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What exactly is a DNA activation?

Published May 21, 2023 by tindertender

Humanity on Earth currently has 2-strand DNA in body cells. Light (information) is expressed through the medium of what we call consciousness, and this consciousness is encoded within the DNA. The +/- polarities in light are comparable to DNA-RNA, which could be described as the polarities of human consciousness. This is also the reason why human consciousness goes from light to darkness.

Through DNA Activation of 12 strands, 10 additional strands are activated in body cells.
Additional DNA chains are magnetic and multidimensional in nature and cannot be detected by present scientific equipment.

We assume from the testing and the response that the changes initially occur in the ethereal body. These additional DNA strands trigger the countless number of cellular activity needed to transform our physical carbon body into a physical-eric crystal body and shift our energy fields.

It is said that 97% of DNA does not work. For countless people with an awakened consciousness, this numb material is seen as a living storage of data containing the instruction sets for our greatest human potential.

What is encoded within our secret vault is potential so vast that it leaves the perplexing mind thinking that something so deep could be so accessible. By simply changing our perceptions, entering a new way of defining our personal reality, we can overlap the carbon structure at the level of nucleic acid bases in DNA. Leading scientists are proving that genes and DNA don’t control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell. This includes the energetic messages that emanate from our positive and negative thoughts.

The question here is that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our DNA. Positive changes in perception and new states of feeling trigger DNA activation. Also, when we consciously engage ourselves with the living intelligence of DNA, it gets primarily stimulated and begins to push out the greatest potential that is held within the latent code.

Just as we are merely sequences of a four letter code (ATCG), the basis of life is very simple. We change and transform all the time We are constantly redefining ourselves. With each one of these shifts of consciousness, we are literally changing our code.

We have the ability to change in the blink of an eye if we can really grasp these ideas and begin acting them out from full knowledge of our higher abilities. Our DNA programs are like snakes shedding old skin; we’re constantly shelling out old coding. These encodings are only stored prints that can be reprogrammed. As we change our perceptions, cellular biology changes. Our vibration raises and DNA base letters rearrange.

Everything on the planet is changing.

Electromagnetic currents are changing, magnetic fields are changing and many things are no longer being held in their familiar place. We are being unlocked! This brings a tremendous change to the biological body and the entire structure of our DNA encodement. It’s these additional DNA strands that trigger the change of our whole being into an Ascension Vehicle that will take us to the fifth dimension. This is why we said DNA and RNA are communication systems. It would be like DNA was the link to The Higher Self, Soul and RNA would be the soul response. Through this DNA renewal process, consciousness is brought to consciousness and intention is put into motion.

To strengthen the connection with your Higher Self, new attributes will be employed. You are in the process of changing a critical part of biology known to you as DNA.

This new model allows you to walk in full unison with your Higher Self at all times. Integration of the Supreme God-self physically.

We are the technology we were waiting for.

~ Author Unknown

There’s a reason this realm wants you in fear… it makes you easier to control.

The Real People

Published March 29, 2023 by tindertender

Traditionally, the people now known as Cherokee refer to themselves as Aniyunwiya (ah nee yun wee yah), a name usually translated as “the Real People,” sometimes “the Original People.”

▪The Cherokee never had princesses. This is a concept based on European folktales and has no reality in Cherokee history and culture. In fact, Cherokee women were very powerful. They owned all the houses and fields, and they could marry and divorce as they pleased. Kinship was determined through the mother’s line.
Clan mothers administered justice in many matters. Beloved women were very special women chosen for their outstanding qualities. As in other aspects of Cherokee culture, there was a balance of power between men and women. Although they had different roles, they both were valued.

▪The Cherokee never lived in tipis. Only the nomadic Plains tribes did. The Cherokee were southeastern woodland natives, and in the winter they lived in houses made of woven saplings, plastered with mud and roofed with poplar bark. In the summer they lived in open-air dwellings roofed with bark.

▪The Cherokee have never worn feathered headdresses except to please tourists. These long headdresses were worn by Plains Natives and were made popular through Wild West shows and Hollywood movies. Cherokee men traditionally wore a feather or two tied at the crown of the head. In the early 18th century, Cherokee men wore cotton trade shirts, loincloths, leggings, front-seam moccasins, finger-woven or beaded belts, multiple pierced earrings around the rim of the ear, and a blanket over one shoulder. At that time, Cherokee women wore mantles of leather or feathers, skirts of leather or woven mulberry bark, front-seam moccasins, and earrings pierced through the earlobe only. By the end of the 18th century, Cherokee men were dressing much like their white neighbors. Men were wearing shirts, pants, and trade coats, with a distinctly Cherokee turban. Women were wearing calico skirts, blouses, and shawls. Today Cherokee people dress like other Americans, except for special occasions, when the men wear ribbon shirts with jeans and moccasins, and the women wear tear dresses with corn beads, woven belts, and moccasins.

▪The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) are descended from Cherokee people who had taken land under the Treaty of 1819 and were allowed to remain in North Carolina; from those who hid in the woods and mountains until the U.S. Army left; and from those who turned around and walked back from Oklahoma. By 1850 they numbered almost a thousand. Today the Eastern Band includes about 11,000 members, while the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma claims more than 100,000 members, making the Cherokee the largest tribe in the United States.

▪Cherokee arts and crafts are still practiced: basket-weaving, pottery, carving, finger-weaving, and beadwork.

▪The Cherokee language is spoken as a first language by fewer than a thousand people and has declined rapidly because of the policies of federally operated schools. However, since the tribe has begun operation of their own schools, Cherokee language is being systematically taught in the schools.

▪Traditional Cherokee medicine, religion, and dance are practiced privately.

▪There have never been Cherokee shamans. Shamanism is a foreign concept to North America. The Cherokee have medicine men and women.

▪”aho” is not a Cherokee word and Cherokee speakers never use it. Most are actually offended by the misuse of this word. It’s not some kind of universal Native word used by all tribes, as many believe. Each individual tribe have their own languages. We can respect these languages by using them correctly or not at all.

▪In order to belong to one of the seven Cherokee clans, your mother had to have been/be Cherokee and her clan is passed on to you. If the maternal line has been broken by a non Cherokee or someone had all sons, you have no clan, which is the case with many today.

▪There is only one Cherokee tribe that consist of three bands. The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, United Keetoowah Band of Oklahoma and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina. All others who claim a different band than one of the three above are not considered Cherokee and are a direct threat to Cherokee tribal sovereignty. In fact, to be Cherokee, one must be registered with the tribe, as Cherokee is a citizenship granted through documentation. One can have Native DNA but is not considered Cherokee until they are a registered tribal citizen.

Via N. Bear
Cherokee man
North Carolina

Morning Message

Published December 11, 2022 by tindertender

I woke with this visual.

The meaning I garner from it is the upper realm is at 100% while the lower realms are being disengaged from the upper, a great separation.

Then I got on social media once I made my tea to see Melissa had received a message as well!

I remain seated here, after the gifting of breakfast kibbles to my fur kids.

I am grateful to the Star Nation, to our collective, comprised of many races and species.

I love you.

Thank you for being here.

Three Dimensions Are Such A Beautiful Idea

Published December 6, 2022 by tindertender

Written by @Akashicel

They are able to transform a computer program into a world of spirits we can taste, smell, touch, and change life.

Everything we do, see, feel, is stored and file saved the very moment it appears, forever.

Long ago this construct has been hijacked by outsiders. Since, we are subjects to death cult solfeggio frequencies and golden cult fibonacci timelines.

All done in order to harvest our very life-force to feed entities.

Those ones who believe they cannot exist without our blood, minerals, electricity, our ability to love and forgive.

Air-aether carries all information, all and everywhere.

Every little spark inside our brains. Every sound our bones emit. Very easy to intercept and harvest, very easy to alter our thoughts before they appear.

This ends now.

Self-proclaimed controllers are lost, knowing their harvest programs are coming to an end indefinitely. All layers of control. From outsiders, false gods, priests, down to freemasons and corporations.

By the end of 2023 the grid will be ours again.

May some cities will lay in ashes for the goal. May some colors change. Resistance was not futile.

The flower of death is departing from this Earth, but it cost millennia of patience and multitudes of human life-times in the process, the slaughter has yet not ended.

If you read this right now, you are inside a human body.

Ask yourself, why are you here, at this particular time of change.

Are you really here to voice your complains about unjust and this and that? Are you here to endure? To suffer? What is your choice?

Many of us know exactly why they are here, now, it is not coincidence.

Please burn your freemasonic black penguin suit and help yourself. The roofs of our houses shall not have pyramid shapes, ever again.

Two Brothers and a Sister

Published October 18, 2022 by tindertender

Enki, Enlil and Princess NIN-HUR-SAG. The story of our beginnings and what Enki left within our DNA to one day activate!

They cast stones and threw away ENKI and kept him from the rightful throne of Eridu (Earth)

It’s truly HIS STORY

ENKI will have the last laugh, because of what he left of his own inside our DNA. The first people were called Adamu.

If you with to continue reading about the beginnings here is the link to the entire document.

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