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Published August 15, 2022 by tindertender

Hemp plants have a maximum THC level of 0.3%, which makes it impossible to feel any psychoactive effect, let alone get high. On the other hand, their CBD levels can vary between 18-27%.

Hemp is a beneficial crop requiring no fertilizer, weed killer, pesticide or fungicide. It grows so thickly that weeds cannot grow. Farmers grow it in rotation with other crops such as barley or rye.

We need to encourage our farmers to grow hemp, and inform the people of its many benefits.

A New Realization

Published February 28, 2022 by tindertender

In order for the leaders of this dimensional reality to receive their version of paradise, they must assist those ensnared and tortured underground in gaining freedom, so they can be returned to their rightful, heavenly homes and healed.

It’s the “new” being birthed, but rather than the price be the suffering of the Light Bearers, the price is in their freedom.

Which is why these underground tunnel systems are being blown, and human trafficking systems being dismantled.

Image: Public Domain


Published February 24, 2022 by tindertender

May all those of previous generations, consciousness ensnared by technology still hidden from us, be risen, healed and embraced by the light once more, returned home to their rightful place in the heavenly realms, at peace, and filled with joy.

Truckers For Freedom

Published January 25, 2022 by tindertender

Looks like we got ourselves a convoy!


The convoy of trucks is arriving in OTAWA and surrounding Parliament, the mass arrival is expected tomorrow. The queue is 500 km long.

The Shift

Published December 30, 2021 by tindertender

Got a message last night …..

“We’re snapping into place”.

And the other night I saw names sort of attached to a stalk, like brussel sprouts. The names were being drawn away from the stalk, some came lose, and some snapped back to the stalk, magnetized … vibrationally linked.

Manage your energy.

Keep your thoughts light, your heart happy and your energy clean. Purge negativity and fear, do not let it reside in you.

Break free from the lower densities.

Rainbow Children

Published December 15, 2021 by tindertender

I Looked, and I Saw

The field was large, grass covered the ground. I heard laughter, the laughter of children. I looked again and saw them dancing in circle, a very large circle … white children, brown children, blond children, brunette children.

The chief was Native. He was directing people where they need go. There was a woman who asked one young blond boy with thick sandy blond hair if he wanted to part the sea …. he said excitedly, mine? She said yes, and with a brush, she proceeded to comb his hair forward and then part it in the middle.

A woman with streaks in her hair was with a masculine, they were observing. She kept inching closer and closer to the crowd, stepping away from the masculine she was with.

There was a big pot with a sweet syrupy elixir. This woman stepped up and put her fingers into the spill of it, mesmerized. It looked as though she was leaving behind the old, which spied and tracked, to join with the laughing children and their caregivers.

The children are being freed. The rainbow tribe is being assembled.

Explaining God

Published November 25, 2021 by tindertender
The Mineralogist
George Spratt, 1830

If speaking to a spiritual novice during the darker days of human evolution one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “He” were angry, testing, and judgmental.

To someone a bit more savvy, during easier times, one might explain God, metaphorically, as if “She” were always loving, nurturing, and forever conspiring on your behalf.

And to someone on the verge of a total breakthrough, during the latter days of human evolution, one might explain God by asking them to turn up the music, take off their shoes, walk in the grass, unleash the dogs, free the canary, catch a breeze, ride a wave, dance every day, get up early, take a nap, stay out late, eat chocolate, feel the love, give stuff away, earn it back, give some more, and laugh…. Really.

Really, really.

Catch a breeze –
The Universe

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