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Elder’s Meditation 9-21-19 (2)

Published September 21, 2019 by tindertender

“You will only get back what you give out.”


The Great Spirit created a system of balance and justice. This law says, if you treat others with respect, you will be treated with respect. If you gossip about no one, no one will gossip about you. If you are fair in all of your dealings, you can expect the same. If you share with others, others will share with you. If you judge others, others will judge you. You will always get back what you give out. The original teaching talks about being a giving person. A giving person will constantly be on the receiving end.

My Creator, help me to be a giving person today.

Forgiveness Is The Only Way Out

Published September 6, 2019 by tindertender

Written by Ernest Morrow

When men and women fall on our knees at the harm our gender has visited on the Other we will have peace.

When we own our own participation in this war we will begin to heal our deepest wounds.

When we forgive the Other we begin to heal ourselves.

Too angry to forgive? Then I burn with the world.

Too proud to admit I have been hurt? I win the crown of nothing.

This is not a theory. This matters.

It matters that you do not bring the PTSD of this battle home with you tonight.

It matters that you do not bring it to your next sexual or love connection.

It matters that you do not bring it to the next time you gather with your friends and talk about the Other.

It matters.

Forgiveness is not for them. It is for you. For this world. For the trees and the rivers and the animals and the children who have no voice.

Forgive because to do so establishes that you are Free. That you are sovereign. That the programming of fear and revenge and the victimhood that leads every time to perpetration is NOT what you choose as your legacy.

Forgiveness is an act of revolution and rebellion. Forgiveness proves that love is stronger than death and that this oppression will not stand.

Forgiveness proclaims the victory of humanity over history.

Forgiveness saves the world.

Who do you have to forgive? Is it a person? An event? A nation? A gender? A God?

You can’t muscle it. The strength is in its softness. Like a spider’s silk. Resilient and supple.

Please join me. Make this a practice. A priority. Take a step every day. Who else? What else? How big? How ancient?

Ask for forgiveness. Offer forgiveness.

Let’s fall on our knees and change the story.

Our ‘Only’ Business

Published September 6, 2019 by tindertender

Birds only know their “is-ness,” trees only know their “is-ness,” and planets only know their “is-ness.”

That’s their only “business.”

Let it be yours.

Knock, knock?

~ The Universe

Good reminder. It is SO EASY to get caught up in crap. It is a constant “pulling away” from it, effort must be applied … or it will continue to be part of our world.

Fading Fast ~ Hitting The Brakes

Published September 4, 2019 by tindertender

This past weekend was four days of Loving. There were many people, and the atmosphere we created together was incredibly full of care, respect, joy, love and peace.

Today is Wednesday. I’ve only been back in town two days and already the chaos which people are spreading has interrupted my ‘glow’.

I know what to do to get it back … by creating my gear for Corn Planting.

If I begin to prepare for the Elder Holiday celebration coming up, then my mind will be focused on them, and the giving I will share.

In this way, I can rest in the sweet memories of yesterday, looking forward to making new memories in the future, and fully enjoying the process of getting there.

The internet is useful … to a point.

I appreciate being connected to my chosen family, having opportunity to get together during the times ‘in-between’.

I know that there are many who still need the internet to get informed of what is going on. Learning about how bad it really got, and continues to do.

Only in learning of it can they then choose to ‘turn it off’.

One really does need to get sick and tired of the chaos before they can begin to create peace. Let us hope this happens for people soon, and we can begin working together to change the scenario of the past many decades.

May Love prevail over chaos. May Peace fill all hearts. May people understand their true value does not come from anything, but self acceptance, love and care. When this happens, it will be easy to see themselves in others. Then we can become brothers and sisters, in a real and lasting way.

Giving up anger, resentment, the sense of being victim … embracing our own inner truth, creating our ‘grateful for’ list, and doing the work of forgiveness … love will begin to glow, an ember blown into raging flames.

But these flames will not burn.

Sacred Masculine Rising?

Published August 26, 2019 by tindertender

*Written by Ernest Morrow

Or a bunch of dudes just doing what needs to be done?

Either way….this morning at 7am Pacific time 12 men gathered for a 2 Hour Session on Secrets to Emotional and Sexual Intimacy.

We talked all about how to communicate from the heart with the women in our life.

These men showed the f%ck up. They put their hearts on the line. They touched their edges. Tears. Appreciation. Fear. Shame. Shadow. Celebration. Depth of sharing that surprised even me as the facilitator.

They each made commitments with teeth. They are going to show up every single day inside this container for the next six weeks. They are going to be different in a month and half.

The masculine is rising. Each and every man expressed desire for a more rich, connected, transformative relationship with his partner.

Stories like this need to be shared. They need to be broadcast. Because something else is possible. And it has to get as much (or more) play than all that isn’t working in relationships between men and women.

If you are man, or you are a woman with men in your life, send them our way.

Men helping men transform.

We support men who want a deeper experience of intimacy and sexuality and want confidence and skills and connection to make this a reality!

The MenTalkLove Mastermind Community.

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