Published January 6, 2021 by tindertender

The maintenance of ones own energy and output is a challenge, a challenge that requires constant attention, attention to the details in specific contributions to the whole.

I recently (over the last hour) found my attention drawn and harnessed by this rally in Washington DC and the flagrant repeating of behaviors of so called “peaceful protesters (rioters)” of Antifa and BLM of last year, very recent history.

I told several people that I can see the pattern repeat, and that I am fully aware when the election was called early … NO MAGA burned, pillaged, or harmed anyone.

Now the media and SO MANY others want us to believe their story … again? Only now, rather than referring to these ones as “Peaceful Protesters” they are calling them thugs and rioters, sure to call them out as MAGA.

Look at the scrawny kids crawling walls … that is not MAGA behavior … but, whatever.

It is obvious I have zero control over the behaviors of people or the outcome of actions, but at least I am able to say my powers of observation are clear, not tainted by personal emotion … for honestly, I’ve been practicing keeping my energies from these eggregories.

And so now, one hour after getting caught up in this rat race, a wonderful woman offered a perspective, one that I have been adhering to for many months now.

Bless her.
Bless her for capturing my attention long enough to make a detour.

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