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Published March 26, 2023 by tindertender
  1. Get up with the sun to pray. Pray alone.
  2. Be tolerant of those who have lost their way. Ignorance, presumption, anger, jealousy and greed come from a lost soul. Pray for them to find guidance.
  3. Find yourself, by your own means. Do not let others make your path for you. It is your path, and only yours. Others may walk with you, but no one can make your way (or walk your path) for you.
  4. Treat guests in your home with great consideration. Serve them the best food, give them the best bed and treat them with respect and honor.
  5. Do not take what is not yours, whether from a person, a community, from the jungle or from a culture. It was not given or won. It is not yours.
  6. Respect all the things that are on this earth, be they people, plants and animals.
  7. Honor the thoughts, desires and words of all people. Never break them in, or make fun of them, or imitate them rudely. It gives each person the right to their personal expression.
  8. Never talk about others in a bad way. The negative energy you put into the universe will multiply when it returns to you.
  9. All people make mistakes. And all the mistakes can be forgiven.
  10. Bad thoughts cause illness to the mind, body and spirit. Practice optimism.
  11. Nature is not FOR us. It is PART of us. She’s part of your family in the world.
  12. Children are the seeds of our future. Sow love in your hearts and water them with wisdom and life lessons. When they grow up, just give them space to grow up.
  13. Avoid hurting the hearts of others. The poison of their suffering will return to you.
  14. Be true (transparent ) all the time. Honesty is the test of one’s will in this universe.
  15. Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental person, your Spiritual person, your Emotional person, and your Physical person: they all have the need to be strong, pure and healthy.

Prayer Flags ~ A Teaching

Published March 13, 2023 by tindertender


Prayer Flags, also known as Tobacco Flags, are for defining a sacred space and keeping it protected from unwanted external energies.

Prayer Flags is comprised of a group of 7 different colored strips of cloth with a handful of tobacco tied to one end and the excess material dropping down like a tail.

The 7 colors represent the 7 Sacred Directions and the help received from the Spirits in that direction.

  1. Yellow for East is for inner-child work.
  2. Red for South is for work on the youth stage of life.
  3. Black for West is for work on adulthood.
  4. White for North is for work on elders and Ancestors.
  5. Blue for the Above Direction representing help and assistance from Father Sky and other Supernatural Spirits.
  6. Green for the Below Direction representing help and assistance from Mother Earth and other Earth Spirits.
  7. Purple for the Within Direction, representing Great Mystery which is the connection between your spirit to all of Creation.

People going on a Vision Quest make Prayer Flags to keep them protected from distraction from outside energies so that the individual can focus on going within self to find the help and answers they are seeking with the help of spirit guides.

The 7 Flags are hung up independently with each color in the appropriate cardinal direction beginning with the yellow cloth and going clockwise in attaching to a tree branch or stick on the ground in a circular pattern around their personal space.

The green and blue flags are usually hung in the western direction with the black flag while the purple is hung in the northern direction with the white flag.

For a building that serves to help children and youth, the Prayer Flags are usually combined altogether and hung up near the main entrance to protect the building from the negativity of outside energies. So that the building and people in it can focus on purpose of being there.

Flags are made from 4-inch strips of fabric usually broadcloth with one end having a handful of tobacco or with a mixture of other medicines tied in.

This end holding the tobacco is hung upwards so that the top has the offering requesting spirits for help and guidance.

The tail of the material allows a pathway for spirits to come down and do whatever is needed to accomplish the request made with the tobacco.
If no intention was made while making the Prayer

Flags, expect no results because people get what they asked which was nothing.

The Prayer Flags are to be burned at the end of the term be it at end of a vision quest, school year or physical year end.

Nothing lasts forever and tobacco does wear out and so does the cloth.

Tina Eshkawkogan

Prayer to Break Cycles

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

I now close the unfinished stories, unresolved situations, and poorly digested past experiences.

I put an end, a enough, a much needed limit on what no longer makes sense in my life.

I agree to complete this phase of my life freeing myself from everything that tied me to the old and the outdated.

May my past experiences not bring me the weight of pain, but wisdom to guide my steps.

May I never remain in what constrains, suffocates or limits me.

May I know how to let go of everything that is unproductive, that I be open to the new!

I allow myself to flow with life, changes and transformations.

I put an end to all the pain that I had not overcome, all the emotional disappointments that I have suffered, all the scarcity that I have experienced, all the physical and emotional woes, and all the woes that have bound me in the past.

In the name of my Holy Presence I Am, I decree that all knots, all misunderstandings and all discrepancies be broken now.

I now break all old, unpleasant and challenging cycles.

I am aware that I have served my purpose for these cycles, and that they have served their purpose for me as well.

I move on with learning and maturing ready for the new cycle that begins.

I accept endings and open myself to the blessings of new beginnings, to all the love, to all the health, to all the abundance and prosperity that await me.

I Am

Published December 14, 2022 by tindertender

Welcome magic and wonder
Brilliance and grace
Welcome joy, satisfaction
Pleasure and strength

Welcome essence, beauty, presence
Time, spirit, form, and space
Welcome excellence in every blessing
Sacred and pray

What I seek, I am
What I wanna know, I understand
All I wish I could, I can
Who I wanna be, I am

What I seek, I am
What I wanna know, I understand
All I wish I could, I can
Who I wanna be, I am

Welcome magic and wonder
Brilliance and grace
Welcome joy, satisfaction
Pleasure and strength

Welcome essence, beauty, presence
Time, spirit, form, and space
Welcome excellence in every blessing
Sacred and pray

What I seek, I am
What I wanna know, I understand
All I wish I could, I can
Who I wanna be, I am (to be)

What I seek, I am (ooh-ooh)
What I wanna know, I understand (I-I)
All I wish I could, I can (whoa-oh)
Who I wanna be, I am (to be)

I am a seed, I am a tree
I am the flower, I am the bee
I am fire and I am wind
I accept love and also I give (I am)
I am loud and I am mighty (ooh-ooh)
I am silent and I tread lightly (I-I)
I am a brave and monumental (whoa-oh)
I am modest, I am gentle (I am)
I am a student and I teach
I am the sand and I am a beach
I am ease and I am power (I am)
I am bridge and I am tower (I am)
I am reason, I am wild (I am)
I am mother, I am child
I am many, I am few
I am God, and God is you (I am)

What I seek, I am (I am)
What I wanna know, I understand (I-I)
All I wish I could, I can (whoa-oh)
Who I wanna be, I am (to be)

What I seek, I am (ooh-ooh)
What I wanna know, I understand (I-I)
All I wish I could, I can (whoa-oh)
Who I wanna be, I am (to be)

I am, I am, I am
I am, I am, I am (I-I)
I am, I am, I am (whoa-oh)
I am, I am, I am (to be)
(I am)

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: India Arie Simpson / Alexandra Sarton / Verónica Santiago

Intention, Thought and Emotion Create

Published December 7, 2022 by tindertender

“Nothin’ I can do about it, so not gonna pay attention to it, shrug.”


You can pray about it.
You can intend strongly, with thought and feeling that it will be something other.
You can apply you mind, heart, body, spirit into its manifestation.

People would rather embrace their incapacity than their ability to co-create with all that is in this world, in a good way.

So many would rather argue, insist, try to force, themselves onto each other, but few these days actually pray for others, intending their abundance and benefit.

In the beginning was the word ….

Intention, thought and emotion create … Creator Being …

Turtle Woman

Published November 6, 2022 by tindertender

Turtle woman is making an offering of wampum to the plants of the river.

“Please”, she asks, “can you help us?”

She explains how we need the rivers to be clean and she acknowledges the plants as the cleaners of the river.

She speaks to the wampum and thanks them also for the light they bring the world.

She talks to the plants for a long time. Telling them what is happening. She explains that the two legged have lost their ways. But there are still some who remember. She tells them about the babies that are coming who need clean water. She cries for her grandchildren.

The plants, being loving and generous, wait for her to finish speaking and then they tell her they have heard her prayers. They agree to help. They are gentle. They never have an unkind word to say about anyone.

From the shore a young person sings a turtle song. Unbeknownst to them, turtle woman is pleading for the world only a short distance below at the bottom of the river.

Prayer for the Family

Published October 27, 2022 by tindertender

Some Call It Magic

I call it adding the element of fire, color, and oils to my prayer.

I don’t typically share my prayers, but this one is significant, so I plant the seed.

Tonight, I light a seven day white candle for the Blue Clan family.

White is for purity, new beginnings, fresh starts, peace and tranquility.

“Creator, please bless our family’s hearts with renewal. Let us come together in a good way, with love, honor and respect, so we may be a healthy family, supportive of each other, with open hearts and minds. Let us see the bigger picture, and not a narrow view. Let our Prinicple White Chief be honored and respected as the Spiritual Leader and Guide that he is. May we be willing and able to accept his wisdom, and support him as we learn from him, the traditions, with a humble and compassionate heart.”

Candle is dressed with the prayer, rose geranium essential oil for Love, and Frankinsence and Myrhh for the protection of our Spirits as we navigate this new beginning.

I love you all.
I am grateful for this family.
Let us be healed.

This Holiday Season …

Published October 16, 2022 by tindertender

Cleaning my filing cabinet I recycled many old papers, it was such a potent time I felt compelled to light a candle and make it a ritual of release.

I came across a printed sheet with something inspiring on it, so am going to share it with you here.

One very important thing to learn, to improve your life metaphysically, is praise. It is about this time of year when we begin to think of family and friends that we know to identify blessings in our life. Here are a few suggestions.

1: Write down the names of your family, friends, and coworkers.

2: By each persons name write down something beneficial they have contributed in your life (even things that were “l sons” of what not to be.)

3: Recognize that because of ALL incidents in your life you have become what you are today.

4: Now write down all of the good qualities these people have taught you.

5: Each day between now and Christmas make an affirmation that says “I bless the quality of ____________ that grew in me because of ____________, and I bless (the person) ____________ who strengthened that quality in me.

6: Say it several times a day and see miracles that can occur in you, in your personality and in the personalities of the people around you.

7: You are proving the power of using spiritual laws in your life. Your faith is stronger. You begin to expect greater hood than you have ever had before.

8: You are a blessing during this holiday season.

Author unknown

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