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Box Breathing

Published December 5, 2019 by tindertender

Hypercapnia = increase level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in blood⁣

More CO2 = more stimulation of vagus nerve and depression of sympathetic neurons = you can fall asleep faster⁣.

How do you get more CO2 without taping a paper bag to your mouth at night?⁣

It’s easy… follow the diagram!⁣

Inhale for 4⁣
Hold for 6⁣
Exhale for 6⁣
Hold for 6⁣


Having more time spent not-inhaling allows you to build up CO2 safely!⁣

Xalos@Turnoxyde says, “Box breathing is a very effective tool! Put it into your tool box of consciousness and create a better reality for yourself and others.”

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