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The Love Program

Published May 5, 2019 by tindertender

There are many Programs set in place to divide humankind used by the World Management Team Illuminati. Between the millions –you read the correctly- that have been put in place by this time, there are three –coincidence?- that are the most destructive.

The Recycle Program, the G.O.D. Program, and the Love Program. The Love Program is among the most debilitating of all, as it fools humans into “looking for love in all the wrong places”, by teaching you that you must find someone else to be happy.

As long as you continue to look to a mate, or your children or family and friends to be fulfilled, you are never going to come into your own authenticity. Authenticity is the single, or ONE ethic you must find in order to move into another paradigm.

If you don’t truly love yourself as who you are, then no being in all of the cosmayas will ever help you because love is the essence of living as one with the rest of creation.

As long as you single out another being as the “one” who you will “really love”, and treat all others as something less, you simply do not understand what the Law of ONE actually means.

To love all things as you love yourself means there is only one gradient of love that actually fulfills the single commandment of material existence within the Gaia Time Matrix.

If you don’t already love yourself equally as you love something or someone else, then action is your only solution. Change. Be today what you wish you had been yesterday and then be that from there on out.

You can’t begin to pay it forward tomorrow because there is no such thing as tomorrow, there is only right now.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

People’s Choice ~ Taking The Lead On Energy Shifts

Published February 3, 2019 by tindertender

They don’t like it when you disrupt their energy grid with your light and consciousness… tampering with their food and especially in larger cities. Many of you are sensitive enough that you can FEEL the density and anguish in the air manifest as physical pain in your body.

Use this gift and have courage… if you desire to accelerate the shift then explore your local cities and areas of infrastructure that were used like an electronic circuit board to entrain and agitate the life giving energies of our world. She is calling out for you … there is no physical action necessary other than using your own body and merkaba to sense the energy nearby and enliven our with your compassion.

As you open your field in meditation to sense the wound… draw it into your heart with compassion and a co-creative intention to heal the suffering not through force but through acceptance. If you need additional or hyperdimensional support first ask nature to anchor you by creating a bind point in space/time so if any experience becomes too intense, you will have a safety net of unconditional love.

You can accomplish this by enfolding or compressing your energy and awareness into a focal point in the heart while connected or touching a tree. Place your hands gently on the tree and ask for energetic assistance while you tune the quantum field with co-creative intentions. You may feel a strong pulsing or vibrating quality to the energy in the area as it begins to respond.

As you begin exploring the area first use the infrastructure to guide you to dense and stagnant areas where pain, suffering or lower density thoughts, emotions are common place. Then locate a spot to meditate or sit safely.

Close your eyes and bring your awareness fully into your heart center with your breath. As you breathe in through your nose, visualize a column of energy rising up from your spine and building pressure up in near the crown of your head. As you exhale, visualize the energy bursting outward like a fountain and wrapping around your entire body in a toroidal field that cycles faster and faster. The breath is the throttle, faster it’s not always better though in highly dense areas. Temper your experience with grace and dignity to allow the energies to dissolve. Once you feel satisfied with your work, explore the area and carry your light into the darker places ensuring that you clear your biofield with your hands and intentions when your work in these areas is completed.

If ever you feel as if you are taking on too much or that perhaps psychic wildlife has targeted you, return in consciousness to your bind point and request assistance to clear the distortion. Often times our subconscious will communicate like a GUI that only you can decipher.

It’s not important to draw attention to yourself as most of your “work” can be done in the astral with the spiritual eye. There you can sing, dance, move the energy and allow your emotions and co-creative intentions to set your spirit free!

Thanks be to Xalos@Turboxyde on Twitter for sharing.

Be Love …

Published January 30, 2019 by tindertender

When roses bloom & we listen to bird song, it is right that we live with joy and harmony, that is how we recognize love.

It’s natural and normal for some people to laugh at your struggle. Because they may lack the vision to see. Your struggle is the price of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.

Sometimes their self-doubt will doubt you.

Be love anyway …

Every Journey Has Its Collections

Published January 25, 2019 by tindertender

It seems most days many acquaintances don’t have anything to say. No information to share, no advice to offer, no assistance in solving complications.

Frustration arises as a tired mind takes in this … this situation which has transpired into ‘normalcy’. This is a difficult realization for one who has never rested in ‘normal’, especially when it appears as this is a seemingly one-sided reality. Alone, yet surrounded by an incalculable figure of other life.

Observation and experience screams this is SO unhealthy!

Every once in a while this life gifts situations that cause a desire to drop everything and leave it all behind. The need to ‘purge’ becomes strong. It will not be denied … how much time remains for the old, is yet to be seen.

There is at least one more major shift waiting … it calls, it pulls strongly.

It is amazing how the human struggles, or at least provides resistance to change. The older one gets, the clearer it becomes that to resist change is futile … change is going to happen regardless if one holds to the past/present or embraces the future … it is a river, getting into the flow can be a challenge.

It is not always easy being nice. The more frustrated a person gets with the current the testier they may become.

Imagine having to spend time in a home where people continually talk to each other about you … not caring that you are right there listening. Imagine telling them to zip it, but they pretend to not hear you and they keep talking to each other, ignoring your repeated statements as if you are a ghost who left an unforgettable memory behind, and folks just can’t seem to stop discussing it.

The pit of the stomach turns as the desire to leave them all to themselves arises. Is this an opportunity to practice emotional alchemy? Transmuting lower vibratory thought patterns into something more beneficial? What a challenge! Is this the time to practice manifestation?

Dream a new dream … build a new life.

Thieves and crooks, stealing wages in taxation, stealing attention by creating unending drama, siphoning energy from people and never leaving anything beneficial behind. This cannot be allowed. It will not be permitted. Sooner or later that ‘power grab’ shall be stifled.

Here I am, riding the wave.

The whole wide world is FREE,
and I’ve got a hole in my heart.

After deep reflection over life, it is amazing how beautiful and intense and vibrant all aspects of it have been! These deep reflections have been occurring quite a bit lately. This ‘review’ reminds me of what people say the end of life review is like … except I plan on being around for a very long time yet … so, this is indeed strange.

Since everything in life has an equal in strength opposing pole, then that means those who love intensely are capable of the equal in intensity, opposing pole. Likewise, those who despise everything with an indescribable intensity are capable of the opposing swing of its opposite, equally intense.

But … but … I only want to Love! Why must that experience swing to the other end? If the pendulum swing slows, will the intensity also lessen? It seems we cannot have both. Are the down-times worth the up-times? Will they be equal in duration as well as intensity? Does anyone ever have a long duration love with minimal down swings?

Temptation … I can’t resist. This is no ordinary Love.

How many are there?
How do we reconcile?

When a beautiful song comes on, I find that my eyes want to leak. All my life I just wanted to be in love, and be loved in return. It seems this is a universal desire among people … even among the animals. Common ground among ALL life.

It’s not all candy and ice cream … some times it gets a little sour.

Is reality a degradation, or an expansion? It can be difficult to tell, for both require a tearing down of what currently is, making it into a was … so the new can be.

Beyond Love and Spinning In The Midst Of It

Published January 23, 2019 by tindertender

I’m wondering what you’re waiting for. Is it strange that I should wonder that?

I’m wondering if I’ve ever truly loved … I’m inclined to think rather, that I was very good at ‘needing’ which is why I had to lose what I thought was love … so I could shed the need.

To love should be done without the need to chain another to their side, that’s my perception anyhow … now.

I’m curious if I would ever get to the point of loving without the need to cling, or need. I’m curious about that, but am also aware that while being ‘young’ is the perfect time for love, when older and perhaps full of loves and loss, to come to the conclusion that to love ones self is all that is needed is where the true blessing is born.

And yet now there’s room for much more … wild epiphanies.

Shock waves to the nervous system … over and over again, from the beginning. Emotions flow like a river. This river of life is amazing! Have you ever experienced anything so vivid?

Often these emotions flow, as in one song to the next … in minutes. Every single emotion … in waves, spinning, intense. It’s amazing to be in the midst of this tornado of shifting emotions, this tornado that makes up life. It’s incredible being the tornado. How many years will it spin?

I catch myself thinking a thought and I say instead, no … I can live right now and be extremely happy.

I think of what life must be like outside of the body. Our nervous system and all of our senses create a specific combination of experiences which involve emotion, intellect, and everything that is who we are, wrapped into one solid event, followed by another, and another. I’m curious if those outside of body are capable of having intense emotional responses to stimuli, considering they are not dwelling in a mass of nerves and flesh. If thoughts weren’t affected by the senses and inner responses to things … would it be boring? Would there be sufficient input and output to fully appreciate the moment?

Could it be this life in flesh is a crash course in learning? The knowledge we gain through wearing the many hats donned through this life couldn’t be greater otherwise … or could it? Since I cannot remember life before I came here, I cannot say for certain.

I have been picturing my brother-in-law who showed me three days after he left this earth that being unbound from gravity is quite fun, as he bungy jumped horizontal through trees in a forest … as a young, strong man once more. Well, he was having a blast, so perhaps intense emotions actually are experienced after the body quits us.

One can hope. And one can hope the coming experience will be joyful. It seems it may very well be.

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