I Live in Heaven on Earth

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

I am not merely speaking of the geography of where I live, though it is smashingly beautiful
I live in Heaven on Earth because that is what my heart wants and has always wanted, and that is where it has always been.

It’s not that I don’t see the shadows or haven’t played in them, I see them, I use them to reflect and refract to assist my channel of light in becoming even more radiant.

I designed it that way.

I live in Heaven on Earth, every moment of every day.

Every smiling face that looks back at me contains it.
Every blade of grass, every sparkle on every leaf on every tree, the animals, the humans, all of nature, the rocks, the ocean, the mountains – all of consciousness contains Heaven on Earth.

I didn’t always know that I lived in Heaven on Earth, sometimes I forgot how to focus as I walked through my own tunnels of darkness.

But the Light, it was always there, the Light at the end of the tunnel, beckoning me, reminding me.

I live in Heaven on Earth and it really is not a place, it is a state of being and I love knowing that.

The Seraphim live closest to God, they love to look into God’s face, into the radiant effulgent light.
I imagine myself as one of the Seraphim and I cannot take my eyes off of God.

Him her me she you they us.

We are Heaven on Earth, not because we deserve it, though we do, but because we choose it.

I choose to see it, live in it, grow it, light it up.
I choose Heaven on Earth

As we turn this corner, the end of a year, the end of a cycle, Heaven on Earth is there too, around the corner but also here now.

We are just moving deeper and deeper into her splendor.

The sun the moon the stars the planets the galaxies the universe the multiverse the Om-niverse.
ALL here now in my Heaven on Earth.

And I am grateful as tears pour down my face speaking to the Joy that is bursting from my Heart.

Thank you each and everyone for helping me to choose again, to remember, to know that I can
Live in Heaven on Earth.

Image: Heaven’s Bridge from paintwithdiamonds.com. Not entirely sure of the artist.

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