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Published April 22, 2019 by tindertender

ONE google search on this craft will bring you immediately to NASA images of this futuristic and bizarre drone that has been tracked constantly by astrophysicists for many decades.

It vanishes from view constantly, not because it is hidden by clouds or atmospheric interference, but because it moves between this dimension and others. This is why you have never heard about it on the news.

It is interdimensional, was not sent into orbit by this current civilization, and orbits your playing field in the opposite direction of all the other satellites in space.

Not only was the satellite identified in the early 1800’s, but in the early 1900’s its encrypted signal was decoded by leading astrophysicists and ivy-league colleges shown clearly to hold the precise pattern of the constellation in the code, part of the physical manifestation of your artificial Zodiak, part of the extremely complex Zeta/Draco Frequency Fence, connecting it to the Recycle Zone located at 3 1/2 dimension where Signature Spirit Essences would be intercepted and sent back down to this planet into a random body that could hold the identity of the frequency of that being.

It wasn’t based on contracts pre-arranged to place you into specific geolocations, religious backgrounds, philosophical perspectives, or bloodline heritages of your mother and father Prana-Seed donors as had long since been in place for Soul Integration Birthing Contracts, it was based on nothing more than frequency. “What is your sign” has always meant, when was your Signature Frequency rebirthed into another artificial body on this planet?

If you were of a precise frequency spectrum falling inside of the celestial alignments that make up the days of Taurus, then you would be placed back into a random family bloodline called “Taurus” that would impart the breath of life to that frequency.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

Ancestry, Heritage and the Future

Published February 6, 2019 by tindertender

Those that are highly tuned to heritage and past generations speak frequently of the ancestors. Their bond is strong, something to be cherished.

I have always longed for this. It was never clear to me what my genealogy is, who my relatives were, or for that matter, who my nearest relatives are. Even grandmothers did not seem too interested in speaking of their life, or knowing me.

As a believer in reincarnation, I recently wondered what happens to those who’s family line ends with them. If future relatives are non-existent, and no more bodies are to be produced in the familial line, does this mean that all souls in that family line can no longer be birthed into the world?

Hopefully there is a kabosh put on 5G, and wireless in general, for this technology damages ova in females. With ova being broken down, the dna breaks down as well. It has potential for wiping out the human race in just a few generations, at least the ‘human race’ we’ve been accustomed to.

Thinking of ancestry now, it is apparent that the way generational family trees spread out, over time the heritage lines have been interwoven in such a major way that there will most likely always be a body born for us to return to.

With that thought, I’ll turn off the radio, lean my head back, and just still the mind … see what shows up.

Relations Through Time

Published October 26, 2018 by tindertender

“Do you know now that I wasn’t lying?” I ask my deceased brother in law. Years ago he spoke of bone spurs in his shoulder, how painful it was. He actually had surgery to ream out the socket. I told him, yea, my shoulder hurts a lot too. He sort of rolled his eyes as if to say I was an attention seeker who did not know of the pain he felt.

I imagine that those on the other side of the veil know many things they did not know while in body. I believe their knowledge increased ten fold, or perhaps more once they left this realm. I also believe that the library of information and experiences we gather while in physical form will be made available to us once we cross over to the invisible life.

I’m excited, for the many times I’ve read the dictionary will most likely be crystal clear, even though I cannot remember the nice fancy words that mean so much currently.

Relatives, whether through DNA or other relation, should never be forgotten. I was honored by the relationship I had with every one of them, even though I don’t understand the whole of it at this time.

Counting blessings …

Receive And Release

Published May 30, 2018 by tindertender

Sometimes what is thought about current reality is skewed, mistaken, in error. Someone comes along and tells a different story, sharing a perception they have from a different view. This sharing changes things, gives it a new perspective, opens the mind for alternatives and change that could possibly alter course for the better.

Remaining open and accepting of different ideas is so important in the land of learning. Sharing … and caring … is how we get along in this world.

It is plain that people have been pushed into a corner, a corner where only a few join them … family units. It is difficult to maintain in this fashion, for those who have pushed people into these boxes have also taken from them, leaving just enough to cause a scraping together of the minimum it takes to survive for a few more days. If any kind of illness or tragedy occurs, the walls come crashing down and they find no one there to support them.

gabriel-benois-637853-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Gabriel Benois

I see people coming to this realization. I see people expanding beyond these walls, reaching for each other. An awareness is coming to minds of this dire situation and they are creating change in the ‘family’ structure, change which is widening to include more than blood relatives.

The view on what a ‘blood relative’ is, is changing. We’ve all come from a long line of lineage. Tale has it that we stem from the same few who started life here on this planet. With this in mind, we are ALL family, related through time, DNA, and inherited knowledge.

Busting open the cage doors it is seen more clearly, the world as it is torn apart, as people from all over suffer. We see it, we feel the pain of it … from afar, and personally. This situation has been affecting everyone, some to greater extents than others. In this time the pressure is felt as the walls close in, even on those who have not suffered quite as extremely.

Those pulling strings have given some people a tad more ‘authority’ than others. They sit back and watch as these ones abuse the lesser, they laugh for they know the abusers do not realize that they, as well as the abused by their own hands, are equally deprived. Mind games, the manipulation is extreme, and people function in a sort of daze while they do the bidding of the ‘puppet master’, while they harm in the name of power … the illusion which will eventually be stripped from them.

Only those with awareness, and courage to look quite deeply into their own countenance can turn this around. Integrity, honor, morals and care for others must be at the core of all decisions. In sharing the bounty this earth provides we begin the flow once more.

Holding onto something, we see a clutching, an absorption, there is no flow in this. Only by releasing into the world that which does us good, by sharing, will the doors open for more to enter our own life. A steady movement of receiving and giving allows the proper cycle. Much like the wind moving through the house when a window is opened, and another across the room, so a cross breeze begins.

May you be touched by the goodness in the world today. May you realize this gift as it moves through you, and may you bless others with the presence only you can give the world.


Open & Connect

Published March 9, 2018 by tindertender

Star Seed
When the soul opens the barrier of the body and the energetic ‘field’ a feeling quite unique happens. The body tingles, the breath slows, things previously kept hidden become known. It is a beautiful feeling bringing with it imagery which can inspire fear, and awe, and a desire to return to a place of comfortable separation.

For these brief moments which seem to last forever, the world lived in becomes bigger, more expansive, and includes things once denied.

There is a sorrow stemming from fear, will a crack appear in the psyche, or will this passage be traversed without injury? Will there be a path to return upon, to the world most well known? These are risks one takes when traveling certain paths. These excursions can be quite terrifying, and sometimes occur quite by accident.

When the world opens up it is realized the ‘family’ is very extensive. Just like some folks in this world, there are those one would probably prefer not to be around. Infinite universes, time which lapses and increases, folding into itself.

This closed off situation is one we choose. It can be open, or closed … the infinite invited in, or kept at bay (consciously) … until this body quits, that is.

Awareness is a gift. If we do not seek it, it will forever be lost to us. Many seek it unconsciously, instinctively knowing this is what they wish, yet quite unaware of the reasons they may do the things they do, until the door opens, and they see. They may question themselves and wonder why they would have chosen this, yet they also have faith that in due time, they will know everything they need to know … for this journey, for their purpose.

Mystical? Quite. This is the only word that can somewhat describe the awareness that has been hidden for so long. In these days and times, there will be more and more people opening up and having unique experiences. One day, we may be able to more fully connect and share. I sense it on the horizon.

In Battle, Seeking Assistance

Published February 2, 2018 by tindertender

“Is she ready?”, “No, she isn’t ready yet.” Our brothers are in a situation … they find themselves ‘stuck’ and they seek assistance.

Assistance … as in being carried out of this world … but what if she likes it here? What if she plans on coming back ~ if the planet isn’t destroyed, that is.


What if this is the true reason the planet is in so much jeopardy. What if ‘brothers’ just need to be released … do you suppose the damage will stop being done? Do you think people will be able to suddenly relax and let go of this mania?

There are deep issues no one is talking about, and those who do are ridiculed and slandered, even killed.

This has been a solo battle for quite some time, for people are in denial. Perhaps they are frightened, or simply so brainwashed they cannot see, no capacity for widened mind, open to receive, open to sharing, to caring.

It IS changing however, an uproar has begun. It is looking like the snowball effect is a current event, growing as days pass. Either we allow the ruination of the world, or we work together … to help “we” … so we can continue on, in peace.

Choice is, and always has been, ours. Power is given to others through an allowing of the people ~ the majority. Perhaps it is time for reclaiming this power, and utilizing it as we have dreamed it would be.

Perhaps it is WE who are the savior of this world … if we choose to be involved in a matter kept secret, if we choose to tune in and discover what must be done, if we decide that no one on this earth knows better than we, for we are ALL connected to this same consciousness which needs to be free.

Bowing To Great Wisdom

Published March 26, 2017 by tindertender

1. Aad guray nameh
2. Jugaad guray nameh
3. Sat guray nameh
4. Siri guru davay nameh

Translation is :
1. I bow to the primal Wisdom
2. I bow to the wisdom through ages
3. I bow to the true wisdom
4. I bow to the great unseen wisdom

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