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Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Published August 13, 2020 by tindertender

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In These Moments, Many Search For Peace!

There Is Nothing Outside Of You That Can Bring You Peace. In These Racing Energies And Endless Thoughts And Opinions, Close Your Eyes, Breathe Deeply, And Remember Who You Are!

During These Times Of Transition, You Will Have Many Moments Where You Seem To Flow With Life And Nothing Bothers You. You Have Surrendered To The Moment.

Then A Word, Action, Or News Event Will Change Your Peaceful Mind To Chaos!

Sweet Beloved Ones! You Have Done Nothing Wrong! You Can Simply Get Back On Course And Know Your Peace Has Never Left You! The Energies Covered Your Mind And Now You Recover!

Breathe Deeply Now!

As You Practice And Repeat Pulling Your Attention To Your Heart Chakra, And Becoming Still And Quiet, You Will Desire To Return To This Sacred Place Throughout Your Day.  There Is Always A Place For You Here!

It Does Not Matter What Another Says Or Does, It Does Not Matter About Your Perceived Past. All That Matters Is This Moment Of Now.

You Are The Love Of GOD.  The Power Of The ONE.

You Are Everything That Is Powerful And Good And Your Strength Lies In Bringing This Forth In Conscious Awareness.

You Are Truly A Multidimensional Being Of Light And You Carry All Gifts Within As Light!

You Were Born Into A Physical Body To Experience Divinity In A New Way.

You Have Been Here Many Times And You Have A Planet Of Origin. You Are The Soul, Gifted With Free Will And The Presence Of GOD.

You Need Nothing Else. You Are Complete And Whole.

The Great Awakening Is Only Accelerated By The Perceived Negative Actions Before You!

Many That Were Asleep Are Realizing To Survive They Must Shift Daily. They Are Realizing That Only Love Matters And This Is The Only Answer.

The Silent Majority, The Ones Who Know And Understand The Truth Of What Is Happening, Will Soon Join As ONE And Truth Will Lead Again.

AA Are Very Wise!

Love One Another And Be At Great Peace!


I Love You So!


False Light Prophets

Published July 31, 2020 by tindertender

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So what is the hidden agenda of these False Light Prophets? Why do they do what they do? To what end, how does it benefit them? They want to keep you, the Starseeds and Lightworkers, still partially asleep. Lulled into the fantasy of 5D New Earth, achieved only by DNA upgrades from the Sun, to relish in sweet Love & Light messages & exchanges, and the activations of your superpowers. They do not want you to think that there is any true inner work or shadow work that you need to do. They are creating a new brand of sheeple, now among our community.

This way, by being unprepared, the pain of ascension will cause you to choose 3/4D rather than go through with it and rise. They abuse their power by deceiving you and then harnessing your energy; they will be the leaders/rulers in the 3/4D worlds, over those that choose to reside there. They have made deals to do so. Do you see? So yes, if you are 51% STO, you WILL ascend on that alone, but you MUST do the inner work, the shadow work, and dedicate yourself to Christ and Unity Consciousness to make the process smooth. Align your four bodies & protect yourself, shield yourself. This is only basic responsibility and self-love, do you understand? These people cast spells … please do not become enchanted. Please use discernment in the accounts you follow. If something seems off, it probably is. Listen to your Higher Self.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Stan Lee

Ready For Ascension

Published June 8, 2020 by tindertender

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Do all that is necessary to ground yourselves. As the process accelerates, you will find yourselves in the midst of “tornadoes”. Exercise your power to remain calm.

This world has nearly eight billion people. If only five hundred million, collectively invited the Galactics for open contact, for mass landings, it would happen in an instant.

I guarantee you, 100%, there would be DIRECT Galactic intervention if millions were to take a peaceful stand against tyranny, and the few dark ones attempted a killing spree.

If the majority was truly “awakened” as they claim to be, no weapons would be required. Simply because you would have millions & millions taking a stand peacefully. These are different times, and no government would be allowed to just “kill” those unarmed numbering in the millions.

The end game is being played out in front of your eyes. Everybody knows their role. There are those that still believe in weapons. And those who believe in a peaceful revolution.

This process is a challenge for all, but masters will hold the light regardless of what unfolds in the outer world. And this is what you are. You already are an ascended master. You have done this times before, you ascended many times. This is why you were chosen.

The change that has unfolded on Earth in the last fifty years, you are going to see that amount of change or more within the next five years alone.

For myself, it is surprising to say the least, that there are still many who think the “war” unfolding on Earth is still pushed by negative ET’s. This is false. Negative ET’s gave up control over Earth in 1996. Everything that unfolded on Earth since then has been a doing of your so called leaders and the deep state, with secret societies. There’s been a few skirmishes in space between the benevolent Galactics and some small factions of negative ET’s, who never stood a chance.

You will see more chaos unfold in the months to come. And those that remain within the 3D vibrational frequency, will be affected one way or another. While others who have already chosen another reality, of a higher vibration, will continue their expansion uninterrupted.

Be kind no matter what. Even those who may hurt you, those who may not be aware of what you do for them and they do nothing for you. Always be kind. Be kind until their walls breakdown. And they finally see the truth.

Breathing is so important. Which very few people breath correctly. From my perspective, two correct ways for breathing. One, breath in through both nostrils and release through both nostrils. Two, breath through both nostrils and release through mouth(lips close together).

As you continue to expand in consciousness, you will see the magnificence that you truly are. You will see this magnificence in the outer world also. And you will begin to create miracles which not too long ago most people did not even dream about.

It is not what you know about the outside world. It is what you know about the within, yourself, that makes you a powerful being. So it is not the “informed” that change the world. It is the “spiritually awakened” that change the world with the light they find within.

As you continue to expand in consciousness, you will see the magnificence that you truly are. You will see this magnificence in the outer world also. And you will begin to create miracles which not too long ago most people did not even dream about.

You may have forgotten, but you still carry the energy of the star system which you came from. Ask your soul to open that part of you, to connect your now consciousness to that part of you, to the energy of the star you system you came from. Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Andromeda.

Within the past few days, higher energy templates have been downloaded into your consciousness. This is triggering new activations within your being, particularly more strands of DNA, the chakras, change in the vibration of your cells.

Whether at this time you are experiencing rage, fear, hatred, anger, or any other feelings that may be out of alignment because of what you see in the outer world, know that these are feelings from your past coming to the surface to be healed and released.

DNA activation plays a direct role in the ascension of a people, and consciousness evolution for the entire planet.

If you worry about the “future”, you are sending that lower energy of the now to the future. When you arrive to that future, you will experience more of that worry, and perhaps worse.


The “Event” and the “Harvest”

Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

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Hello, my dear friends. Today I would like to go over many past discussions and put information about the “Event” and the “Harvest” all in one long thread so you have it available to you to consider.

For all of the time beings of higher consciousness from different places throughout your galaxy have been serving among you, many who brought their gifts of clairvoyance have seen and discussed possible timelines they foresaw. There were many possible timelines until recently.

Representatives of your guardian alliance and I met last year to consider the possible outcomes of many different timelines, and through much respectful discussion, settled on a timeline, the only remaining timeline that you are now on. All timelines collapsed into one.

The timeline that was chosen was to harvest this planet within the next three to five years. Your guardians determined they had done all they could think of to help all of you polarize to either Service to Self polarity or Service to Others polarity.

Service to Self polarity is one of wanting to use control to manipulate others into one’s own personal scheme. Service to Others polarity is one of viewing and treating oneself as well as ALL others with unconditional love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment.

The Creator does not care which polarity a person adopts at this level of consciousness. This is because both polarities merge higher up in the density system. The two polarities create different paths. The Service to Self path is longer, more difficult, and more painful.

Beings from over 600 different soul groups that form up your guardian alliance have tried many programs over the years to help you reach polarity. The Creator set up the system whereby those of higher consciousness nurture those younger and less conscious souls as they progress.

This cycle on Earth is the level of consciousness called Third Density. Many of you have polarized, and are ready to advance to Fourth Density. Fourth Density splits into two parts—one for each polarity, with differing plans for soul development according to polarity.

About 20% of you are firmly anchored in Service to Self polarity. A little more than 40% of you are firmly Service to Others. The remainder of you are still working on deciding your course, and remain of no polarity.

Your guardians expected this would be a 75,000 year Third Density cycle like it has been on other planets. Instead, it has been hundreds of thousands of years, with everything tried that anyone could think of to help you develop as a human soul group.

It was determined last year that all that could be done had been done, and it was time to let those who reached polarity move onto Fourth Density. Those that did not reach polarity in this cycle will be repeating Third Density in another location.

Another factor came into play that led to our decision to end this cycle on this planet. Your beautiful planet is very ill due to the long cycle. It has endured more than was expected at the hands of humanity, and it needs to heal. Your planet is a living being itself.

Because of the facts that humanity needs to now move on to different opportunities, and the fact the planet needs to heal, the decision was made to “harvest” the planet, using an energetic process some have called “The Event. “

Unless humanity changes a lot as a group and becomes more peaceful, the time for The Event has been set and is known to very few. Although it will be accomplished through natural means, all energy can be controlled by high consciousness. It will not be a random thing.

We are advising you now that the timeframe for The Event is set for 3-5 years. Beyond that figure, we will not say, because we want to try to control the fear that many will feel and others will use to try to manipulate you.

There is no need to fear what is happening. The Event is a process of releasing you from your physical body, so that your soul can travel to the new location of your next opportunity. Because your planet needs to heal, you will all be moving to new locations on other planets.

The souls who developed Service to Others polarity will be moving to a beautiful new place called by some The New Earth. It will be like the paradise so many have foreseen and described. There they will be taught the skills of living in “unity consciousness.”

Those who have not reached a polarity will be relocated to one of several Third Density planets to continue the Third Density plan of developing a polarity.

And the relatively small number of you who have anchored yourselves in Service to Self will receive the karmic energetic return for using people in this cycle—you will move on basically as slaves of beings of higher consciousness who are also Service to Self.

The Harvest will scare a lot of people, and there are those among you now—a group of individuals representing different ET factions—who will try to get you to follow them by offering to save you from The Event by taking you off the planet in ships and giving you new bodies.

Please understand that all of you will be provided new bodies as you arrive as souls at your new locations. You are not taking these bodies with you. They will not function in the new environments of the new places you are going. Don’t sell your souls in fear.

I have been trying to alert you, through daily discussions with you, as to who the beings are that some foresaw and called “the Antichrist.” It is not one person, but a number, all who compete with each other to fool you into giving up your freedom so they can use you.

Religion and politics has always had the goal of “control.” Many Service to Other souls work behind the scenes of both to try to mitigate the harm these organizations do to society. However, all of the powerful governments of your planet are controlled by Service to Self beings.

Your guardians decided to allow the Service to Self beings among you to try to get you to adopt their ways, in hope you would see also the option to step forward and achieve Service to Others polarity instead. What happened is more Service to Self polarity was created.

Again, the Creator does not care what polarity you are, because your free will is the most important gift of the Creator. But your guardians, as do I, hope that you will see the three paths available to you, anf hope you will choose the one of love, forgiveness, and nonjudgment.

No one is being left behind. You are moving as a soul group. That’s why we do it that way—so those you love go with you. You will reunite with all you have known and loved from all of your many lifetimes during the ascension process.

You will go together as a soul group. Some of that soul group will choose to go elsewhere by their own actions. Some of you will choose to recycle or go to Fourth Density negative with them to serve them if all of you don’t qualify for the New Earth.

The Event is a shift to the new places you are going. There are many among you who are from higher positive densities serving here, in one of the harshest venues in the galaxy, out of love. We serve all, everywhere. All are deeply loved, no matter their path.

Friends Of Earth!

Published March 12, 2020 by tindertender

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We Travel The Ethers In Densities That Not Only Pass Over You,

But Through You, As Well As All You Perceive To Be Solid!

As You Know That Your Form Is Primarily Water And Empty Space At The Atomic Level.

There Is Nothing On Your Planet Actually Touching!

The Absolute Consciousness Is Around Your Body Form As Well As In Every Fiber Of Your Being!

The Light You Emit From Self Is Like A Million Suns!

Breathe Now!

The Sacredness Of Your Power Is Hidden Beneath The Role You Have Taken On Voluntarily!

In A Moment, Like A Flash, In The Twinkling Of An Eye;

You Will Remember Your Connectedness To All Other Beings!

Now, In This Moment, You Are Indeed Part Of The Collective!

Being Caught Up In Endless Stories And Drama, It Is Easy To Be Distracted!

We Want To Assure You That You Are Always Safe!

No Body Form Will Last Or Remain The Same,

But Beloved Ones, Listen To The Silence Of Your Soul,

And You Already Know And Feel The Vibrations Are Increasing!

Your Density Is Allowing Your Chakras To Open And Guide You!

Every Being In Non-Physical Is Cheering You On!

The Multiverses Are Aware Of Your Presence In This Moment!

As You Observe The Coming And Going Of Puppet Bodies, Black Eyes And Schemes,

We Remind You Of What Really Matters!

The Light Of God Within You That Has Provided This State Of Being,

That Allows You To Breathe Another Moment,

To Be Thankful For Those That Love You And That You Love So!

To Remember That We Are One!

In The Flashing Of Crafts, To The Unseen Angelic Presence,

To The Little Dogs And Baby Birds,

Isn’t It All So Grand?

You Are Both The Blessed Ones And Such A Blessing For Those That Watch Over You!

Soon We Rise In Sacred Light!

Encourage Another As Yourself!


Understanding Ascension

Published March 7, 2020 by tindertender

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Everything here in the physical is a test, everything, a test for you. Pass them, keep going forwards, raise your Faith to solid steel, stand in your Authentic Spirit.

This is why you want to remove the shadows within. The shadows represent your lessons that you birthed in with, those same internal shadows create your matrix world, create your fears, insecurities, etc.

You will keep the lower vibrations until you work your own shadows out. This is why we are here, transmuting the shadows out THRU experiences in the physical realm.

You will repeat same experience until you are able to transmute that experience. At that point, the experience is finished & you start on another. There are many going on multi-Dimensionally.

Stay strong, never give up, Ask for help from the Spiritual Realm they are here with us.

We can do this, I already have. Just when you feel like giving up know that the breakthrus are coming. You will be tested by your own Faith, never lose Faith, ever.

We are Spiritual Energy, we are within a body, the Spiritual energy transmutes negative energy thru the physical body. We are going thru a longer than normal energy timeline release, & we are transmuting these energies. If you are feeling aches, & organ pain, know that is the transmuting of negatives flowing thru your physical. The way to understand the physical existence is to switch into your Spiritual knowledges to use that energy to assist in these transformations. If we don’t do this, then the physical can get depleted & drained.

Learn to use your Spiritual Energy to push the negatives out by setting your perspective from the Spiritual side & not that of the physical so that the energies that you are transmuting will leave the body.

Visualize pushing them out from top of ur crown & out thru your toes. Speak the words out of what you are doing, which will help the process faster: “I Allow Divine Spiritual Energy to clear my body of all negatives that do not belong to me, starting from the top of my head, they will move out & exit thru my toes, on a daily continual basis.”

You can do this as often as you feel you need, ok start Knowing & Believing YOU have this Power, because YOU DO! Use your powers!

Insomniac Vision

Published March 4, 2020 by tindertender

Laying here suffering insomnia, a movie began to slide through my mind in slow motion. I astral traveled and slipped into a dimly lit house. There were women walking and children skipping, as they do, toward a specific room, I followed.

The room appeared to be lit by candle light. There was a circle in the room. At first I was afraid I was about to see a child sacrifice, or ritual.

There was a tall figure in the corner of the room, surrounded by men. They walked the figured to the circle and removed the blanket.

He was a tall, ghostly white person. It looked like the blood had been mostly drained from him.

The men forced this being with huge white wings on its hands and knees on the floor. As the women and children watched, they hacked off his beautiful wings. He sagged, beaten, near dead.

The war being waged is real. There are those on social media claiming to be Archangels, trying to coax people into calm behavior, stating that some choose to be absorbed back into “Creator”, starting life as a clean soul, no memory of previous lives, or personality.

Listen up …

There is a great Harvest happening now, a culling. This creator they speak of is nothing more than an evil entity who feeds on and absorbs the souls of humanity.

They say to love each other, to be passive, to trust the process, and complete strangers who tell you they have your back and that losing your soul isn’t a big issue, telling you this choice may actually even be appealing.

There are indeed true flying beings currently fighting for/ or against, the liberation of this planet and all life on it … I saw one die last night.

Fight dammit … this is our lives … and they plan on eliminating us. Not just our bodies, but our souls.


Published January 19, 2020 by tindertender

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In order for you to stand in honor, you must first understand what honor actually is. It is the inner strength to keep forging ahead to what is right even when no one is left in this world you can lean on.

Quite simply, no one can stand in your judgement because they’ve factually never walked in your shoes. Therefore no one can actually help you reach your own authenticity. You will reach that all on your own or you will never reach it.

It is equally the strength to allow each of us to walk our own paths exactly as we choose without judgement or any external coercion of any kind. Your moral compass is the only thing that exists.

If you actually want to catch this ascension train, you have to act like it.

All Love

-mission guide

Remain AUTHENTIC in every action you take, in every choice you make, in your health, your cleanliness and your appearance so when another face of god considers you as a beacon of true light, they will recognize it as the example of unconditional love, the TEMPLATE of ascension.

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