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Life, As Your Own

Published November 29, 2022 by tindertender

When your mind is your own
You can soar to great heights
Without fear of being restricted

When your voice is your own
You can speak authentically
Without fear of being silenced

When your heart is your own
You can love fully and deeply
Without fear of it being broken

When your identity is your own
You can embody many versions of yourself
Without fear of losing who you are

When your path is your own
You can explore new roads and wander through life
Without fear of becoming lost

When your success is your own
You can embark upon it eagerly
Without fear of failure

When your dreams are your own
You can pursue them passionately
Without fear of being ridiculed

And when your life is your own
You can live as you choose
Without fear of criticism or judgement
Understanding that who you are
And where you are going
Need not be validated or approved of by others
As it is dictated and defined by you.

Words by Tahlia Hunter

Artwork by Hajin Bae


Published March 30, 2022 by tindertender

Many moons a dream ascribed
God divined his Rainbow Tribe
All with love and care for life
United – Joined – Husband – Wife

Distractions – Usury – Market gold
Our hearts – Our minds – Our bodies sold
The time was vague but would appear
A future need – To heal – Repair

The ground we walk -The air we breathe
Nature’s power to conceive
Our journey long but years pass quick
Our time to shift the devil’s trick

Come shape our world and all within
Awakened – Learned – Folk and kin
With trust of God and Mother Earth
Choose your purposed gift of birth

Our moment lives – No day is set
Responsibility – Don’t you forget
Our greatest power – Our daily bread
To love all life and blessings spread

Rise above – With truth be bold
Spread your wings – All young and old
Fight the fight – Our natural rites
Our sacred web – Your swords of light

(Image – pinterest.com)

Setting Sun Woman

Published March 28, 2022 by tindertender

Keeper of tomorrow’s dreams,
Mother of the star-filled night,
Show me how to live my truth
And bring my dreams to light.

Teach how to use my will,
Living the truth I find within,
Discovering all the parts of me
Where light and shadow blend.

Let me sing the song of future
With concern for what will be,
Up holding all of nature’s laws
For creatures, stones, and trees.

Mother, I see you in the sunset
And I hear you in the rain.
You teach me inner knowing
Through your heart’s sweet refrain.

Setting Sun Woman.

Clan Mother of the Ninth Moon Cycle.

Setting Sun Woman is the Keeper of tomorrow’s goals and dreams. She is the Clan Mother of the ninth Moon Cycle, which falls in September and is connected to the color green. Green is the color of will; Setting Sun Woman shows us how to properly use our wills to insure the abundance of the future. She teaches us that the will to live, the will to survive, the will to be impeccable in preserving the Earth Mother’s resources are paramount parts of our Earth walk.

This Clan Mother teaches us how to live the truth and sits in the West direction of the Medicine Wheel. The West direction is the home of the feminine principle, the Earth Mother, the setting sun and night sky. The abilities we gain from learning the lessons of the West are concern, dependability, nurturing, inner-knowing, achievements, and goals. The West is sometimes called the Looking-within Place because the feminine principle is naturally intuitive and is willing to be receptive.

Remember, Woman

Published March 28, 2022 by tindertender

Remember, Woman, you were born

life giver, miracle creator, magic maker.

You were born with the heart of a thousand mothers,

open and fearless and sweet.

You were born with the fire of Queens and conquerors,

warrioress blood you bleed.

You were born with the wisdom of sages and shamans,

no wound can you not heal.

You were born the teller of your own tale,

before none should you kneel.

You were born with an immeasurable soul

reaching out past infinity.

You were born to desire with passion, abandon,

and to name your own destiny.

Remember, Woman, remember

you are more than you can see.

Remember, Woman, remember

you are loved endlessly.

Remember, Woman, your power, and grace,

the depth of your deep sea heart.

Never forget you are Woman, divine,

as you have been from the start.

~ by Reese Leyv


Published February 1, 2022 by tindertender

Bold at the council board
But cautious in the field.
~ Dryden

I know him a notorious liar,
Think him a great way fool, solely a coward.
~ Shakespeare

Cowards fear to die; but courage stout,
Rather than live in snuff, will be put out.
~ Sir Walter Raleigh

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
~ Shakespeare


Published January 27, 2022 by tindertender

Grace was in her steps, heav’n in her eye,
In every gesture dignity and love.
~ Milton

Her eyes, her lips, her cheeks, her shapes, her features,
Seem to be drawn by love’s own hand; by love
Himself in love.
~ Dryden

Beauty is truth, truth beauty – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.
~ Keats

Without the smile from partial beauty won,
O, what were man! a world without a sun!
~ Campbell

Honesty coupled to beauty, is to have honey sauce to sugar.
~ Shakespeare

What is beauty? Not the show
Of shapely limbs and features. No;
These are but flowers
That have their dated hours,
To breathe their momentary sweets and go.
‘Tis the stainless soul within
That outshines the fairest skin.
~ Sir A. Hunt

The Letter (A Classical Maiden)
John William Godward (English, 1861–1922)


Published January 26, 2022 by tindertender

Now night her course began, and over heaven
Inducing darkness, grateful truce, impos’d
Her silence on the odious din of war;
Under her cloudy covert hath retired
Victor and vanquish’d.
~ Milton

Hark! the death – denouncing trumpet sounds
The fatal charge, the shouts proclaim the onset;
Destruction rushes dreadful to the field,
And bathes itself in blood; havoc let loose
Now undistinguish’d rages all around,
While ruin, seated on her dreary throne,
Sees the plain strewed with subjects truly hers,
Breathless and cold.
~ Harvard

That awful pause, dividing life from death,
Struck for an instant on the hearts of men,
Thousands of whom were drawing their last breath!
A moment all will be life again.
* * * * * one moment more,
The death-cry drowning in the battles roar.
~ Byron

This day hath made
Much work for tears in many an English mother,
Whose sons lie scatter’d on the bleeding ground;
Many a widow’s husband groveling lies,
Coldly embracing the discolor’d earth.
~ Shakespeare

Image: Public Domain
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