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May 5th – Red Dress Day

Published May 8, 2022 by tindertender

Did you know that today is Red Dress Day? On this day, we wear red dresses or shirts, or hang a red dress in the trees in our yard to represent the estimated 4,000 missing indigenous women in Canada and the estimated 6,000-10,000 missing women in the United States.

Did you know that: “One in three Native women will be raped in their lifetime, and three in five will be physically assaulted. Native women are more than twice as likely to be stalked than other women and, even worse, Native women are being murdered at a rate ten times the national average.”????

That’s right. They have a 1 in three chance of being raped, a 3 in 5 chance of being assaulted, are twice as likely to be stalked, and are 10 times more likely to be murdered than women of any other descent.

We need to change those statistics.


And So I Asked ….

Published April 30, 2022 by tindertender

What’s happening?

There is currently a frenzy goin’ on! Trouble, strife, disharmony, conflict, argument, and all things stressful are happening now. A crack of the whip will be exerted. Bring your forces of attention together, get focused.

We are in the midst of a storm. There is uncertainty and confusion. A clear cut will be made to the darker aspects, revealing something that will make this storm less severe. A glorious breakthrough will occur, the Sun shall shine brightly. There is a promise of liberation from this uncertainty.

Security and stability will be forthcoming. Peace of mind will be experienced. Faith has won the game and the whole prize is gained. Hard work pays off ~ Abundance and wealth will be yours. You are protected in times of need.

Many voices together are louder than one. An announcement travels quickly, whether it be from “officials” or messages via social media. This could be a reunion of twin flames.

An invitation is received, a message, information, perhaps a package. A journey is indicated, new horizons to be explored. This will be pleasant.

Beautiful stability, protection and security will be given in this place, it is the Seat of Power.

A Love relationship, monogamy and enduring love shall be the experience. Romance!

No We Won’t …

Published April 30, 2022 by tindertender

Dominator masculine’s coming into my dream space saying “we’ll have fun together” … no we won’t. I’m returning to where I came from. I will not be ensnared for another cycle of dominator masculine telling me what I can or cannot have and do.

Going home to my King, my God.

Get over it.


Published April 25, 2022 by tindertender

We all have “those” relationships. It took me a number of years to realize my relationship with myself, and my Heavenly family, has priority over all other relationships.

“Some relationships are more important than others. It is time to set priorities straight and spend time where you are truly needed, supported, and calm.

“The trust you establish with someone is based on the quality of your relationship and doesn’t always speak that much about the person in front of you.

“See the core of the issue, with compassion, and stay in tune with your hunch instead of spreading yourself thin for those who already betrayed you or broke your heart.”

Dead Relatives

Published April 17, 2022 by tindertender

They shall experience fame and receive honors, recognition by others.

Hope has won the game, true wealth is their inheritance. Their hard work pays off in the long term. They are protected.

They are gifted stability and comfort, a Sanctuary. They are coming home.

An opening for this is being made available now.

They have overcome obstacles and a bridge is presented to them, to cross a divide, they receive new opportunities.

The knowledge that was used against them becomes known.

They take a leap of faith.

They scrutinize the information presented, gaining clarity on their path.

They are powerful and protective, possessing indomitable dignity.

It is a time for healing.

They receive invitation, a lucky end to a phase experienced, welcomed into the garden.

The stormy experiences subside.

They are courageous and victorious, energized and revitalized.

They dwell near the Holy Mountain.

Their wishes fulfilled.

4-3-2022 Never Alone

Published April 3, 2022 by tindertender

Maintain peace of mind. You will persevere and reach your goal. Your work will pay off in the long run and you will have stability and security. You are protected in times of need.

Foster a childlike nature, remain curious and playful. Come from a place of wonderment, innocence and hope. This attitude will get you through periods of discord, disharmony and all things stressful.

A crack of the whip will be exerted by you or against you as reprimand. Bring your forces of attention together, get focused. A false offer of love will be eliminated. This will involve conflict, which will settle.

An element of chance and opportunity arises. A risk you are willing to take. A fun game.

There are no shortcuts to success. Be prepared for a few dead-ends and false turns. Something is keeping you separate from people or goals. A jealous one, a deceiver. One who will betray you in a heartbeat. Be wary, the snake wants to repeat its story in this new cycle of your life.

A lover or mate is coming to assist in process. An announcement may be made which travels quickly.

Success and Victory will be yours. Your confidence and courage is boosted. Remain humble. All that has caused challenges will be cut out of your life. This is a cycle of ease, of love.

Your companion is patiently waiting for your process to be fruitful … a possibility of marriage could arise, sincere commitment. Calm, peace and serenity is what it brings, it will be a long-term relationship. Sexual, nurturing. You may move to a distant location together.

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