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Published May 6, 2022 by tindertender

A “Blast from the Past” is about to make entrance now, and it could bring happiness and satisfaction.

Hard work and patience will be rewarded. There will be good news about finances and a possible change of residence, perhaps at some distance.

You have all the skills required to handle a task and bring it to a successful conclusion. Apply yourself, your Will Power.

A new cycle begins in which progress can be made. Make the most of this fortunate time. Energy has been manifested to bring a project into reality. Focus. Apply effort now. You are moving into your goals and ambitions.

You’re following traditional values and moral ethics. A wise and trusted person is here to assist. You’re strong and independent, your inner strength is potent.

Financial stability, ambition, authority and achievement are highlighted. Keep calm at this time. Make decisions based on facts and not overly influenced by emotion.

Great Progress.

You are in a powerful position to achieve your goals. A swift moving energy is coming into play, a sudden burst of activity and excitement following the arrival of good news.

You are patient and courageous, qualities which bring the desired results and success. Your inner reserves of strength bring you more power than you realize.

Moving Quickly Now

Published May 2, 2022 by tindertender

Time will be anchored in stability and security.

37 ~ Opportunities will present themselves to you, and it is upon you to act on them. Ask for strength and courage from the divine realm.

35 ~ Major changes are going to take place in your life. You need to get rid of negative thoughts.

There is a choice to be made about news brought from a messenger, only one choice can be had.

22 ~ Look deeper in your soul to establish the desires of your heart.

1 ~ A fresh start. Embrace change as it comes to you. Be optimistic and positive.

Having persevered through challenges brought on by a storm, recognition by others is received. Love, romance and admiration are born as a result of these trials. Everyone’s talking about it.

Victory! Power, strength and protection combined with indomitable dignity is signified. Life is experienced potently and with surety.

32 ~ Have faith in everything that you do. Do not be one of those people who wait until they have problems to contact the divine realm.

6 ~ It is time to let go of your fears and face life as it comes. You need to cultivate a charitable heart that will enable you to make a difference in people’s lives.

12 ~ Be good and do good to others. Ensure you do things and say things that will not hurt the people around you.

31 ~ Get out of your comfort zone. Universal energies are on your side, so release your fear.

15 ~ Love others just as you love yourself. Your prayers are being answered. It is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Share your blessings. Remember the people who have been there for you in hard times.

Direction is given on the path to someone who loves you unconditionally. Faithful, trustworthy companionship.

42 ~ It is time for you to do things that make you happy and enable you to advance in life. Take the opportunities that come your way without hesitating.

18 ~ The prayers you carry around in your heart will be answered soon. Get rid of all the negativities and learn how to remain positive and optimistic, even amid tough times. Believe in yourself.


Published May 2, 2022 by tindertender

Even in the midst of change, you may find harmony.

Change brought by victory is coming to you. Your current place is the result of both effort and inspiration.

Progress has been slow and though it may not be clear to you, it has been steady. Keep on, maintain pace and do not give up. Remember, each small step, if carefully considered, will add to the last and you will benefit from the long road traveled.

You are going to receive advice from a capable feminine influence and following it will ensure your success.

The restraints of the past are losing their hold on you. Embrace the inner freedom.

It’s wise to consider the ideas of others as equally valid to your own.

Your fortunes are changing for the better, but you must wait with patience until the shift is complete.

You will find recognition and success in a new undertaking.

Disengaging From The Matrix

Published May 2, 2022 by tindertender

I see an image of myself standing outside of the third dimension looking at the earth which appears to me as a snow globe and the flurry of moving snowflakes within represent the lower consciousness of humanity limited to the globe.

I stand outside of the globe in my higher self, the still point of expanded consciousness haven broken through the theatre of lower consciousness. I know there are many standing here with me and am told that we no longer battle with the darkness for the light has won.

When we continue to discuss the darkness and battle with them we return to the snow globe and feed into the energy of lower consciousness keeping the show of the low dimensional theatre running. It is time to end the 3D theatre and return humanity fully to the realm of the higher dimensional self. This can be accomplished by standing fully in the power of our illumined selves aligned to the love-light of the Creator and flooding humanity with this light. We no longer discuss the ways of war but fully promulgate the energy of love, joy and peace.

We are emissaries of peace, the divine flame of the Creator, the Holy Spirit of goodness and light. It is now time to manifest peace on earth for humanity by disengaging from the matrix and living fully from the embodiment of the divine self.

Timeline Integration

Published May 1, 2022 by tindertender

I wanted to comment on the idea of timeline integration. What is a timeline if time doesn’t exist? Instead, different planes of reality exist based upon variances in frequency. As we ascend and our frequency increases, the collective wave function of our ascended frequency collapses planes of existence in the lower frequencies integrating into the higher vibration.

Thus, our ascension is key to eliminating evil because evil can only exist in the lower planes or lower variances of frequency. Therefore, we must be diligent in our daily activities to rise above the lower emotions and actions based upon these and stay in the higher vibrations. I hear the number one action we can take at this time is to stay out of 3D drama and go inward to our divine spirits to find peace.

This is of critical importance. When we habitually focus on our indwelling spirit as a means of guidance for our daily activities we help create a reality filled with love and love only as the governing force. This focus returns us home to heaven on earth.

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