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Timeline Integration

Published May 1, 2022 by tindertender

I wanted to comment on the idea of timeline integration. What is a timeline if time doesn’t exist? Instead, different planes of reality exist based upon variances in frequency. As we ascend and our frequency increases, the collective wave function of our ascended frequency collapses planes of existence in the lower frequencies integrating into the higher vibration.

Thus, our ascension is key to eliminating evil because evil can only exist in the lower planes or lower variances of frequency. Therefore, we must be diligent in our daily activities to rise above the lower emotions and actions based upon these and stay in the higher vibrations. I hear the number one action we can take at this time is to stay out of 3D drama and go inward to our divine spirits to find peace.

This is of critical importance. When we habitually focus on our indwelling spirit as a means of guidance for our daily activities we help create a reality filled with love and love only as the governing force. This focus returns us home to heaven on earth.

Frequency of Harmony

Published March 20, 2022 by tindertender

The Earth’s Frequency is 7.83hz. This is the base frequency of the planet. This is what every plant and animal needs to stay in harmony with existence.

The Schumann Resonance measures the Frequency as energy moves through each layer of the ionosphere.

There are 3 layers of measurement.

Here an an amazing article discussing the effects of energy as it correlates to energy changes of each of the ionospheres.

So why is 7.83hz so incredibly important to humans and how does it relate to the bigger picture 7.83hz correlates the the note Bflat. This tone is inaudible to the human ear but can be felt in our body and all of our cells.

The Schumann Resonance was discovered by W. O. Schumann but was also studies by George Fitzgerald in the late 1890 early 1900’s. This wasn’t really studied until the 50’s.

Did you know Nikola Tesla used the same frequency 7.83hz for his power grid before this information was really well known.

Do you want to know another synchronicity?

A man named Robert Schumann wrote Symphony No. 1. The Spring Symphony in 1839 in the note of B flat.

We need to be in harmony with our environment and when we are out of harmony we become disrupted. Emotionally, mentally, physically our cells become in discourse.

What did Nikola Telsa know about the correlation between our bodies, nature and electromagnetic frequency. He knew we needed to be in harmony with the frequency in order to be healthy.

Everything is frequency and vibration and sound is the basis of our creation.

If B flat is our base frequency it is also where we came from.

B flat also corresponds with color and that color is Violet. Violet is the color of the Crown Chakra. It is Source.

You can trace the sound of B flat into the Universe

Is the key to our creation, our base, who we are all go back to a B flat. God did speak us into creation. Is the B flat the Sound and Color of God. Nikola Telsa knew, The Earth knows, our Bodies know.

Why has our environment and music been manipulated for decades or maybe longer? To keep us out of harmony?

There are specific musical frequencies that bring us back into alignment and harmony. This is a secret being kept from us.

Our bodies communicate through sound via the DNA, sound can be used to bring your biofeedback back into alignment, sound is used for healing. Artificial sounds manipulated sounds, 5G interfere with normal cell communication and DNA transcription.

Animals are also tuned to this frequency. Dolphins and whales emit sounds tuned to 7.83hz and research has been done specifically on the Healing properties of swimming with dolphins. @Xoana_Ra mentioned in a post Dolphins and whales hold the key to healing.

Dolphins Tesla Consciousness.,hemispheric%20synchronization%20in%20the%20brain

Bees use the Schumann Frequency to fly.

Thanks to synchronistic post from @VincentCrypt46 lead me to this video.

Another excellent reference.

Another excellent reference.,of%20our%20brain%20work%20together


Power of 3,6,9

Published March 9, 2022 by tindertender

I’ve been listening to 3,6,9 meditation every night for a couple hours before sleep. Last night after the first round of sound, when it had completed, the word “liberated” passed through my mind in a sort of sing-song sound. I’m convinced that by playing these frequencies, loud with headphones during meditation, the sound of 3,6,9 is undoing blockages and healing those in other realms from their situation.
Here’s the track:

I pulled some cards regarding this experience from the Ciro Marchetti’s Gilded Reverie Lenormand deck … Q: is the Power of 3,6,9 helping others in differing realms to heal and be freed?

There is an engaging, a shinning of the light, victory and glory are being delivered.

Bridges are being created which are utilized in transition and overcoming of obstacles, they are used in crossing a divide. There is a solution to a problem, helping to bridge the gap. A reconciliation, connections between people.

Power and strength, health and protection, indomitable dignity, the Bear is here in support of the children.

We are in the early stages of development where changes can be made and a positive future formed. A life of literal fairytale capacity is being birthed now.

Healing comes through gentle feeling. Wishes are fulfilled. We are on a fixed course, something preordained. Success and much promise.

31 ~ The self-confidence expected of you will enable you to view the world from a different perspective. Give all your best to everything that you do, and you will receive the necessary support. Dwell on all things that are positive and drop all the negativities. Let nothing discourage you from making your dreams a reality. Your destiny is in your hand. Take every opportunity that comes your way and see yourself shine.  Your spiritual life is important for your well-being. It is time for you to be serious on your spiritual journey. Your spirit will be renewed, and you will enjoy the life you are living since it will be filled with joy and happiness.

38 ~ The divine realm is recognizing your efforts. The faith and trust you have in others will make you go far in life. The future is coming with financial abundance. Take one step at a time. Continue working hard to ensure that all your dreams come true. Do not let confusion take a hold on you. Believe in yourself, everything will be okay. Keep positive thoughts that will be in line with the plans that the universal energies have for you. Blessings are coming your way.

15 ~ You are about to encounter love. Love is sacred and divine. Love is a blessing, and it will make your life better with time. Work on fulfilling your dreams and ambitions. The sooner you start working on your goals and objectives, the sooner you will be able to achieve them.

13 ~ Care for others as you would want others to care for you. The blessings you receive from God will increase abundantly if you share them with the people who need help most. If you have been going through hard times, do not worry because the future will be bright. Get motivation from all the successes you had achieved before all the bad things started happening. Such occurrences should not derail you from focusing on your goals and objectives, which are the most important in life.

16 ~ Your thoughts shape your life. If you think positively, positive things will manifest in your life. But if you think negatively, negative things will take precedence in your life. Your mind is so powerful that if you do not direct it on the right path; it might lead to your downfall. Love is an important aspect of our lives without which we are not living but surviving. This is the time for you to make life-changing decisions. The universe uses this number to show you that it is time for you to find love. Go out and meet people.

The Universe Responds To Your Frequency

Published March 31, 2021 by tindertender

Hate is not attracted to love. Joy is not attracted to hate.

Sounds created by your thoughts and your mouth vibrate at sonic oscillation rates on the musical scale and only like-kind aether responses then migrate to those sounds because like-kind signals will always seek out and then combine with their own kind.

Doves flock together. So do every other type of wild life because they are acting like ions. Ions power the reality around you.

If I want to be sad, I will think or talk about when I went through a hard time (or how hard a time I am having now) and just like that I will magically see more hard times.

But if I am going through a hard time and I say that “the silver lining to this will be…” then I will see the positive appear before me. I didn’t ignore the problem, I found the secret solution to change negative to positive.

This is standard fare for the council and how they continuously smile through the ugliest situations.

Source: @decodingthehive

The Light Forces Are Taking Over

Published January 14, 2021 by tindertender

This is the beginning of the establishment of an intergalactic confederation as the old system is crumbling in front of the eyes of earth’s population.

The Galactic Federation confirms that the light forces are taking over now.

We are moving into a heightened state of awakening of the masses.

The unbelievers and mind-controlled population of earth are now moving into the first stage of awakening.

For many, this will come as a shock and they will inevitably experience the dark night of the soul now.

This is necessary to process and shed layers of programming and false beliefs.

The US election 2020 has been utilized to become the greatest coup d’état in universal history.

The whole world is watching as the old system is being dismantled.

The corruption is surfacing at rapid speed.

This is the final battle and the victory of light is imminent.

Current events have been carefully premeditated, planned, and executed as a corporation between the light forces and the earth alliance.

Only a landslide of this caliber is powerful enough to Shake and Awaken the sleepers.

The events of 2020 have forced many to reevaluate their belief systems.

The political situation in the United States of America is the culmination of events that will bring the victory of light over darkness.

This marks the ultimate death of a corrupt system that does not honor earth and does not honor life.

You are now moving into the golden age of Gaia at an accelerated speed.

Do not engage in political discussions with those who still cling to their matrix programming.

It would drag you down and lower your frequency.

At this point, the tables are turning rapidly and even the MSM will soon be forced to report unbiased.

The forces of light are in full control and will begin to adjust the narrative now.

You are being asked to assist by keeping your frequency and holding on to your vision of liberty, peace, and love for the human race.

The revelation of truth is near. All darkness is coming to light. Many will be devastated and feel lost or trapped.

The programming is severe and people on earth identify with their beliefs. As these beliefs are beginning to be crushed they will be confused not knowing who they are.

This is where we need you to hold the light. You are the ones who have chosen this assignment. This is why you’re woke and enlightened so, you can be the way-showers, light-bearers, warriors of light, and galactic way-seers that your fellow earth inhabitants now need more than ever.

Many will start coming to you, asking for moral support and compassion during these stressful times.

We want to assure you that we see and appreciate all the hard work you have done to help raise the vibration of earth.

The collective consciousness is ready to receive the higher light codes now.

We continue to blast earth with photon gamma light beams. These codes carry a frequency designed to make this transition process as smooth as possible -or as the individual consciousness allows.

For those who have already gone through the process of awakening, these codes will trigger your blueprints and place you on the superhighway to 5D ascension.

The official dismantling of the old paradigm has begun as the cabal leaders have fallen into their own trap.

Rejoice, dear ones.

You will forget all the hardship you had to endure and experience harmony and love, unlike anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Your world’s abundance will be given back to you and laid at your feet. It has begun.

We love you. We are here with you.

We are in control now.

This is the victory of light over darkness and the coming of the new dawn of Gaia.

Source: @Karina89350882

Meditation and Chant, Creating Beauty

Published January 14, 2021 by tindertender

I chant OM for 30 minutes each night. I follow this by meditation and periods of the HA breath. I affirm my health and wellbeing, and whatever else comes to mind.

I am told telepathically by those who desire control that this practice is a self-sabotage. I’ve heard frustration from at least one of these …. “I’m hungry” he stated … “I hate waiting!” says another.

They are searching for the shiniest, for the brightest ….

Humans are seen as cattle to at least two factions of entities among us. Energetic food, as well as meat.

Well, the way I see it, I have a responsibility to raise my vibrations, to emit peace, love, and joy into this world. There are two groups of entities … to the left, and to the right. Humanity are joined together in a big stream between them. I visualize humanity between these two factions of abusers, and I chant over their heads … sending my vibratory influence to the masses.

Perhaps this is what “they” long to stop … inhibiting the awareness of my brothers and sisters … and my Self.

As long as I breathe, I will utilize particular moments to send out the ripples of my energy to the world … touching the ripples of others. THIS is the true worldwide web.

Let us create, shall we?

Frequency ~ A Global Effort

Published November 24, 2020 by tindertender

Protecting your energy is important! What frequency are resonating at? From the 30th onward it’s imperative that we keep the vibration high. We want the best outcome for ALL worldwide! This is a global effort. Get out the matrix so we can fully dissolve it!

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