The healer mark by nature marca

Published December 29, 2022 by tindertender

Located at the base of the minimum finger, the curator’s mark is composed of four or more parallel lines.

This sign indicates that the person not only possesses a great desire to see the people around him healed, but that he also possesses the gift of being a healer, whether by profession in the field of health and wellness, be it simply through a word of con Your person is here fostering, with a positive thought or prayer, or some therapeutic technique, among other forms.

In other words, always focused on the well-being of everyone she meets, your donation, in some way, will allow her to connect with those who need healing and guidance, and at that moment, it’s almost automatic your understanding of the feelings of daq Those who are in pain.

This person even has the power to heal, cheer up or bring hope with a simple look and their power to restore another person happens on a physical, mental and emotional level.

His mission is always great because it always makes a difference in the lives of those who come before him in need of something or some help.

Healer’s Mark: You have the ability to touch the hearts of others; and find ways to heal physical and emotional scars.

4-5 lines is a powerful healer.
6-7 is someone destined for healing.
8 or more lines is someone who has a master degree in healing from past lives.

Research conducted by Marcia Maria Matos

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