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The ‘Real’ Jesus

Published July 22, 2019 by tindertender

The Real ‘Jesus Christ’ -The man known today as the one who walked on water was Jesheua Sananda Melchizedek and is referred to as “Christ” because he carried the pure 12 strand DNA template of the Angelic Human embodied in one being standing within the 3rd dimension.

That is 12 dimensional levels of existence, light years ahead of any others trapped here. That is called the Krystos code, hence “Kryst”.

He came here to impregnate a few different lines of Angelic Humans to place this pure seed back into the highly distorted genetic pool of humanity after millions of years of being bioformed (raped) by over 50 different invader race species. That was his big legacy.

He did manage to offer turnstyle ascension to a number of beings ready at that time to ascend, using the stargate below Cheops in Giza, but his time was cut short here when his twin flame was mindwashed by the Elohim and ended up marrying the wrong “Kryst”.

Extinction Cascade

Published April 9, 2018 by tindertender

Extinction CascadeThe White Rhino was recently announced to be extinct, and more recently the Eastern Puma … gone forever. Many more will begin to leave this planet as well, with a rapidity which will spin our minds. The whales of the sea are dying along with all of the other life that dwells there.

When will humanity change their destructive ways and stop being so damn greedy?

The 50-foot whale, constructed from waste such as bags, containers and bottles, was created by environmental NGO Greenpeace Philippines as part of efforts to encourage the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to address the problem of plastic pollution.

Beached Whale art for awareness

This may be a sculpture to help bring awareness to this dire issue, but it does not lessen the travesty being wrought upon all life through these destructive habits we’ve adopted world wide.

Deep Sorrow

Published November 13, 2017 by tindertender

I lay my head on his shoulder after I give him a visual on how people treat each other, and I sob. I cry out from deep within my heart an all encompassing sorrow, for I see, and tell of, the great disconnect between people in the world. One after the other ‘scams’ to gain while knowing full well it depletes someone else. This life is not about simply living,  but how great we live. Doing well while others suffer is not greatness, it is the most heartbreaking cause of grief … watching people destroy one another, seeing the lack of care.


Hidden Harmony of Humanity

Published April 27, 2017 by tindertender

While grocery shopping, we step aside, move to the edge, wait our turn before we pick up the item we wish to purchase and put it in our cart.

At Farmer’s Market, much the same. We wait for another to decide upon their purchase before we ourselves decide. We smile perhaps, and watch as careful thought goes into every move, every decision.

When walking, we cross the street at green lights, or the walk sign when it is our turn, harmonizing with those in a vehicle.

There are systems in place which enable us all to gain a better flow. When utilized properly, all does indeed move along very well.

I’m not suggesting we are cattle, quite the contrary. We are free and vibrant people, we have an energy that pushes us to be first, and at other times, to be next, or … to relinquish our place altogether, so that another might benefit.

The beauty is in the consistent flow of things which we do together, every day ~ those things which we often are not even noticing, because everything is going so smoothly.

Humanity is fascinating ~ A fine example of what we are, is here for us to see every moment, of every day … if we only choose to see it.

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