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Published October 2, 2019 by tindertender

mission guide | 10/2/19

Since Al Gore started harping about global warming, NASA states that the ice pack is growing, not thinning. To the tune of 112 BILLION TONS per year. Strange, isn’t it that he has found so much traction for this blatant lie?

“We have been entering a new ice age over the past few years” my contact told me. Just days ago she updated that stating “We need to brace for a very severe winter this year”. This means putting in 50% more wood if that’s what you rely on for heat and the same if you buy propane or oil. Have reserves of fresh water on hand and tend to your flocks unlike previous years. To survive an ice age is nothing like you or they are used to.

Is this fear porn? Yes, I supposed you could say that if you are insistent on not knowing the truth about your situation. Otherwise this is merely words to the wise, or, words to those who intend on surviving.

I can tell you “the end is near” all I want to, but without proof of what is taking place while you’re being lied to so you will be caught off guard, you will just dismiss my words as just that, fear porn. You will go right back to soccer and ballet drops with the kiddies, take them in for their scheduled vaccines and think everything is just fine. The problem is, this is no longer business-as-usual for the human race, because you are no longer inside of your Long Cycle of evolution. That ended on 12/21/2012. Now it is time to pack up your things and move on.

To where? You’ll ask.

Those who plan on continuing as if nothing is different will not need to worry about relocating right now, because your next stop will be a simple recycle into a similar situation that you’re already accustomed to after the 90% reduction in population then transition into the Weasadek Matrix where your planet will be hosted from that point forward. By reverting you all back to children, it will be very simple business to educate you to the realities of the One World Order, as if that’s just the way it has always been. And from that moment forward you will have no recollection of these end times, no recollection of any of your past memories and no recollection of these teachings that were to prepare you to step back into your own godhood.

Those who do intend to make it through this transition phase will listen to the advice being offered from the Council of Free Worlds. You will put yourself in a location where you don’t need to rely on the supply chain in place for modern living where you will grow your own gardens indoors in your geothermal home with you as Particle Tara makes her shift out of the Gaia Time Matrix where the new ice age will be playing out on all your surrounding planets. This transition could take another 10 years and it could all be finished in about 1 ½ if the transition continues on the same path it has been taking since the opening of the Stellar Activation Cycle.

I was reminded just yesterday in a personal meeting with my contact that only those who are willing to take action and accept responsibility for their own manifestation will be moving forward. The rest will simply remain sequestered as they have been for eons of time. She has made it very clear just recently that only those who are in a permaculture, off-grid environment such as the eco preserves we are establishing in various places around the world will live through what’s not just coming, but is already here.

2018 statistics show the coldest weather on record around the world in various places, and so far in 2019 we’ve already seen snow and ice that was not only unseasonal, but outrageously so in areas with as much as 1 foot of snow per hour where there shouldn’t be any snow at all yet. Instead of just tiny hail stones, you are now seeing massive softball-sized hail coming down all over the world that can kill you if you are caught outdoors. Look it up. All I can do is bring these things to your attention, give you some advanced warning and then let you know where we are setting up safe areas for you. Only you can actually decide to join us or not. Regardless, I’ve done what I came here to do and you have had a head’s up. This is real and I will continue to offer you proof as long as we’re still here in your shared plane with Particle Tara until the final separation. Then you’ll be on your own.

mission guide

Decoding The Hive Official (FB)

Decoding the Hive has much information which opens the mind. Poles are shifting …

Creating Harmony

Published September 25, 2019 by tindertender

Everyone wants to know what their governments are doing … why? So they can argue about it?

It amazes me that so many people are chastising the youth for their desire to create a healthier planet. While the young ones gather in unison under the umbrella of this cause, many adults are bashing them, stating they have no idea what they are talking about. Rather than joining them and adding beneficial information to the cause, they fight against it.

If the adults cannot even be supportive of this idea, working with the youth toward a common goal, then it is apparent the adults do not know how to be in harmony, even under such an intense and important subject like our dying planet.

So many insist this is normal, that the earth cycles through periods such as this occasionally throughout history. This is their excuse to keep sucking the planet dry, stealing the blood (oil) an injecting hot fluids into it so they can extract its gases.

It is the adults who are disruptive and non-conducive to Peace. It is the adults who argue fuss and fight. And it is the adults who teach the youth to be this way.

Get it together. Peace does not happen when every one is so segregated. Peace only comes by being in alignment with each other.

How do you think we’re doing so far?

One topic at a time.

We are in the mist of climate disaster. However you think that is occurring, whatever your ideas on how to change this, share your thoughts in an uplifting positive manner, a manner that will be received in a good way, and we can move forward from there.

Leave argument, blame and name calling at the sidelines. It will never help us achieve anything beneficial. The egos of many are inhibiting our union. Don’t play into it.

Intentional Misleading of Citizenry … For Control

Published September 8, 2019 by tindertender

There are many here who have no physical form. Millions of years have gone by, repeated catastrophic energies have blasted them at the end of each “human” generation cycle. We are generation four, human.

The end of this cycle is near. HAARP, CERN, MK Ulta and other Mind manipulation programs are in place. You see it plainly in the atmosphere, in the faces of humanity as they act, in a daze, you know it because you sense the trapped ones in the unseen.

The aether is being saturated with chemicals used to create magnetic fields, electrical charges, and when they are satisfied, and the 5G towers are in place, they will “charge” the atmosphere.

Many humans will have heart attacks, strokes, or anxiety attacks which will lead to either one, and many other conditions. The atmosphere will be super heated, torching and disintegrating every living thing. Those who will be holed up in the underground tunnels will be the only survivors.

Once finished, they will come top once more and start over, just like they have many times in the past.

Those they deem devils are life forms who have been trapped here without body for millions of years. (That’s enough to drive anyone insane). They have been blasted with this electromagnetic energy many times, and each time it fragments them even more. Which is why they seem chaotic, their energy has literally been blown apart, and the only way they can survive is to try and live through another ‘healthy’ life form. Problem is, once they connect their chaotic state is absorbed by the human nervous system and mind, bringing what has been labeled as ‘mental health issues’ or other physical ailments to their ‘host’.

These are not devils, although many of them act like it. After millions of years trying to break free, they are insane … and yet they hold out hope for survival, just as we do. And they try, and try, and now are becoming desperate, not because of anything other than they are about to be blasted apart yet again by those who have captured them, captured and manipulated us.

We have been falsely led to believe they are our enemy, when our enemy has been in front of us, visualized by our eyes, listened to and obeyed with our ears, minds, and actions.

Some truly believe them to be evil, and while I do believe there are those who are, I also believe there are real disembodied victims, brothers and sisters, who’s only crime was trying to free humanity.

Are we capable of discerning the difference? Do we have what is necessary within us to see the suffering vs those who create it?

Seen, and unseen.

I’m waiting …


Published September 8, 2019 by tindertender

When you think that your weather is merely an act of nature in these technologically-advanced times, take a closer look. 👇🏻

Today you are seeing climate events around the world that are breaking all previous records from the hottest to coldest, driest to wettest and with the biggest hail on record seemingly everywhere.

At the exact same time you have millions of square miles of crucible fires that are swallowing communities across the globe in so little time it takes the breath away from every forensic arson investigator that casts even a casual glance at the data.

Not only was the weather mentioned in the world’s religious texts prophesied to play a major role in the end times, but it is going to clearly have something to do with water:

Revelation 11:6

“These have the power to shut up the sky, so that rain will not fall during the days of their prophesying; and they have power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to strike the earth with every plague, as often as they desire.”

So how does this work then? Where “they” will be able to weaponize the rain and ocean? Let’s get our geek hats on for a second and see what water actually is and how that can be used as a very real and very powerful device in order to “bring about prophecies”.

Like I’ve already mentioned many times, “they” (the ones who have been calling themselves god since time began) could command lightning and thunder to render even the most powerful of men mere children before them, are still here and have been living among you all along.

Today they run the military programs that are now rolling out all around you under code-names such as 5G and HAARP, SEA-BASED X BAND (SBX), or the lesser-known classified name of the chemtrails program OPERATION INDIGO SKYFALL.

All of these programs are really just one master program to turn the skies around planet Tara into one giant quantum computer powered by the very aether itself.

That project is known as ONE WORLD ORDER (you would have to go back in time 560 million years to be able to call this the “New” World Order).


If you place certain minerals known as alkalis (these are forms of salt) into water, you get what is known as an electrolyte solution that makes that water now a conductor of Dark Matter energy (electrons). This is something mankind has known since ancient Iraq.

Predating Egypt by many thousands of years, evidenced by hundreds (possibly hundreds of thousands) of ancient Baghdad Batteries scattered all over that region of the world known as the Fertile Crescent in ancient Babylonian times.

You might recognize this area a little better if I use its earlier name of E-Den.

Over the past decades billions of tons of minerals we refer to as “heavy metals” have been deliberately released into the skies around the planet. No explanation is given other than they are contrails, or the exhaust of jet engines.

Even though that “exhaust” isn’t smoke, its artificial fog (called endothermic sublimation) coming off of passenger planes and fog vanishes within moments. It doesn’t linger for hours.

No one alive has missed these very clear white clouds that stretch in long single lines for hundreds of miles. They’re literally everywhere.

Those heavy metals in CHEM-trails, not CON-trails (get it?) have been identified in countless studies (hundreds of thousands of times by now) in laboratories as magnesium (aluminum), strontium and barium. So what are these specific metals known as in science anyway?

Wikipedia: Alkaline earth metals;

“They are beryllium (Be), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), strontium (Sr), barium (Ba), and radium (Ra).” What was it we just got through saying about alkalis again? That they turn water into electrical conductors?

And who knew that the many names of salt would ever include the word metals? Or that salt metals could be used to make solid state electrical devices?

Yet your computer you are using right now is literally made out of these “metals”, because they are the very substance that energy is literally stored in, so when you send power into that material,it instantly comes out the other side making a “connection” in electrical terms.

And what is not known in everyday perception is the fact that air happens to actually be H2O called CO2. Albeit not as dense as what comes from your tap, it is still known in science simply as water “vapor”, or, thin water.

In fact, all atmospheric currents (as in water) are treated the exact same way in scientific equations as superfluid hydrodynamics (the process by which water flows).

Which means in absolute scientific terms, the skies above your head once mixed with millions, billions and even trillions of tons of alkaline minerals is factually just as much an electrical conductor as a piece of metal.

Now all that has to be done to energize that metal is to apply an electromagnetic current (as in water) to that field and just like that, you can tell those particles what to do.

At certain frequencies it will have this reaction, at higher frequencies it will have that reaction. But no matter what, if you apply a “radio” wave signal of any kind, you will have an electric reaction.

Radio as in RADIUM listed above as one of the six known alkaline earth materials, because RADIUM is also known as RADON which is the mother term for conductivity for Dark Matter electromagnetic electrons.

HAARP stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program because it deals in ultra-high frequencies to pierce into and command atmospheric chemical reactions.

And yes, electricity is known as a “chemical reaction” because alkaline chemicals produce sparks when introduced to water. And what is the electric wattage of signal that HAARP works with exactly?

Wikipedia: HAARP;

“The HAARP project directs a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF (high-frequency) band, into the ionosphere.”

So in actual numbers, how powerful is 3.6 MW (megawatts) they are aiming into those clouds that are now active electrical conductors? The answer is that’s enough power to run 2000 residential homes for an HOUR.

And unlike their old prototypes where a HAARP array might take up football fields of space, now they are neatly contained inside what appear to be giant golf balls that can be seen today literally on every continent and in every country around the world.

HAARP SBX “Earthquake Machines” are now even mobile on massive ocean-going barges that can deliver that storm right to your front door in case your government needs an attitude adjustment.

That’s 2000 homes worth of power in a single blast.

Into the sky that has been turned into a solid-state electronic motherboard.

Because what you also may not know is the little diodes that make a computer do what you are asking it to do are made out of the exact same things that are filling those skies that you can’t see.

Referred to as quartz crystal when they are massive like you are wearing around your neck, and in nano-engineering are known as Aniline (an anionic reagent optical surfactant in fully ciphered-terms) when they are in single-atomic (molecular) form.

This is the crystal known in science as being electrostatic, or will produce an electrical charge out of nowhere if you simply apply any heat to it, also known as SiO2 piezoelectricity.

And at the core of every molecule in air we call CO2 and water we call H2O is another one of these piezoelectric, electrostatic, pyroelectric capacitor batteries called Aniline and while under a thermal (heat) signal will operate just like your computer does.

Because HAARP doesn’t just send out one single beam, but rather up to many thousands in individually-controlled miniature broadcasting dishes in a phased ultrasonic pulsed array.

This allows them to combine all those different frequency signals (computer commands) at the same atmospheric location to not only deliver the full equation of the command, but do so at extreme temperature.

Giving the Aniline crystals no choice but to distort under the heat and then in the direction of the applied magnetic field, shoot those energies out of each capacitor into the next crystals and suddenly now you have a rain cloud.

Or a snow cloud. Or no more clouds at all because you have evaporated all the water that would have otherwise covered that agricultural zone. Or just as easily you now have a hurricane you can fully remote-control.

So when they direct this 2 million watt thermal electric radon wave into that motherboard, it is going to use all of its affected particles (within that field) to do anything you have ever seen “mother nature” do down through time, depending on what they tell it to do.

While this supercomputer, referred to in Hollywood cipher-terms as “Skynet”, is still not-yet fully functional (set for spring of 2020), this gives you a small preview of just how powerful this universal, atmospheric quantum computer really is now that the skies of the entire world have been saturated with as much salt as what would be in an entire ocean.

How did those who wrote your religious texts so long ago know that in the “end times” (the time of separation between the two planets now going their own ways from each other) “they” would be able to control the skies and there would be terrible signs in the heavens?

Striking mortal fear into the hearts of man, 8 inch hail weighing 2 pounds apiece and hurricanes 70 miles wide travelling at 115 miles per hour can do that. Like I said, it is easy to make a prophecy come true if you’re the one behind the curtain pulling the levers.

See what Dark Matter energy really is in volume 5 of the human handbook series decoding the hive chapter 6 in Cheops SPOKE. Now that this power has been allowed outside of Pandora’s Box, you are about to see just how much damage it can really do.

Because whatever you see they can do in that sky, they can absolutely do in your oceans because in extremely simple terms, that is one humongous, insanely huge Baghdad Battery already.

There is no need to put more salt in an ocean already saturated to the point of being the perfect electrolyte solution.

mission guide


Published September 7, 2019 by tindertender

mission guide | 9/5/19

The war on the reproductive system of humans has already been won. These are just more rivets in the coffin. Until now this has been an invisible battle, where the real-life invaders to your world have moved silently behind the scenes to slowly eradicate your species because you can breed all on your own without assistance. This is incompatible to enslavement agendas where precise control is paramount. But now the war is getting blatant and right in-your-face.

I spend a lot of time in the human handbook series explaining how human enslavement has taken place using scientific processes that are ciphered not only to the public, but to the wider scientific community itself. The symbols and codes, equations and principles within the sciences are ciphered so that even the most clever and astute technician will be unable to piece together the larger fabric of the devices they are inventing that are the tools used down through time to destroy your DNA that at once appeals to the masses and at the same time registers to innovators as benevolent causes, but with each advancement the human race sinks deeper and deeper into a cellular dungeon of their very own making.

There are thousands of corporations now around the world that are operating under cover stories whose true agendas go undisclosed to the general population even where they have everyday employees arriving in average cars to show up for work in regular jobs, but no one has any idea of how their whatsit will actually work with the gizmo their fellow employees are making just on the other side of their department walls, yet both go inside the very same appliance. This is called compartmentalization. The absolute isolation of each critical component of a larger product no one can know exactly how to go about copying. Something they conveniently label proprietary code security in order to satisfy inquiries as to why not even the president of the company knows how to duplicate the end product.

This ultra-top secrecy was brought into mainstream corporate models from places like S4 at Area 51, where such covert R&D research and production of highly classified weapons and technologies were being developed under such intense secrecy that it was forbidden to even discuss your job with your very own coworkers that were involved in not only related products that would fit onto the gadget you were making, but even with the guy standing right next to you on the assembly line or lab station working on the exact same element of the exact same gadget. If a virus were to spread across that operation removing all but one employee, there would literally not be one person who could ever put that facility back into operation again.

It wouldn’t matter if you had 34 levels of clearance above the president of the United States; if you spoke one word about your device with anyone other than your immediate supervisor, you wouldn’t just be fired, you and your entire family would be erased from ever having been alive on this planet and that would take place in such short order no one would ever be able to tell what had happened. Dental, medical, scholastic and community involvement records and even close family friends would simply disappear overnight. Yes, they’re strict like that.

Now those operations that used to be contained within ultra-secret deep underground bases have moved into sleepy little towns around the world right out in the open because they have a real address and telephone number and are listed on the NY stock exchange so they must be legit. Sure you can’t even walk into that building without signing an NDC non-disclosure agreement, but surely that’s just another big company making a better floor mop, right?

Not really. Floor mops are made by third-world kids and families for $3-4 a day. What these sleek high-tech gleaming smoked-glass buildings are producing are things that are being inserted into every single product around you that includes more than just some plastic and cotton string that are designed from their very foundations as invisible bullets that deliberately maim and kill that you simply cannot see with the naked eye.

And we as a society go about making our cheeses and wines utterly oblivious to the fact that the very small town you live in not only has at least one of these “unacknowledged black operations” in it, but sometimes a half-dozen –or more– and what they are actually doing is very much in real-terms, making covert weapons that will silently eliminate the very people making or purchasing that new device. And since the chemicals and processes in that gadget are already in use in hundreds of thousands of products world-wide, when someone dies from that melting-ice bullet there is no way to go back to any one source to point the finger at. Plausible deniability.

Immediately one would ask how anything, even remotely about what I am saying could be true. That literally doesn’t make any sense because who would knowingly kill their own friends and neighbors –especially by the millions or billions–? Where is the upside to that? No rational human being would ever come up with that plan.

The problem is, these are not human beings you’re dealing with; they’re from other planets and wearing skin suits that look just like yours. And their agenda is to silently, and without fanfare, remove from this soil everyone that doesn’t share their same agenda. It really is just that simple.

So like the military black operations of old once cordoned off with razor wire with military check-points that have now brazenly moved right out into the open in skyscrapers on 5Th Avenue or on Industrial Parkway 3 blocks from your local K-through-8, the products that are now flooding every inch of the fabric of “civilization” are equally now placed right before your eyes, masquerading as modern convenience. And because Suzy has that gadget (and Suzy’s husband works for one of Google’s thousands of companies) that is a must-have for your family to be sure.

And silently companies like Google move into your lives with the stealth of a leopard, acquiring (assimilating) more than 200 start ups and full-blown companies just since 2016 alone, including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, media, politicians, singers, movie and tv celebrities (Youtube) and down into the very genetic cells of your body across the blood-brain barrier directly into your subconscious mind in every possible way, molding your every thought, the jobs you work and of course everything you own.

Without looking down underneath the skin and into the DNA of your abductors, there is no way you would ever know that the CEOs of the Fortune 500 were not “just like you”, so there would be no way to ever imagine that a company would ever deliberately invent new products they knew were going to kill humans. It simply would never even cross your mind.

That’s why I’m here, to tell you what has been happening around you all along up to this point in your timeline where the human reproductive system has been so thoroughly compromised that today it now costs $50,000.00 for the average couple to conceive a child. And of course you don’t hear about this on the evening news, because the shame associated with infertility is off the charts. But in truth, the average couple in a 1st world country can no longer have a child without medical help:

“I think one of the few areas that I would use a word like ‘crisis’ is in reference to what’s going on with fertility rates, not just in the U.S. but in the world.” –Piraye Beim, Celmatix Corp.

I was informed not long ago by my contact whose job it is to continuously monitor all life on this planet to measure Tara’s health (that’s literally why the IAFW is even here to begin with) that “humankind is now in their final generation”. The hundreds of thousands of destructive chemicals we have included into our everyday convenience devices and foods have now rendered our genome so damaged we can’t even conceive. These include the mercury, arsenic, cadmium and beryllium radiating right through your laptop and into where again? Directly into your reproductive organs on your lap? Really?

And now, for the sake of convenience, we are going to place onto our infinitely fragile baby a diaper fitted with a micro cavity magnetron that emits square waves that cooks meat in seconds an inch away from their developing ovaries and testes? Of course we’ll do this at the same time we deliberately inject them with dozens of vaccines at once, each filled with thousands of times the allowable mercury for a full-sized adult and then when they die, we’ll just call that “SIDS”, something no one can really “put their finger on” why otherwise healthy babies simply drop dead:

CDC 5/28/2015: Deaths Reported Vaccine Adverse Event;
“For child death reports, 79.4% received >1 vaccine on the same day. Inactivated influenza vaccine given alone was most commonly associated with death reports in adults (51.4%).”

Let’s go over that again:

In the study it was concluded that 79.4% of babies that died from SIDS had at least one vaccine injection on the same day.

So if your baby even makes it out of the cradle at all, it will be a certainty that when they mature, they will not be able to reproduce. And to make absolutely certain of this, their eggs will be hard fried immediately upon birth at the same time they’re going to be fed water and formula with fluoride –a known cancer-causing carcinogen made from nuclear waste– while being handed a smartphone to play with to replace the wooden spoon your mother gave you when you were a child.

If time weren’t being deliberately cut short for the human race, you would have personally witnessed the end of this evolution. But it is being cut short and you will live to see the transition coming very soon. You can learn more about the invasion and the science that was used against you across the entire series, with particular attention to the attack of your genome Template in vol 2 of the human handbook series under Hippocratic Genocide.

The Angelic Human war was fought and lost and we’re here to bring out the survivors.

mission guide
decodingthehive dot info


Published September 7, 2019 by tindertender

This is a very powerful, unifying, transformational, intense and consciousness transforming Spiritual Convergence of Prayers, Meditation, and Truth. This Convergence focuses on what is happening in the Sacred Womb of Mother Earth, in the Amazon Bioregion, and beyond!

If you want spiritual blessing and inspirations, infused with important information, with an open heart and mind, watch and experience this video, from beginning to end.

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