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Let It Go ~ Mantra

Published September 19, 2022 by tindertender

All the old programming

All the habitual patterns that no longer serve the higher interest

All the relationships that seem to gravitate toward the hurtful and negative … words, energies and actions

All the chaos and drama

All the old expectations

All the old agreements no longer fueling higher visions and dreams

All the dark thoughts, keeping the mind, energy and body stagnated in lower vibration

Examine your life, and release all things not utilized

In their place, pour in Love, Kindness and Compassion


With Honor and integrity

With Morality

For Self

And for others

Be good to You


Let It Go ~ Mantra

Published September 19, 2022 by tindertender

All the old programming

All the habitual patterns that no longer serve the higher interest

All the relationships that seem to gravitate toward the hurtful and negative … words, energies and actions

All the chaos and drama

All the old expectations

All the old agreements no longer fueling higher interests and dreams

All the dark thoughts, keeping you stagnated in lower vibration

Examine your life, and release all things not utilized

In their place, pour in Love, Kindness and Compassion


With Honor and integrity

With Morality

For Self

And for others

Be good to You


Sex and Energy Harvest

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

“Wielding sex as a manipulation tool is a form of energy harvest. In the duality Matrix, you will encounter shape shifters who become addicted to your sexual energy. Put up boundaries to these energy vamps.” Quote by @thelaurafaye

Those astral lovers are not having sex with you because they like “you”, they like your energy. They’ll also wake you up horny and expect you to masterbate so they can harvest.

They are in human form, but also in the astral.

Dream walkers.

They use Humans as an Energetic buffet. They’ve been preying on this energy for a very long time.

By bleeding this potent energy from the Human body, the person who has been violated must operate on less than their full potentiality of Power Source.

This is one way they limit the Power of the Human Being.

Gotta control that !!!

Doing work on the energy centers of the body will assist in the clearing of blockages so the electrical system of the body opens up and energy can flow UP, thru the Solar Plexus, into the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and then out the Crown, connecting you with the Divine.

Too long has the Human been forced to live in the Lower Chakra system, the Fight or Flight system.

The Art of Communication

Published April 9, 2022 by tindertender


It’s the language of the higher realms.

The Sumerians and the Egyptians didn’t use pictograph because they were primitive. They used it because it is the language understood by the gods.

What if petroglyphs weren’t just cavemen drawing on stone, but survivors of the last “reset” telling the gods what they wanted to fill their world with? The rehabilitation of a world freshly cleansed of parasitic infection.

Want to be understood? Learn the language.

… or continue only in the mutation of AI and its binary coded Matrix.

Moving Meditation

Published March 31, 2022 by tindertender

I do believe a moving meditation is in order tonight. SJ Tucker does a fabulous track. I play it on repeat. Loud. With headphones. While “moving” energy.

New release, dedicated to the Soulwriters group, without whom this song wouldn’t have been born. 

From S. J.: lately my dance practice has really helped me to manage my moods and emotions when nothing else could. This track is for anyone who finds calm and renewed strength in taking time to move, or to breathe.


Open up and breathe in your moving meditation.
When the stress is rising up, take it down.
The water lilies of your thoughts are sacred.
Let them rest inside the sound for now.

Breathe in; breathe out.
Breathe in; breathe out.



from Dance Thrive Shimmer (a Moving Meditation Mixtape), released November 18, 2016
Words, music, vocals, guitar, bass, synths, mix, and programming by S. J. Tucker.

Power of 3,6,9

Published March 9, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve been listening to 3,6,9 meditation every night for a couple hours before sleep. Last night after the first round of sound, when it had completed, the word “liberated” passed through my mind in a sort of sing-song sound. I’m convinced that by playing these frequencies, loud with headphones during meditation, the sound of 3,6,9 is undoing blockages and healing those in other realms from their situation.
Here’s the track:

I pulled some cards regarding this experience from the Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck … Q: is the Power of 3,6,9 helping others in differing realms to heal and be freed?

There is an engaging, a shinning of the light, victory and glory are being delivered.

Bridges are being created which are utilized in transition and overcoming of obstacles, they are used in crossing a divide. There is a solution to a problem, helping to bridge the gap. A reconciliation, connections between people.

Power and strength, health and protection, indomitable dignity, the Bear is here in support of the children.

We are in the early stages of development where changes can be made and a positive future formed. A life of literal fairytale capacity is being birthed now.

Healing comes through gentle feeling. Wishes are fulfilled. We are on a fixed course, something preordained. Success and much promise.

31 ~ The self-confidence expected of you will enable you to view the world from a different perspective. Give all your best to everything that you do, and you will receive the necessary support. Dwell on all things that are positive and drop all the negativities. Let nothing discourage you from making your dreams a reality. Your destiny is in your hand. Take every opportunity that comes your way and see yourself shine.  Your spiritual life is important for your well-being. It is time for you to be serious on your spiritual journey. Your spirit will be renewed, and you will enjoy the life you are living since it will be filled with joy and happiness.

38 ~ The divine realm is recognizing your efforts. The faith and trust you have in others will make you go far in life. The future is coming with financial abundance. Take one step at a time. Continue working hard to ensure that all your dreams come true. Do not let confusion take a hold on you. Believe in yourself, everything will be okay. Keep positive thoughts that will be in line with the plans that the universal energies have for you. Blessings are coming your way.

15 ~ You are about to encounter love. Love is sacred and divine. Love is a blessing, and it will make your life better with time. Work on fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. The sooner you start working on your goals and objectives, the sooner you will be able to achieve them.

13 ~ Care for others as you would want others to care for you. The blessings you receive from God will increase abundantly if you share them with the people who need help most. If you have been going through hard times, do not worry because the future will be bright. Get motivation from all the successes you had achieved before all the bad things started happening. Such occurrences should not derail you from focusing on your goals and objectives, which are the most important in life.

16 ~ Your thoughts shape your life. If you think positively, positive things will manifest in your life. But if you think negatively, negative things will take precedence in your life. Your mind is so powerful that if you do not direct it on the right path; it might lead to your downfall. Love is an important aspect of our lives without which we are not living but surviving. This is the time for you to make life-changing decisions. The universe uses this number to show you that it is time for you to find love. Go out and meet people.

The Seat of Power

Published March 1, 2022 by tindertender

If you wake in the night with a fear type feeling in your belly, and it isn’t a dream or nightmare, or even if it is, someone in the unseen is trying to create imbalance in the Solar Plexus and harvest loosh from your body. Breathe into it, it should dissipate in a moment. If the energy is too strong, get up and drink water, it will assist in washing the energy away.

This imbalance can occur throughout the day also. If you are working away, feeling fine, then this energy hits your solar plexus, it is nefarious individuals in the unseen attempting to create imbalance so they can harvest the loosh from the body. Drink water, a lot of it, as much as you can stand, until it pours out of you, and do not complain. The energy will wash away and balance will be restored.

Remember the breathe. Move the breath all the way down into the Solar Plexus, allow the belly to expand with this breath, and see the energy of the Solar Plexus expanding, flushing out of your body any imposter/invader energies, see this in your mind.

Most of the imbalance we experience in life is manipulated specifically for energy loosh harvesting. It has nothing to do with our inadequacies, or guilt, or shame, or lack … these “ideas” are simply used as tools to generate the loosh. Manipulation of consciousness is one of our foes specialties. There are many patents listed which tell us their skill level. They will manipulate others around us to generate this imbalance within our bodies as well.

In these now moments, when systems underground are being destroyed, those who live on the energy created by the suffering of the HUman physical, mental and emotional bodies are becoming very hungry.

Be patient, persevere, and get in touch with your energy. Balance cannot be achieved without awareness.

In Balance:

  • Confidence
  • Balanced Willpower
  • Action-oriented
  • Balance Between Hustle and Flow
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Power of Choice
  • Follow Through
  • Clear Sense of Purpose
  • Healthy Digestion
  • Process Energy and Information
  • Calm – Responding Rather than Reacting
  • Healthy Leadership

Out of Balance:

  • Need for Control/Fear of Loss of Control
  • Feeling of Helplessness, Irresponsibility
  • Manipulation
  • Narcissistic Tendencies/Ego
  • Power Trips
  • Lack of Ambition
  • Lack of Purpose
  • Not Following Through with Goals/Plans
  • Rage
  • Anxiety
  • Working too hard

If you have found that you are experiencing an imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra, a simple way to begin to balance is by working with the energy already inside of you. Tigers Eye is a wonderful stone to assist in the balance of our energy center. Wear it as a necklace, bracelet and ring. Partner with its properties in meditation.

  • Place Tigers Eye on your Solar Plexus
  • Place your hand or hands over the Tigers Eye
  • Begin to visualize energy radiating into your Solar Plexus
  • See a yellow or white light filling the space under your hands and beginning to expand outward until it envelopes your entire body
  • Rest in this cocoon of solar plexus energy, it feels good, listen to your intuition.

Oracle Consultation for Ukraine 2/26/22

Published February 26, 2022 by tindertender

The country is here to stay, and grow. There has been a health condition needing addressed, perhaps inherited circumstance of the people. There will be security, and great family responsibility. Remember to ground, still the mind, and flow with life. Getting stuck on a topic which brings stress to the mind and body can bring about ill health.

Ukraine is an ancient civilization. True health is found in aligning between that which is above and that which is below. Balance.

By peering into the depths of what’s been going on, healing can be gifted to the various circumstances, but only if there is a willingness to see into the bowels of affliction, that which has been hidden. You may have hit rock bottom … there is only one way to go from there … UP. Now is a time for healing. Be prepared to work hard for what you want.

By looking into the cavern in which the hidden resides, you will clear out the source of suffering. Success, victory, and even glory will be yours. Be careful not to get too cocky though, or you could get burned by arrogance.

You will receive a blessing. Step up into the light. Engage in a new project or take a new direction.

Calm, peace and serenity is coming through experience, wisdom gained.

Remember Time …

Use your time wisely. Life is transitory in nature, so savor every moment.

Remember your immortality, this current experience is a lesson for your advancement in resiliency, strength and patience ~ learning to love greatly.

An elegant woman will be coming on scene. She is beauty, she is light, she is love and passion. She is the true embodiment of Feminine Power. She will be united with her Divine Counterpart in a very public way after receiving formal invitation.

Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand, expanded edition

5 ~ There is a change that is about to happen in your life. Being afraid of change will not accomplish anything. Accept change, embrace it. Change is good because it makes you grow spiritually, physically, and mentally. Take one step at a time. Pray for guidance and insight. Block out all negative thoughts and the positive ones will take over. Angels are sent to you from the divine realm.

7 ~ Divinity is on your side. Accept the help of the angels. You are on the right path. This is not the time to be proud and ignorant. Trust in the divine realm to provide you with whatever you need in life so long as it is for your good and the good of others. Change is coming, and soon, you will be able to know what to do with your life.

41 ~ Be true to yourself. Do not be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. Be with people who mean something to you, who make you feel comfortable and secure. Do not spend your valuable time with anybody that you do not like. Great things are going to happen in your life. Have confidence in yourself. Take a leap of faith and believe that you are capable of doing anything and everything.

4 ~ Get organized. Learn how to manage your time. Be patient. Patience is the key to a good relationship with people. Keep your cool even in situations that warrant your reaction. You have support from all corners of the Universe.

31 ~ Be courageous and confident. Fear of failure should not form a part of your life. Take that first step … The journey towards achieving success and total fulfillment starts with one step. The Divine Realm is supporting you. Give all your best to everything that you do, and you will receive the necessary support. Dwell on all things that are positive and drop all the negativities. Take every opportunity that comes your way and see yourself shine. It is time for you to be serious on your spiritual journey. Your spirit will be renewed, and you will enjoy the life you are living since it will be filled with joy and happiness.

1 ~ You are receiving a fresh start. All is going to be okay. You are a blessed creation. Open your heart to the divine, receive guidance through prayer and meditation.

30 ~ Angels will guide you and advise you. The Universe acknowledges the desires of your heart. Learn the ways by which you can enlighten your spirit. Express yourself. No one will listen to you and heed to your advice if you are always keeping to yourself.

37 ~ Explore new things and let go of fear. Make the bonds between you and your loved ones stronger. You can handle anything presented to you with the help of the Universe and the Divine Realm. Remember, however, that it is up to you to seek the guidance of the angels. The angels cannot force you to do something your heart and mind does not want to do. You will be in harmony with yourself the moment you acknowledge your spiritual purpose.

29 ~ This is the time for spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment. Pray and meditate daily to gain the strength to carry on in your spiritual quest. Maintain a close and tight relationship with the Divine Realm. Have complete trust in yourself. Success and prosperity are not for the lazy ones but for the people who are determined, confident, optimistic, and positive. If you believe in yourself and work hard towards achieving your goals, greatness is assured.

20 ~ Start thinking about your true and higher purpose here on earth. It is time to take care of your body and spirit in equal measure. Constantly nourish your soul and think positively. God is answering your prayers. The challenges you have been facing in life will come to an end as new things will start manifesting in your life. Use your blessings also to bless others. You will enter into a new chapter of your life better than the previous one. Negativity has no room in your spiritual life.

28 ~ Don’t lose hope. Great things are coming your way. Challenges will come, and they will go, you only need to learn how to stay strong and courageous in overcoming them. Remain confident and keep your focus intact. Changes will take place in your life whether you accept them or not. Change is the only constant thing in this life, so you have to be prepared for it at all times. Exercise patience. Have faith. Faith will enable you to achieve things you never deemed possible. The people who love you will support you.

27 ~ Your spiritual life is of importance if you want to have a long-lasting relationship with Divinity. God is always watching over you. Stay focused on making your life better. Opportunities will come knocking on your door. Be a prayerful person who seeks the guidance of the Divine Realm all the time. At times you feel like giving up and doing nothing to advance your life. The Divine Realm will not allow you to do so. Your life will always be brought back to the right path.

New Life

Published February 11, 2022 by tindertender

Find ways around the obstacles placed before you by those attempting to sabotage you. Do not confront them directly.

A whole new phase in life lies ahead.

Maintain your own pace. Discard old beliefs in order to embrace the new.

Expect new challenges. Persevere.

Others ideas are equally valid.

Focus emotion on inner contentment and artistic achievement.

The past is left behind. The best of life still lies ahead. Enjoy the journey.

Membership of the ‘Era of Love & Peace’ or ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ on earth

Published January 31, 2022 by tindertender

Before setting out the rules for Membership, I will refresh your memories concerning your own creative power within your minds.

“But when your thoughts and feelings unite in thought patterns of desire, or intention or purpose, you have created a life-form. That life-form is a blue-print, an electrical outline of your intention and the corresponding magnetic field of emotion draws particles of energy together to bring this driving intention into visible manifestation.”

This is a manifestation of your own desires and because your knowledge of yourself and your future is so limited, this manifestation will bring its happy side and its dark side into your experience.

But when you first go to Divine consciousness and seek the true solution to your problem and take this solution back to Divine Consciousness for its perfect manifestation on earth – then you have the perfect manifestation of Light carrying within it no future disappointments.

Try to make it second nature to first seek guidance from Divine Consciousness. Even though you may feel you have heard nothing from the Divine, I tell you truly – if you remain steadfast in faith, in time to come, you will find the answers in visible form returning to you. Therefore:

  1. As a member of the Kingdom of Heaven of Earth I will meditate daily, starting with ten minutes, and moving on to whatever time I am comfortable with. I will set aside all thought as much as possible, quieten and silence my mind. I ask Divine Consciousness with heartfelt prayer to enter my consciousness and take over, bringing me Divine Wisdom and Divine Love that It may bless my own life and all I relate to in any way, and the world generally.
    I will use this time of union with Divine Consciousness to KNOW that all matters I take to it for healing and solving will be duly healed and solved.
    I pray that Divine Consciousness will give me the grace to KNOW that IT always answers the prayer of loving conviction.
  2. As a member helping to create the Kingdom of Heaven, I must set aside every thought of envy. I must remember and affirm that as the child of Divine Consciousness, the ‘Father’, I may ask for whatever needed or wanted and know that, in due time, it will surely be manifested for me.
  3. As a true member of the Kingdom, daily I will reject all ego thoughts and replace with those of compassionate love and the unconditional loving thoughts with which I will help build the Kingdom.
    Daily I will repeat to myself. ‘I have undertaken to help build and Era of Love and Peace and my every loving thought is a transforming influence on earth’.
  4. I must remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place of joy and laughter. Daily I pray that I may become more enlightened and lifted into appropriate spontaneous joy and laughter to help lighten the spirits of those around me.
  5. Daily I must remember that to overcome ego and make deep meaningful contact with other people, I must LISTEN! I must control my ego drive to talk about myself, and must listen, striving to understand and empathize with what I am being told.
  6. Daily I must remember that to overcome ego, I must be able to hear any truth about myself without wanting to retaliate or find excuses. In the kingdom of Heaven is no backbiting, vindictiveness, resentment! By all these ego impulses – exchanging them for unconditional love.
  7. Daily I must remember that in the Kingdom of Heaven is only a KNOWING that tomorrow will be perfect because Divine Consciousness fills the minds and hearts of every dweller in the Kingdom. Therefore, I must avoid all alarmist talk. I will not get caught up in retelling the faults of others. I will not indulge my lower consciousness by contemplating the evils of the governments and the world. To build the Kingdom of Heaven I must withdraw from everything which I do not want to see perpetuated – otherwise the Kingdom will never take shape, or others may build it and I will be left behind. I will be shut out by the self-indulgent consciousness I am building every day.
  8. I will listen with love to all who seek my comfort and will ask Divine Consciousness to give me the words to say to heal their hurt.
  9. Daily, I will visualize and make the following affirmation with love for the world and for myself. I will affirm constantly that because Divine Consciousness illumines my mind, my affirmations are powerful and life giving. I visualize they are the seeds of future events.


Daily, I open my heart and mind to Divine Consciousness transcendent to help me dissolve all present selfish ego drives.

Daily, I open my soul to receive Divine Consciousness to assist me in building a new ERA of LOVE & PEACE in the world.

In the KINGDOM of HEAVEN only Divine Love, Divine Compassion, Joy and Laughter and beauty of self-expression will be sublimely manifested always.

Nature in every area of the world will flourish luxuriantly, harmoniously, supplying fruits and food for every single person on earth. All will be well clothed. All will be uplifted in spirit and will manifest Divine Consciousness in every way, every day.

I lift this Vision of Felicity to Divine Consciousness where it will be ignited with DIVINE LIFE for its perfect manifestation on earth. I give my loving thanks to my SOURCE that even now it is all beginning to take shape in the unseen.

Thank you, Father.

My beloved souls, it is known that at this time there will be clear and unmistakable divisions between the children who choose the Light and the children who prefer the diversions and darkness of the worldly ego. For the Light to lighten the world all must become the children of the Divine.

Loving, compassionately, even reluctantly I leave you, having spoken what I would have you understand. My LOVE enfolds you in ardent longing for you to receive my worlds as simply as a tiny child listens to its father’s well-loved voice, to ensure my urgent message may bear fruit in your lives and the lives of those around you.

This is a true message of powerful creativity of your future. If you will believe and act, you will see it come to pass. Most certainly within your own lives you will find yourselves in your kingdom of Heaven.

Rest in Love Divine. Rest in Peace. Rest in Light.

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