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Geometric Language, Base of all Creation in this Time Matrix

Published July 9, 2019 by tindertender

The Hexagram 6-Point star Partiki Pattern is a mathematical, geometric language that is at the base of all creation within this Time Matrix. In order to manifest anything inside of this digital platform, it must first be based on this Scalar Language.

Think of it like an operating platform for a computer or video console.

Manifesting in this reality field has become more complicated since other beings from different star systems set up a reality-within-a-reality in order to keep the human population out of focus and unable to fully engage their thought-processing abilities.

Because this 15 Level Time Matrix functions on the HEXagram Scalar Science language, you will find this signet code at the base of all “magic spells” being hexed.

Though you will see other Scalar Codes at work later in order to command the aether to make something appear that is their distorted reality.

The other Scalar Science at work in order to create the outer reality that you are able to see in this Chimera Reality is the Pentagram Metatron Weasadek Phantom Matrix Scalar Science.

I will show you exactly how that science was scientifically put into place later in this paper. These alien codes piggyback on the energy created by the Hexagram, then turn that energy signature into a different platform by which the picture appears on your screen.

Think of this as the facehugger from the movie Alien. Symbols are not just pictures, they are letters from an alphabet you have never been introduced to until now.

Excerpt from mission guide’s 1st PDF book, “Decoding The Hive”. Available through

Photonic Energy, Crystals and Power

Published June 24, 2019 by tindertender

“We can harness photonic energy simply by gathering the thermal radiation (heat), absorbed by a crystal that is sitting in the sun (the crystal is actually generating the heat, NOT “radiation from the sun”.

Which BTW, doesn’t even exist, as explained in a moment under cosmic rays) by placing an oscillator between it and a transformer, which turns the piezoelectric/photoelectric ultrasonic waves emitted from the crystal into flowing energy…….”

Excerpt from

Geometric Templates of Creation

At the base of “creation” are geometric symbols. Geometric symbols simply represent an aether command that your eyes can see.

Energy, and that’s what we are talking about here, isn’t a figment of someone’s imagination. It exists. People control it. You controlled it once. Zeus controlled it. So did Indra, Perun and Thor.

But because you think of these as myths and fables, not real people, you are choosing to remain on Twitter arguing about what’s not possible while men in little white lab coats quietly split atoms and run ocean liners for a year on a thimble full of air.

If you can make a campfire that won’t trail off and burn down the whole forest, then you already know how to control energy.

It is up to you to learn how to control more of it than just lighting your cigarette without setting yourself on fire or not.

I hate to break it to you, but Zeus and Thor still do control power, and more of it than you could possibly imagine from the relaxed comfort of your recliner.

In Decoding the Hive, I will be showing you Aether 101 for want of a better title. Aether is god, just like you are god. It carries the power to run reality and speaks a language you haven’t relearned just yet.

If you can converse with it, then you are able to light a simple candle using it, just as you can use a match today, or you can light the entire sky on fire, your choice.

Modern science has avoided the word aether, sometimes at ridiculous cost to their own gentry. Instead, they have renamed those elements neutrinos and ions and act like there is nothing to see here.

While at the same time they spend more money on boson and ion colliders than the entire yearly operating capital of small countries to quietly study them and keep their findings all to themselves.

Oh, they will release a few photos and write three lines of a report for their shareholders on their website, but 99% of what they find, they keep.

This is Hermetically-sealed intel and unless you are an Initiate, you may as well read the Onion and watch the news for your advanced education.

Neutrinos and Ions are the secret energy delivery vehicles for earth. They flood the planet at all times from the standing energy fields of god source. Cern takes pictures of them. The alphabet was made with them.

In most instances, these were the lowercase letters (the hidden POWERFUL letters), while their partners called CAPITALS are constructs using Keylon Grid mathematics to code the aether in duality with their little-brothers and sisters.

There are also capital letters that come directly from these sub-atomic particle patterns as well, where satanic (Masonic) symbols, hieroglyphs and Sumerian letters came from. This is the raw meat of what “god” is; power.

One sub-atomic muon neutrino has 3,500 times as much power as its vastly-larger big brother, the atom, and the atom can vaporize an entire metropolis.

I show how that energy comes in, what it looks like and how it is transferred to the life-force of surface-earth to power all things in animation called life.

This is the cellular language of the aether, hidden right inside the symbols of the alphabet. This will be merely a precursor to the soon-coming volume The S@t@in Cphr.

Here’s a question from a reader:

“What is your book about? How do we know there isn’t disinfo in it?”

And answer:

Ultimately it will be up to your own discernment to know what is truth and what is not. This book reveals the tools of Enslavement used on mankind for eons. If you would like more info, please email the author, mission guide personally at

5G Is Not About Faster Cell Service

Published June 17, 2019 by tindertender

In a recent peek for the press at a Verizon facility set up with its own 5G unit right there in the store, phones connected as little as 30 feet away without any line of sight interference were switching back to 4G during the event.

So the delivery of this new signal is not in any way viable. Yet they have spent billions installing new towers anyway.

While at the same time, many countries have already been using 10G for years called FTTH that is 30-40x times faster than the average of 300 Mbps people actually experience with 5G. FTTH promises up to 10 gigabits speeds.

The reason why they are so hell bent on putting this inferior system in place is because 5G uses Dark Matter energy through the air.

Which is like placing the entire population inside a microwave oven on steroids, where FTTH is fibre optic cable which is factually made out of crystal and processes Light Matter energy.

The ultra-high frequency waves of 5G are super tiny waves developed strictly as a weapon by the US military that can pierce through the skin of the human body like razor blades.

That signal can be turned up by anyone with access to the broadcast tower with the turn of a knob and has the capability of killing everyone in its path within minutes, or utilize signal-to-brain technology (called Mind of God, or MOG) to program any thought into your head.

**Active noise control allows devices such as the Neurophone (Patent #3,393,279) to convert sound into electrical pulses that override external signals, delivering crisp, clear audible messages inside the brain, known in unacknowledged black operations as “MOG”.**

This includes implanting memories as well as prescribing instinct and even programming direct messages that can be heard inside your head just as clear as talking to your buddy that can convince you to do anything they ask.

Shooters at red flag events repeatedly have said they were given audible messages in their minds to mow down innocent civilians and it wasn’t them.

If you don’t think this is a real thing, then take at look at US Patent # 3,393,279 and US Patent # 3,647,970 for the Neurophone.

Humans are about out of time to put a stop to this. Look up burning down 5G towers on Youtube. Its their Achilles heel.

China has an army larger than many whole countries have population. Of course they’re going to play into the end time battle. China has lent the US so much money now over trade deals that it would bankrupt the country to pay them back.

They refuse to accept US currency in trade because the dollar is dead. Because of this, it now owns more US soil than US taxpayers in return. The US doesn’t even own California at all anymore if I remember correctly what council said recently.

US residents of course have no idea the reason they have to pay to drive on their own highways is because China owns all those sections of land and wants its money back. The second language in the US is now Spanish, but soon it will be Mandarin.

The OWO (One World Order) is a coalition of all countries. Leaders who refuse to get on board are being removed from office systematically. There will be no resistance without death.

The wars you see being fought now is not about land or people, its about resistance to the rollout.

Japan was resistant to the TPP, but after being slaughtered in the Fukushima attack, they immediately signed. This was the uniting of nations until the US pulled out, now Trump plans to head the charge through bilateral agreements which is secret code to a new path.

They have convinced Ecuador to sign on and Venezuela is next whether they want to or not. So look at the nations opposing the TPP and who are making backroom deals with Uncle Sami.

It’s not a case where everyone wants to join one deal (they all do), its a matter of who’s in charge of global rule once the OWO comes fully into place.

Which will be signaled by the full rollout of 5G and biometric chips that will complete the saturation of universal mind control.

The various opposing factions within the Luciferian Resistance have been waging this war for many thousands of years, and it all now comes to a head with one man who will rule the world.

If you want to see who will lead the new prison system, watch who Astana Kazakhstan partners with going forward after the resignation of their previous leader of 30 years (pushed out). Because according to council, they will be the seat of the order regardless of who is dancing on the public stage.

Nanites In Time

Published June 15, 2019 by tindertender

The Time Matrix you are inside of currently, Gaia, has now reached an inorganic event horizon, and is prematurely going through Starfire Return because the Matrix itself has been abused so badly, there is no repairing it.

The astral planes filled with billions of distorted “heavens” and “hells” and everything in between that were never supposed to have been there to start with.

The abuse of the planets that feed the energy into your playing field have been massively damaged through billions of years of abuse and neglect, and have made it impossible to “fix it”, so it is going to go back to god-source awareness now.

This means your playing field you are on now, the Nursery Earth position, Level-1 within the 15 levels of this Time Matrix, known as “Harmonic Universe 1”, must either be moved out of this Time Matrix in fall, or it too will implode and “Bardo Return”.

Without his own personality (and memories) without his unique Signature Spirit Essence intact. This will not be allowed to happen, as he has been through far too much over the past few billions of years and it would be unfair to force him into this

In regard the Nanites which have been injected into ALL life, there is a protocol in place which can be helpful in the elimination and purification of the body.

Using the Alkaline Water Protocol (written by council), interacts with the physical structure of the human-created Chemtrail Nanites, corroding their limbs and freezing them solid, which disconnects them from our tissues, allowing them to be flushed out of the body.

This will also keep the human body immune to most disease and immune to cancer, as it creates an alkaline environment where such fungi are unable to live.

Technology, Science, and Real, Positive Change

Published June 14, 2019 by tindertender

This technology comes from millions of years in our future timeline to turn rocks into cold fusion energy mega generators and its just sitting there for us to finally put back into production now.

How the pyramids work has been scientifically broken down to very specific detail showing the actual quantum mechanics explained in everyday terms that included the sonic pulsation to start the flow of phonon energy.

Amplified by dual magnetrons up into dual synchrotrons in the upper structure, the underground Deuterium (WATER) aqueducts, the aqua solar ring that placed the entire structure in an applied magnetic field.

The argon that fueled the Deuterium cold cathode neon supercharger, the multiple carpet cloaking photo waveguides, photomultiplier dielectric dynodes throughout the interior structure.

Multiple superconductors generating dual levels of Meissner Fields amplifying electrostatic photon energy through dual-phased square waves reduced down to a double helix quantum Saser superconductive optic condenser pyramidion releasing an immeasurable mass of anion ions and pure oxygen all from the clap of a single hydraulic ram pump piston. This was just one tiny piece of a Global Cold Fusion Energy Temple Network that operated for hundreds of thousands of years.

It’s all there in extremely fine detail in Cheops SPOKE by mission guide who is here to bring free energy back to this planet once again.

“The Science community really needs this handbook”.

– mission guide

True Science ~ Where’s the Manual for Life?

Published June 7, 2019 by tindertender

It is YOUR JOB to become a true scientist, You are inside of an electronic device (Avatar) that must be taken care of in order to operate. You would never buy a new car without a manual, yet you are born into that body and given absolutely no written instructions of any kind.

You will get a book with tens of thousands of words inside for just one of the electronic devices as simple as a dvd player you have among hundreds of others you will buy in your lifetime, and your body is about one billion times as complex. Where’s the owner’s manual?

It was called the Law Of ONE and was written long before you arrived. But because it tells you how to care for your device, it has been hidden from you within what you now call “religious” materials such as the King James Bible, the Torah and the Mahabharata, etc.

These are counterfeit instructions, designed just like Atlantis, to mislead you in every possible way so it is impossible to ever strike true balance.

No, there is no version of the Law Of ONE in print today that is even remotely accurate, simply because the minute we bring it back to this evolution, it is the number one targeted document on the planet and compromised within days once again. That’s why we have to roll it out to you now under other names and terms so the Kybal do not automatically rewrite it and hand it back to you with too many misdirections to even count.

Decoding the hive volumes 1 and 2 and 3 are the first installments of that work. It is an ongoing series because there were hundreds of books that once made up “the handbook” of the Angelic Human.

And by the time you have read all its volumes, you will know “science”. Because it is the only way you can successfully take care of your device.

Do not make the mistake that religion is one thing and science is another. Science is the new religion because it is supposed to offer real answers to the questions you have every single day while in an electrostatic, cybernetic, biological Avatar.

But what we call science today is anything but that.

It is the single biggest lie in your modern world.

You will come to real science if you are going to make it through to the separation between the two planets now phasing out of each other’s sympathetic harmonically resonant toroidal fields. If you have no idea what that last sentence meant, then you are not equipped to keep your Avatar alive.

And the most difficult thing to comprehend right now is the fact that you must be alive in order to make this transition unless your frequency has already reached the point of Triplet Spin, or perfect harmonic balance within your electrostatic field.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

The War Rages On

Published June 4, 2019 by tindertender

The Angelic Human (you) genome was designed to repair itself back to wholeness from a single DNA cell, which meant that decapitation or evisceration would not work to destroy these beings. They would have to be genetically re-coded on an RNA level in order to re-author a whole new Template to erase this creation. Save a very few known today as “domestic swine”, as given a couple of cycles, the genome would begin repairing itself once again, reissuing a bipedal human who still carried the pure 12 Strand Krystos Code of their Elohei Elohim lineage.

My contact mentioned many variations of humans brought forth down through the eons, such as mer people (mermaids), beasts and “every possible form you could ever think of”, but always to no avail. Even the Wholly Babble mentions these “Chimera” beings, so this is hardly brand-new intel.

Eventually the Anu realized that corrupting the genetic code of the Turaneusiam beings would not be possible, so the next best thing would be to erase their desire to manifest inside of a biological body that retained its ability to procreate. By turning them all into cyborgs, it would finally extinguish the species permanently.

This is why such a massive effort is being waged now by beings high up in government and corporate positions you think are humans who are pushing like their lives depend on it to get you to accept cyborg implants, starting with “the chip”. (Think nano technology and aluminum particulates in the geoengineering weather modification program).

Once that domino falls, humanity will gladly accept all form of electronic enhancement, leading eventually to all humans walking around in synthetic skin suits.

If one wishes to Ascend out of this Time Matrix, YOU as a Sentient Being Must make a conscious choice and also have to have a desire to Ascend, know, live and believe in The Law Of One, which is basically the acknowledgment of the value and interconnection of all components of reality and the living God Source or Spirit alive within all things, love and respect all life just like you love and respect yourself.

Learn the 12 Attitudes Of Mastery: 1)Love 2)Grace 3)Gratitude 4)Reverent Respect 5)Responsibility 6)Trust 7)Accountability 8)Impeccability 9)Mindfulness 10)Fearlessness 11)Engaged Detachment 12)Joy

Learn the The 12 Responsibilities Of Mastery: 1)Self Actualization 2)Self Sovereignty 3)Self Containment 4)Self Discipline 5)Self Love 6)Spiritual Integrity 7)Appreciation 8)Patience 9)Kindness 10)Conservation 11)Cooperation/Diplomacy 12)Sense.

Learn and Practice these and YOU will Ascend out of this Time Matrix. Only YOU can do this. YOU are all part of God Source Awareness. You are Angelic Humans. A Powerful Super Avatar Race who have forgotten your Connection.

The Only way to Ascend out of “here” is By fully living and embracing the Law of ONE which is the original covenant for The Angelic Human existence.

It means you treat every single living being as if they are you. Find beauty in all things. You honor all life to be as sacred as your own, and you honor every sentient beings individual right to choose and create their own journey, just as you want others to honor yours.

Humans have now already reached the point of procreative extinction.

The average couple is no longer able to reproduce on their own without medical intervention due to the all-out assault of the human genome from unabated electromagnetic fields and innumerable distortions from ubiquitous Hermetic alchemicals such as nuclear waste fluoride to glyphosates saturating everything now ingested world-wide and now to the purely psychopathic push for vaccinating everyone using human pathogens and bacteriophages that are proven to destroy the immune system of more than 50% injected.

According to contact, the human species “is in its last generation”.

If having sex ceases to produce offspring, then the only thing left to perpetuate the species would be to become immortal through robotic interface with the Krystal Seed Atom that lies at the core of your heart mind.

Do not be shocked when whole-body implants offered as a way to this immortality doesn’t center around your brain, but around your *heart*. The brain can be emulated (it is merely a supercomputer), the Signature Spirit Essence cannot. Even the “holy grail” experience possible for humans – orgasm – can already be emulated with a perfectly acceptable electronic simulation, making the “evolution” complete.

The truth is, orgasm is only an electrical impulse that is in a frequency that is just on the edge of being comfortable while releasing endorphins (DMT) that envelopes the consciousness temporarily in euphoria.

This ultrasonic mechanical device was long since patented in 2010, number US20110213200A1 for the Neuromodulation Orgasmatron, freeing it up for the “complete” cybernetic human (with no way to actually reproduce).

Today the war rages on, with two “main” factions of the more than 50 unique species who are on-planet now still squabbling between themselves who will be the ultimate winners in the battle to destroy and ultimately control the Human Project beings.

Decoder @EmeraldLawofOne

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