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Liquid Silicate and “Life Field”

Published April 24, 2019 by tindertender

When you send an Avatar outside of the LIFE FIELD of earth, it starts dying, not because the tides stopped coming in and going out or if the leaves below you stopped turning color and dropping off in fall.

It’s because you are now outside of the Liquid Silicate water of earth’s atmosphere. Where the amneo fluid (Deuterium) is not present, life from this playing field is not present, exactly like your computer screen stops where the pixels end.

The people or symbols on your screen don’t just jump off into your kitchen because they invented a vehicle to navigate space. If the scalar-waves (the aether that is carrying the commands that produce your physical Avatar) aren’t there to translate your heartbeat into manifestation, there are physically no pixels to reflect the hologram.

The seven layers of the Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence that now controls the circadian rhythm of your body and sets the Schumann Resonance flashline sequence of earth to work strictly in tandem (here and only here now) was not just meant to keep benevolent forces out, but specifically to keep you in.

If you leave this atmosphere, you will die because you can’t reproduce the morphogenetic field of the planet while in space.

Her field is why your field exists, and that’s why there is now a force field around the planet. This is the interstellar hard deck of the planet that EA and Marduk have put in place.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The Heart and Brain, Can We Help?

Published April 24, 2019 by tindertender

The artificial brain has “breaker switches” that are like the breakers to your house. Once tripped,they need to physically be reset in order for the current to flow again, something no one is going to do for you, and something that was put there in order for your mind (heart) to never actually “see” and then come back into awareness afterwards, otherwise you would cause big problems for the rest of the sleeping abductees to remain in their comas.

The mind’s (heart) connection to the artificial brain is the weak link in the chain of your Chimera existence, and is extremely fragile. Seeing a giant Jesus in the sky 4x bigger than the mountains surrounding it could erase consciousness by many if not most who viewed it.

~ Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Everything is toxified, weaponized, and dangerous to our health. If we refuse to acknowledge the truth of what is happening, we will have no way to assist ourselves in combating these attacks.

Flower Of Life ~ Your Krystal Seed Atom

Published April 24, 2019 by tindertender

Actual photograph of the organically grown carbon core cell of life taken by powerful microscopy of your Angelic Human Eternal Life Command Signet. This is THE KRYSTOS feature of your DNA Template.

Earth’s alignment to other planets within the solar system was artificially shifted long ago. This was a result of massive damage sustained by the planet during past wars where pure-energy weapons had been used with total disregard to the host planet then called Nursery Earth,
long after the Fall Of Man War.The planetary body was rotated from its north to its south, then an additional 23 ½ degrees for a total rotation of 203 ½ degrees. NORTH is the energetic outflow of a magnetic field, which was supposed to be pointing UP within this playing field.

While science calls the top of the planet “north”, that is not true. The North Pole is technically the South end of this Torus field which is why compasses fail anywhere near the epicenter of that pole, because the compass is trying to point downward, not closer to that pole’s center. Of course compasses aren’t made to point up or down, only left or right.

While this isn’t a major issue all by itself, the rotation of the planet is, as it is now bringing in celestial energies directed from planets not organic to the Gaia Time Matrix energy-flow.

Those energies are tuned to reverse the angular-particle-spin of the energy flow within the Keylon Grid pattern that once held the Template to organic manifestation.

“Due North” now just so happens to be aligned perfectly to the planet Polaris at the center of the Alpha Draconis star system, where most of the animal invader-races on this planet hail from.

The Final Word … Amen!

Published April 24, 2019 by tindertender

Amen Ra was the position of the Pharaoh, not the name of the person. He was god over the Lost Souls of Tara, standing in the position of the ONE, or the Annu-Elohim, who are unable to manifest within the frequency of this dimension.

He was tasked with keeping closed the passage of ascension through the process of the Eye of Horus. Today when you pray and end that prayer in the word Amen, you are powering the intent of Amen Ra.

Excerpt from mission guide latest new PDF book, “Cheops SPOKE”. Available through contacting mission guide via

Far Worse Than You Thought

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

There is much more going on in regard the sprays from these planes in their Geo-engineering programs, and those intertwined within.

“As above, so below … As below, so above”.

This is so much bigger than merely killing humanity and destroying this planet. “Someone(s)” have it in mind they would like to eliminate our “Heaven”.

So many people have been relaxing, tossing out slander about those who are attempting to draw attention to a severely dangerous global catastrophe in the works.

If we allow this planet to be destroyed, where will the anchor be for our parallel world, our heaven?

Yes, I believe humanity is abhorred by some life on this earth, and there are active plans in process detrimental to life … here, and hereafter.

The lies you have been told are just that, lies. You sit by and watch (or tune out) while your planet, and hope for a happy hereafter is annihilated. Where do you suppose we’ll wind up then?

What will be left if not hell?

Self-Labeled Supreme, What Could Go Wrong?

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

The NANITES RACE has always been referred to as “The Archons” (ARChons) and have always been “GOD” to all of your captors, which has been the driving force behind all of this warring and murder.

They have no emotions, they feel no pain, all they do is seek to continue to overcome all of the star systems in creation and they do that by possessing all of your captors, and you, so that you are their breeding grounds to continue their one agenda of “be fruitful and multiply”. Yes, that statement was always about getting more human bodies to procreate inside of. By subjecting biological bodies to fear and war, they are able to lower your frequency to the bandwidth they have been engineered to thrive within.

Once you vibrate then in fear and war, they are able to simply enter into your DNA and take over control of your actions.

We encourage you to continue to learn all you can now so you can learn how to begin resonating in unconditional love for all things within creation so that the invasive Nanite agenda will be unable to live inside of your DNA.

Forgiveness of your captors and your fellow man is the only way to raise your low vibration from all the intense work the invader races have put you through.

When you fully embrace the Law of ONE of pure, unconditional love for all biological beings, you free yourself from this captivity and rejoin your fellow faces of god in a place where the Nanites do NOT reign supreme.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Parenting the Inner Child While Raising a Family

Published April 23, 2019 by tindertender

Are you sure your child wants to do what they are doing or are they doing it to soothe your insecurities about being rejected by society? If they are doing it to appease you, do not let them. If you allow this, children will learn to sacrifice peace within for approval of others.

And before you know it, your child is doing things they would never do in a million years only to be accepted by a group.

Spiritual warfare is teaching your child to give up their voice, innocence, MIND BODY AND SOUL. What are you doing to protect them as much as you can to prevent this from happening? What are you doing for yourself to be a better guardian to prevent this from this happening?

We may not be able to do everything. Because parents are suffering and under attack, too. But we can always do at least one thing. And then build on that. And then more and more each day. Doesn’t matter where you are at. What matters is that you start NOW.

Children who are not allowed to express anger or frustrations when someone crosses boundaries will slowly lose their sense of self and voice, and their understanding of the unique needs and boundaries which by nature, are designed to protect them when caretakers are not around.

This is why the shaming of anger is one of the weapons used in spiritual warfare to silence children and slowly degrade them of their natural free spirited innocence.

Parents, you cannot be around your children all of the time. So, what are you teaching your children at home. What are you modeling for your children at home that will help them protect themselves as much as they can when you are not around?

If someone tries to hurt your child and you are not there to protect them, don’t you want them to know how to protect themselves? Don’t you want them to know how to stand up for themselves? This world is doing everything possible to prevent them from doing so.

Be the best model you can possibly be for your children by simply being honest. And this doesn’t mean telling them everything. Because of course, like any healthy relationship, there are boundaries. Spaces in between. But those boundaries never withhold truth or perpetuate lies.

Do you know how to play with your child in a way that keeps their inner child alive and thriving? Do you let your inner child come out to play with them? Or do you hold back?

Children need to be taught how to express their emotions in a way that helps them navigate the world that will inevitably not be accepting of their authentic free flowing expression of self.

For example. Your child needs to learn it is ok to cry and necessary and not to “suck it up” or hold it back but also not to cry in front of strangers or those they do not trust or feel comfortable around. Teach them find a space in solitude where they can release.

Those who play roles have forgotten their inner child. Those who suppress their emotions to play those roles have forgotten their inner child. Because children don’t play any roles. Children just are who they are. Free. Which is why they are under attack. So they will forget.

Anger wouldn’t feel so bad to you if your inner child hadn’t been shamed by someone who was ashamed of their own anger. Make peace with this emotion so that you don’t feel the programmed guilt designed to suppress it when it arises.

If you think your child is not watching your every little move, YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Children pick up on everything. And yes, they will model after you. If they see you playing a role, they will play a role. If they see you being authentic, they will be authentically THEMSELVES.

If you have a child but have not yet remembered your inner child, then yes your child is going to be the one reminding you. DO NOT SHAME THEM FOR YOU NOT REMEMBERING. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE WARFARE TARGETING THEIR INNOCENCE.

If you as a parent know how to self soothe, then your child will learn how to self soothe.

Children are learning to play roles at a much earlier age because of social media and because they model after their parents who perform on social media because parents have not learned how to truly be themselves because of social norms designed by evil to suppress AUTHENTICITY.

When you suppress or shame emotions like anger, you are silencing and shaming your inner child. You are also teaching them that it is wrong for them to have boundaries and to protect themselves.

Don’t lie to your children. This doesn’t mean you tell them everything. BUT don’t lie to them. If they ask you a question you are not comfortable answering because you are not sure how, tell them you are not comfortable and that you will think about it. But do not lie to them.

Lying to your children is normalized and it starts with the insanity of Santa Claus but lying to your children is part of the indoctrination.

~ Sarah @morteperamore

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