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Woman’s Holy Roar!

Published November 12, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo

Mother Mary came to me

Said my wretchedness is holy

Said the way I bleed and hunger and cry

I create a storm in an otherwise boring sky

And she tells me to stay this way.

Do not succumb to the pressure to be barely seen, heard, to speak so gentle the tiniest bird might out sing you.


In the supermarket.

Roar in the street.

Roar with every step I take.

For my love is brave, she says. I should be proud of what I can do with a heart. While she chose God. And that was an easy choice. But I have decided to fall in love with mankind. Now that is something.

To be brought to my knees and commit the most humbling acts of sheer love. Without knowing how it will land, where it will go. Putting the world deep inside me, and when I let it go, she is more alive than she was without me.

Mother Mary says desire in and of itself is holy.

That my innocence will never die. And they will only see in my who they truly are. So love deep and wide, but do not get caught up in it. Love pure and long, but never erase yourself for it.

Choice ~ A Real Zinger

Published November 11, 2019 by tindertender

Turn it up, or turn it off?

It’s all choice, right?

Do we walk into our fear, or do we hide from it?

Do we assist, knowing there are those who will do their best to stop us, or do we open our hearts and do so anyway?

If they tell you they won’t cause harm should you stuff your power, can they really be trusted?

The enemy can never be trusted.

We’ve got to face the facts …

It comes down to control.

Love: IS / IS NOT …

Published November 8, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo,

Love is not:

A series of small kind acts

Sharing meals

Sharing orgasms

Sharing time


Business building




Gift giving

Involving crystals



Self sacrifice

Polite warmth and conversation


Praying together



Similar beliefs

Alienating others




Keeping a strong face

Ritual sharing

Vacationing together


Staying together

Living together

Feeling good








Lavish romantic gestures.

Love is:

Being able to sit alone in the dark with another human. Know there is nothing you can do to fix a thing and instead just stay.

It is witnessing all of the things that come up when you cannot change your love’s reality. And instead of quelling your pain over their pain with being “helpful,” simply breathing with them instead.

Love is wanting to be as close as you can be to every inch of them, because you cannot help but desire everything they are.

Love is being able to have fun in any situation. Like get-you-kicked-out-for-enjoying-life-way-too-much-fun.

Love wants you sober. Not the life of the party. Love wants to look at you and trust you will be really there looking back.

Love doesn’t care too much about your job. Or your mantra. Or your guru. Or your hair. Love is not impressed by the things we are told to impress people with. Love just wants you naked and free from all those things.

Love is feeling them even when they are not there. It is remembering them regardless if they can remember themselves.

Love is showing up, even if you are not asked to.

Love is having an authentic response without cruelty and also no longer cushioning the truth.

Love is forgetting who you are and remembering it, all at once. The stuff that could hold you back about your past, can’t work here anymore. It is both terrifying to feel the shift in your identity and also liberating.

Love is noticing where you both are lying. And calling eachother out.

It means the illusions of brokenness are shattered. Love expects you powerful. And treats you so.

Love knows you are not perfect. Love wants you especially when you are raw and undone.

Love is a series of seeing the other. The shadow and the light. It is tenderness and truth with these parts, at the right time.

Love is wanting to know where they came from, how they got here, where they are going. Interested in the person behind each trigger or moment of peace.

Love is endlessly curious. Never satiated with the knowledge of what makes someone tic.

Love is being able to laugh hard. Truly finding the absurd humor in most things— for the weight of love is light.

Love takes hundred percent responsibility for causing hurt, without becoming a martyr. In love each issue is resolved with all taking full ownership of hurts or confusion.

Love is feeling completely unprepared by the depth of what is shared. Feeling like a child. Acting like one sometimes. And proceeding forward anyway.

Love will show up when all else have abandoned you. They will not know what to do only that they love you.

Love is risking reputation, importance, and even the relationship itself, to fully adore the human in front of you and the being of your own soul.

Love is freaking out. Or staying calm. And loving just the same.

Love wants what is truly the most powerful mind blowing heart connecting relationship for you. Regardless if it involves them or not.

Love is saying the thing others won’t say. It is speaking up and creating relationship through each word shared.

Love doesn’t die or go away. No matter how much weight they gain or lose, how moody they are, how healthy or unhealthy. Somehow the flame of love keeps burning bright through every storm.

True love is a secret to all except children, the old and dying, and the mystics. The wise never truly know how deep their love can go, and spend their lives finding out.

You Are Gods

Published November 1, 2019 by tindertender

Only members of the god family (you) can “create”. Everything else is simply a construct of what we (the collective of the god family) manifested in the first place. We can un-manifest these as easily as we manifested them.

But we need to be in agreement on what is “real” and what is no longer there. This is why the world continues in the condition it is in, because they remain separated through wars and races and sports and other mind programs humanity is under.

First you need to be able to communicate, once you do, you find out that humans are human(e).

It is only your captors the Nanites who are the absurd monsters you think you are seeing on the news who appear “human”. They are not.

You have the ability to imagine your own future. You are a fractal, or one separate entity of god-source. You are Self awareness of the one unified god-source mind of god from the Liquid Plasma and Sound Fields you think of as heaven.

However, inside the many, many different brain washing programs of religious texts, there still remain some truths that have to be inside those programs in order for them to work. If they tell you what is really going on in parables then they can also lace into that deceptions in order to place a slant on the truth to lead you to their desired outcome using your creator-god abilities to manifest things for them.

Think of yourself as an amplifier for their aether commands (while you are unknowingly being used as their pawn to enslave the planet).

You are gods. Gods cannot die. Gods don’t need a deity to worship. Gods are the creators of all things. As long as you BELIEVE that you are inside this prison, you will CONTINUE to be inside that prison.

When you finally reach the point where you flatly refuse to be subjugated, when you finally realize that the knees of a God DO NOT BEND, then and only then will you be able to leave this prison.


Published October 26, 2019 by tindertender

mission guide | 10/26/19

This is a carbon-Silica world. Carbon is a heavy version of Silica that is virtually void of all oxygen, whereas Silica is literally made up of solid oxygen. Silica is another word for crystal and mentioned many times here. Because we use many names for the very same things to indicate the subtle differences in the density or composition of the material, it makes it simple to confuse anyone who doesn’t have a master’s degree in that particular subject. Silica is used for computer chips the size of your fingernail and also makes up the batteries that power it. Computers that can send back a response to you with the results of 10 million search matches in the blink of an eye. Why is that?

How does Silica manage this mysterious and utterly magical feat? Because Silica fibers are Sentient. There is a god-mind inside of them that can think and reason at a speed unthinkable for a human, and I will explain just whose mind is powering them later. It would take a team of researchers a year to bring back your search results that can be done in the matter of ½ of a second online with the toy computer you are using today. Black ops computers are a million times faster even yet.

While we think of crystals as just the ones that you see hanging from chandeliers or we might use for energy healing, crystals are much more diverse than one could ever imagine.

Up to this point I have shown you that Silica crystals are at the base of many things within our plane, but once you take a closer look at the word crystal and what falls under that category, you will clearly see that crystals literally make up the world you live in. They saturate the human body, as they also saturate all other biological life-forms. They make up the concrete you walk on to the plastic or ceramic cup you drink your coffee from, and even the coffee itself. You eat crystal, drink crystal and breathe crystal every single day of your life, just as every other thing that consumes anything.

Piezoelectric crystal is pure wireless energy, and happens to be the data-bank of all recordings. These recordings are held in the Silica stones around your garden, the Silica memory in your cell-phone and your Soul Essence historical recording Akashic Records within both the planetary crystal as well as the liquid crystal in each cell of your bloodstream and DNA. This is why our life-system is called the Silicate Matrix.

It has been taken so utterly for granted how recordings work that we no longer even think twice about the concept at all. Of course we can record our voice. Of course we can record that day at the beach. But how do thousands of recordings play back from a Silica chip the size of a little fingernail exactly? We know that grooves on records play back the sound through the little chinks that were placed there when the needle vibrated while recording the sound, so it plays back the vibrations as they were placed there, but how do slabs of Silica crystal do this without the chinks? How do computers play back the information stored inside? They tell you that diodes and resistors make these leaps, but there is more to the story than resistors.

The Silica crystal itself records because of who you are. A robot cannot ask this same thing, as they are not god family members as already covered. Silica, another word for aether, is only here to manifest before you and then record everything you think it is you see within your field. If you were all by yourself looking at a car or robot let’s say, then it too would be recorded, but if you were to look away, they would no longer be in the picture (because they would no longer exist).

They know what you intend to manifest of course, so therefore they record that because anything you say or do is the action of a god which is universally sacred throughout the cosmeias. In fact, the word sacred means to sac, or to hold the essence of, which is another word for record in digital terms. These recordings are not only just in what we think of as solid crystals, but all things made of polymorph (Silica) crystal as covered not long ago. When you cut out a cross section of a tree trunk and polish it like a smooth CD, then play it back using laser light, it will literally play out in genuine musical form everything ever witnessed by a god while in the plasma field of the tree over its lifetime. I’m not talking about squawks and screeches; I am talking about real music.

That might sound insane or incredible to you, but nonetheless, it was proven by Bartholomaus Traubeck not long ago that a sliver of that tree would not only play back the sounds it recorded over the years, but entitled his album where he collated the songs of more than a half-dozen trees just that, Years. What is the most stunning thing about this is the sound came out as symphonies. Delicate pauses with grand crescendos and all the subtle nuances we hear in compositions created by man. Only these are the songs that if translated into digital video, would play back every event within the torus field surrounding it while “someone” was around:

[This audio/video clip is one slice of a tree replaying what it witnessed while in the presence of gods:

It is a shame this is a written book rather than a musical replay medium [this was only in reference to the printed version of the handbooks, the link for a sample will be in the next Ebook updates], otherwise I would include clips of this amazing truth that the Silicate Matrix of crystals within the stones and water, plants and animals, hold the recordings of all expressions of the god force life of Tara. The spark emitted from your brain may sound to sensitive pickup devices like an electrical arc or zap, but when translated into cellular language, it would always sound like your song that would include every aspect of the entire universe you live in and are manifesting.

What is little known is the fact that crystals are not only alive, but each time they hear a sound from or witness an act of or even a thought created by a god family member, they grow. Trees grow this very same way, because their fibers are actually flexible polymorphic crystals that “stack” on top of each other and grow wider as they grow taller. Gods (humans) literally make plants grow just by being there. This is why plants sung or tended to often by their curators flourish compared to ones left alone and aren’t in the presence of a god for long stretches of time.

~Excerpt from decoding the hive human handbook series, volume 1, Scalar Vibrational Mechanics, chapter 10 The Silicate Matrix~

mission guide

The Voice of Trees:

Mirror Image ~ Reflection

Published October 26, 2019 by tindertender

When your senses are telling you something is off, the words do not match the energy, the too good to be true verbiage is a line, a show, an act, test it …. see what shows up.

By test, I mean check what your thoughts are of the person, people … What do you see in them, how does the relationship make you feel? Do you have honor for their struggles in your heart, are you working behind scenes to ensure they get what they deserve? Wordwise, your ideas and theirs may match, but don’t give into the every whim of the opposite party, and watch as the truth explodes from them.

I was quite surprised at the years long hidden venom … and SO glad it was discovered in truth now, rather than later.

They no longer have to hide their true feelings, they no longer need to lie … a gift to them, from ME.

But they will … miserable people will always find someone to blame. They will always say others had a better start in life, they will always say others never gave enough, and they will always put some sort of value to it, and then attempt to extract payment.

It’s all a lie to make themselves feel better. And they’ll build … or birth … a posse, and teach them the story of hate, the supposed torment of their youth, based on misperceptions and hurt feelings and they will train them to also try and extract payment.

It’s too bad how some folks teach their kids to believe rumor, rather than what they experience for themselves. They will expect others to eat their weaved storyline, and they do … and they continue the fraud.

Generational cycles of misperception and unhealed triggers, Perceived wrongs done. A sincere effort to extract an imaginary debt owed, perpetuating harm in the world …

This is the reality many choose.

The rest of us, well, we have to move on away from that toxic timeline … leave them to it, to swim in their suffering, and hope someday they might have courage and be willing to do the real inner work of healing personal triggers, rather than blaming the world every time one gets flipped.

The grass is always greener on the other side … so they attempt to burn it down, rather than make friends and share ideas.

These are the perfect, gaslighting narcissists. Some folks pour energy into how well they can manipulate others … some simply try to Love to the best of their ability. It usually looks like the gaslighting narcissist gets the upper hand, but Spiritually, they are injured and/or dead Souls.

May they actually get a life of value … relationships, not stuff. And may they actually be brave enough to see the childish tantrums they throw and decide to grow up, without need to justify their vile behaviors.

I am SO glad I am not living with this putrid hate and weird need for some type of revenge inside of me. My hope is they will not get ill from containing all of this poison inside of them. But they might … and I’m sure they’ll find someone to blame there too … probably God this time.

Ask Permission

Published October 22, 2019 by tindertender

Before cutting the branch of a tree or removing a flower, tell the spirit of the tree or plant what you are going to do, so that they can withdraw their energy from that place and not feel the cut so strong.

When you go to nature and want to take a stone that was in the river, ask the river keeper if he allows you to take one of his sacred stones.

If you have to climb a mountain or make a pilgrimage through the jungle, ask permission from the spirits and guardians of the place. It is very important that you communicate even if you do not feel, do not listen or do not see. Enter with respect to each place, since Nature listens to you, sees you and feels you.

Every movement you make in the microcosm generates a great impact on the macrocosm.

When you approach an animal, give thanks for the medicine it has for you.

Honor life in its many forms and be aware that each being is fulfilling its purpose, nothing was created to fill spaces, everything and everyone is here remembering our mission, remembering who we are and awakening from the sacred dream to return home.

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