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Collaboration Needed

Published December 2, 2017 by tindertender

imaginary_friendWill I ever see you? Do you care enough to collaborate with me about what is best for our future? Do you think it is best to avoid me and collaborate amongst yourselves only?

Why am I simply the ‘observed’ and not part of the team? There must be an interest in what I have to offer, otherwise you would have left long ago.

When will I see you? Will there be a ‘meeting of souls’ in my living-room? Will you tell me what needs to be done and allow me opportunity to work it out, determining whether I shall, or not?

Perhaps this is why you do not approach me, perhaps it is my acknowledgement of WILL, personal power. Maybe you see in me a risk to your scheme … what else could it be?

I am seen, you are not, yet we are all equally ‘real’. Will you help me to understand?

Pocket watchTime piece returned today, traded for a pair of new shoes; five pair of socks; two bags of groceries; a gift for another; dog food and dog treats. There is still money left over … an obvious, worthy trade.

Who needs time anyhow? The seasons will let me know what needs to be done and when. The sun rises to my opening eyes and nights moon wakes the song of creatures who sing me to sleep.

I love it here. It is all I remember. I am certain there is more to this story than has been told. Will you share?

Bell strikes three times, a solemn sound follows. A good-bye, yet new beginnings. Bell strikes thrice more, it is time to move forward. Two more times the bell tolls followed by one final, fading out, to silence.

Time Is A River

Published November 1, 2017 by tindertender

I resolve myself to the fact I cannot stop death. However I would like to delay, or eliminate it all together, I cannot. Someday, the ones I love will no longer be here. Someday, it will be “I” who am no longer here … in body. Where shall we go? I do not know, for if I am from there, I have little memory of it, in fact, it seems but a dream. All the more reason not to spend time wrapped in blame, trying to please others. Instead, I focus on pleasing myself, and the ones who mesh with the reality of my current self, will be there.

Time is a river …

The journey is quite short, there is no time to waste on trivial things that really have no matter to the larger picture. There are plenty of opportunities to be dragged into the past, downward into guilt and hurt … there are also just as many opportunities to rise above it and commit to building a life lighter, brighter, shedding the darkness of fear and blame. As the day breaks, say goodbye to that which detracts from the greatness you are. Deep within you, you feel it, that beautiful power to create joyful realities. It may be in the small things, or it may be large, it is there just the same, waiting … in time.

Remember … when someone tries to tell you what you are, what you think, how you feel … they cannot possibly know … for they are not in you. What they perceive is often skewed by what is in them ~ And it is A-OK, for In Time all will work itself out.

Being responsible for our own energy can be difficult. We often find ourselves trying to make someone else feel okay. However, we will never be able to have a lasting solution for someone elses happiness, not if they fail to do the work themselves.

There is no need to feel guilty for self care.

Being aware is step one, quiet observation of events and circumstance is challenging as we slip into defense mode. Step out and above … move beyond the immediate, watch the unfolding of experience and then determine if it makes you happy.

Happiness, Joy, Love and Peace are our right. Demanding it be given to us from someone else will never fill our cup. Sometimes, the bird must fly. Sometimes solitude is the saving grace.

Is This All There Is?

Published October 6, 2017 by tindertender

Some feel that this is it. Once this life ends, we either move on to heaven or hell, one shot at it.  What if this is all wrong? What if it is only a control mechanism to keep people subservient? What if we all really are equal, and the deeds we do, and the acts we perform, will be the determining factor on what remains upon our return to this beautiful planet?

Let us say, for a moment, that this is not all there is. That you will return again to this planet for another life. Not because you are being punished, but because the task is not complete … the task of cleaning up and beautifying this earth for all.

Change the worldGreed and chaos run rampant. Minds have been manipulated into the ‘consumption’ way of living, many have been made to believe that more is better. So they do whatever it takes to gain it, and they forget about the backs they have marched over to get where they are, those that they have left behind while pursuing their addiction to things. I do not for a moment believe it is anyone’s fault, per se, instead I view it as an illness … much like gambling, drinking, or drugs, or any other addictions one might think of. This illness is fostered by those who wish to fill their pockets. Look at the billboards advertising powerball and the ‘potential’ for winning. See the people pour their savings into this lure, many losing their homes.

Tomorrow will come. You might return for another life. Would you like to return to green pastures and forests, alive with the music of joy? … Fresh running streams and rivers that you can actually drink from? Would you like to see people who are not afraid to reach for one another, without the potential for harm?

ripples in waterOnly you have the power to change your part in this path. Only you can control the waves you leave in your wake. Every action you take affects all life in your path. You may not see it, or even be aware of it, however the ripple effect of your life is powerful, and you just may feel the affect of it should you return.

This is what is meant by karma. Not as punishment, but as in creating that which you will return to, should you choose to believe this is possible, should you choose to plan for it. What harm can building a more peaceful world do? For even should you believe you will not be back, your children, grandchildren and others will follow in footsteps left behind.


Alpha & Omega

Published September 28, 2017 by tindertender

Over the centuries, wars have been fought, promises made, people swear that the one who calls himself the Alpha and the Omega will obliterate the world and cause it to reset. Indeed, this may have been what has happened, time and time again.

But what if it is all a ‘story’. What if this is a tall tale meant to warp minds and cause distraction … something to allow people to give up, give in, not care, for the hurt cycles ’round for so long …

Alpha & OmegaWhen destruction does hit … weather modification, sonic blasts, seismic booms, fracking the earth, poisoning of the air and water and foods, people are so caught up in what they’ve been told by others their whole lives, they may have difficulty seeing clearly. Disasters are man made, carefully planned and carried out … we have financed our own waking comas.

Perhaps the Alpha does not exist, nor does the Omega.

Perhaps there is no ending, and there is no beginning … it simply moves from one point to the next. Stop signs were made by man, these stops and starts are rules created by man which have been imposed on others … from the time we were small.



Alpha Beta Omega

Wrath Of Time

Published September 20, 2017 by tindertender

“In a world that has fallen to the wrath of time and hatred, music is the only way we can submerse ourselves in our own reality’s. Because we have fallen too deep into the quiet call of the moon, paralyzed in fear here, we sing the oceans lullaby’s but what do they really do for us except make us sleep in solitude to escape the light. We sink deep into the ocean swaying in the pull of the sea, singing it’s song, those who can swim above us as sailors and those who cannot, struggling. Follow your own path not that of others, we drift endlessly in a distant lament stuck in the constant chant of the sea, we are fallen sailors, the swallowing sea sucking us down into the beautiful alatulya world, where we are forgotten.”
       ~ Danika Firth
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