Energy and System

Published January 20, 2023 by tindertender

One problem the body (house) has in regard to storing negative energy is that folks left behind water and lemonade and switched to toxic sodas and energy drinks. These do not hydrate, they toxify the body. And parasites feast on sugar, so if you’re constantly craving sugar you might want to think about a cleanse, and a reformatting of temple nourishment.

I write this because dark energies are in high gear looking for nourishment right now. They’ll hit the improperly hydrated energy centers, typically the solar plexus, with anger, fear, shame, guilt … these are what they feast on.

Let it go. Hydrate. Eat living foods. Practice breathing into the tension.

Or at least hydrate.

I notice very clearly the energy in my belly if I do not drink enough water. As soon as I do, it fades. I tell you these things from personal experience, it’s my testimony.

It is OUR responsibility to manage our electrical system, not the pharmaceutical companies or doctors (thank God!) They will toxify the body even further with drugs.

Don’t be a hungry spirits feast.

Or a feast for clones.

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