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Six Pointed Hexagram

Published July 9, 2019 by tindertender

Geometric patterns are created by the path of the particles as commanded to travel. The 6 point Hexagram happens to be the tree that all organic “fruit” grows on within the 3rd dimension of this Time Matrix.

This is the shape or symbol of the language signet of Keylontic Vibrational Scalar Science. All things have a signet of some kind. The 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia’s symbol is the “star of David”.

It has been hijacked and I will be showing you how that happened later in this paper. The symbol that has taken this over will be extremely familiar to you once you see it.

Excerpt from “Decoding the Hive”

Mind Swiping Planet Thief

Published July 7, 2019 by tindertender

What if the outrageous amount of vaccines given to newborns and toddlers isn’t what they say it is.

What if they are instead chemicals meant to take away the memories of the place they just came from? A mind swipe so to speak?

Effectively severing there full on connection to their higher self and all others in the astral realms who agreed to the walk with them in their life.

I count a possible 35 injections in the first 15 months of life is “required”. (Link below, cdc).

I do not feel it is right or moral for the cdc or anyone else to tamper with the genetic code in ALL new borns, or any one for that matter. What if these shots are a contributing factor in elders memory issues?

I want an ingredient list. A real one. Because this stuff cannot be good … not good at all.

There’s a new ‘clinical trial’ to begin soon for the “turbo charged flu vaccine”. Do you suppose there was a different sort of trial before they announced the official start to clinical trials?

I think there’s been some forgetting going on. This planet belongs to us. Some dip weed who comes along and boldly claims any portion of it to be his and his alone has another thing coming. Every citizen should be loudly informed of the toxic processes so easily approved by EVERY administration in this world. There has been a great abuse going on.

There is a belief that if they get everyone involved in fighting of some sorts or even war there won’t be enough people left to remember the truth, or even have will left enough to fight the true corruption.

Maintaining proper use of personal power means NOT letting any Willy nilly tooty fruity come along with a ‘planet king’ delusion and rock your world.

And yes, it is a life long practice, continuously improved upon by those who do the work.

Black Body Radiation

Published July 4, 2019 by tindertender

When you drink a bottle of soda, thinking it is going to be good for you, you are choosing to inject into your system the quantum of black body radiation which turns hundreds of your very delicate internal processes into black holes or “black body vortices” in energy terms.

This is because all things are energy. There is no such thing as something that is inert, and no such thing as anything made up of matter. Energy is the only “real” thing ever discovered in science since the term was even coined.

Black body radiation is equated directly to nuclear destruction, lack of life and in biological systems, death.

Sugar crystals at their quantum are cation ions. Their job is to lower the oscillation of energy (pulsations of outgoing energy that set the metronomic pulsation rate) of living things.

When you strip all the other nutrients away from sugar crystals to produce nothing but the white granules we use to sweeten our foods, what you have done is produce a pure cation ion cathode that has one job; to delete energy as instantly as it possibly can.

Look closely at what is left behind of this premier soda once the liquids have boiled off, exposing the truth about what you are really drinking.

All “sodas” contain this quantum poison, not just the really expensive stuff. Even the term soda itself comes from the science term sodium carbonate. It is the OPPOSITE of sodium chloride.

Carbon means cation. Cation means black hole and black body radiation which is another word for RADON.

Now that you know how energy is quantified, and that all things you eat are either anions or cations, hopefully it will put into perspective just how brutal the Kybal’s master plan has been to attack your biological system from the very beginning.

Eating a sugar cane stalk with all the juices of that living plant puts living anion ion cells into your body and gives you a pleasant sensation that can be fun and not terribly unhealthy.

Removing all the life essence oxygen out of it, then using those granules all by themselves in an unthinkably massive dose to the tune of 10 spoonfuls in a single drink is the act of committing slow and very painful suicide on purpose.


Published June 27, 2019 by tindertender

I was pondering life and how negative situations can become habitual, the psyche normalizing it. This is the thought I had and also the article I read after. I joined the two here as reminder to self of present mind circumstance, and how it all correlates and connects.

“When a person has been exposed to a steady stream of “wrongs”, eventually their mind will normalize it. It is a survival skill that functions like the heart, or the lungs … it just happens without really even thinking.”

One of the biggest secrets there is, the closest-guarded key to happiness, is the fact that the muscles in the human face are connected to your endorphin glands.

All you need to do is push down the corners of your mouth to trick your brain into thinking you’re sad to release what’s known as adrenocorticotropic hormones (ACTH) that actually makes you sad.

By pushing up the corners of your mouth, this also fools the brain into releasing beta endorphins which creates endogenous morphine. Morphine is also known as opium. Opium is also called cocaine.

This means that in order to be sad, all you have to do is frown and to be happy all you have to do is smile. Your face does that. Which means you can choose either one at will.

Try it. Next time you’re sad, look in the mirror. What is your face doing? Frowning because you’re on ACTH. Now smile and stand there for a few seconds and try to prove me wrong.

You can’t because you’re now on cocaine and the smile doesn’t want to go back down again because it likes how it feels.

We choose whether we are going to have a good day. We program it into our forecast by the words that come out of our mouth that sets in motion an anion ion (E-lectric, E-motion) toroidal flow in our brains that physically moves in the direction of positive bioelectric energy.

This the clockwise energy flow. We also choose if we are going to have a bad day, counterclockwise energy flow.

Because secretly while our consciousness isn’t looking, our subconscious is scheming ways to get ourselves into hot water so we’ll be able to manufacture a brand new drama dragon that will slap us around for a while so we can feel alive.

And just like getting paddled during a naughty interlude, that sting on our bottom releases the same beta endorphins as smiling, and so through the pain opium is physically released which turns that frown pointing the other way.

Either way, both sorrow and joy engage our opioid receptors. One stings and the other one doesn’t to get to the same place. Sadness is opium but laughter is also opium, so laugh. See how that works?

All Love

-mission guide

I bought my books and had them printed. Going to pick them up tonight. Pretty exciting stuff here!

I include a music video here as well. This is what I imagine Angels might sound like … especially about half-way in. Harmony at its finest.

Heart, the True Brain

Published June 24, 2019 by tindertender

Sound tones are SIGNALS that COMMAND the aether and sounds are SIGNALS sent into each one of your DNA cells of the body, generated by your HEART beat. The HEART is your true “brane” (thinking mind).

NOT your artificial brain that sends out confused signals to your DNA cells that cause them to break down so you eventually die.

If your true brane were able to get past the alien implants in your body, so it could speak COHERENTLY to your DNA, then your body would be eternally in perfect health.

When I was a young lady it was discovered that I have an extra electrical pathway in my heart. Being quite young I did not understand what that meant, or know how to respond when the doctor wanted to do an oblate on.

Years later I know that the surgeon tried to remove that extra electrical pathway. This pathway which allows an abundance of electrical output from my “real” brain.

In other words, he tried to debilitate me … all in the name of “science” and “medicine”. He knew this was not causing any adverse affects in my life, no medical need to do this, but he tried to limit the capacity of my heart.

Fail …

Three months afterward my heart developed a “new” extra electrical pathway.

Don’t try to fix what is not broken. Sometimes these surgeons and doctors are not operating in the best interest of the client. FYI. There’s a reason things like this are happening in body and in mind … find out about it before you let some schmuck go in and start altering things, you may need this extra power for future functioning, you may have a purpose which requires all this extra electricity flow … keep it if you can handle it.

It’s a gift.

Native Cultures, Honoring Great Spirit, Why Do They Suffer?

Published June 24, 2019 by tindertender

Sometimes we come across a site that shares information which makes one do a double-take and question everything they thought they knew. is one of them. As far out as it sometimes seems, I find that my mind is stretching beyond the normal “story” people have been telling themselves for generations. Perhaps you may find it interesting as well, so with permission, I share many of the posts here. There are manuals in pdf format at if you feel inclined to purchase and make part of your reading pleasure.

Question to mission guide:

“Regarding the Native Americans, with all the honoring they did to the Great Spirit, nothing helped. No one was in their corner, it seems. They were here first right? What did they do so incorrect, that they received zero protection?”

Their problem was they were human. All humans are in the cross hairs of the invader races. The native tribes were from the 1st Angelic Human tribe, the Breanoua.

Developing strands 1 and 2 and the base codes for strand 3 of the 12 strands of human dna and were blocked from ascension until the dropping of the seals at the peak of the ascension wave in 2017, so they were already “dead” as far as the invaders were concerned.

Just like the Black Race who had their overtones and base codes destroyed in the Fall of Man war, sealing them to the Sphere of Amenti regenesis needed for hundreds of millions of years. The hispanics are in the same class as well.

Only the tribes of Melchizedek and Aryans were exempt,that’s why those two have been so infiltrated and allowed to “prosper”, which is only keeping gas in the tank while the bus brings the invaders closer to infiltrating the 4th dimension and Aqueous Earth,their true target.

Remember, they need to destroy the entire Time Matrix in order to evaporate the Angelic Human.

This was never a race war fought just on earth, this has always been an intergalactic war being waged by the highest level beings in creation, the Elohim who’s mission it is to absolutely destroy all humans. Period.

Knowledge is frequency and the more you absorb, the higher your frequency.

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