Take Your Power Back – The Force is YOU!

Published January 20, 2023 by tindertender

By @AnkhetAmenti

I am always willing & happy to extend my generosity towards others. I also have no problems cutting cords with anyone who doesn’t come with good intentions. I forgive & let go of people.

I don’t keep people tied to me nor do I stay tied to anyone, which is why I am able to act from a place of neutrality & stick to facts, instead of project & respond out of anger.

I may seem authoritarian in the way I speak, it’s just the energy of my Higher Self. I am who I am unapologetically & am a firm believer that no light being should hide in the shadows anymore.

You do not need to hide your light in the name of humility. A true light being always has their head on their shoulder & knows how to self correct their own patterns & behaviors. Only the hybrids & soulless NPCs struggle to act in kindness & push their narcissistic abuse on you.

They expect you to be their doormat, & never fight back. They manipulate you into believing you’re bad when they’re the ones violating everyones rights. It’s imperative you take a stand. Do not cave in, this universe needs your light & so do you.

Fuck the Matrix!
Fuck the system!
Fuck the damn liars & deceivers!

Stand in your Power.
Your authenticity activates your DNA & your life purpose.

Power through, the Force is YOU!

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