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And So I Asked ….

Published April 30, 2022 by tindertender

What’s happening?

There is currently a frenzy goin’ on! Trouble, strife, disharmony, conflict, argument, and all things stressful are happening now. A crack of the whip will be exerted. Bring your forces of attention together, get focused.

We are in the midst of a storm. There is uncertainty and confusion. A clear cut will be made to the darker aspects, revealing something that will make this storm less severe. A glorious breakthrough will occur, the Sun shall shine brightly. There is a promise of liberation from this uncertainty.

Security and stability will be forthcoming. Peace of mind will be experienced. Faith has won the game and the whole prize is gained. Hard work pays off ~ Abundance and wealth will be yours. You are protected in times of need.

Many voices together are louder than one. An announcement travels quickly, whether it be from “officials” or messages via social media. This could be a reunion of twin flames.

An invitation is received, a message, information, perhaps a package. A journey is indicated, new horizons to be explored. This will be pleasant.

Beautiful stability, protection and security will be given in this place, it is the Seat of Power.

A Love relationship, monogamy and enduring love shall be the experience. Romance!


Published April 30, 2022 by tindertender

You are a courageous traveler on a journey toward ultimate happiness. Be grateful for how far you have come and how much you’ve been given. Be grateful for the companions found along the way. Remember, you have been placed on this earth to discover what you really want to do. Be true to yourself. You will find your own way and live your dream.

You have access to the infinite source of love and resources provided by Mother Earth and the Universe. There are no demands, requirements or conditions that affect your ability to access this supply. This is a wonderful reminder and the absolute truth pertaining to the abundance that is available to you. Grant your abundance the opportunity to flow into your life. It will reshape your perspective. It will strengthen and nourish you. You are lucky and blessed.

Give thanks for knowing you are on the right path. Look for signs in the animal world: pathways in sacred geometry, patterns and prophecies coming to pass and the ongoing spiral into futures unknown. A quickening awareness comes, subtle signs and synchronicity appear everywhere. Thought and memory are evoked, bringing healing opportunities to the past and joyous momentum towards the future. Acknowledging the message in the moment and giving thanks will allow both processes to occur without struggle.

You are blessed with the ability to create with thought, intention, action and emotion. Be conscious of your power and aware of what your actions and reactions create within and around you. Cherish this gift and use it in both a wise and productive manner. Create beauty, and inspire a desire within others to do the same. Create a future that both fulfills and delights. Do what you were born to do.

Release all of the pressure and expectation weighing you down. Shed it all so that you can recover before moving into a time of renewal. You know what is heavy, what is holding you back. It is time to let it go. When you hold on, you try to control reality, and that never works. When you let go, you make space for the new to enter your life. Release whatever is stopping you from moving forward. You can do this. Look for something to shift in Autumn.

Aim toward your highest vision. Be poised for success. You are in charge. No one else can think your thoughts for you. People can offer suggestions, ideas, teachings, but you are the bottom line. You are the final authority. You accept or reject everything you hear, see, and experience. You give it its value. You claim it and thus give it its power to affect your life.

As you aim high, your Higher Self or Soul is called to assist you. She is the magical Mother who brings plenty to your life. She is that part of you that possesses the wisdom of the ages. This higher portion of yourself is trying her best to activate you toward providing well for yourself and others. Listen to her now.


Published April 25, 2022 by tindertender

We all have “those” relationships. It took me a number of years to realize my relationship with myself, and my Heavenly family, has priority over all other relationships.

“Some relationships are more important than others. It is time to set priorities straight and spend time where you are truly needed, supported, and calm.

“The trust you establish with someone is based on the quality of your relationship and doesn’t always speak that much about the person in front of you.

“See the core of the issue, with compassion, and stay in tune with your hunch instead of spreading yourself thin for those who already betrayed you or broke your heart.”


Published April 25, 2022 by tindertender

Care is needed to maintain balance to ensure that everything progresses smoothly and flows harmoniously at this time.

Happiness, success and triumph, excellent relationships, a happy marriage, contentment, prosperity and good health are about to shine favorably in this situation.

When challenges arise, remain calm. You have what it takes to defend your position and overcome any obstacles put before you. Have confidence in yourself. You possess the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

Something you’ve been waiting for finally comes through, this could relate to work, money, or love.

Unexpected opportunities can bring welcome change. Remain open, as you will need to make a major choice seemingly out of the blue. Sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith.

Success, victory and triumph is assured. This isn’t overnight success, but rather an accomplishment of a goal that has been steadily worked toward; rewards are well deserved and you will feel delighted with your achievements.

You fear you will be dragged down, enslaved in relationship, or addicted, whether it be to an ideal, or something else. You are tensed and ready for betrayal.

Others may see you as if you are in a deadlocked situation. There is always something that can be done. No decision is still a decision. Take an active part in your destiny.

You are not afraid to takes risks. You have high energy, endless energy, and may be feeling bored right now. Delegate tasks to others if needed. You are a creator and have good vision.

You need to keep calm at this time and make decisions based on facts, not emotion. You will be in a powerful position to achieve your goals. Financial stability, ambition, authority and achievement are highlighted. This could be supported by a powerful male figure.

A balanced mind is needed in order to come to a well-balanced decision that is fair and reasonable for all concerned. Justice will provide a beneficial outcome.

There is emotional happiness within a group. Relationship that is emotionally fulfilling, bringing a happy conclusion to matters ~ victory, abundance. Reason for celebration.

There could be a partnership with a man of law and discipline. In his presence, you get the distinct feeling you are being evaluated. He bases his decisions on facts, not emotion. He is razor sharp.

Give to Gain?

Published April 9, 2022 by tindertender

In the astral, I came to a place, a café, where many people were. I went inside, and while there, the mini travel bus I came on drove off. I did not have the cab fare to get back to where I came from. A woman handed me a basket and suggested I go around asking for donations, so I did. Most gave a little, then I came to a table where two men sat. They pushed some paper money to the edge of the table. They said they would donate, but they wanted the window seat, privilege’s, in exchange for the “donation”. I turned from them, leaving the money on the table. The owner of the cafe chased me down, yelling at me, saying they treated these two men very well, and that I offended them. I said sorry, but I will not agree to give them anything for their donation. Either they wanted to out of kindness, or they did not want to. A few women started to laugh. They said I could graduate with honors. I replied that I did not want to graduate, only go on vacation.

This is why I’m having such a difficulty with the message of a woman yesterday, telling me that the angels will provide protection, but only if you give them something in return, a loyalty, a vulnerability.

I feel as though I’m forced to walk away from the angels too, for as in the cafe, giving comes from the heart … giving doesn’t require a reciprocation in order to receive the gift. Of course reciprocation is nice, and I strive to do just that in all situations …. good or bad, I’ll be your mirror … but to say I now “owe” you for what you offered me is not cool man, and it is not the way true love works.

This woman’s message leaves me feeling betrayed by the very ones who offered me so much relief. The only ones who offered me such relief. I feel as though I must stop working with them, for their assistance is “conditional”, according to this one female, who knows quite a bit I might add.

It feels like a betrayal by those I’ve come to trust.

I put away my materials, my prayers, and my intentions to connect with them.

If they require me to fight demons in order to receive protection, I’ll just walk away. I was already doing that …. and will continue on my own. I don’t need to do this under the “guidance” of another, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing, and practice my resilience.

Perhaps I’m meant to suffer through these attacks without assistance. Perhaps I need the intensity of it in order to truly expand.

So I have to separate from the very ones I’ve built a relationship with … the ones I’ve come to trust …. because I’m told this relationship has expectations and conditions … just like puny little human relationships.

No better ……

What a sincere disappointment.

I guess ALL relationships only last for a time, then fade due to stipulation and expectancies.

Reciprocal relationship is not dependent on a debt owed, or a “I helped you, now you have to help me”. Reciprocation comes from the heart, not from requirement. As soon as reciprocation become requirement, the relationship is no longer free …. it becomes bound.

The Message

Published April 4, 2022 by tindertender

Woke with this song in mind …. messages comin’ in HOT!!!!!

She was A Jezebel, this Brixton queen
Livin’ the life like a back street dream
Tellin’ mi lies when the truth was clear
I think she knew what I wanted to hear

Spinnin’ mi ’round like a wheel on fire
Walkin’ on tightrope, my love’s high wire
Fatal attraction is where I’m at
There’s no escapin’ me
I just wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to
I just wanna be close to you
And show you the way I feel

I feel love
When I’m lying in the midnight hour
Holding you just like a dream

Love is never what it seems
When we touch
And you’re holding me the way you feel
Girl, you make my dreams come true

You make my dreams come true
I just wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to

I just wanna be close to you (Huh)
And show you the way I feel (Huh-huh-huh)
She was a Gemini on the cusp of Mars
She holds mi back or she too far
Windin’ mi up just to let her down

So emotional, gagged and bound
There’s more to this than meets the eye
A devil woman locked outside
With the full moon rising, I was scared

I think I was possessed
I just wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to

I just wanna be close to you (Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh)
And show you the way I feel
I feel love
Every time your body’s next to mine
Something deep inside of me

Wants to love you endlessly
When we touch
Girl, you don’t know how it makes me feel
I just can’t believe it’s real
I can’t believe it’s real

I just wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to
I just wanna be close to you
And show you the way I feel

She got an attitude, I can’t explain
You never know if you’re in frame
Tying me up with elastic words
I’m on the countdown till I get heard

Her blood was hot, she burned so bright
A neon sign there in the night
It’s hard to say if I went too far
My heart still bears a scar
I just wanna be close to you

I just wanna be close to you (Huh-huh-huh-huh)
(I just wanna be close to you) She was A Jezebel, this Brixton queen
Livin’ the life like a back street dream
Tellin’ mi lies when the truth was clear
I think she knew what I wanted to hear

Spinnin’ mi ’round like a wheel on fire
Walkin’ on tightrope, my love’s high wire
Fatal attraction is where I’m at
There’s no escapin’ me

I wanna be close to you
And do all the things you want me to
I just wanna be close to you (I just wanna be close to you, baby)
And show you the way I feel

I wanna be close to you (Baby)
And do all the things you want me to
I just wanna be close to you
And show you the way I feel

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: G. Benson / Max Elliott / W. Sela

Close To You lyrics © Ws Music, W.s. Music, Gary Benson Music

4-3-2022 Never Alone

Published April 3, 2022 by tindertender

Maintain peace of mind. You will persevere and reach your goal. Your work will pay off in the long run and you will have stability and security. You are protected in times of need.

Foster a childlike nature, remain curious and playful. Come from a place of wonderment, innocence and hope. This attitude will get you through periods of discord, disharmony and all things stressful.

A crack of the whip will be exerted by you or against you as reprimand. Bring your forces of attention together, get focused. A false offer of love will be eliminated. This will involve conflict, which will settle.

An element of chance and opportunity arises. A risk you are willing to take. A fun game.

There are no shortcuts to success. Be prepared for a few dead-ends and false turns. Something is keeping you separate from people or goals. A jealous one, a deceiver. One who will betray you in a heartbeat. Be wary, the snake wants to repeat its story in this new cycle of your life.

A lover or mate is coming to assist in process. An announcement may be made which travels quickly.

Success and Victory will be yours. Your confidence and courage is boosted. Remain humble. All that has caused challenges will be cut out of your life. This is a cycle of ease, of love.

Your companion is patiently waiting for your process to be fruitful … a possibility of marriage could arise, sincere commitment. Calm, peace and serenity is what it brings, it will be a long-term relationship. Sexual, nurturing. You may move to a distant location together.

Heed The Messenger

Published March 31, 2022 by tindertender

Look within and realize you have all the courage and strength you need for any situation. Stand for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone. Be kind, true, merciful, generous and honest with yourself and others, for this is what lasts. You are a powerful, eternal being on a journey through forever. Do not be afraid.

Be childlike, full of wonder. There is magic in your bones that can make all things seem possible. With practice, self-enchantment can transform the ordinary and bring a sense of playfulness into your life.

Move your thoughts, emotions and outlook to a new perspective. Take an overview of what is going on. Just through shifting your perspective you will see the whole situation in a clearer light. A different course may become apparent. You will be able to focus on what is most important to you. Make a conscious effort to get above the situation. Climb above it with the intention of healing it. Once you achieve the higher ground perspective, you may find yourself filled with peace.

It is easy to ignore the messengers and the signs they show you, especially when they bring a message you do not want to hear. Now is not the time to ignore the messengers. Do not let your fear of change or discomfort silence their voices. It is time for you to stop procrastinating, to see and to hear the truth, and do what is necessary. Heed the messenger for the wisdom they offer is born of your own intuition and need.

Spiritual Religion Spirit Angel Angelic Holy


Published March 27, 2022 by tindertender

There is a choice to be made. Do not proceed blindly, or without direction. Heed the signs and symbols you see along the way.

There is a call to action. That which has been hindering forward momentum, love and beauty in life is being cut away.

The warmth of courtly relationship will bloom. She and He are connected.

Protection and security abound in the Sanctuary they will dwell in. It is the Seat of Power.

Obstacles are overcome. A divide is bridged and new opportunities are presented, bringing gifts which warm the heart.

Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand

42 ~ Go after that which your heart desires. The divine realm will not let you down so long as you believe and trust in its abilities. Be open-minded and willing to give anyone that comes your way a chance.

10 ~ Trust your intuition and intelligence while following a course of action. It is high time you have faith in everything that you do. Keep your thoughts positive and pure.

24 ~ Continue doing what you are doing because you are about to reach your goals. No obstacle or challenge is great enough to hinder you from making your dreams a reality. Love will reign in your house and life.

29 ~ It is time for you to start having trust in yourself and your abilities. Believe in your capabilities, and you will achieve greatness. The humanitarian activities you indulge in will enable you to view the world in a different light. Keep away negative thoughts that will block you from giving love in abundance and receiving the same in return.

19 ~ You are starting on a new journey in life, and you have the blessings of the archangels. Approach new prospects with an optimistic frame of mind. Don’t forget your fellow-beings, and do all you can to make their lives worth living. Start being joyful and celebrate for your task is completed or is almost hitting the completion level. You will be full of blessings.

38 ~ This is the time for you to get your rewards. You are on the right path. Financial blessings are coming your way at the right time. Financial prosperity will only be a blessing to you if you are willing to help and be of service to the less fortunate in society. Your life will be full of joy, happiness, and affection.

9 ~ Keep your eyes open so you can get the slightest of divine messages. It is time to bond with the divine and spiritual. Be kind and humble to others, and indeed, blessings will flow your way. You are a compassionate human being. You care for others. Being selfless will draw you nearer to the divine realm than ever before.

Love Is Only Lost When We Kill It Our Self

Published March 26, 2022 by tindertender

32 years ago I was in relationship with an older man. We were together for 7 years, I thought we would be married … instead he had an affair and even bought her a house, he was bored with me.

At first, I was extremely hurt, angry, betrayed. I questioned my value, once again, as it was rejected by one I loved, once again.

I had to move out, I lost my job, my dog was murdered, and I became homeless, living in my car. It was an extreme low point in my life.

Beginning: I had deep love for a man who could not love me.

Middle: I worked through my jealousy and hurt, found that love still existed in my heart for him.

Present: He is my best friend, longest known friend, once lover, now brother, and guardian.

Love does not end, unless we choose to kill it. Even through betrayal and abandonment, if we can remember the love, nurture it even when our heart is breaking, the love will transform, become something else, different, yet still powerful.

When our heart breaks, it is only expanding … and trust me, I know how it can put one into a spiritual dark well, and it can take a long time to climb out into the sun once more …. but expand, you will.

If you have been betrayed, rise above it and remember the love. Never forget the love. Perhaps this one is not meant to be lover, but is more compatible as friend. And should they choose to walk away, release them …. it brought necessary growth, in disguise.

My longest known friend? He now considers me to be his best friend. And I’m living in the house he bought for the woman who interjected herself into my relationship. And she knows I’m living here …..

It does not pay to break up relations. It does no good on the karmic trail to cause heart break for a sister, or brother. It does not do any good for self to take take take from another. It only prolongs the suffering that must come from such actions.

Be aware. Take care. Remember the love, regardless of those who bring suffering.

The controllers of this world subliminally program minds to perpetuate situations of suffering. We must not allow them to maintain this control.

Remember the love, feed its memory.

Do not attach to the suffering, for it is you who generates the energy of sadness and it is you who are feasted upon by the energetic vampires when you do.

Control the emotion, do not be controlled by it.

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