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Love vs The Chase

Published October 22, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo,

You think you have fallen out of love—

when the head games are over.

There is no chase.

No great war to be fought.

And your love is waiting home on the couch.

You might think there is “no spark” and will be attracted to something more shiny, that will burn your life all the way down.

And wonder why there is no love left.

When really there is love. Just no high from the mystery. There is no desire to win or be won over.

All the falling is done and you are waking up in the arms of a laughing-sobbing-bleeding-sometimes-stupid-and-pathetic and yet everything-you-could ever-ask-for-and-more, human being.

That needs you just as much as you need them. Just as much as you will let them in.

Our work is to not change to new partners, when the terror of losing them melts into every day bliss. To find “heat” with someone else more interesting. Most likely more harmful.

The freedom is in choosing to appreciate the softness of love. The fierceness of its truth. It will be kind, but not so kind to let you get away with a thing.

But stay on the move, and you will have a lot of “hot” s*x.
Interesting late night conversation.
You will be flattered.
You will ride the rollercoaster of romance.
Meet a lot of seemingly nice people who like the ride.
And you will stay a perpetual adolescent chasing the next one that can make you forget who you are, for a short time.

Choose love, and you will be surrounded by maddening unconditional grace. The kind that brings you to your knees wondering what you did to deserve such devotion.

Love keeps coming. Showing up. Calling. Coming over. Even when you’ve got nothing to give. And when you feel like yourself, they return your kindness tenfold. You are not an inconvenience and they cannot wait to make you see how important you are. You are wanted. For everything you are. And everything you are not.

You can be awkward. And scared. And love will laugh and lean in. Love is not impressed with bulletproof egos.

You just cannot live small or hold back a thing, and still be worthy of this love.

You must be the best you can be.

Want to be half of you?
Get stuck in anxiety or addiction?
Live a life of want and not arriving?

Go for the high that will make you feel worthless.

The one that will use you—until they are bored with you.

Want to have a life worth living?

Let in love. All the way.

There are no secrets or games here. And the only war to be fought is the one in your head.

To letting in the quiet intensity of the heartbeat of love.

That beats for you no matter what.

Intense Love

Published September 22, 2019 by tindertender

Today I gathered with family to bring life back to a sacred site. We gave the earth its freedom from overgrown clover and other weeds.

The work was awesome, and as I put my hands in the earths fertile soil it took from me so much tension! The earth is still with me even after my shower (under nails). 😊 I suppose I should find my file and get that outta there for work in the office tomorrow.

The men sat at the drum and sang songs with the women of prayer, to bless the land at this particular site. The prayers were heard, and the people were seen.

Currently, I’m sitting here in total relaxation, warm, and at peace. Incredibly blessed am I. It never occurred to me that some day I would be involved with such beautiful people … all inclusive, loving, sharing and caring. I am truly grateful. 🙏🏻❤️😊

We are not flying solo in this world, and this journey is not ours alone either. When we gather in celebration of all life, of our soul family, and all those we come in contact with (including the elements and the unseen), these beautiful connections are shared, and felt.

The ripple we send goes out, touching everything in its path and brings harmony, or otherwise. When it returns to us, and it always does, it will be amplified. It is the Universal Law of Causation.

When we love fully, the negative simply falls away. It will rear its head, buck and struggle to survive, but it will become less toxic over time … when the prayers of the people go up daily, as often as feels necessary.

Before I even open my eyes in the morning, my connection is made. And it is beautiful. This is the moment in time to choose what type of day it will be. Vowing to live our highest and greatest life is a choice, a choice we must make every moment, in every day, should we wish peace for our heart, and for the hearts of those we share this world with.

Thank you Creator, for sending such beauty to my life, and my experience.

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