Dark to Light … Light to Dark?

Published September 1, 2022 by tindertender

Those who were asleep consciously, disconnected, are awakening. Light fills them. Those who have been dwelling in light, but are actually very dark … returning to their proper abode. (Grateful to receive this clarification!)

What happens in the unseen affects the seen. There’s magic on both sides of light and dark.

Historically, creation of circumstances happens when those in the know utilize the energy and consciousness of the human masses to power up their desire.

Raunchy and violent movies? Seeds. Seeds to create more chaos, and desensitize people to the horrors they wish humans to create. Conscious as well as Subliminal implants.

Do you see them growing? They grow in the mind and heart of those who are intertwined, their personal creator abilities are used to generate traumatic experiences in the world.

These seed implants are part of the collective consciousness. Sleepers still think what goes on in their minds doesn’t go any further.

They don’t think they create the chaos all around us because they themselves aren’t participating in violence, but the power of their mind is being programmed into it and carry’s the plan. They discuss the violence in movies and in the world. They may laugh and see it as entertainment. They do indeed empower the scenario.

I think the forgiveness we give people, the releasing of those not healthy for our expansion into light and joy filled spaces, that we are gifting and doing, actually is the dismantling of the “secret”.

Energy/Light …

Unseen to seen,

And now seen unto the unseen.

It’s a pendulum of experiences within creation, but all of it is created “through” human consciousness.

It’s unravelling.

Controlled chaos.

Or is it?

Even Lucifer is the counterpart to the Satan. Same coin.

Release, release, release.

Dance! Pump that balancing Light into the world. See what happens, how it feels.

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