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Illusory Victory

Published January 20, 2020 by tindertender

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Anyone who’s soul mind can generate the perception of illusory victory through the abuse and manipulation of anyone who cannot defend themselves, respond, or be heard for the truth, shares a place with those who do that with children. There is no way around this, in any dimension.

It’s the same thing and if you take the same mind, fractal render the next potential octave, because power levels increase through these events, anyone with the weakness to false power and abuse is doing that. That’s why this had to happen.

That’s why there has been some vocalization regarding the ‘citizen’ level abuse and manipulation by those who are essentially trolling. Those are the next level ‘dark mafia’ ‘fake reality’ false authority crime and debauchery ‘bosses’ that would currently be building dakrness.

If the events did not take place to secure a viable future for Humanity, the top level perverts would be in a distant layer of the farthest ‘octaves’ of time and space and the ‘ground level’ weirdos, out here like anyone else, spending time making a profit or a personal emotional gain from the ridicule, harassment, torment, double binding, gas lighting, and what is ultimately a non human, anti human, artificial intelligence, predatory, emotionally draining, large scale vampiric system. There is no way around this, that is the New World Order.

The people who are holding dark energy insults, false persecution, slander, libel and disrespect, stalking after the mere scent of any information regarding the disclosure of ritual abuse and the mental liberation of humanity, are literally the next runner ups.

That is why you see them chasing it so hard, and so far, across what seems to be hot coals in the middle of a band of rock across a sulphur pit.

It is automatic, like the caboose of a roller coaster getting pulled faster up and over the apex of the first drop because the head of the train is already speeding down the other side.

Those with the energy and intent to disable, maim, and emotionally, energetically enslave the Human Spirit of compassion, truth telling, knowledge, self awareness and free will, what FALSE FREE WILL, fake authority, in their own egotistical sense of superiority.

That superiority is the sense scum has on the bottom of a pond. The trick is that scum doesn’t learn how to fly all of the sudden. You and anyone with a human soul is endowing them with ultimate power so that they can continue to hold power, from a place of self destruction.

The only way to do that?

To hold that power?

To have that?

While it is self destructive, to the Human Spirit? Is to not be human.

It’s PERVERTED to WANT to do that, SOCIOPATHIC to put yourself in the position to do that and PSYCHOPATHIC to carry out the ABUSE of others.

The idea? If you THINK it’s ok, because you know the truth, then you just signed a contract with God pledging your soul and life as collateral.

Do not harass others who are participating in the disclosure of ritual abuse. Do not persecute those who do that, this creates the necessary ‘darkness’ to generate their trend into false reality ‘overlord’. Everyone has to move forward.

Those who participate in feeling an increase of power, through any participation of the loss of power of others, cannot perceive themselves in the larger society. It’s an illusion, but there, there are no illusions, so there is simply the absence of self knowledge.

If they’re not visibly demonic now, trust, when anyone tells the truth, who has to be forced to tell the truth, you see what was hiding beneath.

Please do not be angered by those who have given so much of their power away they are incapable of using the intellectual portions of their energy system. These reactions are autonomous and by design.

It’s sad, not funny or something to bring anger. A form of mental disability.

We are in the wake of a large scale experimentation with generating controlled, non lethal, mentally retarding, highly advanced, mutagenic toxins as a form of controlled reduction of intellectual capacity for the purpose of human enslavement.


Published January 19, 2020 by tindertender

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In order for you to stand in honor, you must first understand what honor actually is. It is the inner strength to keep forging ahead to what is right even when no one is left in this world you can lean on.

Quite simply, no one can stand in your judgement because they’ve factually never walked in your shoes. Therefore no one can actually help you reach your own authenticity. You will reach that all on your own or you will never reach it.

It is equally the strength to allow each of us to walk our own paths exactly as we choose without judgement or any external coercion of any kind. Your moral compass is the only thing that exists.

If you actually want to catch this ascension train, you have to act like it.

All Love

-mission guide

Remain AUTHENTIC in every action you take, in every choice you make, in your health, your cleanliness and your appearance so when another face of god considers you as a beacon of true light, they will recognize it as the example of unconditional love, the TEMPLATE of ascension.

I Will Meet You

Published January 18, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:;

I will meet you


In the men

that I meet

Until I let go

of the expecting

you will change.

Get better.

Stop drinking.

Get therapy.

You know, love yourself.

Love me.

I will experience your fire eyes

and words of hatred

until I am ready

to accept you

and stop sacrificing myself to help


No amount of pleading



Making you laugh

ever brought you back

for long.

You collapsing back

into you

And I learning what it is like

to be left alone.

Any hit or word of anger felt better

because at least it meant

you acknowledged

I existed.

Otherwise you would cry


in your own demise.

Watching you suffer

always hurt


And the peace was never peaceful

for it meant something else

was coming.

What did they do to you?

I’d wonder.

And the question kept me soft

in my heart.

What did your parents do?

Who hurt you?

My care kept me close.

I felt indebted

Spending years of my life

trying to convince you

I cared.

Someone cares.

I promise.

I wanted to be the one that could save you

The one that stayed

for that would not be my mother

And you would remind me

of that daily.

I will keep trying to complete this cycle

Prove that I am lovable

Convince the unconvinceable

Until I can learn to live in peace

without you

and stop trying

to fill that aching

for you

When the peace has always been

the most difficult part.

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

Energy Is High

Published January 17, 2020 by tindertender

There are certain things that make us vibrate higher, and there are certain things that actually assist us in “broadcasting” or “announcing” ourselves to the unseen. This is not always wise, especially nowadays when there are so many different life forms out there picking up on our message.

Attracting the wrong kind of energy can be detrimental to health. Old habits die hard.

There is a hint of thought that maybe I should shut down, not be so ‘loud’ as to bring unwanted attention my way … but isn’t this the message women (Indeed, children of both genders) have been taught over generations?

Don’t be too loud.

Someone might come along and hurt you.

Be small.

There is a sickness in this world. And since we know that information feeds the energy, and energy feeds matter (physical form), then it is safe to say that the woes and hurts we see in this world are first manifested in the aether, a purposeful tearing down of the structure of matter.

The mind knows it, for it most often lives in this generated chaos. I say ‘generated’ chaos because there are those beyond time who input this chaos into the energy field, which is then transposed onto the human (and other) mind and body.

It’s all connected.

For the most part, you did not create the chaos. You responded to it. Which magnified it. You are the magnifier.

Recognize what is your creation, and which creations you are reacting to. Then do more of the first, leaving behind that which those beyond time (and those of time working with them) wish for you to claim as your own.

Create your own story.

Stop weaving reaction into the story you are being fed.

Dominators’ Catch 22

Published January 13, 2020 by tindertender

Don’t believe known liars! They’re so desperate for any kind of attention (just to keep relevant) that they’ll stoop to any level of deception and making up their opponent in order to convince themselves they’ve won.

Such is below you.

And if they can’t communicate effectively or without becoming violent (lack of self control, discipline, emotional intelligence), then one will often fall into a trap whereby the tactic is to get people to play along debating nonsense in a derogatory manner.

This was used as a mind control strategy, for many years, covertly. Now we are seeing it center stage.

The careless nature and lack of emotional control or clarity is related to the repeated use of one’s mind for the purpose of dominating others through disruption, deception and degradation. They, themselves, become victim to their own entropic thinking and feeling.

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Dropping the Hammer

Published January 12, 2020 by tindertender

There are those in the unseen crossing boundaries without permissions. They believe they ‘own’ life and can do with it what they feel. They have many helpers, great and small.

“I have to deliver these”, she said. Meaning souls. However there are others who long to ‘study’ some of them first. They assure her she will make her delivery, after they get what they want.

It is difficult to view the self through the eyes of another, and it is difficult for another to understand the self of another, even when they are immersed in it.

Neuralink. These ‘chips’ are in the atmosphere, sprayed via aerosol, the same ones people refuse to see overhead.

September 2018 ~ “I think we’ll have something interesting to announce in a few months … that’s better than anyone thinks is possible,” the Tesla CEO said on “Joe Rogan Experience.” “Best case scenario, we effectively merge with AI.”

Not only the chips, but the chemicals (Vaccines) needed to make a successful ‘link’. Although many will continue to self harm, or others, for this technique is still in the testing stages and causes mental health issues, especially in the unsuspecting, which the majority are.

Can personal Will stand up under this, or will it bend, break, and become what they see it as? A commodity. Souls for plunder.

This poison has been spread to us all. What once made the heart sing are becoming yesterday’s memories.

I’m thinking there are many powerful folks out there who could benefit from an intensive 12 step Love program … or perhaps they have already been compromised and will never be able to absorb the information, for they have been rewired, hardwired, with the nanobots of the mind.

I appreciate having experience without catastrophe. Most average folks do. And this, I believe, is what so many are fighting for right now.

This new world of cyborgs, minds neurolinked to Musks tiny machines, is happening now. They did not hide it, announced it to the world.

Yet still, the minds of humanity have difficulty recognizing the ‘not asked for upgrades’ are happening, whether we like it or not.

Because our life is not seen as our own.

It is these nanobots Elon musk is using to integrate the human mind to AI.

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