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Lesson Noted ~ The Ra Material

Published May 29, 2020 by tindertender

I received my book today, The Ra Material, by Ra, Law of One, book one.

I learned something new.

In an Infinite Creator, there is only Unity. The only way to view infinity is by calling it Unity. All is one.

Infinite Creator energy is a whole. When humanity is viewed by this group called Ra, our energy Imprint on this earth is viewed as a whole.

The looters? The chaos makers, the murderers and rapists, all of those who do crime and harm in all its forms and indeed, those who would like to, but do not … that energy, if it out-ways its polar opposite will be seen as the energy of the whole of humanity by those without, looking in.

This is why it is crucial to maintain a calm demeanor.

Speak to each other civilly, respectfully.

Stop destroying our neighbors and their stuff.

Stop taking what isn’t ours, (in its many forms).

We can’t just write each other off and think that makes it better. No, we must heal the energetic rift, we must make effort to make amends, and keep the line of communication open … to family, friends, neighbors, the guy holding a sign on the street.

Our responsibility to this world and to each other, and to our race, is to care, and show it brightly.

Even if it can only be our heart that sings to each other, let it sing, let it shine from your eyes with a smile upon your lips.

Acknowledge each other. Do it as a friend would.

If we want our GROUP ENERGY FORM to be bright, we must stop acting like thugs and all around a-holes.

Every single one of us.

It’s going to take practice.

And we haven’t got long.

Time to reform our habits.

Get You A Girl

Published May 25, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Get you a girl

Whose life is bigger than you.

It will keep you hooked for life and keep you dizzy. Gasping for air at times from delight and ecstasy and other times from pure terror.

Get you a girl

Whose lifeline is not you

Who has a therapist, a coach, a community of powerful women committed to telling her the truth, to helping her see, to helping her love herself and you the best that you both deserve.

Who does not come to you hoping you will fix her emotions, give her what she wants to, “feel better,” but only comes to you clear in who she is and what she needs and gives you the honor of meeting her there or not.

Get you a girl

Who is not confused about how she feels, does not throw up walls and defenses, isn’t hot one day and cold the next because she knows she wants YOU and she always pursues the things she wants.

Get you a girl

Whose dreams are bigger than the ones you dream with her. That her purpose for her life includes you but is not you alone, and you can feel her fire and joy and the impact that she is making.

Get you a girl

Who is happy, alive, turned on, with or without you.

Get you a girl

Who listens to you and values you and keeps you on solid ground. You do not have to worry about where you stand, you are never unsure of how things will turn out with her.

You always know.

Get you a girl who values her well-being more than she values anything else. For you can trust that the woman you are loving is the woman that she is.

Get you a girl

Whose thirst for knowledge, growth, for self-awareness, for being the best human she can possibly be, outweighs whether or not you are happy with her. She does not cause drama nor is she callous and she is always deeply true to who she is.

Get you a girl

Who will tell you the truth when others will placate you. Who will push you when others would control you. Who will piss you off and make you wonder about the sea of spiritual barbie dolls who really don’t challenge you all that much. Make you wonder if it would be easier over there.

Get you a girl

You can’t ever leave, even when you want to run. Even if someone with better t*ts




Comes waltzing in. Because nothing compares to the thing you have and you know it deep in your bones.

She is irresistible and knows this too.

Get you a girl who you get to enjoy the overflow of her love affair with life and not for one moment think you are the reason for her happiness.

She will change your life.

Your Diamond Core God Cell

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Stop, breathe a few times, bring your attention to the center of your chest. Now, move two inches up, and than try to see with your minds eye, go two inches inside that area. This is your higher heart chakra. Focus, imagine a octahedron, the TRUE form of a “diamond”.

This is your “Diamond Core God Cell”. This is YOU, your Divine Soul Matrix. See now this symbol, this instrument, becoming brighter, expanding, encompassing your whole being, expanding beyond your vessel. Place your hands on your chest, right hand on top of left; Recite three times; My diamond core god cell is fully activated. Continue seeing this becoming brighter and expanding.

You can share what you know, your can share your light, love everyone unconditionally. But you can only “save” yourself. Each individual must go through the change and experience themselves. Each one must walk their own path. You cannot “drag” anyone into the fifth dimension.

Every being on Earth knows at one level or another that something is changing. Perhaps there are some that may not be aware in this now, from their human mind. But at the soul level they know what is unfolding. And that information is being trickled into their NOW consciousness.

You do not have to wait for open contact. Do the necessary clearing and alignments. Call upon the group of beings you wish to communicate or have contact with. Let them know you are ready to move forward with the next step.

Question: What is proper cleaning and alignment?

Answer: Meditation, time in nature, mantras, consuming light food, water.

The purging of the old, emotional, mental as well as physical imbalances continues. People are being pushed, pulled and twisted in their dream state, and in their awakened state as well.

The time for the games has come to an end. Snap out of the 3D illusion willingly, or prepare to be jolted until you’re awake.

Ultimately you only have one choice to make, fear or love.

Through the choices you make in this now, you either align or move further away from your spiritual aspect.

It does not matter if the world “opens up” or not. You know why? Because 3D is shutting down. The world will open up, yes, no worries. However, the next collapse will be worse than any “virus”. It is unavoidable. As always, those attached to 3D beliefs have it hardest.

Do not forget to spend time outside as much as possible. I don’t say this for the vitamin D issue. I say this because the Sun offers one hundred thousand other things besides vitamin D. This year’s Summer Solstice is going to be the most powerful one yet.

6/20/2020 will be a Saturday. Set your intention to be outside for more than half of that day. Walk in nature, meditate, or just sit in a forest or a field, or your back yard. Allow the higher energies to enter your being, as they flow through and around you, feel the upliftment.

The energy, the design, the structure of the new reality, of the new world is held WITHIN YOUR DNA. As more and more of your DNA connects and activates, as your consciousness expands, through the light within you, unifying with Mother Earth’s light, the new world shall emerge.

Do all that is necessary to ground yourselves. As the process accelerates, you will find yourselves in the midst of “tornadoes”. Exercise your power to remain calm.

The only time you have failed at life is when you have chosen fear over love.

Empty mind. Full heart.

F.E.E.L: Fabulous Emotions Emanating Love The gift of feeling is of your soul’s essence. Listen, be, allow yourself to feel, the light and love. Allow your feelings to guide you. They will never mislead you, unless you allow fear to come into play. Then everything crumbles.


Deep Thoughts …

Published May 10, 2020 by tindertender

Only by looking deeply into ourself can we begin to understand those outside ourself.

Begin from childhood and move up into the latter years. Experience in your mind the joys, the hurts and everything in between as though it were happening now.

If there was anger, fear, sadness and love, remember it, like you first remembered it. Feel it fully, and then release it.

This process of “making room for the next best thing” is a tough journey! Release of that we have built around ourself, to solidify our thoughts about ourself, are difficult, to say the least and quite painful and even life threatening to say the worst. Most of us will feel polarities of joy and suffering and all in between as we work it out.

Digging deep we will find that which we fear, and probably not all of it for a very, very long time. Trauma helps us get there quicker but it also causes us to build pretty thick barriers in our emotional and mental bodies.

Without this deep personal work, we are not fit to view another in any negative manner.

As we come near the other side we begin to see ourself in others.

Those who are suffering remind us of when we might have suffered. Perhaps we buried pain so deep and cannot face another in suffering for the personal pain it brings us. Or maybe we sometimes are cold, like maybe some tell us we are.

Taking responsibility for our words and actions is critical for the future of our togetherness. Yet one step further is required – we must take responsibility for our thoughts.

ALL action stems from thought.

If we fail to control our thought forms, we may not be capable of controlling our impulses. If we are incapable of controlling our impulses, we are not fit for the coming society.

Harsh? Not really when you view the larger picture.

People need to get control of their minds.

Stop blaming others and start being solution providers.

Step up.

Be that which you need.

And then share it.


Deep Down Nitty Gritty

Published May 7, 2020 by tindertender

I’ve been thinking lately about life and relationship.

When I was young, one of my favorite things was to watch people …. or “people watch”. I stopped doing that in my mid-twenties, when I began a certain relationship.

Now, thirty years later, I am beginning to think I’ve turned into a jaded old lady! Who, in current scenarios, has not really given men a fair shake.

I vow to take on some activities, where I can observe men, being men. I want to fall in love with them all over again.

As I shed my pain from past failed relationship, I open myself to loving once more, those who I have unfairly dropped blame.

This is only a beginning. It is not a request for attention or relationship. It is an acknowledgement, that I have been harboring resentment that may have poisoned further opportunities for love.

The journey begins … of further release.

Pain, anger, resentment ….. these have no value, for that which holds value.

May the release be swift.

May my appreciation for the masculine be rebirthed with vigor, in a sacred way.

May admiration, for all of them in their various forms and activity, grow in my heart.

May all things emanating from my person, be pure, healthy and loving.

And so it is. 🙏🏻


Clarity Before My Eyes

Published May 1, 2020 by tindertender

I had some running around to do today and I found myself at Fred Meyer after a time to purchase a few things.

As I entered the checkout line, I came behind another who was male. The groceries he was purchasing looked odd for a man. Fresh vegetables galore! I thought, he must be vegetarian.

I mentioned that I liked his grocery list, that is was rare to see a man with these items being bought. He said his wife gave him the list.

The teller said shopping and cleaning was women’s work. The fellow in front of me stated that women do not receive a salary for raising children, and he wanted to step up where he could. And that he cleaned frequently at home to help out.

I said, “I’m going to love you, right now. Tell your wife.” And he proceeded to look a tad uncomfortable as he rolled away with his cart full of the good stuff.

The teller continued to tell me how cleaning was women’s work. He said he’d build a fence or whatever, but that was women’s work. That he did not like it. I told him, “None of us like it, we do it because it needs to be done.” (Except, I really do not like housework, and I have fur everywhere from my doggies, so, my place is never pristine).

Anyhow, I found it quite interesting seeing these two males, in stark contrast to each other. One, willing, and putting in the effort to help his woman. The other, blatantly stating he is not a partner, but an expector, a chaos maker, rather than a soother.

I drove away in amazement. I wondered if there would ever be a male that would want to partner with me in such a way. Unfortunately, my experiences have not included the sacred male, just his self-centered counterpart of the masculine.

I wonder, am I a bad person? (Am I that which I see and have experienced?) How is it that I never encountered a true partner, but instead those who were out seeking their own gratification, not ever considering my heart, or my love. Instead, tossing it (me) to the curb when they were ‘finished’ with me.

I’m told I have an attitude problem. My thought is it was developed by man. He forced it into life by not being a sufficient partner, able or willing to handle the fire this one woman embodies.

My hope is that selfishness will leave the building once and for all. For ALL.

Amen, and all that Jazz.

Men, Love them still, and always.
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