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Fast Timeline Shifts

Published February 2, 2021 by tindertender

Massive and Fast timeline shifts occurring now and crossing paths. You might find yourself in the midst of one timeline and all its experiences and then in comes another…equal sense of realities though startling to the senses. Euphoria one moment, deep grief or loss in another.

There are many Spiritual Warriors who knew in this lifetime that they would be called to hold this powerful energy, this potent experience of Duality and Singularity all at one time, in this lifetime where two worlds were dividing, yet merging…where the new experience was no longer part of the old and the old experience was too dense to be part of the new. Those aware and working to stabilize in the higher timeline are Spiritual Warriors.

WE the Spiritual Warriors are the Bridges into The New World. It is crucial we build the momentum and take the steps moment to moment upward to the higher timeline and toward the formless Mystical Organic New through our unified thoughts, actions and words. Stabilizing our fields is key to calming the field and ‘seeing’ what is happening more clearly.

As well to use our ability precisely at every Divine Choice-Point without lingering on thought and without going for the familiar, though motivated by the Core Desire for Great Change, Solid Truth, Creative Solutions, Unity and our Sovereignty allowing then for a Divine Intervention and the grace of Ascension, new life, and new adventure to enter.

Energy up-date by the Council of Light:

The process of transformation for your planet is in Full Force and many are experiencing that different things are coming up for them.

Most of them are Karmic fragments that are ready to BE Released.

This is an important time for you to Clear the remains of your past that do NOT serve you anymore.

Simply use the Violet Ray/Flame to transmute anything that comes up and allow for this Ray of LIGHT to flood any past experiences that are connected with it.

Imagine it flooding your entire BEing, your world, present, past, parallel and future realities.

As you are observing that these things come up, try to keep the Big Picture in mind. You are at the end of the old cycle of Earth.

You are soon to BE FREE of the lower dimension and you will have moved into the HIGHER Dimensions, as long as you are willing to Let Go of the old.

That includes holding on to the old ways you have lived and interacted with others and your world.

Withdraw your attention from what feels less than LOVE and Harmony.

Focus all your attention to what feels like LOVE, HARMONY and WELLBEING. This focus will allow you to leave the old world behind and to step into your FREEDOM.

You are FREE to leave the old world behind and you are FREE to step into the Divine NEW Earth.

It is important to remember that the ONLY Reality that matters is your alignment with SOURCE, what we call The ONE.

This is your path to FREEDOM.

Withdraw your energy from circumstances that are NOT Divine Perfection (LOVE) and bring all your energy into your alignment with SOURCE.

Your intent to do so, will bring forth the thoughts, feelings and actions to Truly BEcome an Expression of SOURCE – as SOURCE.

Hold steadfast to your Inner Center, which is SOURCE. Imagine this as a Golden LIGHT column within you going upwards to the Great Central Sun.

Imagine your Heart center to BE a Golden Sun.

Let this Golden LIGHT expand into your World.

Hold this focus for as long as you can, as often as you can.

We are holding the vision of the NEW Earth with you and from our vantage point it is Glorious.

We are with you, every step of the way.

You are Loved beyond measure.

We are with you… Always.

We LOVE You.

WE are YOU.

Source: @Karina89350882

Who/What Is A Goddess?

Published January 29, 2021 by tindertender

This is for some of my devine feminines who were/are Goddesses and stepped down from much higher realms – so let’s ask the question: “WHO AND WHAT IS A GODDESS”?

A Goddess knows her strength. She’s anchored in her truth. She has channeled her experiences, good and bad alike, and transformed them into wisdom. She can guide you from dark to light and sometimes She will guide you into the depths of your own darkness so you can bring it to light, heal, transmute, and evolve.

She is a warrior of light. Unafraid she walks the earth and every step she takes along the way is a blessing for this planet.

All life is created in her sacred womb. It is She who breathes life into existence.

If you are blessed to have Her goddess energy touch your life She will transform you forever.

As the saying goes: “Be aware of what you’re wishing for.”

A man who has fully embodied divine masculine energy yearns for union with his goddess but a man who has yet to make contact with his higher self will run from Her.

When you have reached the light She will be your blessing but when you are still in darkness She will terrify you as She will inevitably force you out of your comfort zone.

He has to make sure that he’s ready for her. She will shower his life with magic. Her presence alone will challenge his mind and heart to enter uncharted territories. It is in this space where his conscious awareness is tested by the universe.

And it is here where his most profound transformation begins
-if he is not afraid of her power,
-if he is not intimidated by how unapologetically real she is.

You cannot love Her half-heartedly. She will know and not fall for it. She does not submit or acquiesce to a relationship that is less than sacred, true, and healing.

Her divine feminine wisdom knows that this planet needs Her energy to thrive and she will not sacrifice any of it to a man with limited conscious awareness. But She will worship a God who has done the inner work and is ready for a divine union.

This planet needs the union of Gods and Goddesses to be the conscious creators of new earth. The old earth too was once created by Gods and Goddesses.

Only when you are in touch with your own soul you are able to form a sacred union.

Mutual honor, freedom, trust, loyalty, authenticity, and integrity are the building blocks for romantic relationships of new earth.

All of this you must first find and cultivate within yourself to be ready for it.

Separating a God and a Goddess is to separate the cross. This is the meaning of Christ-Consciousness. The wisdom that males and females are equals who belong to each other.

The old world has been ruled by harsh male energy for far too long. Over time females have been forced to be more and more like men and ultimately, men have become suspicious of females.

It is time for women to be females again, nourishing, peaceful, compassionate, supportive creatures of unconditional love.

And men must be true again, comforting, caring, building, in touch with their masculine strength.

Come together in love. Evolve from trickery, manipulation, jealousy, and games. Learn to be vulnerable, regardless of your gender.

Begin by becoming a mate to your own soul. This is the first step before you can find and unite with your soulmate.

Ego (FEAR) brought us here, love takes us to the next level.

Separation is fear. Fear is an illusion.

Love means unity, oneness, harmony.

When will you wake up and surrender to love? That will be your moment of truth, the moment you acknowledge your own goddess within regardless of your gender, fall in love with Her and breathe life into your own existence.

Decide to acknowledge, honor, and worship the Goddess within now. Will it, speak it, and be ready for the shift.

Understand that She gave you the greatest gift of all, your life.

The masculine energy carries the frequency of light which is information. The feminine energy carries the frequency of love which is creation. Love is the only reality. Herein lies the power of all of creation. Love creates life based on the information provided.

“Choose love, choose love, this life is nothing but a burden without love.” ~ Rumi

Source: @Karina89350882

A Leaf Is Falling …

Published May 15, 2020 by tindertender

… Smiling at the clouds

In total freedom

And trust

The divine nature

Holds all in its embrace

In the heart of a bustling city

In the soul of a forest

A glowing ray shines through

A lonely seagull glides over the ocean

While the desert sings its soulful song

A whisper

A cry

A child is born

And someone sheds a tear of joy


Somewhere else

Someone else

Cries tears of sadness

The world goes on turning

The divine nature present in all things.

~ Toni Carmine Salerno

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jakobowens1
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