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Déjà Vu

Published January 16, 2020 by tindertender

You are surrounded by the most powerful cosmic energies that human civilization has ever recorded.

The Schumann Resonance went from 7.83Hz for thousand of years to now over 50+ in the span of 8 years and your DNA is changing to adapt to this quantum leap in evolution.

That energy is ripping at the fabric of your brain and the particles inside your bodies, whirling around at mega-speed, so this naturally excites your Krystal Seed Atom that stores the memories that you make during your times within manifestation.

This creates a “hot spot” within your memory-banks for that time period, causing your memory to leap across to your current awareness, reminding you that yes, you have absolutely been here before, and you have done that same thing before in past games.

Because you are not only living in a simulation, but you are on a time loop.

The time loop replays a successful time in history where you were able to remain alive, not blowing yourselves up, and continually producing huge volumes of electrostatic energy that your gamers use for their various applications.

So you have literally lived out this same life thousands, if not many, many millions of times before. Deja Vu is merely bleed through.

Memories are possible events that could happen given your limited number of options in life. Each moment is fully mapped and recorded in advance to your manifestation, then held inside Aniline crystals awaiting your possible choice to play that moment out.

You can choose to replay any one of these trillions of possible events as many times as you choose. By now you have likely played out every possible moment you could have ever experienced on Earth since recycling through millions of lifetimes.

Déjà vu is just you replaying a moment you’ve already played out before and you remember.

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Soul Value

Published January 13, 2020 by tindertender

A poor man once found a beautiful stone, he took it to the local trader and was offered a piece of silver, he declined. He then took it to a lord who offered him a piece of gold. He declined. He then took it to the king who offered him a palace, he declined.

The king laughed and asked “why would you a poor man decline such a marvelous offer of wealth and fortune? Are you mad?!” The man replied “because now I know the value of a human soul.” He threw the stone into the fireplace and left as it shattered while the king wept over shards.

Soul Mind Body Science System

Published January 13, 2020 by tindertender

I attended a metaphysical fair yesterday afternoon. I listened to Dr. Rulin Xiu speak, she is a string theory expert and quantum physicist. I was very happy to see her there. Perhaps when people know that a quantum physicist can put actual mathematical equations to matter, Energy, information relationships and the human life, this topic will be taken more seriously.

I was gifted a book titled, Soul Mind Body Science System, Grand Unification Theory and Practice for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Immortality, authors Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and Dr. Rulin Xiu.

I am pleased to know they have three facilities where they teach Tao Calligraphy, Tao Chang, Tao hand blessings and more.

Dr. Rulin has been working on the Grand Unification Theory for more than 30 years.

“The Universe consists fundamentally of ‘in-formed energy’ ~ that is, of energy ‘formed’ by information (which then is ‘in-formation’).

The human body, for example, on which the in-formation acts, is in spacetime, whereas the in-formation that acts on it is beyond spacetime.

The Indian rishis named this deep dimension the Akasha.

Everything and everyone in Heaven, Mother Earth, and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes is vibration, which is the field of jing qi shen (matter, energy, mind, heart and soul).

I have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of my life.

You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.

Together we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life of humanity and all souls in Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

Join hearts and souls together

Love, peace and harmony

Love, peace and harmony

Love all humanity. Love all souls.

Thank all humanity. Thank all souls.

Love you. Love you. Love you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~ Quote, Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha

I spoke with a gal named Denise there. She talked to me about humility. Of course, we all probably think we know what that is, and may even believe we are practicing it. Here is what she left me with, “Having humility does not mean one isn’t courageous or strong. Greatest Humility is soft, does not fight, strive, or argue, persistently forges ahead. Lose humility, fall into the deepest cavern.”

I’ve been at risk of falling into this cavern. I’ve been fighting, struggling to retain my sense of self, my ego is all over the place gaining footholds here, and there. And yet, I continue to slip. And so this idea of becoming soft, of not taking any crap, yet, not fighting with anyone or anything either. It’s an Art I am determined to learn, especially after hearing the ladies and talking with them.

I love my heart and soul

I love all humanity

Join hearts and souls together

Love, peace and harmony

Love, peace and harmony

Love, Peace and Harmony is a song received by Dr. and Master Sha from the Divine that carries the high frequency and vibration of divine love, forgiveness, compassion and Light.

Our bodies naturally resonate with this elevated frequency, and respond by activations love, peace and harmony throughout our beings.

When many people join hearts and souls together to sing and meditate, this automatically creates a powerful field.

We become what we sing, so as we sing to create world love, peace and harmony, each of us is transforming the message we carry within.

Dr. and Master Sha has several books to choose from on-line. For now, I’ll read this one:

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