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Published March 30, 2021 by tindertender

Please forget what you learned in school and have an open mind.

Generll info The Fall:
Earth is in HU-1
Tara is in HU-2
Gaia is in HU-3
HU – Harmonic Universe, each has 3 Dimension, so we are now in the first HU in the 3Dimension

Project Turaneusiam-1 (T-1)
560 MYA (million years ago) Project Turaneusiam-1 (T-1) begins.
Many ET + Meta-ET’s created a master race to serve as guardians of Planet Tara.
Founders of project T-1 =3D Meta-ET from HU-4 & HU-5 Lyrans HU-3 =3D Seed Race of T-1 Sirian Council HU-2 =3D Directors/Overseers of T-1 Elohim HU-3 =3D race of beings created by Lyrans to oversee Sirian races in HU-2.
T-1 was made up of 12-subraces (genetics from 12 ET races).
12-subraces are:
Manipulation/Interbreeding by UNRELATED ET races caused major digression/division.
T-1 split into two main strains:
Alanians (Beli-Kudyem)
Lumians (Adami-Kudmon)
Alanians sought control over Luminians – experimented with power generation thru Tara’s core – Lumians asked for assistance from Sirian Council HU-2 and Elohim HU-3.
Lumians set up “Council of Mu”, moved large numbers across ocean to small continent with tiny/simple/unorganized culture – Continent named “MU”.
Elohim HU-3 interbred with Lumians (Cerrasz strain) to purify genes – new strain called Ceres/Seres – Seres went on to become Priesthood of Mu.
Alanians =3D Templar Solar Initiates – combines forces with Sirian Anunnaki and refused to listen to Sirian Council.
Sirian Anunnaki =3D opposed / anti-Sirian Council.
Group of Alanians not happy with TempSolar defected to Mu.
Ceres + Lumians interbred with these Alanians – new breed known as Priesthood of Ur.
Sirian Rebellion War – p/hood of Ur lost battle to TempSolar and retreated underground.
Impending Tara Grid implosion – many evaded to other star systems.

Tara Cataclysm
550 MYA Alanian deep underground power crystals exploded – Tara grid blown apart – Tara detached from morphogenetic grid.
Tara now missing portions of it’s grid – could not continue evolution/ascension to HU-3 to merge with Gaia D7 – frozen in time-tracks until repaired.
The fragments of the grid that fell apart, fell in vibration, got sucked thru a black-hole at the centre of Tara’s sun and re-emerged in a galaxy HU-1.
These fragments broke up into 12-pieces, which densified into planets in HU-1.
550 MYA Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek (imploded) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Nibiru (has very long orbit) and the Sun (which was a HU-2 planet that fused with a HU-1 star).
This event is interwoven with other earth events/history, eg: Fall of Man, Fall of Adam, Flood.
The Fallen souls of Tara became trapped in HU-1 and a rescue mission was required.
Rescue mission was formulated by the Ceres, which the priests of Ur would implement.
Assistance was provided by Sirians, Pleiadans, Elohim, Lyran, Lumians, Alanians, Ceres.
This consortium was known as the Covenant of Palaidor, working thru the HU-5 Breneau Rishi and further assistance by the Metagalactic core/gestalt known as the RA Confederacy.
Of the 12 RA sub-groups, only 4 approved the rescue mission (Azurites, Aton-A, Amonites, Brigihidelt).
The Brigi are currently incarnating into earth as members of the ascended master family of Vairigi.
Several other sub-groups also assisting are Azar-Azara of HU-2 ET race known as the Zhar Confederacy.
The Ur-Tarranates time travelled to Earth HU-1 after the fall of Tara and with help of the Sirian Council, transmuted into pure energy becoming one-consciousness, serving as the Morphogenetic field for the 12-DNA T-1 race prototype on Earth.
The Morphogenetic Field of consciousness is known as the Sphere of Amenti.
Amenti = 3D part of Tara’s core connected to portals on MU, placed on Earth would link back to Tara’s pre-fall time-cycles.
When grids blow apart they lose portions of history stored in genetic cellular memory. With out this the planet can not evolve/ascend into the next HU.

Project Turaneusiam-2 (T-2)
550-250 MYA many species where seeded by HU-1 ET’s (plants, animals, insects)… Also some ether beings spent time here…
There were wars fought by races who did not want this rescue mission to succeed.
Once Earth was secured the Ur-Tarranates of the Sphere of Amenti began birthing on Earth.
This was known as the T-2 experiment, the 12-tribe seeding.
5-Cloister races emerged known as the Palaidorians. These races were less dense and did not possess gender, their bodies contained 8-DNA strands (active). They were the guardians for DNA evolution.
The five Cloister Races were:
Ur-Antrians (brown skin, DNA Strand-2)
Breanoua (Red skin, DNA#3)
Hibiru (White skin, DNA#4)
Melchizedeks (Yellow skin, DNA#5)
Yunaseti (Black, DNA#6)
These cloistered races left no remains on earth, as they were here during an Anti-particle universe cycle.
Sphere of Amenti = Hall of Records (Time/Portal)
Each planet in our solar system holds a part of Tara’s HU-2 Morphogenetic field.
Tara HU-2 can not ascend to become Gaia HU-3 unless all these planets in our HU-1 solar system complete the full manifestation of these morph-fields.
The pattern of the Morph-field appears as a standing wave of blue colour with a pale shade of green.
This Blue flame is earth’s portion of Tara (Staff of Amenti)
Earth’s own flame is Orange-Gold.
Tara’s own flame is Blue-Green (known as the Gates of Ivory, Pearly gates)
Gaia’s own flame is Violet-Gold
Metagalactic Core’s own flame White-Gold

Earth Human Race 1st Seeding
1st Seeding of the 3rd World (25 MYA to 5.5 MYA)
5 x C/Races entered earth in different locations. Each race physically created 6 Male + 6 Female adult humans who bred to seed the earth population at the time. (all up 60 humans)
1st emerged was the 3rd root race, Lumanians.
Lumanians =3D Brown =3D Ur-Antrians =3D 15MYA =3D DNA#2
2nd emerged was the 4th root race, Alanians.
Alanians =3D Red =3D Breanoua =3D 9MYA =3D DNA#3.
5.5 MYA interbreeding with HU-1 ETs caused genetic digression, thus loss of immortality and not able to transmute/ascend.
Members of the Sirian-Anunnaki HU-2 and other ET + Meta-ET’s wanted to stop/halt earth’s evolution (T2/12-tribe experiment) due to the fact they did not want the digressive elements of humans returning/ascending to Tara.
Other’s had ulterior reasons, as they wanted earth for themselves.
Basically all hell broke lose – electric wars of pure energy fought in local galaxy and atmosphere.
Those humans remaining ascended to Tara, and those with the digressive gene could not/perished.
Earth was almost a goner until HU-5 Breneau intervened.

Earth Human Race 2nd Seeding
After the Electric wars, the 3rd+4th root races had to be re-seeded but this time carrying the seal of amenti within their genes.
This seal of Amenti stopped humans with digressed gene form accessing the Sphere/Hall of Amenti.
The 6th sub-frequency-tone of Dimension-1 was removed from DNA strand-1
Thus stopping humans incarnates from plugging/accessing into the 7th DNA strand. thus could not assemble all strands in order to ascend/transmute (pass the Blue-Flame).
When the body reached full gene capacity it would diminish/die and go thru a cycle of re-incarnation. (7th strand DNA blue-flame allowed unlimited energy-renewal of the body).
The idea was to re-birth 3-times, once thru the root races which were RR3 + RR4… and then have to wait for Root race 5 to be seeded/emerge before one could incarnate as a RR5 human to collect DNA strands 5-6-7 (strand-7 released/shed the seal of amenti) in order to ascend/access-codes to HU-2
Was discovered due to electric wars a more serious problem had occurred.
5 MYA shift in earth grid occurred causing a quick freeze. After this shift the earth vibration dropped and could no longer safely hold the sphere of amenti..
In order to avoid destruction, the Elohim HU-3 removed the Sphere of Amenti to a safe place in 4D.
Due to this Root Races 3 and 4 could no longer assemble their 4th DNA strand.
The burden/responsibility for assimilating the fragments of RR3 and 4 was put upon Root Race-5 (Aeiran/Aryan) of the Hibiru cloister.
Human evolution was stunted 5.5 MYA until Sirius-B came along to the party.
An artificial portal bridge was constructed between the core of Sirius-B, the Sphere of Amenti in D4 and Earth’s core in D2.
Some souls of the 2nd seeding merged with Sirius-B and hybrid strain of consciousness was created called the Kantarians.
This 2nd seeding portal-bridge was known as the Hall of Amorea in the 3rd seeding.
During Atlantis it was known as the 3rd Eye of Horus.
4 MYA human hybrids who found exile in the HU-1 pleaidian star system were known as the Europherites. They interbred with the Kantarians to be known as the Dagos (dark brown skin).
4 MYA Dagos brought to earth to re-seed.
3.7 MYA Ur-Antrian cloister3 (DNA1-2 + 7-12)
3 MYA Lumarians Root Race3 (DNA1-2)
3 MYA Breanoua cloister4 (DNA1-2-3 + 7-12)
2.5 MYA Alanians RR4 (DNA1-2-3)
1.5 MYA Hibiru cloister5 (DNA1-2-3-4 + 7-12)
1.27 MYA Ayrians RR5 (DNA1-2-3-4)
65000 YA Melchizedeks Cloister6 (DNA1-2-3-4-5 + 7-12)
Current Muvarians RR6 (DNA1-2-3-4-5)
Future Yunaseti Cloister7 (Full 12-strand)
Future + Euanjhechi (Paradisians) DNA1-5 + code 6-12)
Melchizedeks are free from the DNA filters/Seals of Amenti+Palaidor. They established the Essene brotherhood and priesthood of Melchizedeks.

Source: Karina

Life As We Knew It

Published December 17, 2020 by tindertender

This world is full of various life forms … clones, robots, vril, greys, and probably many other species unknown, currently, to humanity.

They know better than most the reality about to hit this planet. ‘A third of the sun will be darkened’ … they are concerned, and would like this not to happen.

How to prevent it?

So the story goes …

There seems to be a need to have an individual ‘visit’ the lower realms, or, the realms most are unaware of. This has been attempted many times throughout history, and failure has ensued, leaving many ‘trapped’ in this arena.

If these other life forms long to maintain the sun and have opportunity to regain equilibrium of this planet, they will allow the next attempt to be successful.

They will do what is needed, or not do that which ensures a failure. They will allow the visitor to reside for 3 days, and then pass on thru.

This can be difficult, as many of the species are quite hungry and their preference is human.

So, how can this passage occur? It must have the cooperation of those who would sabotage entry and passage.

I’ve seen some of them, human in form, but crazy as they have done something to self which has lost them to self. I do not know the details, or if I have any information at all correct.

The best possible outcome will come via this passage of the visitor, the coming and the going.

This is a known fact by those who must remain.

Without this safe passage, those remaining will be quite fortunate if this world lasts them even one more cycle.

The possibility of a lasting realm rests solely on the decisions they make, or the catastrophe they drop onto one who simply longs to assist life, in all its forms, the catastrophe they themselves will be responsible for, bringing down the hammer onto their own heads.

Perhaps it is best that the visitor doesn’t come to them at all.

Perhaps it is best if the sun dies a third and life simply fizzles.

Perhaps this is the outcome most appropriate given past decisions and actions, by they themselves who long to dominate humanity and the planet.

Perhaps it is wisest to leave them be and simply allow the Powers That Be to Do What They Will.

What is the point of attempting to assist those who do not care for help? What is the point of caring at all?

The importance of it lies within those who were ensnared in previous attempts to reconcile Love and Harmony with the chaos we see covering every life form.

Many in body, humans, know this is their last chance to gain balance.

Do they have capacity to understand the tragedy that will befall them, befall WE, should they choose to be uncooperative?

Their are those in leadership who’s desire for dominance outweighs the necessity to protect balance, they’ve devised a plan for lab grown meats and vegis. Gardening will not be done by the individual … there won’t be sufficient natural light.

Maybe they are simply animalistic and lack reasoning behind the necessity of reconciliation. Perhaps they prefer chaos and a dying planet. Maybe they assume they have it all figured out.

Of course, this could be the “Illusion” of the matrix, to continue with the “Savior” story … which is simply a story that has been recycled throughout time, through every level and generation of humanity.

It could be that they seek the brightest among us to instill this story into, so they can eliminate the competition of dominating this planet.

This is the more likely scenario.

Best of luck to them on their journey, as they recycle through souls.

Revelation 8:12

11The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters. 12Then the fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun and moon and stars were struck. A third of the stars were darkened, a third of the day was without light, and a third of the night as well. 13And as I observed, I heard an eagle flying overhead, calling in a loud voice, “Woe! Woe! Woe to those who dwell on the earth, because of the trumpet blasts about to be sounded by the remaining three angels!”


This explains the “savior” push onto humanity.

Get rid of all belief systems (religions – and they are ALL) that tell you that God is an EXTERNAL force. God = Source and we are an integral part of Source. The source is in the US and we are all IN THE SOURCE. Unfortunately, for thousands of years, the Humanity has been “reprogrammed” to serve some external “god” (small “g”) with blood and human sacrifice. And the GREATEST FEAR of these dark forces was and is that humanity will awaken to its true divinity and remember who they really are.

And thus now maximum chaos and “disaster” because these external forces and bloodline families know that they are sinking, therefore they are now fighting to the death and want to take as many as possible with them.

Religion … is CYANIDE covered in sweet chocolate.

No Mistakes

Published June 30, 2020 by tindertender

Don’t you see?

Our Creator didn’t create just one kind of flower but thousands.

Not one kind of cloud but hundreds.

Even snowflakes are each individual.

This is the beauty of Creational Love.

In varieties …

That includes us …

Love is in our differences.

We are Love.

Should we choose to be.

Removed: Goes “Against Social Standards”

Published March 7, 2020 by tindertender

There are many in ‘power’ who have kept secrets from us.

Other life forms have been suppressed, killed, treaties never honored. They cannot even honor treaties between humans.



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