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Temple Reconstruction

Published December 14, 2017 by tindertender

Khosta Family temple_6

Are you grateful for those who pray for peace for all sentient beings? For those who live meager lives while dedicating their time for a healthier world?

In today’s world it is difficult to trust people, that they mean what they say, are who they say they are. Your donation has the potential of giving so much to a village of people who are peaceful and prayerful. It’s nice to have someone praying for you, even if they are so far away. #grateful

This temple, which is in the eastern part of Bhutan, Village of Dechheling, Block-Nganglam, District-Pemagatshel, has been ordered demolished as per the order of H.E Garab Rinpoche. It is the community temple for many households. People here are very poor, living hand to mouth with subsistence farming. There are schools, basic health unit, mobile network, farm road with no black top.

Lopen Thungsi, pictured here in the temple, is a disciple of late HH Dungtse Rinpoche and late lama Nakulung. He would like to construct a new temple with the villagers volunteer work, but is needing assistance to purchase the materials.

I have never thought of doing a Go Fund Me page, and my friend Rabten (Khosta) Yongba is in his final year at Monestary and will return home soon. He would be able to present the village with this gift for the temples reconstruction.  He will handover money to Lopen Thungsi, will say its from you all. Prayers and dedication will be made in all names.

Lopen Thungsi has many local followers and performs puja. He also conducts annual feast offering puja. During this time, people cannot be accomodated. Temple is old. Your donation will be an opportunity to accumulate merit, with hope and prayer.

Any gift you choose to give will be made transparent by the investment bill which Rabten (Khosta) Yongba has vowed to show.

This season I want to try and make a difference in lives, and this is an awesome presentation of opportunity, will you join me in assisting a village of people dedicated to the prayer for health and wellness for all sentient beings?

It Is All Worth It

Published December 4, 2017 by tindertender

Two doors opening to star filled skies. You say you’ve never felt like this before. Surely you have, although you may not remember, for you all are like me, and I am like you. Deeply, what affects one affects all.

Unconscious consciousGracious gifts we give to each other through our experiences. Knowingly or not, every event that has impact on your life will affect every life around you. People do not even have to be in the same room, the same city, or state, or even county. It is all interconnected, WE are all interconnected.

I see you laughing, I feel your joy, I sense your heartache, your pain. I witness the battle as it is waged and I see you standing, so brave, so strong. I want to be like you, I envision a world where everyone is … fighting for peace and freedom in a new fashion, yet an old one too, reborn into a world of chaos.

I am glad you are here to teach us the ways of peace. I am thrilled to find that these threads belong to me, are present within my being. Even though we are apart, we are near, heart to heart.

Thank you for showing me how it is done. Thank you for teaching me patience. Thank you for steadfastly showing me that perseverance for a cause benefiting all, increases, blossoming and healing.

I am blessed to witness you as you breathe. I am joined to you, our roots entangled through time. As time speeds up, and then slows once more, we arrive at seasons, where we can relax, and know it was all worth it.


Saying YES To Healing

Published November 25, 2017 by tindertender

Through the thick darkness a sliver of light appears, red and glowing, heat eminating from it. It widens, soon joined by another, the darkness shrinking. Small, low flames develop, the heat intensifies. Darkness is split in two, it disintegrates in this heat, this fire. A spicy aroma begins to permeate the room, not unpleasant, but causing a slight burning of the eyes. Helping We … It begins.

The Ring Nebula

Within each of us is a force that yearns to assist in healing. There has been much hurt and harm inflicted upon the human race, indeed, upon ALL life. Now is time for an allowing … a saying YES to partnering with that which will end the constant war, the war that has been brewing and killing since time began.

There is a need to stop self-poisoning with substances made legal and pawned like candy to an ailing society … alcohol, foods laced with chemicals one cannot pronounce, waters filthied with unknown compounds, pharmecueticals which mask issues caused by the poisons, numbing the mind to the connection which heals while cultivating new dis-eases.

There are alternatives available, should the choice be made to find them and learn a new set of tools for coping with a system intent on destruction. There is no one who can make this decision for your life but you.

Goal: Cup Runeth Over

Published November 23, 2017 by tindertender


In my life it has been made clear time after time that I am not quite what someone else wants in their life. I have often berated myself, accusing myself of not being good enough. I have experienced much pain due to rejection.

In my now it has been made more clear than ever that although I may not possess the qualities others perceive might benefit their lives, I do have every quality that can benefit my own.

A life lived in the attempt to be all that others think I should be has led to much heartache, for I will never be able to live up to so many peoples differing ideas about what that looks like. Better to work towards pleasing ONE (me) than the many.

I have shut the door, for now, on folks who are not willing to keep it open for me. Instead of always trying to enter their lives and be what is pleasing to them, and being rejected, I stop trying, and it is apparent they have no intention of trying to meet half way. Too much of myself winds up in disappointment as rejection of my personality is stated and made clear, so I focus on loving me. Who can do it better?

I have lost a lot of time training to be my best friend, while trying to be that to others, and failing. As time on this earth is not foreseen or guaranteed, I will not waste any more of it. Loving others from a distance, while loving myself up close and personal, is where this life is going to be spent.

Those who feel the same about the environment and other topics I care deeply about, will be there. SO … focusing on issues that are important to me, ME being one of them, and reclaiming the wasted energy of attempted people pleasing, will allow room for those who are of the same capacities as myself.

With patience and honor for self, I provide nurturing in my home, and when that cup runeth over, it will spill goodness into the outer, for that is what I cultivate here.

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