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Who Knew?

Published September 28, 2022 by tindertender

Someone(s) did.

They exposed themselves during my slumber, and yours.

We’re wakening now.

That which has been causing so much concern for the violating dominators, is wakening in us now.

May you be blessed my relatives … abundantly.

“Who was first shall be last, who was last shall be first.”


Published September 28, 2022 by tindertender

Those who’ve never been in hell (real hell, not some depressive heartbreak) don’t understand those who have… they cannot fathom it, nor the knowledge one has gained by the experience.

I used to pray what happened to me never would happen to another. Many have gone thru much worse.

Now I’m not so sure about this protecting people from their pain … for it is in the pain and the perseverance thru it that strengthens people, allowing them to connect with their core essence.

What IS “living” exactly?

Why would I deny people the potential of rising higher, of connecting with their potentials? Of course, it comes with the risk of dropping lower.

Who Killed the Giants?

Published September 25, 2022 by tindertender

Giants lived among men, women and children in the not so distant past.

If they were “winning” dominance over humanity, wouldn’t there still be giants running around this world in plain site?

Were the giants forced out of their original bodies and had to become body snatchers of the human race (of the temple, the house gifted to man from Creator) to continue their dominance and violation in this realm?

Who took out the giants, and are perhaps now here to finish the job?

Are the giants of Egyptian days and thereafter fighting for their “life”, which requires them to be parasite to Creators children?

Is this why no doctor anywhere in the Pharma field has ever recommended the human body undergo parasite treatment?

Human beings are the only “animal” on earth that they don’t treat for parasitic infestation.

Is it because humans are “hosts” to these nefarious beings in spirit, those principalities of darkness the Bible references Humanity as wrestling?

You think those dark, nasty, violating thoughts instigating vile action in this world belong to you?

Think again.

They’ll get what they deserve.

It has been decreed.

I don’t need to know what that is, but I have a feeling they’re being “transformed”, as are humanity.

The Kindest People

Published September 23, 2022 by tindertender

“The kindest people
are not born that way,
they are made.

They are the ones
who have dug themselves
out of the dark,
who have fought to turn
every loss into a lesson.

The kindest people
don’t just exist,
they choose to soften
where circumstance
has tried to harden them,
they choose to believe
in goodness
because they have seen
firsthand why compassion
is so necessary.

They have seen firsthand
why tenderness is so
important in this world.”

🌷 Bianca Sparacino

Testimony Sampler

Published September 23, 2022 by tindertender

Twenty-two years ago I was an angry, lost, alcoholic who dabbled in drugs, to my own end. That person was immersed into the predictive programming and did things the heart of ME/We stand against. Those who are unaware of the war on consciousness will never understand.

I say to you now, that person died when she was spiritually attacked and suddenly fighting for her Soul.

For 18 years all I could do was persevere the energy harvest and violations in the many, until a woman from the UK gifted me my energy back, removing the feeding tube and sealing the wound in my astral body.

The past two years my energy has been mine and I’ve been growing in strength. My mind is settled and I’m left with knowledge gained through experience of extreme challenge in this spiritual warfare.

Many have come to my aid from around the world, bringing healing, balance and a hope for the future. I swore to My God that if he permitted, I would show him I’m capable of being a plus in this world currently undergoing creation anew, not a detriment, and he gifted me my life AND challenge, for my benefit and Soul growth.

I have a very large family from many nations, seen and unseen, on planet and off. I have some memory of who I am, and it explains why so many tried with their psychic and astral traveling skills to bring energetic attacks, attempting to eliminate me from this “living” equation and ensnare me in another realm.

Although I may not be a warrior in the sense of a battle field where might and strength are needed in hand to hand combat, I have survived some of the best efforts of those who wish to dominate the human bioform, energy and life.

Let us truly begin again, seeing the heart of each other rather than deeds done while under the “program” … the program working very diligently to remain in control of consciousness and its ability to create goodness … their preference is murder, whoring and chaos, and the flipping of all that is Divine and Sacred.

Pay attention and choose rightly. Many won’t get the decades of time for a chance to heal and extract self. Time is short now.

Indeed, I am nothing but perseverance without my family, who make healing, expansion, and love a possibility in an individual who is experiencing challenge navigating this other world.

May they be blessed abundantly for all time, and beyond. They are the true hero’s in this journey.

With deep gratitude and love, I share this portion of my testimony.

If you are lost in the midst of the suffering program, know that you are not alone. Share your story, your heart. Stay strong and determined to extract yourself. You will find you are not alone.

Do not shy away from your healing which leads to command of Self.

May you be strengthened and gifted patience as you walk this road.

Know you are loved.
Never forget it, even while the adversary tells you otherwise … they are liars.

Guard your thoughts.
Choose those which uplift, discard the rest as the trash it is.

Anything that sounds other than “I love myself” and others, is of the matrix programming.

Be well.

Much love to you.

Humans of New York

Published September 22, 2022 by tindertender

“Get a plant and name it after yourself. I tell that to everyone, especially if they have trouble with self-love. Take care of your plant every day. Water it, make it beautiful. If your plant is growing and nourishing, that means you’re growing and nourishing. If it’s dying, you have to ask: ‘What’s going on with me?’ Every time you see a dead leaf, pluck it off. Say out loud: ‘Get rid of dead relationships in my life.’ That means anyone who is lingering, stealing your energy, blocking your blessings. You need to put yourself first, second, and third. When you’re back to one hundred, then you can take care of the world. I learned that the hard way. I’ve been working since the age of twelve. I’ve been on my own since the age of sixteen. In my apartment there are four plants named after me. There’s Jiu Jitsu Deisy; she’s delicate but dangerous; the vines look like they’re choking each other out. There’s Yoga-Horoscope Deisy; she represents my spiritual life. There’s Rocio, which is the middle name of both me and my mother. I hated that name for a long time, until last year, when I made amends with my mom. Then the last Deisy is Little Deisy. She’s between six other plants, named after women in my life who have nourished me.”

Be Still, Breathe, Release

Published September 20, 2022 by tindertender

Written by

If you’re going through a time of isolation, remember we are in potent times – all our extra sensory perceptions are coming in a strong way. You may need this time to find your true self, your boundaries & navigate your own energy w/o interference.

First you step into your authentic self, strengthen your solar plexus and energy field as a whole, then you can get back out there among people without taking everything on as your own. Empath is a step on the road to learning energetic sovereignty. Then you decide when to open.

Eventually you can go back into crowded spaces without drowning in the sea of chaos energy! It gets better. Hang in there.

Sometimes your bad day is a lot of outdated energy being released from your field.

Be gentle with yourself.

Fear is an illusion. A mirage from the not-now-moment.

Change is uncomfortable — not impossible. Fear will rise up, but that is programming meeting a wall. Push through it.

Give it to the Earth. Make compost with your outdated beliefs and expressions.

Take a moment to be in gratitude for what is.

Release the programming to guard your heart, connect with the muscles in your heart space – let it go. A strong solar plexus will guide you in healthy boundaries, so you no longer feel the need to protect yourself. You will know what is for you and what is not.

Panic often comes during a contraction, everything is pulling inward and feeling like the walls are closing in. If you find yourself feeling trapped here, imagine how good the expansion will feel, because you know it’s coming. It always does.

Shit hitting the fan? Current energy is pressing on a lot of peoples deepest fears. Transmute, transmute. Connect back to faith, trust, love. We are doing this. Sometimes we are pulled to learn how strong we really are.

Become so strong in your energy that their hooks fall at your feet.

When you return to love, I pray you love fearlessly.

Sound meditation by Beautiful Chorus

Be Still, be still, be still, be still.

Be still and breathe, be still and breathe, be still and breathe, be still and breathe.

Be still and breathe release, be still and breathe release, be still and breathe release, be still and breathe release.

Be still and breathe release expand, be still and breathe release expand, be still and breathe release expand, be still and breathe release expand.

Be still and breathe release, be still and breathe release, be still and breathe release, be still and breathe release.

Be still and breathe, be still and breathe, be still and breathe, be still and breathe.

Be Still, be still, be still, be still.

Let It Go ~ Mantra

Published September 19, 2022 by tindertender

All the old programming

All the habitual patterns that no longer serve the higher interest

All the relationships that seem to gravitate toward the hurtful and negative … words, energies and actions

All the chaos and drama

All the old expectations

All the old agreements no longer fueling higher visions and dreams

All the dark thoughts, keeping the mind, energy and body stagnated in lower vibration

Examine your life, and release all things not utilized

In their place, pour in Love, Kindness and Compassion


With Honor and integrity

With Morality

For Self

And for others

Be good to You


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