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Webs Of Life

Published July 27, 2018 by tindertender

Cobwebs in the kitchen, cobwebs in the bedroom, hanging from the ceiling and everywhere I look, reminding me of work to be done … or not. Cobwebs in my mind, cobwebs in time, winding round and round sticking to whatever is found.

Sound waves ripping through space, microwaves too, heating everything in its path, and echoing in the head. Ripples in the water reaching beyond and out, connecting with others and merging as one.

Webs created and webs formed, uniting life and death in cycles. Seen and unseen, explainable and yet also hard to understand, these invisible, and sometimes showing, strings of connection bind all that ever was, and all that is, and everything to come.

Dancing In The Storm

Published February 24, 2018 by tindertender

Where shall we go?
A journey will be made
Destination unknown.
Companions, unknown.

Many are seeking
A path of peace, of learning.
Will agreement be possible
To benefit all?

No need for sorrow
For it will be.
That which you seek 
Not only possible, but true.

Lion in storm

War breaks out 
All around us,
Individual, and en mass.
Steadily, we move forward.

There is a danger 
In moving too quickly,
In being obvious
Concerning decisions.

Stealthy movement,
Slow and steady breath.
Patience and a practice
For maintaining perspective.

Let go of notions
Which limit the field.
Live in each moment,
Notice what is.

All will be well,
Despite the odds.
I know this to be true
And so should you.

Trust yourself,
Believe in yourself.
In unison, this dance
Is a celebration.

An engaging together,
A forming of union
Which is freedom and care …
For the whole.

We See, We Wait

Published February 17, 2018 by tindertender

My eyes watched you as you did your deeds.
My heart pounded, and my body shook, as I watched you attack innocence.
My mind raged as I saw the oil leak, as I watched the animals die.
Nothing grows here any more.

Entire cities are forced to pay for poison.
Elected officials are only interested in money.
Dollars spent line pockets, rather than rectify a bad situation.
Selfishness runs rampant in high circles.

Care for each other only seems to be in places of need.
In other places, there is only greed.
One day, maybe soon, laws will liquefy, and the thumb will be removed.
Compassion and union, exceeding that of the past, will be the new norm.


Beauty is seen in the eyes of many,
Souls alive with kindness … gentle, and wise.
Patiently waiting for the time to rise,
Waiting for seekers who feel the same.

United once more, all will be,
For it is known, theft and anger will never bring peace.
Working together there is a rebirth of the sacred.
It is shining in the minds, in the hearts, of the mothers and the fathers …

Who are you … who is me … who is we,
Who give birth to the New Way.


Published February 5, 2018 by tindertender

peace dove
I sat in the stillness, wondering what it’s all about, he tells me this is no match for paradise. I wonder still this morning, what exactly that means, I have no way of knowing.

In dreams there is constant battle, my person attacked … or another. I must run like the wind, or stay to defend that other. The choice isn’t a hard one, for I would never wish for them what I wouldn’t want for me.

There are flickers, like flame, that show goodness and care. Sometimes these images are bright … and at times the flame goes out. Sometimes the flame seems to struggle to remain lit, I cup it with my hand and gently walk with it.

I’m a nourisher of this flame, this light called peace. I’m not the only one, for you are too, you see? If you were not here, then it would not be, but you are … we are family.


If I Could, If I Would

Published February 5, 2018 by tindertender

Mirror reality

I would tell you a little more about myself and then perhaps you would see, there really isn’t much difference between you, and me.

But I’d rather create an illusion, one that suits me fine, one where my mind doesn’t spin, wasting a bunch of time.

I’ll cast my worries to the ground as I start this wonderful day, you see this is what it will be, for I will it that way.

As I drink my coffee amidst the glow of salt lamp, I ponder the fact it’s payday and wonder what will be left. Bills pile up and taxes are due, but all remains the same. I will it, I do, to be a good day.

Silky Stubborn Flow

Published February 2, 2018 by tindertender

Silken Hair

I put you up and support you with spray, spray of care and tenderness. Yet you fall again, and again. I do not want to cut you off, I’d like to see you grow, but this is quite frustrating. Perhaps it is frustrating only because I try to form you a certain way, and you have a life of your own … it is apparent. Maybe it is time to just be with what you are, observe you as you flow.

You and I will spend this life together, for I will never shave you off. I must use my will and open nature to accept you, for you. I love you … you are like silk, never in knots. You shine brightly and leave me in awe every time I look at you. I have seen you change over the years ~ light to dark you went, but here you are … turning light again, magnificent.


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