I Wish You Heal

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

I wish you heal from the things you don’t speak to anyone, from the pains you hold in silence, from the tears that stream down your face before you sleep.

I wish you heal from your fears, fears and insecurities. From the uncertainties that life once placed at you and that you face every day when you get out of bed and move on.

I wish you heal, from those heartaches, wounds and disappointments, that you silenced, that you never complained, but still feel deep inside you.

I wish you heal from the past that is still with you on the emotional scars you carry without complaining.

May you heal from the excuses you have never been given, the appreciation you have not received, the gratitude you have not been given, the fair recognition that was not offered to you, from all the times you deserved to receive the best and it did not come to you.

May you heal, from the pains that you swallowed, silenced, threw inside.

I hope you heal from all the times you said you were “okay” when you were not at all. Sometimes you swallowed your cry, anger, sadness, disappointment and smiled, so that the world wouldn’t see your pain, or so your smile could make someone happy.

May you heal from the moments you felt lonely and believed that no one saw your wounds or recognized your actions.

Believe, life sees, life repays, life heals.

Healing can be slow, silent, sometimes difficult, and it doesn’t come alone. But then it happens !

Healing is a process. Just as many cause you wounds that you bear in silence, others help heal the wounds without you noticing.

I wish you heal: from everything you say, from everything you don’t speak and from everything you need!

~ Author Unknown

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