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Why This Equinox Is Important

Published March 21, 2022 by tindertender

The 2021 Summer Solstice created the New Opportunity. The Winter Solstice lifted and expanded it. This Equinox anchors that opportunity to be experienced.

But what does that mean for you? It means what you think and feel is what you will experience. Every thought and every feeling. Quickly.

Learn the simple, powerful tools we talk about in this event.


Published January 6, 2021 by tindertender

The maintenance of ones own energy and output is a challenge, a challenge that requires constant attention, attention to the details in specific contributions to the whole.

I recently (over the last hour) found my attention drawn and harnessed by this rally in Washington DC and the flagrant repeating of behaviors of so called “peaceful protesters (rioters)” of Antifa and BLM of last year, very recent history.

I told several people that I can see the pattern repeat, and that I am fully aware when the election was called early … NO MAGA burned, pillaged, or harmed anyone.

Now the media and SO MANY others want us to believe their story … again? Only now, rather than referring to these ones as “Peaceful Protesters” they are calling them thugs and rioters, sure to call them out as MAGA.

Look at the scrawny kids crawling walls … that is not MAGA behavior … but, whatever.

It is obvious I have zero control over the behaviors of people or the outcome of actions, but at least I am able to say my powers of observation are clear, not tainted by personal emotion … for honestly, I’ve been practicing keeping my energies from these eggregories.

And so now, one hour after getting caught up in this rat race, a wonderful woman offered a perspective, one that I have been adhering to for many months now.

Bless her.
Bless her for capturing my attention long enough to make a detour.

Affirmation 8-26-2020

Published August 26, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on attention. Sometimes life seems to go past me in a blur, days running into nights, nights running into days. I can slow life down just by paying attention to it. Today I will notice and be attentive to everything around me – people, places, things, animals, the weather. I will pay attention to what people say. I will pay attention to the color of the sky, the songs of the birds. I will pay attention to my own thoughts and words and ideas and remember to send positive ones into the universe so that they may be made manifest.

~ A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day

The Most Valuable Currency

Published August 12, 2020 by tindertender

Attention …. I would also say Time, but time is a relative thing … an illusion.

In the past I viewed ‘others’ as sometimes stealing my time, wasting my valuable love, abusing and using it. I would get annoyed, hurt and angry … the cycle never seemed to end.

Yesterday, on my birthdate, the day WE as a Soul Family celebrate Life (ALL birthdays are special and celebrated for the Life it represents) I was gifted a new perspective.

You see … Time is an illusion, which means from whatever point of perspective we are at, this is what we deem time to mean, and we base opinions about the input and output upon whatever that meaning is.

For me, Time and Attention were intermingled, always swimming around each other. It seemed people demanded my attention, and whatever I gave never satisfied.

When we remove Time …. we understand what the most valuable currency to any life form truly is …. the Attention.

I realized that the singular me was giving attention constantly, yet in the demand for it from me, I was also receiving, from many.

Many aspects of life, many people and animals gave, and give, their attention to me. It is an exchange. While the single me gives, the singular me also receives, much more attention than I could ever release. This is how we are replenished … it is a near invisible exchange, or so it has become.

All of those I have interacted with, as singular, and as a collective, have paid me with their most valuable currency, their attention. I do not know how it is that I warranted such payment, such blessing, but they paid it anyway, indeed, while piling on a ton of interest.

How is it that I have become the wealthiest woman alive?

I have amassed an incredible amount of attention with special interest added. The most valuable currency of Life has been bestowed upon me abundantly, from many sources, seen and unseen.

Can you, can anyone see me understand this incredible gift I have received? Or have I become what you have paid? Have I become the collective that is you?

There is a consensus that I must be a powerful person. Could it be that those who have paid their attention to me, see not me, but the collective wealth which has covered my essence? Perhaps they are drawn, not to me, but to this incredible wealth which they themselves have generated and gifted? I sometimes wonder if I can even be seen any more, or if perhaps I am so intermingled in this wealth of attention, we have enmeshed and become one.

The shiny, glamorous, powerful collective of the most valuable currency to Life.

It is no wonder it is so attractive …. it has gone from the singular to the collective … it has expanded beyond recognition.

Yesteryear was a ‘time’ of separation, a challenging time when lack and theft were perceived as the norm.

Today, I see it as a true gift giving, every ounce, every interaction in which I receive attention, and share it in return.

Old habits of blame and pain, of retracting, shrinking and attempting to hold what little I perceived I had are gone now.

A new habit will be formed, one of a polar opposite, one I consciously choose to nurture.

An Attitude of Gratitude will be cared for and grown in myself …. every day, every moment, I will look for that which I am grateful for.

This morning, I am grateful for waking, for being able to share this new thought form with you, this change in perspective.

Shifting from the pole which says Lack is the norm, to its polarity which says Abundance is the norm.

It will be a challenge.

Swimming in a sea of polarity will seem like drowning, I may reach for the shore of what has been known, what had become comfortable, as comfortable as a sense of lack can be.

Negative habits took practice, and so shall this shift.

Yet with practice, this habit too shall become easy, second nature even. It will be a conscious effort in the beginning, and will slip into an unconscious state of being as time goes forward.

I look at it as an exercise.

I’ve climbed Mt. Everest and am exercising my mind, my will. It is tough, the air is thin, it is cold and void of comfort …. I will continue this exercise of Will … and when the time is right, I will descend this mountain …. and there, it should be a breeze to embody and share from a point of grace, of strength of mind, of a knowing that what was worked so hard for will become easier.

A sharing in the knowing that everything is exchange.

We get to choose what exchange we accept …. and perhaps we accept it all, even the not so nice… and we transmute it into a loving energy … even if we must do it while apart from the one(s) who have gifted.

Cheers, to recognizing true union, and the strength it provides us as individuals.

May all people recognize their gifts …

And their Power.

To heal ….

To transform pain and a sense of lack into Love.

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