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Affirmation 9-24-2020

Published September 24, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on bringing passion to everything I do. Not just the things that it is easy for me to feel passionate about – but everything I have to do. My intention today is to do everything with energy, focus, and commitment that comes from true inner passion.

~ A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day


Published September 23, 2020 by tindertender

Everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water.

And everyone you love is made of stardust, and I know sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply, and the night sky is no home, and you have cried yourself to sleep enough times that you are down to your last two percent, but nothing is infinite, not even loss.

You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you are going to find yourself again.

~ Finn Butler

[Art: Ana Novaes; L.T.G – Artes]

Message 9/21/2020

Published September 22, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

As I drove to the ocean I tuned into the energy of the angels. Immediately I saw powerful white light pouring down from above where the angels were positioned in the sky. They were singing Hosanna in the Highest. The white light was that of the Holy Spirit being sent to earth to make the earth holy. The second image I saw was of a Native American dancer. Watching, I saw him stomp out darkness with his feet as he danced. When he moved his arm to the sky he was releasing the darkness from the planet.

The last image I was shown was of the angels sending us millions of small heart shaped balloons filled with love energy & miracles. When the hearts arrived on earth they burst open with magnificent radiant rainbow light. Sitting by the ocean I feel that a huge change is on its way. It is beginning to show itself peeking over the horizon.

Tuning into the energy I hear, “You see what you are perceiving is indeed the battle cry for change. All of the preparation for this change that has been poured over in order to edit it to perfection, is ready to be embarked upon. For you see humanity has lived in a state of depravity for so long, the time to change is now to take back the power that was wrestled from you under false pretenses against your God given free will.

It is time to reclaim what was taken from you, your sovereignty as a child of divine Creator. We are firm in our resolve to assist in the liberation of planet earth and we may seem more somber in tone from previous transmissions simply because our focus is to transition humanity into a state of freedom in the most perfect divine way possible, you see?

We liken it to a celebration much like a wedding that is planned for a very long time. All of the details have been taken care of and are ready for the glorious day. However, like the bride and groom to be, we have some butterflies in making sure all goes smoothly as planned. We anticipate it will be so. However, you are our family and we want the transition to a liberated planet to be the most glorious experience possible! We are sending you codes to calm you and to assure you that as the chaos in the outer world may increase you are able to perceive these events from a place of balance knowing that your galactic brethren and your indwelling light filled spirit have your backs.

The Creator has equipped you with so much power and light you are able to take charge of your circumstance and create it from a place of this power. We are here with you to give you support as we move into events upgrading your progression further. We ask you to be aware of your perception as it is most important at this time. Perceive from the knowing at your core that you are LOVE & that love is the most powerful force in the universe. Be open to receive the love of the Creator in your heart. We are sending you love codes of brilliant laser light to clear out any old trauma or wounds of the heart & to make it ready for the galactic upgrade as we call it, the energy of unconditional love. In all truth this energy has always been with you. The frequencies we send simply remove any obstacles in the way of living from this truth.

To help clear this old energy if you desire to, repeat; ‘I am a child of divine Creator. I am a child of divine light, divine love and divine truth. I now choose to live from the sovereign state of freedom with all the birth rights given to me by my Creator. I am free.’

You see, you are simply being freed from a controlled & constricted ability to live from your God given rights. These are being returned to you. Claim them, and live from them. We are with you watching your progression from the skies above sending you frequencies of love. We send you blessings every moment of your every day. We would like to thank you for your daily efforts toward ascension. Keep up the great work! We love you and bid you well on this day.

Nature Is Talking

Published September 21, 2020 by tindertender

“Drink water from the spring where horses drink. The horse will never drink bad water. Lay your bed where the cat sleeps. Eat the fruit that has been touched by a worm. Boldly pick the mushroom on which the insects sit. Plant the tree where the mole digs. Build your house where the snake sits to warm itself. Dig your fountain where the birds hide from heat. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time with the birds – you will reap all of the days golden grains. Eat more green – you will have strong legs and a resistant heart, like the beings of the forest. Swim often and you will feel on earth like the fish in the water. Look at the sky as often as possible and your thoughts will become light and clear. Be quiet a lot, speak little – and silence will come in your heart, and your spirit will be calm and full of peace.”

Saint Seraphim of Sarov

Nature is talking to you, are you listening?

Religion ~ Yom Kipper

Published September 16, 2020 by tindertender

I was not raised with any type of religion …. or even any sort of metaphysical beliefs.

In August the date of September 28th was spoken to my mind from the unseen. I asked some folks I had been communicating with if that date meant anything to them, to which they replied, no, and so I asked that they keep it in mind.

Last night I had a visitor in the astral. A man with a full beard, he lifted it to expose his throat and told me I could punch him if I wanted to. Of course I said, “I do not want to punch you, I want to learn from you.”

Today I looked at the calendar. Yom Kipper is the 28th, beginning at sundown on the 27th.

I am completely naive when it comes to religions, faiths, and practices. I can tell you tho, that since this specific date was spoken to me from beyond the veil, and since I had a visitor in the astral who was obviously a Jewish man, I will do my best to honor the holy day, and abide by the rules, seeking the forgiveness and atonement … for I can tell you this has not been an easy process, this awakening. I’ve said many things that were of war-like nature and rebellion, when all my heart ever wished for was peace.

Yom Kipper is marked by a 25 hour fast starting at sundown (6:57pm pst) of the 27th until sundown (6:55pm pst) on the 28th.

During this time no water is allowed, including that which is used to brush the teeth. Medication should be avoided unless it will cause a major life threatening event. No sex, no shower (or washing), no cosmetics, no creams, no perfumes, no deodorant, no cell phones and no leather shoes for they denote wealth and prosperity. I’m guessing this goes for jewelry also.

It is stated that one is to do no work that day, although I am required to go to work, and if I call in sick, I’d be lying … so I’m hoping it is a slow day and I can chill out in meditation to some simple sounds. (I wonder if music is not allowed?) I’ve googled it and found a guided meditation, and also a site that states meditation, music and movement will be part of the services.

“On Yom Kippur, we stand completely revealed in this mysterious enterprise called life,” said Rabbi Yael, specifically avoiding the word “God,” since the concept can sometimes close the hearts of people who are not sure what they believe. 

Clothing worn can be white if one wishes to connect more fully with the atonement and repentance of the day.

Tashlich, the symbolic casting away of sins on Rosh Hashana, is usually done outside by a body of water, you can throw pebbles, or bird seed in whatever nearby water is available, including a kiddie swimming pool. Another option: Writing down your sins on rice paper, which dissolves in water. (On Amazon, it’s often referred to as “spy paper.”) PS ~ Don’t drink the water.

My life has been one trial after the other. There have been many circumstances that came and went that actually threatened my life, my health, both physical and mental. At times, even now I might add since I have greater realization, my entire well-being is at stake, simply by being unobservant or careful about certain things … and so I work on altering habitual patterns that are not of benefit.

I can tell you, I had no idea that who I have been experiencing for the last near 20 years was participants of the faith, and that of the actual Jewish God. And here I thought I was simply insane.

This is our wake-up call … should we choose to heed it.

Bend, Bend, Break

Published September 15, 2020 by tindertender

It takes a lot to love a thing, a life, in any of its forms …. and it takes very little to destroy it. Usually, it is destroyed simply because the one they long to hurt has become unaffected by them … so they harm what, and who, they love, trying to get them to bend to their will.

So the one who has refused to bend, to submit to the destroyer must also stand firm in the face of the torment of that which they love … for to fight it is in a way, bending to it. The task then, is to shed the responsibilities one might feel toward the harm … blaming self for the actions of another …. questions arise, “if I had agreed to bend, to submit, perhaps lives would be spared, harm not perpetrated on the innocent.”

We all know … or at least I hope so by now, this is a lie. No amount of bending to an aggressor will end aggression …. no amount of shrinking will stop a power tripping entity from doing harm …. no …. they will demand more, and more, until there is no thing left but rivers of pain and suffering.

So the warrior must continue to stand strong and firm … daring the destroyer to simply destroy it all … they will anyway. Why allow them to strip a soul of their sovereignty in the process? Breaking the Will that we all hold so dear.

They will destroy everything anyway … despite contracts, or treaties, or handshakes …. they will destroy it all … if not now, later.

It is too bad that so many are blinded by this truth. They cower, and they call it being a “savior” for simply delaying the inevitable. They keep in mind the promises made to them by said destroyer … Utopia.

They have already relinquished their soul … their sovereignty…. they settle for less because this keeps them ‘safe’ … all they need do is fulfill their obligations stated in the contract … feed the beast.

Their collective soul will rot … and rightly so …. unless of course they are experts at throwing off the guilt of their chosen actions and betrayals to innocence, perfectly okay with being traitor to life.

In that case, they have become the aggressor … no better, no worse.

The tears, the sobbing, the torment of the innocent is music to their ears …. it sings out in everyone’s ears these days … and people are so distracted by the manipulated chaos, the virus, the riots, the fires, the elections … that they cannot hear what is plainly occurring, and they deny its existence.

Soon tho, they will not be able to deny it any longer. Even the most fervent denier will no longer be able to refuse its truth.

Please Note …

Published September 15, 2020 by tindertender

Those who say “You must learn your lesson” are abusers and have no right to controlling your thoughts or output.

They harm every gentle and beautiful thing, implanting the fear that it may happen to you …

They laugh at the easy way people … their commodity … are manipulated.

This is how they maintain control … by making you afraid.

It has been happening behind scenes for a very long time and is now coming to the Light of Day for our observation and knowing.

As far as I can tell, at this very moment, we are free … as free as we allow ourselves to be, in mind, in heart, in spirit.

Stand your ground.



Cultivate LOVE in your heart so that you may face all things from this position … it is the greatest power there is.

Kindness Is Strength

Published September 15, 2020 by tindertender

Being kind does not mean enabling or letting someone walk over you or insult you, that’s being a victim.

Kindness with healthy boundaries is compassion.

Kindness is a chosen way of being. It brings the person offering kindness and those receiving it nourishment as it feels good on both sides.

Choose to be kind, hold your healthy boundaries and keep your heart open in compassion to yourself as well as others.


(Art: unknown as yet)

The Forest

Published September 15, 2020 by tindertender

“One day when you wake up, you will find that you have become a forest.

You have grown roots and found strength in them that no one thought you had.

You have become stronger and more beautiful, full of life giving qualities.

You have learned to take all the negativity around you and turn it into oxygen for easy breathing.

A host of wild creatures live inside you and you call them stories.

A variety of beautiful birds rest inside your mind and you call them memories.

You have become an incredible self sustaining thing of epic proportions.

And you should be so proud of yourself, of how far you have come from the seeds of who you used to be.”

~Nikita Gill


Published September 15, 2020 by tindertender

In these times, it is very important to consider the breath and healing techniques … for our body, our energetic fields, and our emitions into this world … will we breathe LIFE into our surroundings, or contribute to the chaotic outputs we are pounded with?

We are being bombarded by negativity .. in the media, by the people who are unaware of their outputs, (and those that are) and by the unseen via dreams … suggestions of inferiority and weakness … of mind and all other forms of self.

Firming up and reeling in all scattered energies is crucial right now.

Here is a link to several methods of breathwork ….

Here is one technique that has wonderful effects on the aura and energies. It’s a healing breath (breath of fire) that can be blown into a vision of your own body as it stands in front of you, and has many other uses as well.

Here is another technique that has a lot of promise ….

If you wish to stand even the slightest chance of coping in a good way with the manipulations of the seen and unseen, control of self, and self output must be considered … and practiced.

Remember to drink a LOT of water, as you will need to flush out that which you are shedding.

It isn’t always wise to share what you are doing with others, for ‘some’ will ultimately try and find a way to counter the benefits you are experiencing.

In this particular matter, I happen to care about the world and the life in it so much, I take that risk.

Be well.

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