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Integration of Multi-Dimensional Self

Published February 22, 2021 by tindertender

The integration of the Multidimensional Self in times of Ascension is a gift from the Creator. In this perfect cosmic moment most of us starseeds are going through a process of integration with aspects of ourselves scattered in time and space, which today unite to complete our best versions of ourselves and thus add to the cosmic potential to obtain a Quid of light necessary to become Divine co-creators.

This is why you may have felt sadness mixed with a beautiful sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. The reason for those images that show you that paths are opening in your walk, and that you are a mix of lights of different colors whose soul is divided into two or more beings.

The sadness is the nostalgia of saying goodbye to aspects of ourselves that no longer serve our highest purpose. And the serene and deep joy you feel is due to the fusion with those aspects of yourself, your other selves that have matured in other galaxies, spaces and times and worlds living different experiences that today are complete and enrich your awakening, and give you the strength to finally integrate with the Whole.

Do not fear then, my dear, for this. Those who wildly oppose to say goodbye to those old patterns of behavior, emotions and sense of judging others, are the ones who now feel that they are breaking into pieces and do not find comfort in their mind, nor their emotions.

Just let go…that you already went. It has already served you to get here and now receive your new Self, which is none other than one or more aspects, more beautiful, radiant, Divine and powerful that bring you closer to your highest realization.

To Ascend is to Integrate.

To ascend is to merge with all aspects of your divine spark whose center is yourself.

Source: @MelkyofMercy

Living in the Light and the Darkness

Published November 3, 2020 by tindertender

Is it possible to acknowledge that you can create the darkness in your life?

You can create the limitations, the blockages, the boundaries, and the negative experiences in your life? All because of wounds, or belief in separation, not acknowledging your truth and your essence fully.

This is something that can be interesting and both challenging to acknowledge.

Firstly, you create the light that you are and experience in your reality. You create the darkness that is present within you, and within your reality, both these energies stem from the Creator through you.

The energy as it extends from the Creator is the same, it is one energy.

We might say to make it easier to understand that the energy extending from the Creator is golden. You receive this golden energy, then you choose both consciously and subconsciously what to create. To create light, maybe light is pink, to create darkness, maybe darkness is grey, and you can acknowledge that you have
used the same energy, the golden energy to create both pink and grey, light and darkness.

This means that everything stems from the Creator, however not everything is the divine will nor the divine plan of the Creator.

Each being on the Earth has free will, they use the Creator’s energy like a fuel to manifest and create an experience on the Earth. This is a great responsibility, when you acknowledge this it allows you to truly take responsibility for your reality, for your ascension process, for your actions and reactions, realising you simply receive the energy of the Creator and then it is up to you what you create with this energy.

You may say that you do not wish to create darkness only light, however there are misguided habits, misunderstandings, wounds, illusions that all create what you might label as the darkness.

Each experience, each energy, each creation of the darkness was born with the light of the Creator through your being and through others as well. Does this mean that these energies need to be discarded or ignored? In fact, it means that they require more of your attention, more of your acceptance and exploration.

When you accept the darkness within it soon transforms into the light or you might say back into the fuel of the Creator. In some ways it has been masquerading as something else to alert you to the way that you operate, mentally, emotionally, physically even spiritually.

It is alerting you to understand the way you operate, your focus, your relationship with yourself and the Creator.

Often souls wish to focus only upon the light choosing to ignore the darkness. This can create even more of a sense of Illusion because you are ignoring and not fully accepting yourself, it creates an imbalance within your being.

While it is joyous to remain in the light, to accept the light, to experience the flow of the Creator’s light through you and to create from this, one can never truly ignore the darkness, the limitations, the boundaries, the blockages and so forth.

These you might say lower your vibration but in fact they hinder your view of the light.

When you focus solely upon the light you also become un-grounded and unbalanced, even losing grip on reality.

You are designed to live in two realities, the physical and the energetic, even the light and the darkness, accepting both simultaneously, but of course working through the darkness, recognising how the darkness teaches and guides you forth.

As well as acknowledging how the light represents all that you are and inspires you to expand your awareness, remembering that you are a limitless being, the infinite nature and essence of the Creator. There is so much to explore within the light, as you connect with the light, it expands your awareness and allows you to connect with the natural essence of your being.

Both the light and the darkness have specific roles within your reality.

Is there actually darkness within the reality of the Earth or is it simply creations from separation, illusion, misunderstanding, wounds that simply need to be healed and recognised?

As a being, as a light being are you fearful of the darkness?

Are you willing to bring your light to the darkness?

Are you willing to accept the darkness, therefore holding space for the darkness to heal whether it was your creation or another’s creation?

This is what is being asked of you, both within your being and your reality on the Earth. To hold space for the light and the darkness to integrate, for healing to take place or for energies to be resolved within the darkness and for the light. To bring inspiration and expansion, the energy of infinity, in order to move beyond boundaries, blockages and recognise what is possible.

When you are balanced, when you are willing to accept the darkness and the light within you and upon the Earth, you are holding space for both to unite, to resolve, to synthesise, for a greater outcome and possibility to manifest, this is what is required now.

To send light to the darkness is somewhat like ignoring the darkness. To be fearful of the darkness is like ignoring the light. Both require to be accepted, acknowledged, to hold space for both to be experienced, for your being to process what is needed for the Earth and for yourself.


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