Intensity Increases

Published December 18, 2021 by tindertender

Written by @SoulLight777

The excitement continues to build as we rapidly approach a very powerful energy portal. We speak of the 12/21/2021 gateway, the light of which will be felt at the core of all beings.

All of the major energetical waves that we’ve had in previous years, up until now, will culminate at the 12/21/2021 gateway. In addition with new portals being open, giving Earth and Humanity a great push in this process. This is going to be a huge one.

The light continues to intensify, the Earth and humanity reaching a new energetical peak. A time to rejoice, for this will be an in your face wake up call. Even those most asleep, won’t be able to help but notice the shift wherever they look.

Now, they can choose to make of this whatever they wish. If just for one second they allow their mind to wonder about this process and what has been unfolding, that will be enough to trigger a new process in their beingness, towards a higher awakening.

These higher waves of light will amplify people’s ‘curiosity’. This will be the start of a new journey for many. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to go within. Spend time alone, in nature, get in touch with the Divine in You.

You hold the keys to the Universe’s secrets. It’s time to remember who you are. The truth is it does not matter how any one else sees you. It does not matter how angels view you, & other higher dimensional beings, or even Creator for that matter. Why do I say this?

In simple terms, no one outside of you can change you. So if you see yourself as a weak, miserable, unworthy being, that is what you will remain. However, if you begin to awaken, give yourself another chance, believe in yourself.

Tune into the light within, realize your true divinity, realize your godliness through self love, you will have forged a new path for yourself, a brighter future. The light of the Divine rests within you. The purity, the wisdom, the love, all rests within you in this moment.

The time has come for you to claim your power, and go forward in leaps and bounds. Use this energy of the 12/21/2021 portal, and uplift yourself into a new reality. You are bound by nothing. Allow this portal to be the New Year for you.

A new beginning, where you see yourself, talk, and walk as the master that you are. One who has done this many times before, and now only needs to REMEMBER. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You are a blessing to this world. All the light to You!

We are aware of your strong desire to speed up the process of upliftment. You CAN do this. Especially for yourself. Though the vast majority only have the desire. That’s it. You need determination, discipline, commitment. Daily meditation, affirmations, mantras.

Any thoughts of limitation which arise, originate from outside of you. They are not yours. Why hold on to them? You are an infinite divine sovereign being, limited by nothing but illusory programs of the matrix, which you can dissolve with the power of your heart.

The heart center is your portal into the fifth dimension.

In meditation, or whenever you feel a past moment coming to the surface where you felt hurt, allow it to come, observe it, and send love to those timelines in your life, make peace with everyone involved, and release it into the light.

In truth you hate nothing outside of you. What you dislike, what you judge, become angry at, are nothing more than *reflections of *your *own *unhealed *lower *energetical *aspects. Everyone needs to realize this now.

Everytime you have an imbalanced reaction to something, your vibrational frequency drops.

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