. As you see they call the new system the Internet or “Internal Net”. The biggest hint is the Ethernet cable, why is it given such a Name? Ether itself means Spirit so why is a term like that being used in comparison to computers? Since the Ozone “Oz Zone” layer is melting there is no telling what the potential is if it’s dissolved. Favor is often disguised as misfortune.

It becomes obvious that Crop Circles are not created by benevolent Alien forces from space trying to communicate to us. They are created by the same Hyperdimensional Tricksters that plague are Planet and continue to fool us with their lies and God-like Technology.

This false light that has come to the world has deceived many. It is the same false light that says it has come to Illuminate those who are humble and worship it. Light in the Latin is Luce named after Lucifer the bright mourning star or Venus. The strategy they are using is to give you two choices in which both are no good. The word Democratic taking its root from the Arabic word Demos or Demon and Republican taking its root from the word Reptile or Rephaim. So the choice is Reptiles or Demons you choose.

To prove this one simply has to note how many times leaders and Presidents have been photographed making the sign of Baphomet the Goat God of Mendes. Due to bloodlines of the Presidents of the U.S. having Merovingian origin they are definitely blue blood reptilian hybrids walking around the White House and Parliament hailing from the Orion constellation, Venus, Agharta, Mars, Vulcan and who knows where else. Ruling over us pretending they are like us. This is why they continue with this bloodbath without the slightest show of regret or resolution. I’m sure many reading this are familiar with David Icke’s work so it is unnecessary to reiterate what he has been explaining for years in detail thus I have been mainly covering how the blending took place.

Every IS-BE – not bound to dark forces through false beliefs, initiations, prayers, rituals – and there are MILLIONS and MILLIONS more – especially all this “beautiful love and light” groups working with Asthar, Sirius and channeling whatever are so hi-jacked in a false …

Here is what commonly happens. Because the Light cannot comprehend the Darkness many who do not have such strong evil inclinations refuse to believe anyone, especially their leaders who have such charisma, could be involved in such a vile plot of enslaving humanity.

The recent Zeitgeist movie, obviously directed by the Elite, shifts the blame of our current world state on the by product of humanity making the wrong decisions in regards to how the Planet is preserved, thus their solution is the “Venus” Project.

And the collective consciousness seems to believe there is a President in 5D…..hmmmm….I don`t think so.

The fantasy world of Disney was the fantasy of a satanic pedophile that we all had to visit because our parents knew no better. What you don’t know “can” hurt you.

People are made to believe Disney was a big kid like we all wish to be playing in a fantasy world of Castles of Medieval lure with Dragons, Princesses, and talking mice. Disney, along with other very sick men positioned themselves to be the corrupters of the innocent youth.

Source: @Karina89350882

Christiac Angelic Humans

Published October 14, 2020 by tindertender

Through the implementation of the Freedom Teachings (Emerald Order MC teachings of the Maharata-“Inner Christos”), the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA Template could be regenerated among the Earth human races and the awakened Angelic Humans could create for themselves the opportunity of self-directed Ascension out of Density or biological immortality anywhere within the Density systems.

Through the Founders Sacred-Science Teachings of the Inner Christ (Freedom Teachings), humanity could learn to re-activate the Angelic Human 12-Strand DNA Template, so humans would again become capable of utilizing advanced Planetary Templar Mechanics, which are run through the human DNA Template. If humanity can reawaken the dormant Angelic Human DNA Template, the human body can biologically interface with the electromagnetic functions of Earth’s Planetary Templar star gate system, as it was originally designed to do.

In actualizing the Angelic Human potential, humans would not only set themselves free, but could also assist Guardian Angelic Nations in setting Earth free, by securing Earth’s Halls of Amenti and regaining the Sun’s Sol Star Gate-4 under Guardian Nation protection.

Fallen Angelic Legions know that if they could continue to motivate masses of humans to pledge allegiance to external figures of Gods and their “Divine Representatives,” as they have being doing since promotion of their Sumerian “Father-God Anu,” that plenty of human “specimens” would be available for hybridization, following the “End Times” holocaust.

All the Fallen Angelics would need to do would be to visit Earth in the guise of their promoted “Holy Figures” as the End Time drama unfolded; as humans robbed of the true power of the Inner Christ teachings and eager for “salvation,” would joyfully follow wherever the Fallen Angelics might lead to begin a new “heaven on Earth” and actualize their long-coveted dream of Earth dominion.

Let`s talk about “Death”……

Molecular Compaction, Monadic Reversal, is the reason why we die.

That is the ultimate cause of Death behind every single malady, as far as health stuff. Due our shield reversals and thus the inability of the shields and DNA, and therefore the body, to be able to receive and synthesize naturally the normal currents from the Soul.

Fear just gets in our way, and it stops you from realizing you have the power to do exactly what you need.

One of the worst fears on this planet is the fear of Death. That is the worst insult to Life and to Eternal Life that exists, because if you are afraid of dying you just don’t get it at all. You just really think there isn’t a God-Source. You have no clue that the Universe is loving, because if you really are afraid of death, and we are programmed to believe in being afraid of dying, you completely deny your own Christiac Self and your ability to do anything.

One of the Attitudes of Mastery we’re learning is that of “Fearlessness – Recognizing the Eternal Infinite Nature of Unconditional Love of the ALL-ONE-ness”.

Bio-Regenesis of Primal Order within the Organic Imprint for Health (See: MF) creates True Healing and expedites the natural processes of human evolution.

Through fulfillment of the Primal Purpose humanity will regain The Primal Condition of Eternal Conscious At-ONE-ment with the Central Source of Creation or God Source.

Freedom Teachings …

And be “aware who you follow” has more than one meaning, but sometimes it is meant “literally”…..

The Teaching of Freedom that are the rightful heritage of the Christiac Angelic Human lineage of Earth are the Sacred Spiritual-Science teachings of the Maharata-Inner Christ and the historical record of creation in this Time Matrix as revealed through the evolution of the Emerald Covenant.

True Freedom Teachings teaches gender and race equality and do not promote the worship of externalized god. It encourages bringing the peoples and religions of the world together under a common banner of Mutual Love, Respect and Angelic Human Freedom. It promotes and sustains our Christiac Legacy – eternal life, which is the natural product of 12-Strand DNA Template Christos Angelic Human evolution.

It teaches Communion with Fellow Guardian Angelic Nations that is accomplished through open use of Earth’s Star Gates. Passage through Earth’s natural Star Gates into the “Higher Heavens” of our 15-dimensional Time Matrix, Ascension from Density, to experience whenever we desire, reunion and conscious, perpetual co-creative At-ONE-ment with Source-God.

These privileges and the responsibility towards personal, race, planetary, galactic and universal evolution that such privilege implies, represent our heritage as Christiac Angelic Humans.

The false creed of the Fallen Angelic Legions promotes worship of external gods, angelics and false saviors, discards the true teachings of the Inner Christ and human freedom and deceives humanity into powerlessness, fear and subservience and distracts humanity from embracing its heritage as an Angelic Race, placing human destiny at the mercy of false-gods. – Creating human “puppets” through a controlled dogma of external Father-God worship.

Through promotion of this false, patriarchal, externalized Christ the Fallen Angelic Creed humanity’s right to have a personal, loving and empowering relationship with Source-God and the Founder Races is denied.

It remains the Human Prerogative as to what interpretation of reality, and what definition of Self and God we will choose to acknowledge, honor and act upon.

Source: @Karina89350882

The Four Agreements

Published August 28, 2020 by tindertender

Have you read The Four Agreements?

It’s a quick, and honestly life-changing read. One of the agreements is essentially that nothing someone else does or says is about you.

It just isn’t.

Someone trying to cut down your dreams? Most likely, they’re projecting their fear of pursuing their own dreams onto you. Remember this the next time someone tries to talk you out of what your heart desires.

It’s not about you … ever.

Affirmation 8-12-2020

Published August 12, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on removing obstacles. Some days it feels like doors shut, roadblocks go up, stairs become steeper. Obstacles can teach me things, I know. But sometimes enough is enough and it is time to clear them out. Today I remove any obstacles of thought or action that are keeping me from reaching my goals. These obstacles will diminish and my way will be made clear.

~ A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day


A Post Many Women Can Relate To

Published July 22, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo

You know what life is right now?

It is hating my ass A LOT. It is thinking HOW CAN I HAVE AN ASS LIKE THIS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.


And then about a day later, I am LOVING my ass. Like really really digging the shape, and the jiggle, and the softness, and how I can flex it. I want certain people to do things to it. Sending pictures celebrating it to my women on fire, of course.

I am taking advantage of this happy ass moment because I know, inevitably, I am going to hate it at again at some point. I am going to wake up in the morning and curse the gods of asses and the creative demons behind perfectly curated instagram photos with arched backs and waxed ass cheeks that look like the virgin ass cheeks of a baby deer.

I am going to demand that I AM GIVEN ANOTHER ASS OR ELSE.

How I feel about my ass is essentially, how I feel about my life.

Reality looks like:

Feeling decent, good even. Like hey, I am not doing too bad. Then a day or so later….



My work now isn’t so much the doing or changing or growing or being better, but letting myself be loved and not looking for the ways so much in which I don’t feel loved.

For I am being loved. Deeply. Every day.

Love reminds me to get an Xray on my back, even when I don’t want to go.

Love is putting my heart, needs, feelings, first, even if it’s not convenient, or easy. If it hurts. Or is scary. Or is annoying.

Love is so blissed out to be with me, it is as if I never have a bad ass day. Ever.

Love is playing board games with me, getting mad at me, giving me the best org*sms of my life.

Love goes pretty easy on me and most importantly:

Love tells me my ass looks great.

Because it does.

In woman on fire we have good ass days and bad ass days, and we celebrate them all. No more avoiding or numbing out or wallowing alone.

We do that shit IN THE LIGHT OF DAY: together! Where we can finally laugh at ourselves and cry and hold each other from miles away.

We get reprieve for a moment from the addiction to self-flatulence and aggrandizement that can play in our heads.

PM me to claim one of our last few spots for this round of woman on fiyah.

Because hey, you have a great ass.

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