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Thriving In Perspective

Published June 22, 2020 by tindertender

Perspective: It flows like water.

Truth stems from individual perspective.

Individual truths sometimes rage like a river in winter.

Let us shift our own habitual patterns, allowing others who are connected with our experiences to achieve new perspectives of our reality.

In this way, we help each other better understand … our nature, our intentions, and our character.

If we wish to be understood in this world, it is up to us to do the work, shifting as needed to assist in creating cohesive and coherent knowledge of our stance in circumstances.

We cannot put forth little effort in communicating and then get upset when we are not understood.

Connection is a responsibility we all face and are answerable for.

Let us embrace this duty.

For clarity’s sake.

To bring peace to hearts and minds of all connections.


Choose your actions.


And assist others to do the same.



Published May 21, 2020 by tindertender

At work today, one of the many times I answered the phone, I heard a recording. It was a text recording, one word.


Considering my interesting, internal connections, I’m curious what journey this message may have been referring to.

Godspeed: an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey.

Curious how things seem to be speeding up.


Elder’s Meditation 2-12-2020

Published February 12, 2020 by tindertender

“The spirit still has something for us to discover – an herb, a sprig, a flower – a very small flower, maybe you can spend a long time in its contemplation, thinking about it.”

–Lame Deer, LAKOTA

The world today is about hurry up! Get there faster! Work harder, produce more, hurry up, eat quickly, be on time, don’t get stressed- headaches, conflict, drink to calm down, go to training on stress management, time management – STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP! Go spend 5 minutes with a flower or a plant. Look at it – think about it – look at its beauty, smell it, close your eyes and smell it again. Touch it; touch with your eyes closed. Listen to it; listen to it with your eyed closed. Slow your mind down. Think about the little things. Now close your eyes and pray.

Great Spirit, this feeling of calmness that I have, let me have it all day long.

Worldwide Proclamation!

Published February 12, 2020 by tindertender

This is to remind all my loyal subjects that you are not my loyal subjects. And that all the sacrifices, appeasements, and groveling have never been necessary.

I, the Universe – the sun, the moon, and the stars, the Alpha and the Omega, and all the rest – have created a paradise in Time and Space so that I, through you, might experience its infinite splendors, drink from its every cup, and live, love, and be merry in ways impossible without you.

Your desires, therefore, are my desires for you. Your dreams are my dreams. And so, your wisdom has been added to my own. You are the be-all and end-all of Time and Space, the only reason for this Garden of Eden. You can do no wrong, there are no mistakes, and it’s all good.

Follow your heart, delight in your preferences. Approve of yourself. Stake your claim, demand it, and hold out your hands, expectantly. Banish your doubts, get off of your knees, and live as you please. Because, dearest, you can, and this is all I’ve ever wanted.

You’re just another part of me,

~ The Universe

Beloved Ones!

Published January 30, 2020 by tindertender

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Not One Bit Of Your Self Worth Has Anything To Do With Another’s Opinion Of You!

When The Brain Hears Anything For The First Time, It Is Rejected As Humans Are Hardwired In Belief Systems As They Leave Childhood!

Awakening Is The Actual Knowing There Is Truth Being Heard And Allowing The Brain To Process It.

As Truth Is Accepted, Light Floods The Being And It Is Much Like A New Birth!

Expansion Of Consciousness Is Continually Happening And Each Is At A New Place In Their Journey!

For This Reason, It Is Pointless To Become Upset When Another Sees Things In A Different Way!

One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness!

Truth Needs No Defending!

Be At Peace Within And Allow The Light Inside And Out To Be Seen And Felt,

Both Individually And Collectively!

Soon We Rise!


Beloved Friends!

Published January 18, 2020 by tindertender

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As Many Have Pondered The Questions,

“Is There A God?”, “Is There A Divine Intelligence?”

We Remind You Again That This Sacred Presence Is Life Itself!

As A Creation Of Origin, You Ventured Out To Understand The Multiverses!

Before Arriving, You Chose The Very Body And Personality That Would Best Serve You!

You Have Entered Millions Of Dream Stories!

In Each Story, You Have The Possibility To Fully Awaken!

To Those Not Yet Awake, Life Can Be Perceived As Fearful, Full Of Vengeance, Sorrow And Loneliness.

The Unawakened Can Also Feel Compassion, Wisdom And Love;

But These Sacred Experiences Are Soul Creations.

To The Awakened Being, There Is Understanding Of Immortality And Origin.

An Awakened Being Uses More Intuition And Realizes There Is A Larger Plan Than What Is Seen.

Life Becomes The Playground For The Soul To Experience Self!

From The Point Of The Soul, All Of Its Incarnations Are Simultaneous.

All Of Its Personalities Exist At Once.

Therefore, The Release Of Negativity That Occurs In One Incarnation, Benefits All Of The Soul Dreams.

The Soul Is Not Confined To Time, So Past And Future Are As One,

And The Great Awakening Brings The Soul Full Circle,

Back To The Origin And Sacred Creation!

We Love To Learn, Expand And Experience All Of Life!

We Never Stop! 

We Continue On In Light To Infinity!

Come With Us As We Rise In Light!

All Is Well! +++

We Love You So!


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