Published January 28, 2022 by tindertender

Divine Justice works within me, eliminating all that is unnecessary from my thoughts and granting to me all that is good. I walk in balance, knowing Earth’s care.

“I, Balance, as a Universal Force, have many things to consider. I must look through Time, judging the effect of present actions on future generations. I work through you, presenting opportunities that would benefit many, if you choose to heed my call. I speak through what some have referred to as your ‘conscience,’ giving you in any moment an immediate sense of what is right or wrong action on your part. I never work as Guilt, though I am sometimes mistaken for this one. I am more correctly experienced as Enthusiasm or Hesitation, depending on the situation at hand and whether the action you contemplate would benefit or harm the whole. Guilt, on the other hand, is often a conglomeration of old rules spoken to you by others and being held in your mind as ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts.’ I, instead, work only in the now. I am your immediate pre-action response to the situation at hand.

“I want you to act. It is only through you that my work is done. Likewise, it is only through your action that you know if your inner convictions are truly in the good of the whole. You must test out your theories. You must see if they are valid. Your inner sense will tell you in the moment if you are creating balance … harmony … equilibrium. That which you no longer need, whether theories or things, will in this way be eliminated. My sword will fall, cutting away those thoughts that limit you. You will give away any possessions that are weighing you down. You will break away from people or circumstances that no longer promote your growth.

“I am the archetype of self-discipline. With me, you will begin to pursue enthusiastically your self-direction. Justice will prevail. True balance will begin. Remember, I am accountable for the whole Earth. What is allowed in your life must balance out through time and for all life forms. Everything affects the whole. As you work with an awareness of this and of me, you will find great peace overcoming your life.”

~ The Medicine Woman oracle by Carol Bridges

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