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A Legend

Published January 19, 2021 by tindertender

She drank whiskey, swore often, and smoked handmade cigars. She wore pants under her skirt and a gun under her apron. At six feet tall and two hundred pounds, Mary Fields was an intimidating woman.

Mary lived in Montana, in a town called Cascade. She was a special member of the community there. All schools would close on her birthday, and though women were not allowed entry into saloons, she was given special permission by the mayor to come in anytime and to any saloon she liked.

But Mary wasn’t from Montana. She was born into enslavement in Tennessee sometime in the early 1830s, and lived enslaved for more than thirty years until slavery was abolished. As a free woman, life led her first to Florida to work for a family and then Ohio when part of the family moved.

When Mary was 52, her close friend who lived in Montana became ill with pneumonia. Upon hearing the news, Mary dropped everything and came to nurse her friend back to health. Her friend soon recovered and Mary decided to stay in Montana settling in Cascade.

Her beginning in Cascade wasn’t smooth. To make ends meet, she first tried her hand at the restaurant business. She opened a restaurant, but she wasn’t much of a chef. And she was also too generous, never refusing to serve a customer who couldn’t pay. So the restaurant failed within a year.

But then in 1895, when in her sixties, Mary, or as “Stagecoach Mary” as she was sometimes called because she never missed a day of work, became the second woman and first African American to work as a mail carrier in the U.S. She got the job because she was the fastest applicant to hitch six horses.

Eventually she retired to a life of running a laundry business. And babysitting all the kids in town. And going to baseball games. And being friends with much of the townsfolk.

This was Mary Fields. A rebel, a legend.


With His Dying Breath, A Marine Stands and Solutes!

Published October 6, 2020 by tindertender

“Weeks before my son died, we were still hopeful that he would recover from his second brain surgery and regain some quality of life. He wanted to live. He fought so valiantly. As a mother, I could not be prouder of my son.

So…go ahead…take a knee.

Btw….just a little bit of information about this picture. This is physical therapy working with my son. She asked him to sit on the side of the bed. Michael…on his own, chose to STAND ….with whatever power he could muster, AND SALUTE.

My dad…who was helping his only grandson during physical therapy and saw what Michael was doing…asked for a picture to be taken. (So glad he did….and if anyone knows my dad…he is not a real fan of pictures, but he felt this was THAT IMPORTANT. )

This is a picture of a UNITED STATES MARINE showing respect with the last bit of energy he had in this earthly life. But you entitled fools go ahead and kneel.”

Signed a GOLD STAR MOM. 


Published September 2, 2020 by tindertender

Last night in the Astral I saw the woman who had an affair with my first love and ultimately married and had three children by him (she had died a few years ago). I was surprised, because there was no animosity … I SAW her BEAUTY, and it was good.



Published August 29, 2020 by tindertender

Words are tiny hooks for the mind.

Digital freeway signs telling you to “mask up” and “save lives” … fear porn.

Words programming minds into a state of lack perception.

Subliminal messaging in the television programs and commercials … buy this, you must have that (as with the toilet paper fiasco the world over).

Some have become so addicted to these hooks they cannot pull themselves away from that which places them in the mind … they have been “programmed” to absorb more and more of these barbs … that which keeps the mind caught.

They are compelled to turn on the television as soon as they arrive home, some saying they don’t watch it, they simply have it on for the noise it provides. Noise is right. Noise filled with barbs for the mind.

Cannabis, beneficial when used properly, a detriment when not. Keeping the mind at surface level limbo. Unable to delve into the deep waters of the snare. Unable to see the snare, let alone comprehend its magnitude.

Alcohol, which totally obliterates conscious usage of words and intention.

Be mindful of what hooks you allow to be implanted in the psyche.

If they are anything other than love, peace, compassion, harmony and such related concepts, you can be certain it is not for benefit, but a steering toward another’s agenda.

Indeed, even the wolf masquerades as a light worker. Steering minds into lack perception. A weakness implant, drawing the mind into believing only they can help you out of a situation or set way of thinking. Stripping spirit of its own authentic power.

Trials are here for a reason. They build our capacity to withstand chaos. The lessons we learn through process allows compassion for others experiencing same and similar circumstances, growing our heart, our center, our connection should we choose not to shrink.

This is why many times another simply isn’t able to help us. We must endure, gather the lesson, before it can be released.

Be mindful of the words you absorb, and the words you use upon another.

They can be of benefit, or add to the snare.

Use experience to benefit self and others, not tear everything down.

Words … being used by the media now for separation and control … creating divide like never before, and politicians are pushing all the buttons in alignment with the message.

Reject it.

A Powerful Message

Published June 26, 2020 by tindertender
 Photo credit goes to Lake Norman.

Our furry friends are not the only ones we ought to care for on this holiday, July 4th.

Blowing stuff up is not the highlight to life …

Contrary to popular belief.

When we show compassion to others, we will begin to see others are compassionate toward us.

Not before then.

Swami Krishnananda Stated …

Published June 22, 2020 by tindertender

… in Mandukya Upanishad (text),

“When you look at the sun, you behold your own eye. When you look above into the heavens, you are seeing your own head. When you see all people moving about, you behold the various parts of your own personality. The vast wind is your breath. All your actions are cosmic movements. Anything that moves, does so on account of your movement. Your breath is the Cosmic Vital Force. Your intelligence is the Cosmic Intelligence. Your existence is Cosmic Existence. Your happiness is Cosmic Bliss.”

Therefore, a person with an understanding of Mandukya Upanishad looks at each and every object/human as a part of self, thereby converting all the objects into one subject, hence leading to cosmic union.

In other words: Hate for others is reflective of hate for yourself and love for others is reflective of love for oneself.


We Need Each Other

Published June 11, 2020 by tindertender

“No single No one possesses the complete range of faculties. through social union, human beings complete one another, and mutually secure their well-being. Because they need one another, they have been created for living in society and not in isolation.” ~ The Spirits’ Book

Take a good long and hard look at what the so-called leaders are pushing for … I do not speak of the president, but those who fight against him.

Covid-19 came along after a three year attempt to impeach the president. The democrats, indeed, the whole advisory committee, pushed for isolation, and the covering of the mouth, signifying compliance, silence.

They sold fear, ripe and ready to eat, while this president tried to give the cure (hydroxychloroquine) which has even been proven to fight cancer … two for one. But what did the majority of Americans do? They swallowed the lies and rejected the cure … they allowed fear, hatred, and false reporting to take from them what they’ve been wanting and waiting for.

The government, previous to this one, steered jobs away from the American citizens, gifting the citizenry profit loss and opportunity loss for their own well-being.

People need to rise together, for anything other than that is ensuring our own demise.

PS – Joe Biden will be taken out of the race by his own team. Whomever they replace him with will be the true devil, or someone puppeted by him (them, since it is a group thing).

The vote will be for freedom …

… or for more of the same we got before this administration, a true slavery symbolized by the mask and stay at home orders.

More human trafficking, more missing people, more murder as they push to eliminate the protectors of the law, and release serious criminals from prisons.

Don’t let your hatred for one man cause you to throw in the towel on your country.

Regardless of the threats …

Threats that make the most hardened warrior crumble and apologize for supporting the president.

The war is real.

And it is bigger than any one man.

My hope is there will be enough Americans and others in this world to support and bring us into the light.





Whatever you need to do to raise your vibe into one of appreciation and love, do it.

Nature works every time.

There WILL be a one world order.

It will come in the form of slavery, or freedom.

Choice is ours.

It will come from a place of fear, hatred, or good thought processing.

It is important to rule the emotions, and not be ruled BY them.

The enemy uses emotion against us … ALL of us, in various methods.

Notice it.

Stand your ground.


Oracle Reading 6-9-2020

Published June 9, 2020 by tindertender

The gift of free-flowing liberty, movement through the world, deciding your own direction.

This gift of movement offers of freeing of the stagnant parts of your life, of the disentangling of the cords that have bound you, and the clearing of the way before you, so that you can go – and go where you dream and wish of. You finally begin to break free and explore more, either through movement of the mind, with ideas, or movement of the body – with joy in the expression of the body.

Divine and flowing inspiration.

The inspirational flow of energy can bring to life new projects, friendships, wisdom, and understanding. With every breath you take, you feel more connected, more unique, more divine, more magical. Let yourself feel the blessing surround you with a visionary new approach to your life.

Being seen for who you are, for being known and understood.

The gift of knowledge and recognition – both for yourself and others. With this gift comes the ability for others to connect with you in true love – for where there is understanding, there can be affection and comfort and a sense of ease in who you are. You belong in the presence of another when understanding comes. So, may you be blessed and be truly seen by others.


Reading from the deck “ Faery Blessing Cards” created by Lucy Cavendish

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