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The Lioness and Mating

Published July 27, 2020 by tindertender

When the Lionesses are in heat, they have a lot of sex at once in a single day. 20 to 40 times, and the Lioness becomes the one who demands to mate. So if a male is tired and can’t keep up with her …

She bites his balls. 

Johanna Kok is the photographer of this picture and she took it at Blijdorp, the Rotterdam Zoo

Here, kitty kitty ….. hahahahaha

Love and Happiness

Published July 22, 2020 by tindertender

Love and happiness, yeah
Something that can make you do wrong, make you do right

Love and happiness
But wait a minute
Something’s going wrong
Someone’s on the phone
Three o’clock in the morning
Talkin’ about how she can make it right, yeah
Well, happiness is when, you really feel good with somebody
But nothing wrong with being in love with someone, yeah
Oh, baby, love and happiness
Love and happiness
Love and happiness (love and happiness) oh

I have to say
Love and happiness (love and happiness)
Love and happiness (love and happiness)
You be good to me
I’ll be good to you
We’ll be together, yeah
We’ll see each other
Walk away with victory, yeah oh baby
Love and happiness (love and happiness)
Love and happiness (love and happiness)

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Make you do right, love’ll make you do wrong
Make you come home early
Make you stay out all night long
The power of love

Wait a minute
Let me tell you
Oh the power
Power of love
Power of love, power
Make you do right, love’ll make you do wrong
Ha yeah
(Love and happiness, love and happiness)
Say love
(Love and happiness, love and happiness)
Make you want to dance
Love and happiness

Love is, wait a minute, love is
Yeah, walkin’ together, yeah, talkin’ together
Say it again, say it together, yeah
Say wanna moans
Moan for love, say, hmm
Moan for love, hmm
Moan for love
Talkin’ ’bout the power

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Allen Georgio

The Lovers To Avoid While You Are Healing

Published July 14, 2020 by tindertender

Written by:

Those who limit you to or judge the shape your body takes, the way it moves, the way it feels, the way it looks.

People who project their insecurities or fears onto you and are often facing a new trigger or issue.

People who cannot hold your no, your s*xuality, your boundary, your hurt, or your truth.

People who condemn your values, choices, s*xuality, needs, desires, boundaries.

People who do not know what their values, choices, s*xuality, needs, desires, fears, or boundaries are.

The perpetual child-like partiers drowning their emotions and depression in drugging/s*xing, etc.

Those spiritually bypassing their feelings and using crystals, gurus, as the primary way to enlighten self and grow.

The ones who give their energy/attention/affection/trust to other lovers/potential lovers, when they are triggered by you.

The ones that you often experience their emotional absence, when you are needing support.

Those who are unwilling to get help or do their own personal work, requiring difficult emotional labor and standstills in your intimacy.

You need not avoid those that have been through trauma
or heartache
or loss

These are not signs that anything is wrong.

In fact, those that have been through the most loss are often the most incredible lovers, if they decide to lean into the dark, explore it, shine light onto it, instead of ignore it or hide it away.

Because you deserve to explore the dark together with someone who will never make you responsible for their healing. Who will bring to the table deep value through their own healing + self-awareness and mastery.

To getting what you need and deserve, and letting that in.

Get You A Good One

Published July 2, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo:

Get you a good one that will love the woman in you.

The part of you that can look at him and THAT IS IT. He MUST have you then and there.

The part of you that can hold him when he needs to be held.

Even when he doesn’t think he deserves it.

The part that helps him surrender to you. He cannot help himself.

The part of you that can remember who he is, when he forgets.

Get a love that will not be able to get enough of your brilliance, your mind, your truth, your understanding, your opinion.

He will trust you.

He will go to you. With all the nothing and somethings.

He will long for you, any hour of the day.

No matter what you are wearing. Especially when you are gently undone.

Get you a good one that will not only love the woman in you.

But will love the child.

The way you look at him and he can feel that he’s holding your heart.

The way you trust him, to step in and help you, when you’re not too sure what to do.

The way you fear. Sometimes for no good reason at all.

The times you do not even really know what you need, you just know that you need him there.

The part of you that needs to be reassured, reminded that he’s not going anywhere.

That there will never be anything that comes close to you.

He can make you soup and rub your back and put you to bed.

Will not punish you for your softness, but will encourage you to go there with his easy smile.

Find someone that loves the fierce woman in you and the sweet child. Will not be afraid of any part of you, but get to know it well.

You get to feel what it’s like to be wanted for all that you are.


Photo: https://unsplash.com/@scottbroomephotography

Divine Lovers

Published June 29, 2020 by tindertender

When divine counterparts connect as #divinelovers, the energy flows between both aspects, merges & returns to point of creation.

The chakras align.

The womb within the feminine opens as a gateway & source of existence for the masculine to connect to deeply creative flow within.


Published June 29, 2020 by tindertender

Written by Maria Palumbo: https://mariapalumbo.com/; https://www.facebook.com/maria.palumbo.loves

Surround yourself with people who talk at you, instead of with you. People whose problems always seem worse than yours.

Those that like to hear themselves talk. Who use you as a sounding board. They are always facing something they need to get off their chest.

Surround yourself with people who always have a new pain they need you for. Using your touch, your energy, as a way to reduce their discomfort.

Caretake their needs. They need more help than you do, you rationalize. Therefore you never have too many emotional needs. You never ask for help, for you can see how lonely
Other people are.

Let yourself s*xually and/or emotionally give to them, as a service. It is too hard creating boundaries. You don’t mind just being who people need you to be at all times.

How depressed people stay depressed, is by never getting angry. Always bending over backwards and being flexible.

Choosing loved ones that mimic dad or mom. People who ignore
Who you are.
People that lean too hard on you at all times.

Have an ex lover? Or someone you are interested in? Stay energetically open to connecting with them, even when the relationship is unclear or unhealthy. When it gets in the way of you trusting and deepening with someone else.

Have frequent daily reminders of this relationship around, always taking you out of the present moment. Unconsciously making you hope for or live for the possibility of connecting with them.

Keep photos of the past, the ones who have died to you literally or metaphorically. Do not replace them with photos that reflect what is true today.

Live in a mental graveyard of the dead. Of regret. What happened always making you fear what COULD happen.

Love people who do not really care too much either way. Who encourage your addictions to suffering and loss of self, because they get something out of it. Because you have more focus and energy on them, when you do not treat yourself all that great. They can always get what they want when you don’t honor who you are.

It is easy to be a master at being depressed, especially during the aftermath of continual attack and murders of people of color. We are also facing the numbers of deaths crawling back up from the virus. You must, MUST, be even more diligent on owning your energetic boundaries
Asking for help.
Getting good help.
Being with people who see you, instead of use you as an escape.
Be with people that you cannot escape with because they want to look into your eyes and feel you really looking back.

Do not stay in the cozy prison of your numbness. It will only get worse there. Get help, even if you do not know what to say. Let people love you, by speaking up. Let people see you, by letting yourself be seen.

Depression makes you think no one really cares all that much anyway. So why bother? The truth is the world deeply cares. Especially the moment you decide you are worthy of being cared for.

You are precious even now. Especially now.

To your preciousness.



Published June 28, 2020 by tindertender

Men … so ready to “defend”. Bless them. I cannot fathom what it must be like to dwell constantly with the knowing that at any time, the inner defender may need to be unleashed.

To see them in action … ooohhhhh …..

To know of the safety they provide their families.

The security they bring to their wives, to their children.

It is a heavy load. One I’ve never really thought about before.

What do they go through when their protection efforts have failed? What happens to their hearts, their minds?

Who will defend their inner being when that time comes?

The woman.

The nurturer.

This is why partnership is imperative. We balance each other in the flow of life.

If one half is suppressed, the functioning of the whole suffers.

May the masculine be recognized for his efforts.

May the value of woman be realized as the important aspect of life that she is.

May partnership become full and well rounded, in balance.

And may all hearts be blessed with the knowing that whatever we go through, if we utilize partnership in its proper form, ALL will be well, no thing can destroy it.

May all beings be honored, endowed with grace, and trust rebuilt … beyond any doubt.

Together we are invincible.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@perrygrone
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