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Connecting with Love

Published July 6, 2020 by tindertender

“It’s NOT my fault!” You say –
As you stand in silence to the lack of equity and injustices that’s displayed!

You turn your head and refuse to see the existence of such a thing –
You say I wasn’t there, how is this my fault, you sing!

Well let me tell you my friend, it’s our ability – To become, the responsibility!

To be part of the of the solution –
To educate, support and help, bring resolution!

To a world victimized by all the ism’s –
We need more activism!

I believe it is my purpose to be a Steward of the earth – For the greater good
to rebirth!

In my community, in my world –
I cannot sit in silence or turn an eye to the injustice as it swirls!

Round and round we go –
And still we do not know!

Our eyes are open yet we do not see –
When we stand in silence and let things, just be!

We continue to leave the wounds unhealed-
Because we believe we’ll stir up problems with our lips unsealed!

Well I don’t care if I rattle a few chains –
If it helps to subside the suffering pains!

I’ve wronged people in my life,
can you say you’ve not –
It’s taken courage to face this truth I’ve sought!

It’s humbled me
indeed –
Forgiveness is the ally that I breed!

I’ve been empowered to be a better human – To cultivate compassion, and weed out the inhumane!

I may not be able to change history –
Yet I’m able to change myself, my thoughts my attitude, to rewrite my story!

I must believe this to be true –
Or I will die a slow painful death, I’m sure!

Disconnection is a symptom of fear –
Fear of the unknown, ignorance that showers the soul with dreadful tears!

I may not have been physically present in the day –
However, I can still feel the sorrow and pain that was caused in every way!

I feel it in my blood, my soul.
And until I face this fact I cannot feel whole!

Half of my Ancestors were raped and murdered , stripped of their
culture –
While the other half lived in riches at their expense, like vultures!

I could say it’s not my fault, for I wasn’t there –
But the truth remains, I’m there as long as I’m aware!

I choose to listen and show up for the greater good –
That supports unity and harmony for All, as it should!

I urge you now, take your disconnection –
Find a way to turn it into Reconnection!

With Love

By: Alicia Tarin – 2020


You Tried To Kill Me …

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

… She stated. “If I ever get the opportunity, I’ll kick your ass for that.”

Let’s see … What would “kicking your ass” actually look like?

It could look like stripping you of this Utopia you erroneously feel you deserve.

After all … you have no respect for anothers life.

You know more about me than I know of myself …

And your fear of it is apparent.

We’ll have to see the way things go.

It ought to be quite interesting.

For I’m certain you are not finished trying … yet.


Shades of Love

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

One of my favorite things to do is listen to the masculine sing songs of love and pretend he’s singing to me. It makes me smile, knowing that somewhere out there, someone would love to sing to me songs of love … and so I strengthen this knowing by inviting it into my daily living.

Robert Bassett is a new find of mine, and I love his songs. I have a few favorites I’ll share here.

I hope they bring you as much pleasure as they do me.


Published June 29, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

Surround yourself with people who talk at you, instead of with you. People whose problems always seem worse than yours.

Those that like to hear themselves talk. Who use you as a sounding board. They are always facing something they need to get off their chest.

Surround yourself with people who always have a new pain they need you for. Using your touch, your energy, as a way to reduce their discomfort.

Caretake their needs. They need more help than you do, you rationalize. Therefore you never have too many emotional needs. You never ask for help, for you can see how lonely
Other people are.

Let yourself s*xually and/or emotionally give to them, as a service. It is too hard creating boundaries. You don’t mind just being who people need you to be at all times.

How depressed people stay depressed, is by never getting angry. Always bending over backwards and being flexible.

Choosing loved ones that mimic dad or mom. People who ignore
Who you are.
People that lean too hard on you at all times.

Have an ex lover? Or someone you are interested in? Stay energetically open to connecting with them, even when the relationship is unclear or unhealthy. When it gets in the way of you trusting and deepening with someone else.

Have frequent daily reminders of this relationship around, always taking you out of the present moment. Unconsciously making you hope for or live for the possibility of connecting with them.

Keep photos of the past, the ones who have died to you literally or metaphorically. Do not replace them with photos that reflect what is true today.

Live in a mental graveyard of the dead. Of regret. What happened always making you fear what COULD happen.

Love people who do not really care too much either way. Who encourage your addictions to suffering and loss of self, because they get something out of it. Because you have more focus and energy on them, when you do not treat yourself all that great. They can always get what they want when you don’t honor who you are.

It is easy to be a master at being depressed, especially during the aftermath of continual attack and murders of people of color. We are also facing the numbers of deaths crawling back up from the virus. You must, MUST, be even more diligent on owning your energetic boundaries
Asking for help.
Getting good help.
Being with people who see you, instead of use you as an escape.
Be with people that you cannot escape with because they want to look into your eyes and feel you really looking back.

Do not stay in the cozy prison of your numbness. It will only get worse there. Get help, even if you do not know what to say. Let people love you, by speaking up. Let people see you, by letting yourself be seen.

Depression makes you think no one really cares all that much anyway. So why bother? The truth is the world deeply cares. Especially the moment you decide you are worthy of being cared for.

You are precious even now. Especially now.

To your preciousness.


Daily Inspiration for Women 6-12-2020

Published June 12, 2020 by tindertender

Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been. ~ Mark Twain

My favorite thing about wrinkles (yes, you can have a favorite thing about wrinkles!) is that they can be a gauge for happiness. The more lines around the mouth, the more I’ve laughed; and the more crow’s feet around my eyes, the more I’ve smiled. Despite what TV, magazines, and popular culture tell us, wrinkles are a natural, beautiful, normal part of our expressive faces. They are only flaws if we let them be, if that is our perspective. This is true of many physical flaws that we women are taught to buy into.

Today’s Action

Think of a few (two or three) of your physical “flaws” and write them down. If your wrinkles are a gauge of joy, what positives do your other “flaws” represent? For example, stretch marks might represent the birth of a beloved child or a new muscle. Next to each “flaw”, write something positive that it represents. Notice how each one helps you gain new perspective.


Reading from the Warrior Goddess Wisdom, Daily Inspiration for Women by Heatherash Amara

Oracle Reading 5-28-2020

Published May 28, 2020 by tindertender

In this reading you can read the italicized portion for a more Earthly meaning, the non-italics for a more Spiritual meaning, or both for a larger picture.

Giving something a try is not making a lifelong obligation. You can switch, swap, and refine your interests, friends, lovers, career, plans, home as often as you like. If something doesn’t fit right, try something new, and if that doesn’t work out, try something else. What you are looking for could be around the next corner. There is no failure in moving on or starting over.

Listen. Your heart is calling. A thirsty heart cannot be quenched by logic; it must drink from the well of life and be replenished. Each time it breaks, it comes to hold more, but it’s essence does not change. Your heart holds your truth in every breath. What does it say? Listen, and you shall be reborn.

Avoid comparison. It’s neither too soon nor too late to claim your life for yourself. There is no right way to live your life. There is no wrong way or set pace to follow your path. Be wary of false markers. It is not always time to harvest. Without periods of rest, planning and nurture, there may be no harvest.

Like invisible wheels, the seasons of life move through an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. What appears to begin, rise, fall away and end is but a small part in an endless journey without any clear start or climax. In the bright stillness of the divine mind, every journey flows through love. This is your journey, your time, your season. Shine!

All energy can be harnessed and used in myriad of ways. Just as elite athletes learn to use nervous energy to better their performance, it is up to you to draw energy stored in a negative experience to fuel your motivation, determination or creativity. Use whatever life sends you to your advantage. You can sit on the potential within you, or you can release it. It is your choice. This is not a matter of circumstance, ability or worthiness. Convert a possibility into a reality.

Through grace and love, we continue to transform. Nothing we do is lost or forgotten. As we release our hidden potentials, we create our destiny. One day we shall become stars. Through this process, many future Earths shall be born where we can live as one in the arms of the Divine Mother. The ground you walk on, the rain that falls, her love is stored in everything.

Insight: Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It cannot appear from nowhere, nor can it disappear. All objects contain stored energy. This energy is measured in terms of its capacity or potential. Coal has the capacity to create heat. A stationary rock could roll downhill at a certain speed for a certain distance. The energy in running water has the potential to charge batteries. The potential is there, but the stored energy may sit dormant for millennia without ever being converted or utilized. This energy is neither negative or positive, but it can be used in any number of ways. Electricity can be used to hurt or return someone to life. There is potential in everything … in your memories, your hopes, your doubts, your strengths. How you use them is up to you.


Reading from the deck “Sacred Earth Oracle” created by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J. Williams

Waking From Sleep

Published May 17, 2020 by tindertender

As a young girl I would be startled at the ‘knowing’ that would come over me about certain places, things, people or events. Usually it was of negative nature, or, it felt negative to my young girl heart.

I was introduced to alcohol at a young age by friends. I never liked the taste, but to fit in, I drank it. My perceptions seemed to die out the more ‘abusive’ I became with myself.

In my sexual experiences, I was surprised at the lack of connection made by my partners. They didn’t seem to feel things the same as I felt them. Deeply. No, they seemed shallow, for the climax only.

True connection always seemed to fail, even when I believed it hadn’t.

After 17 years sober, my perceptions are alive and kicking. Hollering even.

Astral travel is off the charts.

Fighting in the ethers.

Loving in the ethers.

Feeling for the first time what full body sense operation (without actual physical connection) is like, or the simple beginnings of the reality anyhow.

I believe I’ve been shown a glimmer of what true sensation is, and when partnered … whoa … it’s gonna be awesome.

Anyone and everyone who was or is psychic or clairaudient or having some other sense-ability will experience an upswing in sense activity, if they haven’t already.

Caring for self is critical right now. Be tender with yourself. If life is tense, find a few moments, here or there, or longer if you can, and love yourself tenderly. Sometimes, we are the only ones who will, so be sure to do that.

As the planet raises in consciousness, we are too. It will get bumpy-er. Be sure to put on your armor … hope, faith, belief … however that looks like for you. As I’ve been told in the recent past by a few, “Stand Your Ground”.

Do what is necessary to protect your Spirit and Soul. Eat nutritious, light food, live if possible, non-gmo too when possible. Easier said than done if you’re not super dedicated. I’ve added a nutrition shake in place of a meal to cut out some of the bulk.

We get where we are going by taking baby steps. One, two, three, maybe a couple steps back and three or four forward … growth is strenuous at times. Difficult, even when the change is minor.

Change, as well as full blown loving, will rock the nervous system. And it isn’t over at climax, no … it continues to alter the nervous system as long as needed until comfortable.

Then a new growth cycle will begin.

Find the joy in life’s ride. Create it, see it in everything. Otherwise, you’ll spend far too much time being upset, or angry, or lonely and bored.

Steer life’s emotions, do not be led by them.

They are powerful. Dangerous if left unchecked.

Be responsible.

But more than that …

Be a Creator who is in complete control of self, working at all times for the benefit of the whole.


Published April 5, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Hello, dear friends. Today I would like to talk with you about fear, fantastic stories people are telling you to scare you, and healing yourself.

Since I am sheltering at home with you, I’ve had many opportunities to view really awful messages from those with vast platforms of influence, who are using those platforms to spin webs of deceit that are meant to frighten you and take your energy.

In the past, we’ve talked about how many of your galactic neighbors study humanity and its ongoing struggles. One of the things they study is the human tendency of many to believe fantastic stories about others, and be led to war or destruction because of their beliefs.

So many of you are being consumed by stories that are meant to mislead you, and test your willingness to be led down dark paths. Throughout history, particular people have been identified as enemies by those who deceive, and entire countries have been led to war.

This is happening again. This is something we need to work on. We have been discussing Jesus’s book, and the LETTERS OF CHRIST, as it is called on YouTube where Jesus very carefully explains that your reality is created by you, through your beliefs.

Whenever you are told a story about the sun going dark and other nefarious garbage, it is to incite an energetic vibration of fear. Within the dark energy of fear, frightening events flourish because they are created by the fear of the collective consciousness.

This is the time to time to turn away from those who paint gloomy pictures of your fellow human souls, and label anyone who dares to speak against the naysayers as horrible criminals. This is the time to heal yourself of the need to be involved with this kind of behavior.

The way to heal yourself, and change the reality you live in, is to purge yourself of judgmental thoughts about yourself and others, and develop love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Jesus explains the importance and method of doing this in his book.

Fear is an important response of your brain in the initial stage of identifying danger. It is meant to help you identify a threat to your safety, and open your eyes and move forward to change the scenario. After that, fear will only lie to you if you allow it to stay.

Healing yourself requires that you understand that humans have developed an enhanced fear response, because you have been through a lot. But today, you are capable of honing back the fear response, so you can heal yourself of the traumas of the past.

When you spend your time on the internet and view everything you see through the eyes of fear and judgment, you enhance the hard parts of your life, and ingrained the traumas you’ve suffered more deeply into your memory. Instead, try to be objective, and reject the fear.

You are all highly intelligent. The only person you should follow is your own Higher Self—you. You have access to all truth through your own Higher Self. You have a continuous connection to your Creator. You don’t need fabulous stories meant to lead you down dark future paths.

I hope, if you haven’t already, you will take the opportunity to reject the old fear-based approach taught by religion which wants to control you, as well as those who need to book shows and sell books today. Your reality is what YOU make it.

The Letters of Christ are a perfect way to celebrate Easter this week. Jesus explains how his mission was misinterpreted by his disciples who wrote the New Testament Gospels. He tells you how to heal your energy to change your life.

During this time, where you have more time than you might normally have, why not break free of the fear-based thinking, and learn to feel real joy, as well as better physical health? Reject the nonsense you hear and create the reality you choose. You can do this.

You are all so very loved and cherished, no matter what is going on in your own life. Remember that the angelic gestalts are here in your service. We will help you get rid of your fear if you will call on us for help. We are available, and eager to help with your healing.

Question: How do i wake up? Am i supposed to stop eating and taking medications? What about weed and cigarettes? I want to heal the world but im trapped in my own mind. The frustration is unbearable. I need my switch to be flipped.

Answer: The Letters of Christ I talked about today could really help you out. It’s not about religion. Awakening is a really normal process, but unless you heal yourself of your past it won’t be as great as it could be. That’s what the Letters of Christ will help you do.

Memories and Excitement!

Published March 29, 2020 by tindertender

I went to the place I was raised today. I parked in a field next to the road behind some bushes. No later did I step out of the car, two trucks with men and a dog rolled in, quite upset I parked in the field.

I explained to them that the road was narrow and I just wanted to walk the crest trail over yonder. I mentioned I was raised here and they asked “where”. I said, “just around the corner”.

They took a look at my license plate and told me to go back to Oregon, that they were tired of us coming to their state. People have been trying to camp in their field I guess. They said I should have asked. I told them I did not know who to ask, and so I apologized, told them it was not my intention to cause them any troubles. They told me to park on the street, so I did.

I began walking the trail and lo and behold I saw this beautiful salamander. I hadn’t seen one in so long, it really caught my emotions off guard.

There was a a herd of elk in the field right next to the trail, they were practically right next to me. My video failed tho, which is sad. It was over 6 minutes of beautiful connection shared between us. They were the most amazing sight I’d seen in at least 37 years, it had been that long since I had seen a herd that close up. They were majestic. Since this is the only video that failed, I must conclude the experience was meant to be a private one. 😉

I sat in the car and watched the rain come down after my walk was complete. I was thoroughly drenched, and it felt so good!

The elk, these deer and the other deer I saw were so relaxed, just chewing their cud, watching me watch them.

Here is the video of the bridge over the Wind River. The river is swollen right now. The rain was coming down like a nice light shower.

I have a few pictures I would like to share as well, but first, baby pine cones and a video of a portion of the river which was once dammed up and made into a lake.

Other than those two upset fellas I didn’t see any people. Well, there were people in vehicles going by, but those were the only two who came to talk to me.

As upset as they were, and at how much angry energy they lost once I told them I meant no trouble, I knew they also did not mean me trouble. And I am glad they are so willing to jump to defend that which is theirs. Their wives are probably feeling some safety.

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