Published January 23, 2022 by tindertender

“No, I’ll look first.”

Too many people blindly follow others and in many situations we can find it easier to go with the flow, to trust in other people and even to follow orders. But Alice does not do this – not until she has thought it through for herself. She may be impetuous, adventurous and curious, but she is also sensible, cautious and enquiring. Alice remembers the good, commonsense advice she has learned through hearing stories of others’ mishaps – and right now, you must be like Alice.

Check something carefully before going ahead. You are being encouraged to take a daring new path of action, and while everything is most likely well, you still need to take responsibility and remember to be your own guardian and caretaker. Look over the details, check the packaging, be sure to know what is in the fine print, and ask questions about the arrangement or the offer which you are about to enter into or accept.

If, like Alice, you find there is nothing alarming or hidden about the arrangement, by all means go ahead. However, do not follow orders or blindly do what you are told. Investigate, decide, and if you go ahead, be prepared for unexpected changes when you sign, start, connect or decide to advance. There is always an element of the unpredictable – and there is no way of preparing for all the strange and wonderful things that will happen next!

An important decision requires you to enquire, inform yourself and think it through thoroughly. Find out as much as you can and look at the fine print!

Artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

~ the Alice Wonderland oracle by Lucy Cavendish

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