A Powerful Device

Published January 14, 2023 by tindertender

By @Akashicel

A powerful device, always used by humans. In all ages.

This technology is in operation everywhere today. Hidden before our very eyes. There is a difference between the old towers on a graveyard and the ones we use today.

There are thousands of humans living inside the device, acting unknowingly as batteries fodder and amplifier for magicians of greed.

Up to 500 years ago those round towers were build only for one reason:

to serve all of us living around them.

To gather resonance energy for healing, crop advance, rain and sunshine when it was needed. To power the village with heat and light.

Every human was familiar with this connector to creation and life force.

Diamagnetic rocks in the bottom part, tesla coils made form copper or iron, sometimes gold. Quartz inside walls and as capping on top.

Quartz has piezoelectricity and memory storage capacities. Each computer on Earth works with quartz, each skyscraper too.

Round towers were used as a local weather conditioner for the benefit of human clans.

Only to be captured by the rulers of religious beliefs to serve only them from there on.

One will find cable channels still visible if searching for pictures.

This one example of previous usage, harvesting the dead. Graveyards with individual quartz surface and large boulder like gravestones acting as amplifier and conductor.

Today they harvest the living. Just digest this place.

Our priests of the past, owned the graveyard and transformed this property into a harvester. The church on the ground was always housing the capacitors and inverter modules.

Those towers were everywhere. Quartz, graveyards and small settlements.

Now there are way more towers. We would need to live well and healthy, naturally.

If you are paying off for your apartment in one of those, you are living inside a technical collector and mood device.

You, your family, and animals are acting as a component, being drained of life acting as a source.

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