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Affirmation 8-26-2020

Published August 26, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on attention. Sometimes life seems to go past me in a blur, days running into nights, nights running into days. I can slow life down just by paying attention to it. Today I will notice and be attentive to everything around me – people, places, things, animals, the weather. I will pay attention to what people say. I will pay attention to the color of the sky, the songs of the birds. I will pay attention to my own thoughts and words and ideas and remember to send positive ones into the universe so that they may be made manifest.

~ A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day

Expert Advice

Published August 2, 2020 by tindertender

When your heart is genuinely shattered, raw, broken, when a deep and ancient sense of shame is suddenly alive in your belly, chest and throat, when you feel lost and lonely and far from home, when you’ve lost something that’s precious to you, when you’re hurting badly and in need of love and validation, and you talk to a spiritual person, a spiritual student, a teacher, a healer, a guru, an ‘expert’ of any kind, and they tell you that you’re playing the victim, that you’re lost in your ego, that you should be invulnerable to the slings and arrows of the world by now, that your vibration is way too low, that you should immediately ‘get off it’ or ‘let go’ or ‘release’ your pain, that you “attracted” all of this through faulty living, that you’re being weak and unevolved and ignorant, that your suffering is illusory and unreal, that pure awareness never suffers so you must be stuck in the separate self, then please, friends, use these very special, enlightened, magical spiritual healing words of profound self-love and protection, and walk the hell away:

✨✨”FUCK OFF”✨✨

Jeff Foster


Sometimes listening is all that is really required …. and ‘listening’ is one of the most difficult tasks.

So I’ll add to this ….

Choose five friends, or anyone you have admiration for.

Write on a piece of paper ten qualities about them that you like, anything that has no-thing to do with money.

Read it.

Understand this … you would not recognize these things in them if they were not also residing in YOU.

The Words We Choose

Published July 17, 2020 by tindertender

A beautiful member of our human family has reminded me of the importance of our words.

I’m over 50. My use of the language reflects the atmosphere I spent the majority of life in. The circles I ran in rarely spoke in a manner that was sure to be understood. There were constant misunderstandings and arguments. (I’m sure many of you can relate).

This is the First Year of Illumination for GAIA.

We must speak in a manner that is inclusive of all members of the human (and otherwise) family. Our galactic brothers and sisters are just as valuable as every single human being on this planet. They are here, helping us liberate life, and GAIA, now.

I vow to put forth more effort into ‘thinking before speaking’. I will do what is necessary to alter my speech to be inclusive, rather than separatist.

The last 17 years have been quite a challenge for me as I woke to, and became accustomed to, the reality that the unseen is very real, as are those who inhabit these spaces, and the tactics some of them use to manipulate minds.

My compassion levels have risen exponentially.

The media will tell us that we are war with each other, they will tell us of those who lack the mental prowess to be socially compatible with each other. They will tell you this in the hopes that you will prove them right.

Please note that the ones speaking of privilege, are the privileged. The majority of any one people is not that special when it comes to housing or things. The ‘leaders’ want to flip it so there still remains division between the people … between us … the worker bees.

Please consider ALL life before you buy into the speech of privilege and abuse …. Do not allow them to narrate the reality of our lives together.

Only one thing will turn this around and make it right …


Not blame.

Not a shifting of polarity.

A UNION of polarity, a meeting in the middle … for the benefit of ALL our lives, for all of our incarnated (and from beyond) brothers and sisters.

The media will consistently and constantly remind us that we are not whole. They will give us someone to blame. They’ll watch as our triggers are flipped and people respond to their hate speech.

Taking control of our mind is crucial.

Turn off the liars and their putrid broadcasts.

Listen to your heart, it speaks the truth.

Try not to let your mind be triggered … there are far too many people out there now working to be sure that our minds will never be free. We’ve got to stop swallowing in the tragedy and start building our new future … together … As One.

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jannerboy62

Affirmation 7-13-2020

Published July 13, 2020 by tindertender

Today is a day to focus on words. The words I speak, the words I hear, the words I read. Words have power, and I need to be aware of that power. The energy that I put into my words can be creative or destructive. Today I will use my power to communicate wisely and I will focus on the good effect I can have with positive words and ideas.

A Daily Book of Pagan Prayer by Megan Day

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@brett_jordan

When To Tune In

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

Some folks will say anything to flatter you.

Your ego will be so happy at receiving attention it will not allow the inner portions of self to pick up on the vibration …

Are the words truth?

Or are they being utilized to manipulate you into a specific situation and experience?

It is so important to gain control over the ego’s need for praise.

It will get you into trouble every time.

Allow the heart to see clearly … reading between the lines … increasing the chances of gaining access to transparency, to truth.

This secret powert of discernment belongs to every individual.

With practice … releasing the need for praise and promotion … truth will become more readily available and error will become less frequent.

Heck, with practice, we ALL might just become one happy go-lucky family!

Noticing Self-Talk

Published May 20, 2020 by tindertender

Lately, I’ve made it a specific intention that I notice my self-talk, and when negative, instantly (or as soon as I recognize it) “re-do” the comment with something of a positive nature.

I am honestly surprised at how many of these nearly invisible phrases show up. I consider myself someone who has done a lot of inner work, yet recently have discovered I’m on the next level … the next ‘cycle’ where it seems that I’ve regressed in some ways, but no … it is the beginning of next cycle.

Choice has it … and I have choice. Will I continue the journey on the same path as previous, or will I move forward. And perhaps, moving forward sometimes feels like regression, only because it has occasional similar traits as the previous cycle, or experience.

Progress ~ It can be difficult to spot if one is too involved in beating ones self up because of the perception of no forward (or ‘upward’) momentum.

Recognize your cycles. Don’t get hung up on the details, note the larger picture of progression and you will see it more clearly.

Just today I caught myself, and thankfully, it is getting easier, quicker, to see.

I stated,

“You already finished it … you dork!”

Immediately I caught that I had called myself a dork. (NEVER speak harshly or negatively to yourself about self, not even if you are ‘joking’).


“You are SO efficient you’ve already completed that project, you’re amazing!”

**Multi-tasking … it can getcha every once and again**

Yet through it all, remember to pay attention to your talk, external as well as internal. That’s where it all begins, after all.

And as you know, internal dialogue is one of the loudest!

Photo: https://unsplash.com/@jasonrosewell
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