Twin Soul Love

Published January 20, 2023 by tindertender

By @AnkhetAmenti

Everyone does NOT have a Twin Flame. Learn about your Higher Self first & you’ll know for a fact if you’re part of Twin Flame souls or not. Twin Flames are rare & they don’t incarnate in 3D unless they have some work to do.

Most people co-relate their toxic relationships to Twin Flame connection. Twin Flames have a strong magnetic pull, the kind that is so intense that they’ll immediately recognize each other. The separation between only lasts till they ending old cycles & connections.

From the moment Twin Flames meet each other their goal is to be together, the quiet periods between them doesn’t imply connection is cut it’s spiritual time out instated by guides to cut cords with old life to move into new.

It’s time someone speaks about actual facts related to Twin Flames & not the New Agey BS that promotes toxicity & tells everyone they got a twin flame. Only actual Twin Flames know how Twin Flame connections work, rest fall into delusions or become dismissive of Twin Flame souls.

Twin Flames are not split souls. This is another huge misconception. Just like cells multiply, Twin Flames are powerful energies that multiply into 2 separate souls because of the amount of energy they generate between each other.

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