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Schumann Resonance ~ July 22, 2017

Published August 11, 2017 by tindertender

On July 20, 21 and 22 we celebrated a special gathering were the Earth and Humanity was freed from a huge amount of heavy frequencies that were having a grip on us and was weighing us down.

And on July 22 this happened:

Are you familiar with the Schumann Resonance? That is the frequency of the magnetic field of the Earth. In the last few days there has been an explosion in this frequency. Meaning? The frequency of the Earth has gone up tremendously.

See picture below.

Schumman resonnence

This is tangible for everybody especially the ones who are sensitive. Check this website to learn more: http://schumannresonator.com

A Powerful Woman

Published July 1, 2017 by tindertender

This woman’s healings were exploited for greed and gain. The deep spiritual meaning stripped from the process and mutilated.

Her heart was good, obviously. She wanted to help people. Government however, wants to control people and skew the use.

Trials were done on people without their knowledge or consent. Much harm was done to the people by the CIA and other government groups. Sounds like they want to do it again.

There are people we SEE in the world who appear to have power, they use it to coerce the spiritually blind to follow and be abused.

Awareness of this is key to going deeper and finding solid ground in the spirit, where manipulation from power hungry individuals cannot touch the mind.

Saying Good-bye Is Never Easy

Published June 16, 2017 by tindertender

Saying good-bye is never easy. Even when we leave behind situations that are painful, it still requires an adjustment, for pain, too, is something which can be missed once gone.

Every relationship, every situation, is for a reason. It may be that some knowledge of current, must be brought forth into future endeavors. Usually, if paid heed and utilized correctly, this new knowledge can be beneficial to all involved.

Grow. Never stop adding to the learning adventure. Stretch your comfort zone, move beyond what you may see as your capacity. There is always room for something greater. You have so much to offer, and while others offer their own experiences for lessons, you can do the same for them.

Your life is valuable, your knowledge is perfect and when used for good can shift the world view and path toward the outcome of peace and compassion. The seeming negatives, which undoubtedly have been yours, are teaching tools. For others, and also for self. Moving beyond the pain they may have caused, increases care for self, and for all in the world.

Sacred Spaces

Published May 14, 2017 by tindertender

In the city, energies collect and become charged with whatever is going on in minds. It can get so thick at times it is difficult to breathe. It really is no wonder there are so many folks who just explode on each other. Many people haven’t the opportunity to get out of town and just step away from it all for a time.

It is very important to create a sacred space, wherever time is spent, even if it is only a little corner in the room. Following are several images on what a sacred space means for a few people, and perhaps might be utilized to spark your own creativity for that little haven you’ve been needing.

Whatever this space may be for you, the wonders of healing can be had when items cherished are placed about and time is spent there, if only for a short time per day, or even just when you have time.

Take time for you. When you bring mind and body into harmony, it is much easier to participate in the dealings of the world.


One can only hope

Published April 11, 2017 by tindertender

As much as I would like to embrace all people, in all countries, and all faiths, there remains a bit of paranoia which has been engrained in my nature. I have had this since a young girl, with abusive baby sitters, and then peeping Tom’s, and being chased in the woods by some tall strange fellow, (among other instances).

I have eased in this mind set somewhat, although in todays world, that probably is not a good thing.

Some shout “racist” and my response is, “not really”. My experience has shown me that people of all races are capable of horrific and sneaky trespasses. One must constantly be on guard.

Other countries and ways of living are unknown and unfamiliar. Even in my own country, just travelling from state to state one can see a dramatic shift in thought processes.


Will we ever truly understand each other? How can we when it is so difficult to even understand ourselves? Much of humanity will not even attempt to look deep within themselves, and many, if they do, do not seem to mind if there is something dark and sinister there. (I work on myself, and often am too close to see).

I attempt to break habits formed. Smoking … quit. Drinking … quit. Meat eating … quit. Candy … rarely. Cautious thinking … working on. (It may just be healthy to have a little of this remain).

Some day perhaps people will be able to open up and stop hiding from each other. Some day perhaps people will stop hurting each other. Perhaps some day people will share, rather than take.

One can only hope.


Deer In The Headlights

Published April 9, 2017 by tindertender

Things that aren’t seen by some are seen by others. Those that do not see, and those that do not hear, will adamantly refuse to believe in the reality of the ones who do experience extrasensory data.

The title for this blog was chosen because this is how I view those who do not (yet) have this knowledge.

As the earth shifts in union with other planets and phenomena, the magnetic poles and barriers shift also. This is causing many strange effects in the weather, in our minds, in all bodies of life.

Trying to hold it together is a challenge. Compared to tides of the oceans, emotions swing back and forth,  quite like a tsunami at times, and others calm, still, like a lake without wind. A person may feel as though the very essence of their being is shredded, torn asunder by this push and pull. It is an opportunity ~ an opportunity to exercise strength and stability in the face of these tides. You have it in you to withstand them, and you have within you the ability to steer them.

Focus. Go within and feel what is there. Feel the currents as they move through you. Gaining a conscious connection with this will assist you in managing the flow.


Awareness will come, even if one struggles to remain in a pleasant and light existence. Things are going to get very deep, very intense, and if there is struggle against it, it will be uncomfortable, even painful.

We all know by now that the mystery of the Unseen Power works in a way that does not always do what we think ought to be done. Yet, when we look into our past experience, we can see that strength, endurance, and a knowing that we have what it takes to make it through, is found.

Moving with the flow is always easier than swimming up stream.

I am not speaking of man’s flow, for that is fraught with greed and desire. No, I am speaking of the flow of the Universe, of Creation … a new birthing is taking place ~ Right Now. It will not be comfortable, but your willingness to be in tune and involved will make it easier.


Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Published February 14, 2017 by tindertender

I sit here thinking deeply. I think of the gentleness that is in me, yet also of the ferocity. How I would not, of sound mind, set out to cause another to experience pain but would, without doubt, stand for the one who is under attack. (I have always favored the under dog). I think of a song that has been with me for many years …

It’s true. I have experienced loving so deeply, giving so much of myself (as I am certain many have) until there is no more to give, and what has been given is trampled and unappreciated. In fact, in my case, my very life was at risk … and what I thought was love became, for a time, something else.

I thank God for the ability to recover from trauma, for my resiliency and capacity to remain in love even through the darkness. Here I am, finally, loving me. In days gone by I stood for others, today I stand for me … and then, with feet firmly planted, I am able to stand for others. Strong, knowing, able …

I suppose past experiences have benefited me as I am today. I practice being in love, without need for return, for I know that what I need is right inside of me, has been all along. Yes, I finally like me, I love me, and I am number 1 … (touche´ I hear) and so I move forward knowing that despite anothers inability to appreciate that which is in me, as same as that which is in them, is of no importance. I know the truth of it, I will not be swayed.

Although it is a thin line between love and hate, the gap seems vast. It is not, and one day … one will be consumed by the other. Which way do you suppose it will go?

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