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Fe Male

Published December 9, 2022 by tindertender

There are certain beings, mostly masculine in this world, highly intentioned in dominance of the female. Why?

Fe :: Iron

Spiritual meaning of iron:,tenacity%2C%20and%20confidence%20in%20power.

Males / Females

Is there some sort of jealousy going on here we haven’t heard about?

Of course I don’t suggest this mindset applies to all males.

Trinity ~ 3, 6, 9

Published October 10, 2022 by tindertender

Has everyone actually thought about the different aspects of Self in the realms we seem to inhabit here in 3D?

The Higher Self
The Self of Matter
The Self of Spirit

Some might say:

God/Goddess (Higher Self)
Son/Daughter (Self of Matter)
Holy Spirit (Dream Self)

Or …


Micro, to Macro, and Beyond


There are many of us here under the umbrella of Creator.

Those who are against “God” attack the Self of matter (Son/Daughter) and then do awful things to their Holy Spirit if able, in the attempt to kill the Higher Self.

This is the Holy War.


Published October 5, 2022 by tindertender

In my solitude
You haunt me
With reveries
Of days gone by

In my solitude
You taunt me
With memories
That never die

I sit in my chair
And filled with despair
There’s no one could be so sad
With gloom everywhere
I sit and I stare
I know that I’ll soon go mad

In my solitude
I’m afraid
Dear Lord above
Send back my love

I sit in my chair
Filled with despair
There’s no one could be so sad
With gloom everywhere
I sit and I stare
I know that I’ll soon go mad

In my solitude
I’m afraid
Dear Lord above
Send me back my love

Bright Eyes

Published October 5, 2022 by tindertender

Does she feel younger than me?
As you’re lying in your bed
Does she feel younger than me?
Or is that in my head?

Does she feel younger than me?
New and shiny
Does she feel younger than me?
But most importantly

Do you call her bright eyes too?



I know she’s younger than me
As I’m lying in our bed
I know she’s younger than me
Can’t get it out of my head
I know she’s younger than me
Less pain to carry
I know she’s younger than me
Darling tell me

Do you call her bright eyes too?




Now are you haunted by me?
That age old marital trip
What’s gotten old about me?
Serpent in my bed
Now, is that your pain you see?
Replenished, strung ahead
I don’t know how to stay me
But repetition lies ahead for you
For you

For you

For you

So, tell me

Will you call her bright eyes too?

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Anoushka Shankar / Alev Lenz

Bright Eyes lyrics © St. Rose Music Publishing Co., Anourag Music Publishing, Anourag Publishing (ascap), St Rose Music Publishing Co

Follow the Leader

Published September 30, 2022 by tindertender

Written by: @tyromper

A client & brother of mine started texting his wife every morning a few things he was grateful for.

There was always something about her, little stuff.

•Grateful you pack the kids lunches.
•Grateful you’re such a hands on mom.

Before this they had a roomate marriage at best.

A cool thing happened after a couple weeks of not getting much back besides thanks.

Then, it was thanks & have a great day too.

Then it was thanks I am grateful for you working so hard too.

Then it was videos back & forth.

Then it wasn’t roommates anymore!

I share this because the MAIN DM I get from men is I wish my wife would __ xyz then I would….


She wants to FOLLOW your lead & energy.

But you must lead & be worthy of following.

This starts by leading yourself & DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO!

I used to complain my wife was negative & that she complained too much.

-The President
-My boss & clients
-My life & challenges

She was simply mirroring back my energy.

Women are amazing.

They often magnify & AMPLIFY what we put out.

Now that I don’t complain my wife is my biggest source of encouragement & life.

It’s a beautiful cycle of uplifting one another in our home.

This all starts with you fellas.

You need to make a choice today that you’re going to lead!

Never blame your wife.
Your home is on you.

Take the lead.

Start with yourself!

•Wake up without snoozing.
•Get movement in & take care of your health.
•Help your wife & acknowledge all she does.
•Be present with your kids & high energy at home.
•Never blame anyone. There’s freedom in that.

The main thing guys need is community & accountability.

We need to grow together to be our best selves!

My brother @MikeSchiff_ & I are starting our second 16 week mens group soon.

Last group we saw guys lose weight, reconnect in marriages, become present dads & more!

Our groups go for 16 weeks, but to both Mike & I it’s a lifetime brotherhood.

It never ends.

If you want a community of men that’s going to challenge you, push you, & walk into your destiny as a leader & man then DM @MikeSchiff_ or I today TEAM & we will send you more info.

Whether you join our group or not,

Take ownership of your life today.
Take ownership of your home.
Take ownership of your mission.

I had only drinking buddies years ago & my marriage, health & life was in shambles.

Then 1 decision & a community around me turned my life around!

“A husband’s leadership in marriage is not based on superior abilities but on divine placement. Leadership means assuming responsibility for the relationship, being accountable to God and putting your wife’s needs above your own. It means making her load lighter, not heavier. It means helping her develop and utilize her gifts and abilities. It means loving her sacrificially.” -Dennis Rainey

Great Beings

Published February 17, 2022 by tindertender

Satan wants HUman to believe he is a sinner, it ensures no one will challenge his grip over their lives. HU-man ….

Hu or Huwa (Arabic: هُوَ meaning “He”) is a name for God


By tormenting the feminine and masculine as youth, they grow to believe they are not worthy … of so much, but specifically Love. And they perpetuate situations which prove the mutation of a belief, true.

The children disappear by the thousands every year into trafficking, and unbelievable horror. Men and women are bought, sold, violated, slaughtered and eaten … energetically and physically … by those who really hate the HU-man.

The energy of their pain and suffering goes into the collective unseen, then manifests in the daily lives of the masses, asleep, unaware, and wondering why their life is shit.

It’s the harnessing of tormented energy being used in dark magic to bind the hearts and minds of HU.

But the god-man is waking up. They are understanding who their “father” is, Source … and what it means they are also.

Violators of the body, consciousness, energy and the Primordial Light of Source Creation itself are going down.

They thought they could keep you asleep and subservient forever. While that may be true for many (sadly) its not true for you.

The God Brahma as a Man
Bernard Picart (after), 1723

Love Is In The Air

Published February 15, 2022 by tindertender

In life I find it so fascinating, this interaction between people, energy and essence.

In the last 20 years I’ve listened to many folks teach lessons, I’ve received healing which was quite significant, even got married for awhile, yet for the most part, these connections were ‘interesting’ while I remained energetically detached.

Then comes along an individual who begins to speak my language … and my energies reach for them, intrigued, I find myself leaning in.

Some people have called it pheromones, but I think it is much more than that, for there is no profane thoughts floating around in my mind, only genuine intrigue. It is also because there is distance between us … no ‘smelling’ here. It’s an energy thing.

I wasn’t expecting this … and I’ll contain myself (He’ll probably never know) … it’s just very soothing to know my heart and energetic pulse is not dead.

Call it imagination, or a genuine connection ~ it’s nice to know Love still lives here.

Elder’s Meditation ~ December 17, 2021

Published December 17, 2021 by tindertender

Male and female is fundamental to life; partners in work to be done.
~ Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders

The Great Spirit created a system which would allow us to reproduce, to have companionship, to love, to laugh, to cry, and be happy. Man and Woman each have gifts the other doesn’t have. But, together they have these gifts to share with each other. The Great Spirit made it this way. So let us treat each other with respect. Let us look upon each other in a sacred way.

Grandfather, Grandmother, bring the spirits to teach us.

May be art of tree

To All the Women of the World

Published March 12, 2021 by tindertender

To all the women of the world. 💜

Dedicated to the heart of the woman where divine love is reflected in human integrity. To the mother, wife, daughter, and friend. 💜 💜

Dedicado para el corazón de la mujer donde el amor divino es reflejado en la integridad humana.
Para la madre, la esposa, la hija, y la amiga.

~ Don Miguel Ruiz

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