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The Bees

Published May 29, 2022 by tindertender

When a yellow jacket gets covered in sticky food, like gravy, they get eaten by their own kind, quite brutally.

If the honey bee gets covered in honey, their hive mates carefully clean it all off, and they go about their business … making honey, pollinating the plant life of the earth.

One gifting great contributions to the earth and life, while the other simply consumes the dead and dying.

They look similar but have very little in common.

Yellow jacket
Honey bee


Published April 9, 2022 by tindertender

The medical world never speaks of parasitic infection, never.

These parasites live in the energy centers of the body, feasting on the energies there.

This is the reason we are stuck in the lower two chakras, root and sacral … the energy centers which keep us in fight or flight survival mode, in fear, in lack, in shame, guilt and powerlessness.

The parasites must be eliminated from the body so the energies can flow properly and rise into the solar plexus, heart, throat and crown. The lower keeps us in bondage, the higher is our passage to higher states of being.

There is a reason doctors do not discuss parasites.

Those who run the system are in cahoots with other life forms (parasites who feast on the energy of human beings and other life).

A weakened and sickly body causes people to go to the doctor for treatment. Big Pharma gains a LOT of funding off of a sickly and weakened body. The parasite lives off its host, while making the host less than its actual potential, shortening its life span and deteriorating its health.

It is these parasites, their masters, and those who use humans as breeding grounds for parasites that keep us enslaved in the lower systems …..

Treat is ASAP.

Free yourself from these disease causing life forms.

You will find that a parasite infestation can cause many symptoms of many diseases. Know your body, your energy, and what is needed for your health. It should be apparent by now the doctors only do what the money tells them to do.

Ivermectin is a blessing. I used the horse paste, 1/4 tsp every morning with a full glass of water for 3-4 days, then again in a month.

Borax is another tool to bring the body into balance. It is a source of Boron, necessary for health. It balances the PH of the body, making it difficult for parasitic and cancerous forms of life to grow there. I use 1/8 tsp in 20 oz of water every morning, drank over about 3 hours and followed by at least 2 more 20 oz glasses of water.

The Box Elder Beetle ~ aka: The Love Bug

Published April 3, 2022 by tindertender

At a gathering with chosen family, singing our collective prayers to the heart beat of the drum, a little beetle decided to cross my path.

I said to myself, this is a message.

I discovered that this is a Box Elder beetle, signifying markings are the triangle at the end of the wings, and a razor sharp edged shell, serrated, causing most predators to spit it back out.

It is also known as the Love Bug, as in season, they gather in droves for their yearly orgy. They’ll cover a wall so thick. A living wall. Passerby beetles get a whiff of the pheromones and come to join the party.


You are protected by a Love interest …. your personal Love Bug. Passion and protection, are crossing your path… will you take notice? As you’ve just notice Me?

Spring Beauty

Published March 26, 2022 by tindertender

I went for a stroll in a rhododendron park this afternoon. The birds are nesting and some of the trees and shrubs were early blooming. So grateful for these moments.

It is better seen than said so here are a few pictures and a video.

I hope you’re enjoying the beauty of creation where you are.

A Vision

Published March 20, 2022 by tindertender

I saw human beings on their hands and knees. There was a hole in the ground near their head. Their head was being sucked down into the hole, their necks stretching away from their bodies, becoming elongated like the ostrich’s neck.

This is symbolic of the state of consciousness of most humans.

Pulled into the shadow, the inversion which keeps their minds in a state of suffering.

Sucked into the lower realms where not only the mind (consciousness) is hooked and violated, but the bodies become home for parasitic attachment.

Until people understand they are purposefully kept in this state, by the news they watch, the theater of conflict and suffering, they will remain in this state of suffering, anger, rage, hate, war, fighting.

It’s time to focus on the blockages of the energy system and clear them. The system of this matrix has kept the majority in the lower three chakras, root, sacral, solar plexus. (Fear, anger, shame, guilt, revenge, lust). The blockage keeps the energies from moving in flow to the heart, throat and crown chakras, the Sacred connection to the Divine.

Pull up the consciousness. See from a larger perspective. View the whole game board, not just what some show and report on, but the whole picture.

Who are the players? What is their history? What is the agenda? Who owns the gates, including the human gates, portals walking? Who possesses the power? The control? Who is the dominator?

The war isn’t external. It is about the energies of the human being, and the control manipulation of it offers the puppet masters, the governing system. It’s thievery of the supply of Primordial Light of Source Creation dwelling in each …. who controls this energy, controls the populace, and it is done through manipulation. Manipulation of the sleeper mind, in the dark, dark hole of suffering.

Free yourself.

Start by shutting off the te-LIE-vision.

This portion of Source Creation IS you, claim it, do not let another posses and control it.

God ~ doG and 3,6,9

Published March 3, 2022 by tindertender
 Photo: R A Kearton / Getty Images

I believe the canine was gifted to us in this realm to remind us that love is real, the love of God is real, that it exists even when we doubt … doG is living here in the middle realm with us, the spelling of the name to remind us that mirrored above is home and our truest family, where truest love exists. Our beloved canine reminds us daily of this love, this loyalty, and the commitment to our well-being.

An attack on the canine is an indirect attack on God. doG has been our companion, our protector, our child, our friend, always loyal and willing to please, whatever makes us happy, even to its own demise.

I believe this kind of love is ours from above also. He sees all, and walks with us when we need it most. I have no doubt, as I am older with my own experiences to prove it. I need not prove it to anyone else.

There are beings here who have been eliminating competition, what they deem to be challenger of their dominance.

They know the canine keeps alive in us the truth of love. They torture them in science labs, they torture them for fun, they damage them emotionally and train them to harm. They do this to destroy our support system. They do the same things to us also in unison, shredding our connections to love and source.

I believe it is precisely this truth that causes a stir in me, an awareness I sometimes wish I did not have. It would have been easier to remain drugged asleep, programmed, unaware. What am I to do?

It is my intention to patiently wait this storm out. It is my intention to remain faithful. It is my intention to nurture and fortify my belief in my King, in His abilities and skill, and in His team … which includes me, and is likely why I’ve been under spiritual attack for so long.

The early morning of 2-28-2022 I was told, “In two weeks, or the 9th day, everything is going to change.”

Today is the 3rd of March. In 6 days, it will be the 9th.


The day everything changes.

“If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla

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