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People Are Taught …

Published September 18, 2019 by tindertender

… and generally this is true – that butterflies suck nectar from flowers for nourishment and drink from puddles through a long proboscis for water. Butterflies do this, but flowers are not their only source of food. Equally as commonly as they eat nectar, butterflies also feed on rotting fruit, animal dung, urine and decaying corpses. Look at them, all there in that picture, all eating that poo.

Flowers alone do not provide enough sodium for butterflies, so they are attracted to salty things. If a butterfly has ever landed on you, it is not because it likes you or because you look particularly like a flower; actually, it is because the butterfly was attracted by the smell of salt in your sweat and blood and it wanted to eat you, but its probable it was so tiny that you didn’t realized that it was sucking at you.

And this is why they are able to suck the tears of your deepest martyrdoms and acting like the heralds of death they are … and that’s poetic. ✨

For more dark and fascinating facts about deadly butterflies, I recommend visiting this link 👉

Special thanks to Butterfly Babe (@butterflybabegallery)

Elder’s Meditation 9-11-19

Published September 11, 2019 by tindertender

“Listen to all the teachers in the woods. Watch the trees, the animals, and all living things – you’ll learn more from them than from books.”


Nature is a living example of how communities live in harmony. If you go into the forest or mountain and sit still and watch, ask yourself, what lessons are being taught? Then watch how the animals conduct themselves. The trees could represent diversity. The flowers could represent people. Notice how everything in nature assists one another. See how balance works. See how conflict is handled. Can you see acts of forgiveness? Can you spot respect? Nature is full of wisdom if we will only consider her to be our teacher.

My Creator, today let me learn from nature.

Pigs Organs Are Identically Placed In Body As Humans ~ Blood Is Compatible

Published September 8, 2019 by tindertender

Could this be the real reason certain people don’t eat meat? Specifically swine?

This is why spirit freaked when we connected and I went to eat a ham omelette in 2004. Oh god, what have they done? I am so sorry … I did not know. (I went fully vegetarian 2 years ago, and picked it out of my food 3 years prior). Except last weekend I ate a little meat … 😪


mission guide | 9/7/19

Q: “Would eating pork be the same as eating beef?”

A: No. Beef is simply terrible for the human body for consumption, as is all animal flesh (including fowl), but that isn’t why eating bacon is a bad idea. The flesh from animals isn’t a food source for Avatars that have been fitted with herbivore teeth which have been mated to their proper dietetic requirements –notwithstanding the “K-9s” on both sides of your front teeth the distorted/perverted human hybrid body picked up from Chimera manipulation to their genome today. (As I understand it, if you have O- blood or a carnivore palate then this response wouldn’t apply to you.)

The Avatars (biological vessels) who are meant to survive on flesh, such as cats or dogs, will never have teeth that cannot rip the flesh from live prey, otherwise that series would fail as a species. Likewise if your body is designed to subsist exclusively from flora (such as a horse or ape), you will have blunt front teeth that can snap off the stems of plants. It is an engineering thing. Bodies don’t just happen: they are all individually designed from the ground-up to survive on their own within any natural, intended habitat.

Animal flesh was never intended as a food source for Angelic Humans. This is something your captors convinced you to begin eating some few thousand years ago because their dragon genetics required the oxygen in Urth animal blood due to their completely different systems. Without regular dosages of red liquid blood, their reptilian “blue blood” won’t coagulate and they will die of hemophilia. Hence why vampires (Alpha Draconian hybrids) have been ciphered into historic mythology as requiring this constant I need to suck your blood fix. But for hybrids not carrying this particular Dragon Kings genetics, flesh doesn’t transfer into fuel for you in the same way.

The word “blood” has to do with engineering protocols specific to E-motion or electric animation. It is the “hydraulic fluid” that runs the limbs of that Avatar, just like hydraulic fluid runs the limbs of heavy machinery. It delivers the oxygen (energy) that powers that motion. When the muscles of an animated being are no longer in service it is designed to break down in order to re-enter the organic food chain.

The hydraulic fluid blood of carnivorous animals carries endogenous microoganisms as part of their template called bacteriophages (robots we refer to as bacteria or simply phages) that enables their biological systems to extract the oxygen back out of inanimate flesh in order to power their animation, depositing the left-over waste behind them in the form of feces that now acts like fertilizer for photosynthetic plants to continue to break down even further until that material is entirely returned back into anion ions once again and re-entered into the atmosphere as carbon and oxygen (CO2).

This bio waste of a deceased animal has to decompose (rot) through this complex process first before a digestive system can turn those cells back into ions, but if your particular genetic template doesn’t include the same bacteriophages and fungi that were designed into carnivorous vessels, those phages that are inside the blood of that animated being will now begin ravaging your own flesh (like they were designed to do). Mankind has gotten around some of this danger by cooking meat to kill most of the phages, so they have been getting away with it so-to-speak, but now the surviving bacteriophages still wind up assimilating into your herbivore bloodstreams and becoming part of your DNA makeup. Something that was never supposed to happen. (See more on bacteriophages in volume 2, chapter 14 Biological Warfare.)

What happens then is now these robots that were supposed to function as tiny ion generators instead now act like retroviruses (subsection Zombie Virus –T2 Bacteriophages– in that same chapter just mentioned) that continually try to turn your genetic template into a carnivore template, resulting in diseases you call anthrax, bovine tuberculosis, brucellosis, salmonellosis, listeriosis, trichinosis and such.


But this particular issue regarding pork is that isn’t just “animal” meat, it is human meat.

I have already written about this subject at length while putting together the original Rough Draft of the first part of the human handbook series decoding the hive, but that chapter as well as many others never made it to print yet, as I was forced to simply take a few chapters (around half of the 2400 pages already written) of the most pressing material, stick them into a PDF as quickly as I could so I could assist the council group in escape from where they had been held prisoner for some 2 ½ years at the end of 2017 and I still haven’t gotten back around to those topics yet.

A very long time ago in history, your captors went nuts with genetic alterations while attempting to create their own human hybrid species now called “Lulus” who appear human. But before that they produced “innumerable” new creations called Chimeras that were crosses between all of their many animal forms with humans before they wound up arriving on the reptilian/monkey/human version seen today. These included mermen, goat men, half-fish men, bird variations and the list apparently goes on into too many others to list (at least they weren’t all listed for me). One of those half breeds were a cross between humans and wild boars, producing a particular strain that was found very desirable to keep around that we know today as domestic swine. This is a ciphered term that stands for enslaved is the best way I can transliterate it for you without getting into all sorts of SaTain Cypher codes.

In this particular case, and apparently totally aside of the moral stigma of cannibalism, ingesting Chimera Human DNA brings on even more problems for their herbivore counterparts. The Human Swine Chimera was created using a carnivore Avatar (boar), mixing in carnivore endogenous bacteriophages with herbivore endogenous bacteriophages, creating a different strain of robots to support that Chimera creation. So when you process the blood (flesh) of that “animal” through your biological energy processor, it releases new additional viruses into your system that degenerates your bipedal Template introducing more diseases even yet, such as Kuru. (See volume 2, chapter 14 under Prions And Kuru.)

While the blood bacteriophages of the Chimera Human differ from the rest of the humanesque species (bipedal human hybrids), the original Angelic Human 12 Strand Template still resides intermingled in their genetic codes, making their blood compatible to yours. Most of the changes were to the exterior shell of the vessel while also reducing their computational abilities (IQ), eliminating their ability to speak altogether, and of course, removing their most valuable asset of all, their opposable thumbs. But outside of that, a pig is factually still a human and their full awareness is inside of the vessel just like your cognizance is inside of yours. They just can’t tell you about it.

Doctors know but don’t tell, from their earliest education onward, that the blood and organs of domestic swine are interchangeable with bipedal humans (this is across the board as universal donors without any such thing as “implant rejection” which is a wholly fabricated farce to begin with). So the blood plasma in bags in hospitals actually comes from pigs, but they can’t say that without traumatizing the public. Notice they do not say that is human blood in those bags, opting to rename it altogether as plasma which is code word for light (energy).

All surgeons (you can look this up) are trained using domestic swine cadavers first before ever touching a human body, because as soon as you open up the cavity, all the internal organs inside aren’t similar, but precisely identical to humans. If they can work on swine, they can work on people.

The top elite of the Kybal have ultra-covert organ harvesting installations where domestic swine are treated just as royally as if they were at Club Med (not just sterile, but plush and pampered in every way) so that when they need a new organ they can just get one with no backlisting, bidding on organs or any of that. It is a ferociously-held secret in the “medical” (genocidal) industry. Human organ harvesting (such has always existed in China even to this day) is strictly for the Goyim (monsters), as there are innumerable genetic (endogenous) defects inside all race strains today, whereas the tribe of humans that were cast into quadrupedal bodies have maintained a relatively-pure bloodline back to ancient times. This tells me that the Human Swine Chimera has been around for a very, very long time.

The “big secret” about Human Swine Chimera is only just now beginning to work its way into the mainstream consciousness and only under extremely-guarded release as you will see under the code term CRISPR.

Below you will see that the Sumerians are at it again with human Chimeras, now genetically blending the bipedal version with the quadrupedal, since their genetics are virtually indistinguishable under a scanning microscope. In truth the Chimera Program has never stopped, it has merely gone underground until now. Countries around the world are now admitting to cloning and genetic manipulation of humans for many decades, including Clonaid who announced their first baby boy creation in 2003 (reported by CNN). Rapper Kid Buu claims to be one of theirs, a 2nd generation clone, so this is hardly a new thing.

What humans also don’t know is that CRISPR genetic mutations have been introduced into the fruit industry as well, all silently and behind the scenes in order to “inject” harmful carnivore/herbivore endogenous swine bacteriophages into the human diet, just like they’re doing with the human meat market proliferated around the world by chains such as McDonalds and other multinational (multidimensional) operations.

So when you see that gorgeous red apple all plump and sparkling in the produce section, just know that there is Human Chimera blood in there no one ever told you about. In the two years I have been with Council I have never seen any of them ever eat a single bite of an apple yet. Oranges, berries, watermelon, yes. CRISPR apples, no.

mission guide


Published August 26, 2019 by tindertender

mission guide | 8/22/19

In a stunning revelation just days ago during a meeting with the Council of the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds, it was explained to me that what I had been teaching now for years about animals was wrong.

In corrupted information regarding Cloister Dora-Tura Plates transliterations from a past team member who had been compromised, I was under the direct impression that there was only a handful of animals on this planet that were Sentient like that of the humans now concluding their long-cycle of evolution.

The rest were merely constructed biological cyborgs to fill out the window-dressing of coming into physical manifestation. Their instincts were all programmed in, just like software.

I was briefed on the fact that certain animal species were however, in fact, Sentient beings placed on-planet by both benevolent groups as well as the invader races.

Some of these are certain species of dolphins, white beluga whales, one species of cat (white Persians) and a particular strain of Angelic Human that had been genetically re-engineered as domestic swine.

(Which I took to be the lost tribe of Israel before learning the history of Israelites -Lulus- had been interlaced with the 5 distinctly different human species cultured in Palaidor (from Sirius B) for the Turaneusiam-1 Angelic Human Krystos Project). I still don’t know exactly which “tribe” this is in reference to.

Some of these discussions were quite in-depth and took a long time to cover the differences between certain species and why it is we see some dolphins that are nothing but pure joy to humans, while others such as the bottle-nosed dolphin (which is a version of the Jehovah Anunnaki from Nibiru as I understand it) that hunt in predator packs and rape human women.

(Me: he must be kidding)

Many, if not all, invader races have placed certain animals here effectively to terrorize humans, lowering the overall morphogenetic frequency of the collective lifeforce, thereby preventing individual ascension to billions going through the “T Project” here.

At one time I tried to bring up that I believed wholeheartedly that elephants and bovine were also sentient, but as soon as we got into a deep explanation by my teacher, the subject took a tangent and we never came back to this topic again.

Until recently when I explained that over the years the one thing that my Indigos had the hardest time understanding was that their house pets were actually robots.

I got a push-back from day-one on this and brought it up for insight from her to help me explain it in clearer language so they could let go of the silly notion that their house robot wasn’t a Sentient fractal of god source.

That’s when she told me “what if I told you that you could come back in your next life as a dog?” She went on to explain that most larger animals and fowl are actually all Sentient beings only in much more limited Avatars than the human species.

This went down to the size of a rabbit for the most part, bunnies also being Sentient as well. I was, once again, shocked.

Immediately this was very exciting news, but at the same time left me with a pit in my stomach, as I had already gone on record dozens of times with thousands of readers and team members as stating pretty much the exact opposite. Sooner or later I was going to have to admit this, eat crow and change my explanation.

But honestly this isn’t really much of a problem for me, because just learning all the ways we have been deceived remains my most passionate goal so I can bring declassified facts to the table of this disclosure and leave the myths behind. It is time to know, no matter what.

She did verify for me that most all smaller life forms are actually programmed cyborgs placed here for various reasons.

(Me: and now they’re in our bodies)

Not the least of which being predator drones who act as the eyes and ears of many different fraternities as surveillance and the dispensation of biological warfare we call disease.

She had already explained to me very recently previous to this discussion that she had at her command trillions of certain species who report back to her in real-time anytime she wishes to tap into that channel so she can monitor the planet from anywhere.

Giving her a global omnipresence. These were generally in the form of specific larger fowl species that I can’t disclose because she said they are her assistants and are not animals.

If their identities were revealed they would undergo more targeting than what they are already under in thousands of secret programs designed to continually eradicate her team members.

While predator and attack drones such as rats, scorpions, wasps and many others (not to mention the enigmatic house fly) are here to terrorize and torture human evolution, benevolent ones actively serve as not just sentinels for the management of the planet, but to restore harmony and balance in the spacetime fabric wherever they go.

Singing birds aren’t just making noise because they have nothing better to do; their sonic signals they are releasing are in coded cellular language that tells the aether where to restore a broken stream or the like.

It is a never-ending symphony struck between what we call nature and the aether that manages billions of potential crises that enable the current project to move forward.

Seeing the video I am sharing below struck a chord with me seeing that the Kybal has worked overtime to attack our fellow Sentient friends as aggressively as they attack humans, filling their foods and treats with deadly poisons that we pay good money for in order to bring joy into their little lives while unknowingly cutting their journeys shorter even yet.

This should enflame you just as much as learning there is fluoride in basically 100% of every human food product on the shelf (because it is used in the water that grows and processes everything). Even though this is literally nuclear waste that cannot even be stored legally anywhere on the planet even in sealed drums without an act of congress.

It sails right through to your stomach because it is crucial to the encrustation of the pineal gland that is the one doorway you have out of this prison.

I suppose this is why my contact and the group of council members I live with go to such extremes to feed their many pets organic foods they literally cook on the stove for them as often as they cook for themselves.

My contact has done this all along for even the goats she usually keeps for wholesome cheese and butter, being very careful to research every ingredient in any feed to make sure it actually is healthy and not another Program just to kill her friends.

I never really understood why it was that when I lost a pet I would go through an emotional withdrawal every bit equal to losing a family member, haunting me to real tears many years after their passing. Now I know.

These are beings who are quantum-entangled specifically to you that have been constantly sharing space with you during your manifestations because they really are one of your “best friends” – of all time. Through millions and billions of various lifetimes.

I do not know yet if their lives while on this plane hold any specific ascension processes for them like the Angelic Human Project that offered access to Avatars for future use inside of millions of other matrices, or if they are merely spending time with their closest friends while they are on their journey to that goal. But I promise to let you know the minute such conversation does come up because I know that you’re going to want to know about it just as much as I do.

If I ever pass along information to you that I was previously under the impression was authentic, genuine truth that turns out to be incorrect (and this is bound to happen because there are literally millions of hidden secrets involved in this imprisonment), you have my word I will correct the record and I won’t give a damn if it makes me look a fool. It is only going to be the unvarnished truth that will lead you and me out of this plane and there is no room for ego.

mission guide

“I Love”

Published July 18, 2019 by tindertender

There she lay, dreaming. Her leg kicks just a little every so often. For a moment I consider what her reality is. Bending over I touch her, she looks at me and I give her a good belly rub. She seems a little short with it so I stand and walk to my sofa, sitting. Moments later she hops up on the over-size lounge, snuggling into the plush arm of it. I look at her and I think, “I Love”.

I will just leave it at that, and it isn’t the first time I’ve noticed. I Love. Not I love Snowy, but, I Love.

It is so beautiful to note that this is truth. It is not really attached to something or someone in particular, (although it is, simultaneously so) but it moves beyond, when you do not name that which you love. You simply move about the day finding things that remind you that you love.

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