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Affirmations: I choose Ascension

Published January 17, 2023 by tindertender

I choose ascension.

I choose ease and grace.

I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

Qualities of ease, grace, harmony, serenity, and deep peace are within me.

These qualities are the essence of my being.

The power of ease, grace, harmony, serenity, and deep peace vibrate within my soul.

In this 3D reality I know there are energies opposite of ease, grace, harmony, serenity, and deep peace.

There are people and situations that appear to block all joy, all flow.

In this reality there is a choice to grow through struggle. I no longer choose that way.

I choose the path of ease and grace, for this is a lighter and more pleasant way to grow. Actually, in this time of ascension, it is really the only choice, the only way to grow.

I choose ascension.

I choose ease and grace.

In each and every situation I command my own unconscious mind to remember the deep serenity of peace within my being.

I breathe in serenity and peace.

I feel at peace, and I live within the pure vibration of peace.

I banish all anxiety and stress, especially energies that do not belong to me

I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

I choose ascension.

I choose ease and grace.

In this time of ascension there is great chaos and volatility on the earth plane. Even though these challenging energies exist, I choose not to engage or dance with them.

Lower energies offer no opportunities for growth and the primary directive of the soul is growth.

I no longer waste my time engaging with lower energetic situations or beings that are attached to the 3D matrix of suffering and struggle.

I accept the lessons that chaos and volatility have offered me in the past.

Now, I’m willing to grow through joy rather than suffering or struggle.

Now, I’m willing to grow through flow rather than through limitation.

Now, I’m willing to forgive myself. I’m ready to forgive anyone I feel has hurt me.

I know any challenging situations or circumstances I’m experiencing are gifts to help me grow.

I let go of all perceived pain.

Now, I’m willing to see things differently.

Now I let go of my need to be right.

Now I see everything as an opportunity to grow and to flow into greater alignment with the Universe.

Every circumstance assists me in being stronger, wiser, and more compassionate.

Every challenge is an opportunity to infuse more light into my being and it is my reality.

I am pure light, pure flowing energy. I choose to grow through ease and grace.

I am one with the Universe.

I live within the pure vibration of grace.

In all situations I command my unconscious mind to my highest self and my team spirits.

In all situations, my unconscious mind now remembers my innate ability to create joy and flow.

With each breath I create opportunities for flow. I am flow and I live in flow.

I banish all obstacles for flow.

Every breath I take fills me with flow.

I choose ascension.

I choose ease and grace.

I’m willing to be at peace with myself.

I’m willing to be at peace with my own 3D ego, my inner family of selves as it evolves and grows.

As I embrace higher energies of light all worries and anxieties are leaving my mind making space for greater calmness and peace.

This is my authentic default state of being in the world.

In this time of ascension, I no longer require the need for conflict or chaos or excessive business to impel my spiritual growth.

I am pure light, pure flowing energy.

I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

As I embrace my true soul qualities within my mental and emotional fields, I am able to radiate a deep healing light that flows into my etheric and physical bodies.

Ease, grace, harmony, serenity, and deep peace are my souls’ birthright.

I am pure light, pure flowing energy.

I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

I invite my higher self to assist me in creating greater harmony, serenity, and deep peace within my ego.

I invite a great partnership between my ego selves and my higher self which assists me in creating a greater emotional flow. This emotional flow is like a great refreshing sparkling river that washes away all lower energies in my being, creating more space for holding higher qualities of love, wonder, bliss, pure delight.

I am pure light, pure flowing energy and I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

All unnecessary thoughts are leaving my mind now allowing me to experience total inner peace.

Now I am willing to be at peace with the world and all beings in the world.

Now I am willing to be at peace with all sorts of situations in my life.

Now I’m willing to be at peace with all situations in my life.

Now I’m willing to release and let go anything that no longer serves me in the path of ascending light.

I am pure light, pure flowing energy. I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly.

I give myself permission to raise all internal limits in the way of explaining greater harmony, serenity, peace, ease, and grace.

As I allow more flow into my reality I find this flow brings me all that I need.

I give and receive a great flow of abundance, joy, love, fun and many other wonderful experiences and qualities.

I experience a great flow of creativity and freedom.

I allow all the blesses gifts the Universe wants me to experience right now.

Everything in my life is in perfect alignment.

I am pure light, pure flowing energy.

I am one with the Universe and I live within the pure vibration of grace.

I choose ascension.

I choose ease and grace.



Repeat ALL x1 time.


The Shift

Published December 30, 2021 by tindertender

Got a message last night …..

“We’re snapping into place”.

And the other night I saw names sort of attached to a stalk, like brussel sprouts. The names were being drawn away from the stalk, some came lose, and some snapped back to the stalk, magnetized … vibrationally linked.

Manage your energy.

Keep your thoughts light, your heart happy and your energy clean. Purge negativity and fear, do not let it reside in you.

Break free from the lower densities.

Intensity Increases

Published December 18, 2021 by tindertender

Written by @SoulLight777

The excitement continues to build as we rapidly approach a very powerful energy portal. We speak of the 12/21/2021 gateway, the light of which will be felt at the core of all beings.

All of the major energetical waves that we’ve had in previous years, up until now, will culminate at the 12/21/2021 gateway. In addition with new portals being open, giving Earth and Humanity a great push in this process. This is going to be a huge one.

The light continues to intensify, the Earth and humanity reaching a new energetical peak. A time to rejoice, for this will be an in your face wake up call. Even those most asleep, won’t be able to help but notice the shift wherever they look.

Now, they can choose to make of this whatever they wish. If just for one second they allow their mind to wonder about this process and what has been unfolding, that will be enough to trigger a new process in their beingness, towards a higher awakening.

These higher waves of light will amplify people’s ‘curiosity’. This will be the start of a new journey for many. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to go within. Spend time alone, in nature, get in touch with the Divine in You.

You hold the keys to the Universe’s secrets. It’s time to remember who you are. The truth is it does not matter how any one else sees you. It does not matter how angels view you, & other higher dimensional beings, or even Creator for that matter. Why do I say this?

In simple terms, no one outside of you can change you. So if you see yourself as a weak, miserable, unworthy being, that is what you will remain. However, if you begin to awaken, give yourself another chance, believe in yourself.

Tune into the light within, realize your true divinity, realize your godliness through self love, you will have forged a new path for yourself, a brighter future. The light of the Divine rests within you. The purity, the wisdom, the love, all rests within you in this moment.

The time has come for you to claim your power, and go forward in leaps and bounds. Use this energy of the 12/21/2021 portal, and uplift yourself into a new reality. You are bound by nothing. Allow this portal to be the New Year for you.

A new beginning, where you see yourself, talk, and walk as the master that you are. One who has done this many times before, and now only needs to REMEMBER. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You are a blessing to this world. All the light to You!

We are aware of your strong desire to speed up the process of upliftment. You CAN do this. Especially for yourself. Though the vast majority only have the desire. That’s it. You need determination, discipline, commitment. Daily meditation, affirmations, mantras.

Any thoughts of limitation which arise, originate from outside of you. They are not yours. Why hold on to them? You are an infinite divine sovereign being, limited by nothing but illusory programs of the matrix, which you can dissolve with the power of your heart.

The heart center is your portal into the fifth dimension.

In meditation, or whenever you feel a past moment coming to the surface where you felt hurt, allow it to come, observe it, and send love to those timelines in your life, make peace with everyone involved, and release it into the light.

In truth you hate nothing outside of you. What you dislike, what you judge, become angry at, are nothing more than *reflections of *your *own *unhealed *lower *energetical *aspects. Everyone needs to realize this now.

Everytime you have an imbalanced reaction to something, your vibrational frequency drops.

Impossible things

Published December 17, 2021 by tindertender

“There’s no use in trying,” she said: “One can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour each day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

Alice is correct ~ it is indeed difficult to believe in impossible things. However, it is the Queen’s viewpoint that resonates most with Alice, and this day, it may resonate with you too. You are being asked to believe in something that seems impossible at present. This could be a miracle or something that seems too good to be true. It also talks of belief as a matter of discipline and practice. As the Queen says, she practices believing in impossible things.

What if you were to practice believing in the impossible? If you were to spend half an hour each day meditating on a miracle, changing your thoughts or focusing on creating an amazing life, you would slowly but surely expand your limits of possibility. If you devoted a half hour each day to creating wonderful changes within your life, what would you achieve? Financial breakthroughs, relationship bliss, physical healing? Devote yourself to something you wish to improve. When we do this, then just like the Queen, we too start to believe in impossible things because dedication steadily brings the impossible closer.

A struggle to accept what seems unlikely. Devote regular time to improving a situation. Becoming better at something you care about or changing something for the better. Meditate on a miracle and believe in the impossible things!

Artwork by Jasmine Becket Griffith

~ the Alice Wonderland oracle by Lucy Cavendish

The Thin, Thin Veil

Published November 12, 2021 by tindertender

Let go and let glow.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to ones courage. ~ Anaïs Nin

There is a special relationship between death, dreams, and meditation. These states reside on the other side of the veil, where perception widens and dimensions that always existed are suddenly accessible and in plain view. When you firmly identify with the ordinary world of the tangible and three-dimensional, it makes sense to resist crossing through the veil because of its perceived association with loss, destruction, or annihilation. However, when you do journey back and forth across the veil, you carry multidimensional wisdom to the ordinary world to remind everyone that they, too, have access to this heavenly elixir. When tragedy strikes (or nightmare happens) and you are catapulted from your comfy cozy world, across the veil, and into the extraordinary realm, you no longer need to fight the transition. Rather, be grateful for the opportunity to deepen and live into more of your potential.

Mantra ::
The awareness of the preciousness of life puts a gale force beneath my wings.

Artwork by Rassouli

The Hero’s Journey dream oracle, by Kelly Sullivan Walden

Divinity in Disguise

Published October 30, 2021 by tindertender

Every man is a Divinity in disguise, a god playing a fool.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my soul.” ~ Rumi

“In other words, the sum-total of all the outward guidance of the world doesn’t hold a candle to the wisdom of the guiding force within you. Remember you’re at one with the One. Open your heart to the divine within you. When you open your mouth to speak, allow this higher perspective to express through you.” ~ The Hero’s Journey, Dream Oracle

Mantra ::
I trust the wisdom of my higher self, and follow it, step by step, toward higher ground.

I See Myself As Water

Published March 24, 2021 by tindertender

I see myself as water, I reflect things as they are

Rebalancing and illumination

This light I see inside me, is a “reflection” of what surrounds me … isn’t it beautiful? Aren’t YOU beautiful?

Some people in this world put a price on other’s lives. Do they not understand that it is they in the ‘reflection’ they are seeing and designating a value to. In their disconnection to Self, they see lack and low worth of whatever or whomever they see, wherever they go … and they call it someone, or something else.

It is curious how some long for, and work diligently toward, dominating others. It is as though they lack the capacity to control Self, so they look outside of Self in an attempt to harness the world, to control the world … not realizing it is their reflection they are attempting to obtain mastery over.

There is no effort to gain control of Self, and in placing the attention, energy and effort in dominating and controlling the world and others in it, there is nothing left available to shine a light on the real issue.

The Mastery of Self is never realized for the dominator cannot truly see within … they only see their reflection in the world and the others who occupy it … often blaming others for what they see and have judgement about.

I believe these one really DO want to Master Self, they are just going at it in a way that will not necessarily be successful.

Perhaps ALL reflect the way things are … according to their own vision. Which makes it nearly impossible to see clearly. Without the willingness to include all others visions and ideas, a well-rounded knowing cannot be had. It becomes one sided, unbalanced, especially if the only ones listened, heeded or opinion sought from think just like them.


To recognize our own Higher Evolution, we must look inside and make adjustments accordingly to match that vision and resonance which we desire to see, then it naturally flows into the world, in a good way … and we are able to sit back and rest in “I Like Me” … and “I Like What I See”.

Love & Relationship – Misunderstood

Published March 18, 2021 by tindertender

Love is one of the most misunderstood and misplaced human experiences. Ever. Love is far more than a pleasant feeling. Love is a creative power. Love is not something you give away. It is something you reflect. Listen to understand why “I love me when I am with you” has far more balance and affection than “I love you”.

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