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It’s Time

Published March 15, 2023 by tindertender

It’s time to stop speaking on the atrocities perpetuated in the world currently. Our words, our speaking, in any form (spoken, thought, signage) creates. By repeating the horror using our voice, it creates more of it. It’s the way creation works.

Magicians know this.

The unaware (πŸ™πŸΌ) do not.

It’s been the drive to get people to know what they are dealing with, but maybe the peacemakers had it right the whole time.

I leave behind those who lie, steal, commit fraud or any other crime. I give them no more of my time or attention.

It is my intention to witness them fizzle out, of their own accord.

Cut off from our collective energy.

Mindfulness with Words

Published November 5, 2022 by tindertender

This language leaves a lot to be desired.

Have you ever noticed that to deny something … I will not do that …. I will not participate in that … you first have to mention β€œI will”.

Since β€œwill not” actually cancels each other out, the statements then become β€œI do that” and β€œI participate in that”.

Language is tricky, it also casts spells. Spells on yourself.

If you don’t know how the spell works, you most likely affirm yourself as doing something when the intention is to deny it.

You see?

This book is going on my wish list.

Is there more to words than meets the eye? Let us tumble down the rabbit hole to explore the world of magic, words, and legalese, and I will show you proof that there is more to words than meets the eye. This magical journey will teach you how words can be used to empower or disempower you. Once you learn how powerful words are and know how to wisely apply them to your life, you can effectively use them to exercise your rights, manifest your desires, overcome your fears, achieve spiritual freedom, and motivate kings and governments to bow to you with awe and reverence.

What Is Word Magic?

Word magic is “the art of using sacred sounds and symbols, and hidden forces to direct and control energy to produce certain desired effects or marvels.” All words have magic properties. However, certain words have more magic properties for the reason that they carry more energy and intention. This is why during magic rituals certain words are used more than others. Because word magic uses sacred sounds and symbols, and hidden forces to direct and control energy, it is one of the most effective tools for achieving desires, programming the mind, or changing reality. Its magic power to reprogram the mind, causing reality to change is one of the reasons that it is heavily used by corporations, such as religious institutions, banks, courts, and governments. Some of the word magic techniques that are used by corporations are shockingly revealed in this enlightening book.

The empowering knowledge in Word Magic: The Powers and Occult Definitions of Words has the potential to unlock many doors of your mind, allowing you to explore a hidden world where you can use words to shape matter, control your destiny, and reprogram your mind. This enlightening book is not your average book because it explores magic and the power of words to the core of reality. By reading and exploring this empowering book, you will know how powerful words are; furthermore, you will know why using words wisely is important for achieving success and freedom, and restoring your kingdom of God.

At Random

Published October 11, 2022 by tindertender

When we close or guard our heart, we block blessings and ability to receive

Open heartedness is often painful. If you make it to your 40s, 50s and 60s with your heart still open, trusting and loving people, this world didn’t crush you with its best effort, and you’re a badass.


Extract yourself from the drama. Step outside of it and become the observer. Don’t respond to the fear mongering. Let it go.


It was what it was.
Now it will be what it will be.
I maintain a beautiful and love filled vision in the forefront of my mind for the future.


Release all thoughts of what was. Everything is being made brand new.


The date today …. 11122 …. Feels like this new cycle is ramping up in a big way. It’s actually 1 11 22 … new cycle 1, Master numbers 11 and 22.


Most of us have integrated the darkness/evil going on now & it’s time to love this place back to wholeness!


Work perfected in the present will be the foundation for your future success.
Don’t give up.
Build a strong and sturdy base.
Sometimes results take awhile to be seen.



Yes I do.
Yes I can.
Yes I Am.


Sometimes it’s best to let folks assume they know it all.

William Blake ~ A Critique

Published August 31, 2022 by tindertender

William Blake created his own mythology.

There was a divine creator called Urizen, who represented the rational part of mankind.

Blake wrote the “Book of Urizen”, another collection of illustrated prophecies, about the creation of the universe and Urizen’s children.

And then there was Los, who represented human imagination and emotion:

Here’s a page from the Book of Los:

“Los howld in a dismal stupor,
Groaning! gnashing! groaning!
Till the wrenching apart was healed.
But the wrenching of Urizen heal’d not…”

And to give you an idea of Blake’s sheer imaginative range, consider Milton.

It’s an illustrated poem written in 1810 in which the poet John Milton comes down from Heaven to right Blake’s own spiritual wrongs (and explore how artists learn from their predecessors.)

And then there’s his masterpiece, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion.

It is poetry-allegory-prophecy with no linear plot and characters that are also places and ideas at the same time. Bonkers, brilliant, beautiful, beastly, beyond understanding.

Blake used these strange and mystical works – and his personal cosmology – to explore the conflict between rationality and imagination, the bounds of morality and religion, political ideals and human spirit, and more…

See, to fully understand William Blake you’ve got to know about the Industrial Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment.

He was fiercely opposed to them both…

This was Blake’s artistic criticism of Isaac Newton, who represented for Blake everything wrong with the Enlightenment.

As somebody who experienced visions, Blake felt Newton’s scientific explanation of light and optics was far narrower than what humans truly experienced.

This is what makes William Blake so important and enduringly relevant.

He noticed the potentially devastating impact that technology might have on humanity, and saw through the false promises of politics.

He epitomises that instinctive human distrust of cold rationalism.

Blake was especially aware of how industrialisation could atomise communities and turn cities into living hells.

And he feared that political revolutions had simply replaced monarchism with mercantilism. Money, rather than a single person, was the new king.

Blake’s work – his paintings, prophecies, poetry, and illustrations – were largely ignored in his own lifetime.

He has since become, long after his death, one of the most revered and studied artists of all.

And rightly so.

But William Blake’s prophetic poems are still far beyond us.

And he was a prolific artist – we’ve barely even scratched the surface here. His body of poetry and illustrations is, put simply, colossal.

I highly recommend exploring his work further.

No thread can ever do justice the sheer creative power of William Blake’s mind.

The word unique is overused, but William Blake surely deserves to be called as such.

There has never been anybody quite like him. Perhaps there never will.

Critique: https://twitter.com/culturaltutor?s=21&t=59ItEglnWj8rIPW7CDTvfQ

Secret Spells of the English Language

Published May 4, 2022 by tindertender

The Secret Spells of Language and the History of Magic

For your sake, turn off the news, and the tell-lie-vision all together.

The Higher Realms don’t use this language. They use pictures, gestures, and emotional energy, feeling… a β€œknowing”.

Of course they CAN, and sometimes do, because we aren’t there mentally and energetically yet. But that’s where I aspire to be, where everything is different, sacred.

Know who you’re dealing with.

Seen and Unseen

Published April 29, 2022 by tindertender

Sometimes when we experience rudeness from others it is important to remember … we all share the same collective consciousness. Yes, there are serious a-holes who have been enjoying the benefits of manipulating a sleepy mental state of the citizenry. But we are awakening, and our abilities to truly connect are coming on-line.

Since we all, those we love and those we’d like to punch in the face, share this space, when we cuss at the offender, everybody gets a good cussing. And folks get upset, especially if they like you, and maybe aren’t aware that your spewing was meant for someone else.

Try to be aware of what messages you are shouting out, praying about, or plotting towards, because every single aspect of the collective is receiving the message … not just the a-holes. And we don’t want to actually sound like an a-hole, do we? Chances are, no.

This is where inner fortitude comes in. How long can you stand to hear someone taunt you, make disgusting plans for you, trespass against your most private self and ways of being …. how long can you receive this barrage, all while remaining calm, collected, unaffected.

This is the battle for the mind.

This is the battle for dominance over the collective consciousness.

If the a-holes can get you to behave as such and spew out derogatory verbiage into the collective consciousness, the message you spew affects every aspect, knowingly or not.

This is how co-creation takes place.

Get enough in the collective to receive, and then return a vulgar tongue lashing, the more will.

Control your mind.

Control your emotion.

Choose a response that your most loved one deserves ….

Speak to the relatives who love you and are not crowding your mind … but are very aware.

Speak to them, in a loving way, as you seek understanding and support.

Choose to put a positive into the collective, plant verbal seeds into the collective which will grow good fruit as others receive and are inspired by, becoming a sower of good words also.

It takes practice.

I’ve been at it for a long time and still catch myself. I blame it on being a fire sign, but this is one reason I need to master it …. fiery emotion creates almost instantaneously … here, there, everywhere, and it’s potent.

Words cast spells. Whether you’re in front of a person, or casting them into the collective consciousness.


Published April 9, 2022 by tindertender

Upon waking I saw 2 squares.

Inside one square was three pictures …. inside the other square were letters, code, breaking down the photo into digits. One beautiful, message complete, the other requiring deciphering …. a disconnect from the reality of what is there.

Communication with the higher realms is not thru words, it’s thru pictures. Which is why visualization is so important, it is the language of the gods and angelics … pictographs, not binary code.

This is why dreams are always in pictures. Often in dreams, no one says a thing … they “show” you things.

I Am, I Can, I Will, I Do

Published December 18, 2021 by tindertender

If something is said such as, β€œI will not fail this test” … β€œwill” cancels out β€œnot” and the universe hears, β€œ I fail this test.”

Say instead, β€œI will pass this test.” You’ll get much better results.

The language was purposefully created to disconnect our truest intentions with the power that is … with those who are here to assist us in manifesting our dreams.

Choose your β€œI” statements carefully.

Words Create

Published December 16, 2020 by tindertender

Some in the unseen are infiltrating the subconscious of the people right now, attempting to implant thoughts … about self-perception, about who we are as a person, about what our life will manifest as.

It is not only being done telepathically, but through voice to skull technology, through subliminal messaging on the television, through the media and false leaders, who are actually puppets, playing a role.

While they utilize our dream states, speaking to us in the astral, it is WE who have vocal chords and can speak vibration into this world.

I am currently working with @ChiefLord999 on manifesting my own reality through affirmation.

I am excited for this next great adventure. After nearly 20 years of harassment from the unseen it is TIME to create my own reality, my own truth.

I will be the programmer of my own mind, my own subconscious.

No infiltrator will be granted this permission.

Game … Over.

I reclaim my Power.

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