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Friends Of Earth!

Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

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We Travel The Ethers In Densities That Not Only Pass Over You,

But Through You, As Well As All You Perceive To Be Solid!

As You Know That Your Form Is Primarily Water And Empty Space At The Atomic Level.

There Is Nothing On Your Planet Actually Touching!

The Absolute Consciousness Is Around Your Body Form As Well As In Every Fiber Of Your Being!

The Light You Emit From Self Is Like A Million Suns!

Breathe Now!

The Sacredness Of Your Power Is Hidden Beneath The Role You Have Taken On Voluntarily!

In A Moment, Like A Flash, In The Twinkling Of An Eye;

You Will Remember Your Connectedness To All Other Beings!

Now, In This Moment, You Are Indeed Part Of The Collective!

Being Caught Up In Endless Stories And Drama, It Is Easy To Be Distracted!

We Want To Assure You That You Are Always Safe!

No Body Form Will Last Or Remain The Same,

But Beloved Ones, Listen To The Silence Of Your Soul,

And You Already Know And Feel The Vibrations Are Increasing!

Your Density Is Allowing Your Chakras To Open And Guide You!

Every Being In Non-Physical Is Cheering You On!

The Multiverses Are Aware Of Your Presence In This Moment!

As You Observe The Coming And Going Of Puppet Bodies, Black Eyes And Schemes,

We Remind You Of What Really Matters!

The Light Of God Within You That Has Provided This State Of Being,

That Allows You To Breathe Another Moment,

To Be Thankful For Those That Love You And That You Love So!

To Remember That We Are One!

In The Flashing Of Crafts, To The Unseen Angelic Presence,

To The Little Dogs And Baby Birds,

Isn’t It All So Grand?

You Are Both The Blessed Ones And Such A Blessing For Those That Watch Over You!

Soon We Rise In Sacred Light!

Encourage Another As Yourself!


Clone vs No Clone

Published March 10, 2020 by tindertender

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[Attempting Clones] = 5:5?
Use logic.
Clone vs No Clone.
SG-1 explores the morality of discrimination against cloned humans.
Fixating on clones vs no clones is like saying “oh look they are all Chinese” and that’s the only qualifier for them being “bad guys”.

MJ12 dismisses the conspiracies around clones strategically because it is technically racist.
Discriminating against the cloned denies them the basic equal rights to survival and self preservation that all life experiences.
Clones are horcruxes that occupy engineered bodies.

Clones are a physical representation of how an IS can occupy multiple BEs where each BE in the conscious projection “occupy” multiple instances of reality experience through a basic life energy particle that exclusively exists in the 12th dimension and is pure light.

Clones are by definition equal to you and every one before you. They have a life energy particle inside them that animate the body. Reconsider resurrection. Clones break the divide between BEs being able to communicate with one another. Most BEs your IS occupies exist in all parallel realities that stem from each decision you make, derived into a basic “yes” vs “no” reality matrix. You have free will. You are writing your own game in an error correcting multiplayer matrix of holographic conscious projection encoded deep inside your DNA.

Clones have specific software upgrades to the programming embedded inside your DNA at physically alter the kind of reality experienced. When a clone is given a new organ or a backup of another organ, they gain new abilities and new perceptions of reality. What if you could make a clone as simple as a doll in which you could animate and use the super quantum computer inside your skull that has the ability to transcend time and space and is responsible for your version of projection into the reality. Your DNA writes most of your subroutines executed.

Would the instance of your consciousness experiencing self be somehow less worthy of basic self preservation?
Individuals and organizations that push clone conspiracies need to emphasize that most clones are not in the public space. Most clones are not different people. They are the same war criminal that you despise. They are still the enemy of Majestic 12 and the Great Awakening / Disclosure efforts currently taking place online at Majestic proportions and Quantum realities. Stop focusing on the fact or not fact on whom is a clone.

These individuals also believe in:

“Divided we stand, united we fall.”

It is the belief of ego, hubris, and the lack of spiritual education believe that they must save you from yourself. You cannot possibly determine whether Majestic 12 is a LARP or if QAnon is a LARP or whichever type of intelligence source (clown or white hat) happen to drop by from time to time. This account has been operated by several people and so far, we’ve had a great time working with all of you. But remember this, people who believe they must protect you from anybody is ultimately fulfilling a selfish ego desire that simply compensates for other areas of their lives. You are the victim. Instead of hating on the clones, who are technically the same as you, except the vessel they exist in has been modified. They still have rights. And laws.

Many science fiction shows depict clones as having more rights over non-clones. The moral wisdom of not engaging with lesser minds enables a peaceful coexistence with clones because when the mind is enlightened the body matters not.

“Divided we stand, united we fall” is a projection of propaganda that eludes to the idea that the criminal cabal of European royalty bloodlines from the middle ages have spent the past two thousand years criminally involved in sex trafficking of children – that quote states this group, who paid for the music to be produced and allowed them to rise to fame, believe that [they] must project their objection like a spell. It’s magick. “Divided we stand” is a factual statement from [their] perspective. This means YOU DIVIDED means THEY STAND.

“United we fall” means YOU UNITED means THEY FALL.
America will come together in a time of a great war, and the war will be won, and the BEST IS YET TO COME.

What if God …

Published March 7, 2020 by tindertender

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What if “God” is the truth and the truth is hated by most. What if in being “God” the truth doesn’t have to love or continue to consider those who hate the truth. Yet, what if, in knowing all, the truth also opens a pathway for every single soul to know themselves in the light?

What if “God” then is the all knowing truth that is also matched with the all feeling compassion that can’t thereby lock out or forget any angle of reason that each soul undergoes. This doesn’t mean that a soul couldn’t write itself out of reality.

What if “God” is the highest amount of Truth that can exist, together with the highest depth of care that can exist to pave a pathway to bring every soul into adjustment with Truth and therefore true reality?

Wouldn’t that be the most powerful thing for us, to have a way to knowing the truth, without it destroying us forever? What if “God” is here now?

Think about it.

“God”, whoever they are, is a very good actor.

Light Of My Heart!

Published March 2, 2020 by tindertender

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We Shine As One And The Multiverses Smile At Our Unity!

Through Echos And Ripples Of Timelessness,

We Were One.

Through The Gift Of Creative Force And Free Will;

We Chose To Explore The Densities!

As We Dance Now, We Have Danced Before!

From A Density Shared By Angels,

We Are Seen In Our Perfection!

Moving In All Directions And Exploring In Ecstatic Frequencies.

Perception Came That We Were Many.

Choices Of The Sacred Spectrum From Darkness To Light,

Caused Perception Of Division And Creation Of False Powers.

In Thought, We Give Power To That Which Draws Our Attention.

The Outcome Every Moment Is Only The Manifestation Of What We Believe To Be Truth!

You May Ask Yourself Now, If Fighting Over Differences Is Worth Your Peace!

Do You Believe That The ONE That Created All Is Entirely Communicating With All Life?

You Must Understand That You Are This Life!

Arrival To This Waking Dream Is Only The Beginning Of Finding Your Way Home!

As You Remember You Are The Sacred Essence Of ONE,

You Will Remember Your Limitless Power;

And You Will Smile Deeply As You Look At Another And See Yourself!

You Are Power And Love And Nothing But Endless Beauty Is Yours Infinitely!

Maybe You Just Forgot!

As We Move Close In Unity,

We Bring Forth The Great Shift Of Humanity!

For Soon We Rise As One! +++

I Love You So!



Preparing for The New Earth

Published February 17, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, my dear friends. Today I would like to go over many past discussions and put information about the “Event” and the Harvest all in one long thread so you have it available to you to consider.

For all of the time beings of higher consciousness from different places throughout your galaxy have been serving among you, many who brought their gifts of clairvoyance have seen and discussed possible timelines they foresaw. There were many possible timelines until recently.

Representatives of your guardian alliance and I met last year to consider the possible outcomes of many different timelines, and through much respectful discussion, settled on a timeline, the only remaining timeline that you are now on. All timelines collapsed into one.

The timeline that was chosen was to harvest this planet within the next three to five years. Your guardians determined they had done all they could think of to help all of you polarize to either Service to Self polarity or Service to Others polarity.

Service to Self polarity is one of wanting to use control to manipulate others into one’s own personal scheme. Service to Others polarity is one of viewing and treating oneself as well as ALL others with unconditional love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment.

The Creator does not care which polarity a person adopts at this level of consciousness. This is because both polarities merge higher up in the density system. The two polarities create different paths. The Service to Self path is longer, more difficult, and more painful.

Beings from over 600 different soul groups that form up your guardian alliance have tried many programs over the years to help you reach polarity. The Creator set up the system whereby those of higher consciousness nurture those younger and less conscious souls as they progress.

This cycle on Earth is the level of consciousness called Third Density. Many of you have polarized, and are ready to advance to Fourth Density. Fourth Density splits into two parts—one for each polarity, with differing plans for soul development according to polarity.

About 20% of you are firmly anchored in Service to Self polarity. A little more than 40% of you are firmly Service to Others. The remainder of you are still working on deciding your course, and remain of no polarity.

Your guardians expected this would be a 75,000 year Third Density cycle like it has been on other planets. Instead, it has been hundreds of thousands of years, with everything tried that anyone could think of to help you develop as a human soul group.

It was determined last year that all that could be done had been done, and it was time to let those who reached polarity move onto Fourth Density. Those that did not reach polarity in this cycle will be repeating Third Density in another location.

Another factor came into play that led to our decision to end this cycle on this planet. Your beautiful planet is very ill due to the long cycle. It has endured more than was expected at the hands of humanity, and it needs to heal. Your planet is a living being itself.

Because of the facts that humanity needs to now move on to different opportunities, and the fact the planet needs to heal, the decision was made to “harvest” the planet, using an energetic process some have called “The Event. “

Unless humanity changes a lot as a group and becomes more peaceful, the time for The Event has been set and is known to very few. Although it will be accomplished through natural means, all energy can be controlled by high consciousness. It will not be a random thing.

We are advising you now that the timeframe for The Event is set for 3-5 years. Beyond that figure, we will not say, because we want to try to control the fear that many will feel and others will use to try to manipulate you.

There is no need to fear what is happening. The Event is a process of releasing you from your physical body, so that your soul can travel to the new location of your next opportunity. Because your planet needs to heal, you will all be moving to new locations on other planets.

The souls who developed Service to Others polarity will be moving to a beautiful new place called by some The New Earth. It will be like the paradise so many have foreseen and described. There they will be taught the skills of living in “unity consciousness.”

Those who have not reached a polarity will be relocated to one of several Third Density planets to continue the Third Density plan of developing a polarity.

And the relatively small number of you who have anchored yourselves in Service to Self will receive the karmic energetic return for using people in this cycle—you will move on basically as slaves of beings of higher consciousness who are also Service to Self.

The Harvest will scare a lot of people, and there are those among you now—a group of individuals representing different ET factions—who will try to get you to follow them by offering to save you from The Event by taking you off the planet in ships and giving you new bodies.

Please understand that all of you will be provided new bodies as you arrive as souls at your new locations. You are not taking these bodies with you. They will not function in the new environments of the new places you are going. Don’t sell your souls in fear.

If you wanted to lead several billion souls who are not Service to Others polarity off the planet and into slavery at the time of the harvest, how would you do it ? You would start early and play the long game, and become a political or religious leader.

I have been trying to alert you, through daily discussions with you, as to who the beings are that some foresaw and called “the Antichrist.” It is not one person, but a number, all who compete with each other to fool you into giving up your freedom so they can use you.

This control of your governments of Service to Self beings was, in fact, the last plan your guardians tried to get you to develop polarity. They tried in the past sending Service to Others beings to you to lead you, and they were all villanized and blamed for everything.

Religion and politics has always had the goal of “control.” Many Service to Other souls work behind the scenes of both to try to mitigate the harm these organizations do to society. However, all of the powerful governments of your planet are controlled by Service to Self beings.

Your guardians decided to allow the Service to Self beings among you to try to get you to adopt their ways, in hope you would see also the option to step forward and achieve Service to Others polarity instead. What happened is more Service to Self polarity was created.

Again, the Creator does not care what polarity you are, because your free will is the most important gift of the Creator. But your guardians, as do I, hope that you will see the three paths available to you, and hope you will choose the one of love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment.

Service to Others necessarily requires that you love and care for yourself first. Service to Self is about control of others, not caring for and loving yourself as the divine soul that you are.

Service calls me elsewhere for most of the day. I hope to return later for discussion. Please do not produce more fear among yourselves. Please concentrate on the possibility of going to the New Earth, and what you need to learn to get there.

Calling All Witnesses

Published February 6, 2020 by tindertender

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The negative (malevolent) energies have lost, it was recorded energetically last night, they will now start scattering, trying every last ditch effort to fear, do not fear them, claim that You are a Sovereign Child of God, to further remove the last of these energies, we have two more timelines that will be collapsing, it’s going to be a bit rocky, stay grounded, do not fear, remember that You Came here to witness this change, this is huge , you will see more occur this year that will solidify your anchor into Almighty God Souce Creator of Universe.

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