At Random

Published October 11, 2022 by tindertender

When we close or guard our heart, we block blessings and ability to receive

Open heartedness is often painful. If you make it to your 40s, 50s and 60s with your heart still open, trusting and loving people, this world didn’t crush you with its best effort, and you’re a badass.


Extract yourself from the drama. Step outside of it and become the observer. Don’t respond to the fear mongering. Let it go.


It was what it was.
Now it will be what it will be.
I maintain a beautiful and love filled vision in the forefront of my mind for the future.


Release all thoughts of what was. Everything is being made brand new.


The date today …. 11122 …. Feels like this new cycle is ramping up in a big way. It’s actually 1 11 22 … new cycle 1, Master numbers 11 and 22.


Most of us have integrated the darkness/evil going on now & it’s time to love this place back to wholeness!


Work perfected in the present will be the foundation for your future success.
Don’t give up.
Build a strong and sturdy base.
Sometimes results take awhile to be seen.



Yes I do.
Yes I can.
Yes I Am.


Sometimes it’s best to let folks assume they know it all.

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