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Published November 17, 2017 by tindertender

Paul Stanley, KISSSitting at my work station I see a face with a black star covering their right eye in my mind. The person looked familiar, I knew he was from a rock band from my youth.

Following this vision came the word “Liberation”.

Here I sit in my lounge chair at home, now on my time and I begin my search. I find Paul Stanley, a member of the band named KISS. This is exactly the face I had vision of.

Stanley Bert Eisen, known professionally by his stage name Paul Stanley, is an American musician, singer, songwriter and painter best known for being the rhythm guitarist and singer of the rock band Kiss

Why this man came into mind after more that 4 decades is a mystery to me. I am fascinated and curious as I listen to some of the old songs.

I wish you well Paul Stanley, thank you for your dedication to music over the years.

In The Light Of Love

Published November 4, 2017 by tindertender

The day grows dim,
Time will turn back tonight.
The flames lick the inside
Of the fire place …
Snap, crackle, popping.

Counting blessings as I observe
And maintain safety,
Steady attention to my surroundings.
Who will show themselves tonight?

In the Light of Love
The world grows closer
To what will be.

Time Is A River

Published November 1, 2017 by tindertender

I resolve myself to the fact I cannot stop death. However I would like to delay, or eliminate it all together, I cannot. Someday, the ones I love will no longer be here. Someday, it will be “I” who am no longer here … in body. Where shall we go? I do not know, for if I am from there, I have little memory of it, in fact, it seems but a dream. All the more reason not to spend time wrapped in blame, trying to please others. Instead, I focus on pleasing myself, and the ones who mesh with the reality of my current self, will be there.

Time is a river …

The journey is quite short, there is no time to waste on trivial things that really have no matter to the larger picture. There are plenty of opportunities to be dragged into the past, downward into guilt and hurt … there are also just as many opportunities to rise above it and commit to building a life lighter, brighter, shedding the darkness of fear and blame. As the day breaks, say goodbye to that which detracts from the greatness you are. Deep within you, you feel it, that beautiful power to create joyful realities. It may be in the small things, or it may be large, it is there just the same, waiting … in time.

Remember … when someone tries to tell you what you are, what you think, how you feel … they cannot possibly know … for they are not in you. What they perceive is often skewed by what is in them ~ And it is A-OK, for In Time all will work itself out.

Being responsible for our own energy can be difficult. We often find ourselves trying to make someone else feel okay. However, we will never be able to have a lasting solution for someone elses happiness, not if they fail to do the work themselves.

There is no need to feel guilty for self care.

Being aware is step one, quiet observation of events and circumstance is challenging as we slip into defense mode. Step out and above … move beyond the immediate, watch the unfolding of experience and then determine if it makes you happy.

Happiness, Joy, Love and Peace are our right. Demanding it be given to us from someone else will never fill our cup. Sometimes, the bird must fly. Sometimes solitude is the saving grace.

Great Spirit

Published October 26, 2017 by tindertender

Great spirit, I have had
it Bring me back to the nomadic
Way of weaving through the damage
Mindful, stay mindful
Great spirit for my sisters
Let me be a flowing river
Flood the banks the rocks that bind her
Carry, i’ll carry
Great, great spirit (uh-oh-oh)
Great, great spirit
Great spirit, for my brothers
Let me be a mountain under
Which he climbs to discover, his process
Now thats progress
Great spirit, all that hinders
Tie reminders to my fingers
I must speak to you more often
Great, great spirit (uh-oh-oh)
Great, great spirit
Great spirit, for my relations
Give them strength to face racism
In every single situation, easy now
Go on speak loud
Great spirit, take me instead
Guide me down the rode of red
Tunkashila, I am saying
Great, great spirit (uh-oh-oh)
Great, great spirit
Great spirit, just don’t collapse
Nothing but the earth will last
And i’ll be singing sweetly into the darkness
Now hark this
Great spirit, on my tongue
Be still, be still
The time will come
When everyone will sing all life is sacred
While i’m waiting Great spirit, my fist is up
Bringing the power to the people
Your reflection of us
Some of your people can’t hear it
The cries of the earth
Some of your people can’t feel it
The way that it hurts
And it hurts, great spirit
And it moves, great spirit
Interconnected in the wreckage
Of a paradigm on its way out
Its way out
Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimonies
The spirit that did resist
Weaving around false prophecies
Spirit directed and selected
With the message i bring
While the ship slowly sinks
I’ve been directed to sing
I’m like a wrecking ball
Breaking down the walls of the past
A minimalist
Livin’ on bliss
With the last of my cash
You’re gonna be justified
With how you treated the land
You’re gonna be by my side
When i stand and demand
A change
Tunkashila (Grandfather)
Great, great spirit
Great, great spirit
Great, great spirit
Great, great spirit
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